Stan Lee’s Daughter Blasts Disney And Marvel Executives, Says No One Reached Out To The Family After His Death

The daughter of comic book legend Stan Lee is taking aim at Disney and Marvel amid the companies’ ongoing battle with Sony over the legacy of one of Lee’s best-known creations, saying the companies never cared about her father. Disney recently reached an impasse with Sony over the future of Spider-Man films, spilling out into […]

Stan Lee’s Former Manager Charged With Elder Abuse

Keya Morgan, former manager of the late comic book legend Stan Lee, has been charged with a series of crimes. The charges allege that Morgan abused Lee prior to the latter’s death last year. Per Reuters, Morgan has been charged with five counts of elder abuse — including false imprisonment, fraud, and forgery — related […]

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Will Probably Have The Final Stan Lee Cameo, Says Joe Russo

Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo has confirmed that — to his knowledge — Marvel co-founder and comic book writer Stan Lee’s final Marvel cameo will take place in Avengers: Endgame, which is set to release on April 26, 2019, per Screen Rant. Stan Lee, born in 1922 as Stanley Martin Lieber, first entered the world […]

Stan Lee Cameo Confirmed For ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Fear not Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, you haven’t seen the last of Stan Lee. The genius behind Marvel Comics has been making cameos in MCU films since Iron Man’s big debut back in 2008. It’s something viewers wait for every time they attend a new Marvel film, and Stan’s cameos have always offered comedic relief […]

‘Captain Marvel’ Reveals Heartwarming Stan Lee Tribute

Captain Marvel is the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to hit theaters, but also has the unfortunate timing to be the first since Stan Lee’s death. Lee was a comic book legend, having created and co-created many of the characters upon whom Marvel Comics, and now Marvel Studios, have built their brand. The man was […]

Stan Lee Tribute Event Will Be Attended By Mark Hamill & Kevin Smith Among Others

An event honoring the life and work of legendary comic book writer Stan Lee has a star-studded guest list, Entertainment Weekly is reporting. The event, entitled Excelsior! A Celebration of the Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible & Uncanny Life of Stan Lee, will be held in Hollywood on January 30 at TCL Chinese Theatre. The event organizers, […]

Celebrites Who Have Died In 2018: List Of Celebrity Deaths This Year Is Far Too Long

2018 was another one of those years that seemed almost impossible to get through, as each day was harder than the next. Many would turn on the TV — or hop on the internet — and dread seeing another possible celebrity death that was sure to make them sad and upset again. Unfortunately, this year […]

Stan Lee’s ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ Cameo Moves Fans After His Recent Death

Marvel movie fans know that every time they release a new film, one thing is certain: There will be a cameo featuring Marvel creator and comics titan Stan Lee. And even though Lee passed away earlier this year, his legacy on screen continues to live on, as reported by CNET. Lee had recorded numerous cameos […]

Stan Lee Cause Of Death Listed As Heart And Respiratory Failure

The creator of Marvel, one of the most beloved entertainment companies, passed away on November 12, 2018, as reported by Inquisitr. However, the cause of death wasn’t known at the time. Lee was 95-years-old when he passed away, so most assumed that the cause of death would be something to do with old age. TMZ […]

‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Viewers Get To See The Only Animated Cameo Of Stan Lee’s Career — Here’s Where To Find It

Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet has a bit of cinema history — the first, and only, animated movie cameo of Stan Lee’s career. The Marvel founder passed away earlier this month, but his movie legacy will stretch on a bit longer with cameos to be spread out across some of the upcoming Marvel […]

Stan Lee’s Production Company Rips Bill Maher For Comments

Bill Maher’s comments following the death of legendary comic book creator Stan Lee have drawn quite a bit of backlash in the last week. Lee’s fans, in particular, have vocally criticized Maher for his statement that comic books are for children and that adults should move on to “big-boy books without the pictures.” Now, Maher’s […]

Bill Maher Takes Aim At Donald Trump In Latest Tweet

Bill Maher has been in the spotlight and the line of fire ever since he published his post on his Real Time with Bill Maher Blog crediting Stan Lee and comic books as the reason Donald Trump rose to power. Just before one in the morning EST today (November 18), Maher shifted his focus from […]

Stan Lee Fans Clap Back At Bill Maher

Stan Lee passed away nearly a week ago at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. While many celebrities took to social media to pay tribute to the comic book visionary following his death. Bill Maher did something just a little different. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, instead of paying tribute or final respects, […]

Bill Maher Comments On Stan Lee’s Death, Says Trump Was Elected By Country That Thinks Comics Are ‘Important’

Bill Maher drew flak from social media users with a recent blog post, where he commented on the death of Marvel Comics co-founder Stan Lee and took shots at how today’s people continue to enjoy comic books into adulthood. He also suggested that the election of President Donald Trump would have only been possible in […]

Stan Lee Put To Rest In Private Service, Large Public Tribute Still Being Planned

Stan Lee did not want a large, public funeral, and he didn’t get one. On Friday, the real-life comic book superhero was put to rest in a quiet, private family ceremony, CNN reports. It’s not known exactly when or where the services were held, but the funeral was carried out as Stan Lee wished. Stan […]

Stan Lee Remembered By Netflix With Sweet ‘Excelsior!’ Search Option

Stan Lee’s catchphrase was “Excelsior!,” and now that iconic word can net Netflix subscribers a bounty of the late Marvel Comic legend’s most memorable movie and TV work. The streaming giant dropped a seemingly small Easter egg onto its service in honor of Stan Lee, who died this week at age 95. But for diehard […]

Emotional Video Posted To Stan Lee’s Twitter Account Shows How Much He Loved His Fans

Comic book fans across the world united in grief on Monday when the news broke that 95-year-old Stan Lee had passed away. Since then, there has been an outpouring of love for the man who created the Marvel universe as we know it today, with celebrities who have and haven’t worked with the legend tweeting […]

Stan Lee’s Heartbreaking Final Words To His Protege

On Monday, comic book fans were devastated by the news that Stan Lee, creator of such beloved characters as Iron Man, the Hulk, and the Avengers, had passed away at the age of 95. As if that isn’t heart wrenching enough, Unilad has now shared Lee’s final words with Roy William Thomas Jr., the man […]

Dirt Man, Stan Lee’s Final Character Creation, Revealed By Daughter J.C.

As Marvel fans and superhero lovers mourn the loss of Stan Lee, they can find happiness knowing that there is still one piece of the comic book legend left out in the world. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Lee died yesterday at the age of 95 after being rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los […]

Twitter Claps Back At Armie Hammer Over Stan Lee Tweet, Hammer Dunked On Other Celebs For Their Own Lee Tweets

Armie Hammer, who gained critical acclaim — though as Vanity Fair noted, not an Oscar nomination — for his role in last year’s indie film hit Call Me By Your Name, found himself on the receiving end of relentless Twitter clapback after he posted his own reaction to the death of legendary Marvel Comics writer […]

Michael B Jordan Pays Tribute To Stan Lee

Michael B. Jordan has become the latest celebrity to offer a touching tribute to the iconic Marvel Comics co-founder Stan Lee, according to reports from Entertainment Tonight. During a special screening of Jordan’s upcoming boxing drama Creed II in Newark, New Jersey, on Monday, Jordan spoke with an Entertainment Tonight reporter about the legacy of […]

Stan Lee Will Live On With Posthumous Cameos In Future Marvel Features

Stan Lee has died at age 95, but fans of the comic book titan have not seen the last of him. Lee was the “King of Cameos” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond, as previously shared by the Inquisitr, and it seems he may have recorded a few final cameos before he left this […]

Stan Lee Once Told Larry King That He Doesn’t ‘Fear Death’

In the aftermath of the downbeat news of Marvel Comics co-founder Stan Lee’s passing, there has been a massive outpouring of love for the creator from his friends and colleagues over social media. Among those was talk show host Larry King, who had previously conducted several high-profile interviews with Lee over the years, according to […]

Johnny Galecki Posts Heartfelt Goodbye To Stan Lee With Sweet ‘Big Bang Theory’ Photo

Johnny Galecki took to social media on Monday to honor his friend, Stan Lee. The Marvel co-creator died this week, leaving fans mourning his loss and honoring all that his creativity had inspired. He was 95-years-old at the time of his death. On November 12, Johnny Galecki posted a sweet photo of himself and his […]

Celebs React To Stan Lee’s Death, Including Chris Evans, Kaley Cuoco, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen & More

Stan Lee, the visionary for several iconic Marvel Comics characters, has passed away today (November 12). As previously reported by the Inquisitr, his cause of death has yet to be confirmed. Reports, however, do indicate Lee was rushed to the hospital via ambulance where he later passed away. As Marvel fans know, Lee was notorious […]

After Stan Lee’s Death, Fans Reminisce About The Time He Was Interviewed By Marc Bolan of T-Rex In 1975

With the death of Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee on November 12 at the age of 95, fans remember the charismatic and legendary writer, editor, and publisher of Marvel, and have reminisced about the time that Marc Bolan of T-Rex once interviewed him back in 1975. With Lee’s inspiring creations of Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Incredible […]

Stan Lee Leaves Behind One Daughter, JC, As A Sole Heir

Joan Celia Lee, known as J.C., is the only surviving daughter of comic book superhero Stan Lee, who passed away Monday at age 95. Lee’s wife died in 2017, leaving daughter J.C. as his sole heir. Stan Lee, the man behind many of the comic book heroes you know, passed away Monday at Cedars Sinai […]

Kevin Smith Posts Touching Tribute To Stan Lee, Remembers Comic Book Legend As ‘Our Modern Day Mark Twain’

Director, writer, and actor Kevin Smith posted an Instagram tribute to the late Stan Lee, creator of iconic characters such as Black Panther, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Mighty Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, and Ant-Man among others, with a lengthy caption. In it, Smith credits Lee for inspiring him not […]

The Character Creations Of Stan Lee: The Legend Has Done A Lot More For Marvel Than You May Realize

On Monday, the day that many people thought may never come ended up arriving and it was the day that Stan Lee passed away. Yes, the comic book icon has died and there is true mourning happening around the entire world. A lot of people realize his true legendary status while others only know him […]

10 Marvel Characters Stan Lee Brought Into Being

Comic book legend Stan Lee died on Monday at age 95, per previous reporting from the Inquisitr. The editor for Marvel for many years during its heyday of comic book publication, Lee was responsible for creating some of the most iconic characters the genre has ever seen — many who are now household names thanks […]

Stan Lee’s Net Worth Topped $50 Million At The Time Of His Death

Stan Lee, the creator of several Marvel Comics characters and titles, has passed away at the age of 95. While, as the Inquisitr has previously reported, his cause of death is not currently known, the visionary did leave behind a net worth of $50 million. According to Daily Star, Stan’s net worth at the time […]

Who Was Stan Lee’s Wife? Inside The Late Comic King’s Fairytale Love Story With Joan Lee

Stan Lee has died at age 95. The comic book titan, who co-created some of Marvel Comics biggest characters, including Spider-Man and the Hulk, passed away just one year after the death of his beloved wife Joan. Stan Lee was married to Joan Boocock Lee for nearly 70 years and their chance romance was straight […]

Stan Lee Dead, Marvel Comics Visionary & Creator Of Spider-Man, Black Panther & More Passed Away At 95

Stan Lee, the prolific visionary beyond numerous Marvel Comics characters and titles, has died, according to TMZ. As of this writing, no cause of death has been given, although the famed writer and artist was 95 years old. He had also recently battled pneumonia. His daughter, J.C., speaking exclusively to TMZ, says that an ambulance […]

Stan Lee Granted Restraining Order Extension Against Former Adviser, Keya Morgan

The extending order that Marvel legend Stan Lee has had in place against former business adviser Keya Morgan has been upheld and extended by three years. Morgan did not appear in court to protest the ruling. Page Six reported the results of the proceeding, which took place on August 18, 2018. The previous order Lee […]

Stan Lee Posts Video Tribute To The Late Spider-Man Co-Creator Steve Ditko

In a touching video posted on Friday, Stan Lee paid tribute to friend and comic book artist Steve Ditko. As Entertainment Weekly reports, Ditko was a reclusive, but brilliant artist, who co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange before leaving Marvel in 1966. Ditko died earlier this month at the age of 90. During his time at […]

Stan Lee Drops Billion-Dollar POW! Lawsuit

Less than two months after filing a billion-dollar lawsuit against POW! Entertainment, Stan Lee has dismissed it. Lee was suing POW! for fraud and conversion in what seems to have been one tremendously big misunderstanding. While POW! may be in the clear, it appears that someone is going to have some explaining to do to […]

Stan Lee Seeks Permanent Restraining Order Against Business Manager, Keya Morgan

Stan Lee, the creator of such comic book superheroes as Spider-Man, The Hulk, Black Panther, and X-Men, filed for a restraining order on Wednesday against the man he said last week was the only person who was handling his affairs and business, Keya Morgan, a Los Angeles Superior Court media relations rep confirmed to the […]

Stan Lee Lawsuit Demands $1 Billion, Black Panther Creator Says POW! ‘Hijacked’ His Twitter And Facebook

Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men, and Black Panther, lives in a world of heroes and villains, but now he is claiming his former company, POW! Entertainment, has become a villain itself. The Marvel comics legend is filing a $1 billion lawsuit against the company he helped co-found back in 2001 with Shane Duffy and […]

Stan Lee Faces Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit From Massage Therapist

Marvel comics creator Stan Lee has been accused of sexual misconduct, again, and this time, the accusations are going to court. Page Six was the first to break the story about Maria Carballo, who filed a sexual misconduct lawsuit against Stan Lee and his assistant, Mac Anderson. Carballo alleges that she was hired to give […]

Stan Lee Accuses Daughter, Three Others Of Elder Abuse And Trying To ‘Gain Control’ Of His Assets

Stan Lee, co-creator of comic book and film superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Hulk, Black Panther, and the X-Men, is apparently in need of a real-life hero to save him from an unlikely antagonist. It was recently revealed that his daughter Joan Celia Lee or J.C. has been accused of physically and psychologically abusing the […]

Stan Lee Robbed Again: Marvel Icon Asks The LAPD To Find Who Stole Over $1 Million

Stan Lee just suffered another massive theft, and this time the thief got away with over a million dollars. The Marvel icon reported over $1.4 million in missing funds to the LAPD, which tasked a special unit to crack the case. According to TMZ, Lee met with detectives from the LAPD for over two hours. […]

Stan Lee Rushed To The Hospital

It’s being reported that comic book icon Stan Lee has been rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. TMZ broke the news that Lee fell ill at his home after feeling a shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat. The news outlet soon updated readers that the 95-year-old was stable and “feeling good.” He […]

Stan Lee Accused Of Sexually Harassing His Former Nurses, Calls Allegations A ‘Shakedown’ For Money

Stan Lee is being accused of sexual misconduct by nurses who worked in his home, but the 95-year-old Marvel co-founder is denying the allegations and claiming they are a “shakedown” to get money out of him. The allegations came from the owner of a nursing home who told the Daily Mail that she confronted Lee […]

Stan Lee Seeks Justice Over Stolen $300K Check, Believes It Was An Inside Job

Someone dipped into one of Stan Lee’s accounts, taking $300,000, and he wants it back. The Spiderman creator, who just turned 95 this week, filed a police report this week after money was discovered missing. according to TMZ. It reportedly took some digging but money managers for Lee found a check drawn on one of […]

‘Avengers’ Star Sebastian Stan Just Dropped A Major Captain America Spoiler For ‘Infinity War’

Based on the teaser that was released during Comic-Con, we know that Chris Evans will be sporting a beard as Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War. The biggest question, of course, is whether or not Cap will be taking on his Nomad identity. While nothing official has been confirmed, Sebastian Stan may have just confirmed […]

Stan Lee Teases A Solo Black Widow Movie, Scarlett Johansson Wants To Reveal Different Sides Of Her Character

Marvel legend Stan Lee recently teased fans with a standalone film for Natasha Romanoff, also known as the Black Widow. In an appearance at the Supanova Comic Con in Brisbane, the renowned comic book writer seemingly confirmed that a solo movie for Black Widow might be coming soon. According to Comic Book, Stanley sounded positive […]

Stan Lee’s Anime ‘The Reflection’: Reviews Call Marvel Comics Legend’s 2017 Episode A ‘My Hero Academia’ Clone

The new Stan Lee anime The Reflection is not feeling the love from anime fans. The first episode of the Marvel comics legend just aired in Japan, and already reviews of The Reflection are tearing the 12-episode TV show apart. Worse, some reviews are calling the new 2017 anime a bad My Hero Academia knock […]

Stan Lee Honored With Hand And Footprints At Chinese Theater, Celebrates Marvel Career

The 94-year-old Marvel Comics legend and geek culture icon, Stan Lee, made his grand appearance at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles to endow the Hollywood Boulevard venue with his hand and footprints, as well as his signature. The ceremony was emceed by movie maker and comic geek, Kevin Smith, according to ABC News. […]

Joan Lee: Stan Lee’s Wife Convinced Him Not To Quit Comic Books In 1960s, Leading To Birth Of Marvel Universe

Joan Lee had a word of advice for husband Stan Lee when he was depressed and ready to quit the comic book industry — try writing just one more story that you really like. Stan heeded his wife’s advice, and from there spawned the Marvel Age that brought iconic characters like Spider-Man, Daredevil, and The […]

Ego, The Living Planet, Spoilers: Who He Is In Marvel Comics And In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’

As noted by Screen Rant, Ego, the living planet, is one of the more outrageous and “out there” characters in the Marvel comics universe. This is one of the reasons it was so surprising that he was chosen to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Even more surprising was the fact that Kurt […]