Denver Broncos Had The Entire ‘South Park’ Town In The Stands For Sunday’s Game

The Denver Broncos had some special guests in the stands for Sunday’s game: the entire cast of South Park. The AFC West club included cutouts of every character from the Comedy Central show attached to seats in the stadium on Sunday. As The Hollywood Reporter noted, the team unveiled the characters, including some new ones, […]

‘South Park’ Is Reportedly Banned In China, Has Been Scrubbed From Country’s Highly-Regulated Internet

After a controversial episode that criticized China’s censorship and detention of the minority Uighur ethnic group, South Park has reportedly been banned in the East Asian country, The Hill reports. Following the airing of the episode, Chinese authorities allegedly began deleting every episode and clip of the show from its highly-regulated internet. The episode that […]

‘South Park’ Creator Trey Parker Files For Divorce From Wife Boogie

Trey Parker has split from Boogie, his wife of nearly five years, reports TMZ. Parker filed for divorce in Los Angeles Tuesday with documents listing their date of separation as February 28, 2019. The South Park creator is citing irreconcilable differences. He is also asking for joint legal and physical custody, along with an enforced […]

Adult Swim’s New Trailer For ‘The Shivering Truth’ Is Being Called Nightmare Fuel

On December 9, 2018, at midnight, Adult Swim will premiere its newest television show The Shivering Truth. The network recently tweeted a trailer for the upcoming series, which purports to be a stop-motion animated series featuring some seriously horrifying and surreal moments. According to a report by Vulture, the series is created by Vernon Chatman, […]

Comedy Central’s ‘South Park’ Makes Fun of Kavanaugh Hearing

Wasting little time to capitalize on the buzz around Brett Kavanaugh and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Comedy Central’s South Park will add its own twist Wednesday featuring Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, according to Deadline. Kavanaugh, who is now a U.S. Supreme Court justice after being confirmed by the Senate Saturday on a […]

YouTube Star PewDiePie Slammed For Mocking Demi Lovato’s Overdose

It appears that PewDiePie, famous YouTuber and internet comedian, is in hot water over his comments yet again, according to Hollywood Life. PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, is a Swedish internet personality who originally rose to fame in the earliest years of this decade, notable for his “Let’s Play” style videos in which he would […]

‘South Park’-Like Series Looking For Tips On Possible LDS Church Tax Fraud

When new policies of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were leaked two-and-a-half years ago, the public learned that children of gay parents could only be baptized when they turned 18, and Mormons in same-sex relationships would be considered heretics. That led Fred Karger “to go after something that’s sacred to (the church), […]

‘South Park’ Mega Marathon: Watch All 254 Episodes In Eight Days Until Season 21 Premiere

Comedy Central has announced a South Park marathon leading up to the premiere episode of Season 21. For eight days, fans can watch all 254 episodes of the series. Beginning on September 6, Comedy Central will air all the episodes from the past 20 seasons of South Park nonstop. Season 21 of the cartoon airs […]

Real-Life ‘Chicken Lover’ From Oregon Must Register As Sex Offender After Live Fowl Assault

An Oregon man accused of the “fowl” act of sexually assaulting a live chicken was ordered by a judge on Wednesday to add his name to the state’s sex offenders’ registry upon his release from jail. Medford resident Joshua Brian Woltmon, 27, was initially plucked by state police workers on May 1 of this year […]

South Park: Fractured But Whole Release Date Finally Revealed

Ubisoft finally announced the South Park: Fractured But Whole release date it was postponed a number of times in the past. Fans were previously concerned about the status of the new game since the developer previously announced that its launch will be delayed without giving any definite date as to when it might be out. […]

‘South Park’ Season 21 To Be Different: ‘Fractured But Whole’ Release Date Moved

Fans may have to wait a bit before the highly anticipated South Park Season 21 release date arrives this year. While there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it will arrive this year, Comedy Central is yet to announce when it will start airing this year. For fans of the adult animated series, here […]

‘South Park’ Quits Poking Fun Of Donald Trump: ‘Satire Has Become Reality’

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have announced that South Park will no longer be satirizing Donald Trump. Just two weeks after the new president was inaugurated, the South Park creators have decided to stop keeping up with Trump’s antics on the newest episodes of the Comedy Central cartoon. Their reason for ditching The Donald was […]

‘South Park’ Will Back Off Donald Trump: ‘He’s Already Doing The Comedy’

During its 20th season, South Park looked to keep right up to date with the tumultuous presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by having Mr. Garrison run for office. This proved rather difficult, especially when Donald Trump surprisingly won the 2016 Presidential election to become the 45th President of United States, and South […]

‘South Park’ Rewrites Latest Episode As Trump Wins President Elections

We all thought Donald Trump was not going to win and apparently, so did South Park. South Park writers scrambled to rewrite the upcoming Hillary Clinton episode into a Trump episode as Donald Trump stunned the public with a close victory. The last US election has been one of the most controversial, divisive, and painful-to-watch […]

‘South Park’ Season 20: ‘Wieners Out’ Episode Gets Great Reviews [Spoilers]

South Park has not lost its touch. In Wednesday night’s episode, the kids displayed their wieners in order to protest the national anthem, Sheila Broflovski peed on husband Gerald (yes, this really happened), and Gerald was tracked down by a Danish anti-troll website. The war between the boys and girls at South Park Elementary school […]

‘South Park’ Season 20 Premiere Takes On Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Colin Kaepernick, J.J. Abrams, ‘Star Wars,’ And Internet Trolls

The Season 20 premiere of South Park not only picked up where it left off last season, but it reminded viewers as early as the opening scene that the show always provides very current social commentary. Regarding issues of race, Colin Kaepernick’s recent national anthem protest movement was mirrored in elementary sports, while Cartman sported […]

Donald Trump Is A ‘Giant Douche,’ ‘South Park’ Plotline Twist Explained By This Wild Fan Theory [Spoilers]

South Park kicked off its 20th season by referring to Donald Trump as a “Giant Douche” and Hillary Clinton as a “Turd Sandwich.” Plus, this fan’s wild theory could totally explain that confusing twist at the end. Last season, Mr. Garrison was basically a Donald Trump proxy in the season premiere. Don't be a turd […]

Convicted Islamic Extremist Who Threatened ‘South Park’ Is Now A Think-Tank Researcher

The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are known for pushing buttons. And for a small period of time, they attempted to “push the buttons” of Islamic extremists by “depicting” the prophet Muhammad in two-parter, Episode 200 and 201. The response from extremists was, as expected, perhaps not so much to the […]

Seth Rogen’s New R-Rated Animated Film Even Has Sacha Baron Cohen ‘Appalled’

Seth Rogen has given Kristen Wiig, known to have an amazing voice talent for animated roles, another highly interesting, very creative role to her list of credits. Having made a sort of reverse version of Inside Out, Seth Rogen cast Wiig alongside himself, the major character, in the lead female role of Sausage Party, which […]

‘The Simpsons’ And ‘Family Guy’ Represent The Worst Of Television In 2015

The Simpsons and Family Guy, overall, represent how creative television can get. Both of these shows have displayed amazing writing, creative and relevant characters, and have proven that cartoons aren’t just for kids (well, especially Family Guy). However, both shows have severely faltered in 2015 and are in danger of destroying their own legacy. Let’s […]

South Park And BoJack Horseman Are Best Television Shows Of 2015

2015 gave us a lot to watch on television and the Internet. However, two adult-oriented animated series proved to be the most relevant and enjoyable to watch. Both South Park and BoJack Horseman have provided many people with laughs, while allowing them to question the world we live in. South Park has been going on […]

Kick A Ginger Day: ‘South Park’ Episode Inspires Real-Life Violence Against Redheads At Massachusetts Middle School

“Kick a Ginger Day” was inspired by an episode of the show South Park, but the day intended to bully kids with red hair turned real for one Massachusetts school and its students. A group of students at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School decided to act out the now 10-year-old South Park episode, in which […]

‘South Park’ Being Sued By Yelp Over ISIS Comparisons

South Park is known for its satire and for taking on PC situations and flipping them on their head, and they do that incredibly well, but sometimes, okay most of the time, they push it to the brink of no return. That’s exactly what South Park did in a recent episode titled “You’re Not Yelping.” […]

‘South Park’: ‘You’re Not Yelping’ Is One Of The Best Episodes Ever [Opinion]

Caution: spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched this week’d episode of South Park. Sometimes, South Park gets it wrong. For instance, the show’s attempt to take on PC culture a month back was promising, but failed to deliver. The following episodes were a little bit better. However, South Park finally hit the jackpot last night […]

‘South Park’ Episode Has Mr. Garrison Doing What To Donald Trump?

South Park has always been bold when it comes to its satirical comedy, attacking all sorts of celebrities over the years, but this week’s show was exceptionally brazen. The episode was called “Where My Country Gone” and has Donald Trump as a Canadian who falls prey to the immigration policies of Mr. Garrison. In the […]

Caitlyn Jenner Makes It Official–Name And Gender Change Granted By Judge

It’s hard not to notice how much Caitlyn Jenner’s year has been marked by change. Caitlyn began the year as Bruce, the newly single patriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family. After his divorce from long-time wife Kris Jenner, rumors swirled that Bruce had secretly begun the transition from male to female. When still known as Bruce, […]

Donald Trump Gets Raped, Beaten To A Pulp, And Brutally Murdered By Mr. Garrison

About 1.5 million viewers watched Donald Trump’s character being raped and brutally murdered on Wednesday night’s episode of South Park. Oh my god. They killed Donald. South Park depicts Trump being brutally murdered — The Guardian (@guardian) September 25, 2015 South Park‘s co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone made a mockery of the outspoken […]

‘South Park’ Rapes And Kills Donald Trump After Making Him President Of Canada [NSFW Videos]

Over the years, South Park has rarely attacked Donald Trump, however, they made up for lost time last night by producing arguably their most vicious take-down of a celebrity yet by having the Presidential candidate raped to death by one of their characters. The episode, which was entitled “Where My Country Gone,” saw Donald Trump […]

South Park Premiere ‘Stunning And Brave’ Stirs Up The PC Drama [Spoilers]

Not surprisingly, the season 19 premiere of South Park ruffled some feathers. Pretty much everyone got their toes stepped on by “Stunning and Brave,” which is an homage to America’s new culture of political correctness. South Park opened season 19 with the introduction of a new character: PC Principal. As the Washington Post reports, he’s […]

Review: ‘South Park’ Tries To Take On PC Culture [Spoilers]

There are some who think South Park has lost its touch. However, judging from this season’s premiere episode titled “Stunning and Brave,” South Park hasn’t lost its touch, but isn’t as brave as the show used to be. Warning: Spoilers ahead South Park opens with a school meeting in the cafeteria. Mr. Mackey laments that […]

Caitlyn Jenner Will Be ‘Stunning And Brave’ On ‘South Park’ Season Premiere

The long running Comedy Central show South Park is starting its 19th season on Wednesday and apparently plans to tackle Caitlyn Jenner in the first episode. Is anyone surprised? The animated show has a long history of ridiculous, hilariously raunchy jokes about current events and has always poked fun at the people who are making […]

‘Archer’ Video Game Rumored From ‘South Park’ Developer

Fans of Archer, the hit animated show from FX, may be pleased to hear that Alpha Protocol and South Park: The Stick of Truth developer Obsidian Entertainment is now seriously toying with the idea of an Archer video game, according to a report from Latinos Post. Obviously, Obsidian already has a track record with animated […]

South Park: Hulu Forks Out Record-Breaking $192 Million For Exclusive 3-Year Deal

Hulu has forked out a whopping — and record-breaking — $192 million in its deal with Viacom for an exclusive three-year online streaming deal for Comedy Central’s South Park. As previously reported by the Inquistr, the South Park Hulu deal comes amid a growing competition in the online streaming market. So much so that Hulu […]

‘South Park’ Gets Three More Seasons, Big Hulu Deal

Fans can expect to head on down to South Park for at least three more seasons, as the popular Comedy Central series has been extended through 2019. In addition, all of the previous seasons of South Park will be showing up on Hulu as part of a new licensing agreement. According to a press release, […]

‘The Simpsons:’ Are All Cast Members On Board For Next Two Seasons?

For 26 seasons, The Simpsons, the first primetime animated show for adults and longest running series on television, has brought us laughter and hijinks by way of the Bunker-like Simpson clan, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Recently, Fox announced that The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons, bringing the current total episode […]

‘South Park’: Season 19 Release Date: Will This Be Second-To-Last Season?

South Park, Comedy Central’s irreverent pop culture phenomenon, will head into its 19th season when it returns to the airwaves. The animated series, which quickly became the flagship of the comedy network, ended its 18th season with a two-part finale in December, with many wondering when they could look forward to the South Park boys […]

‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ Could Be Making A Comeback, But Should It?

“Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” was created in 2010 by Seattle-based cartoonist Molly Norris as a response to threats against South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for doing an episode in which the Islamic figurehead was to be depicted — a big faux pas for Islamic extremists. Comedy Central ultimately chickened out on airing […]

South Park Holiday Special Mocks Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby And The Police Controversy

South Park has some folks wondering if they pushed the envelope a little too far in this week’s episode. The Comedy Central show, South Park, is known for taking recent hot topics and controversies and turning them into jokes, but did they take things a little too far by including a segment where Bill Cosby […]

Bill Cosby To Appear In ‘South Park’ Holiday Special [Video]

Bill Cosby is set to appear in Wednesday’s South Park season Finale. “The Washington Redskins’ Go F-ck Yourself Holiday Special” is sure to spark controversy. In addition to Cosby, the special will feature Iggy Azalea, Tony Bennett, Kurt Cobain, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and the Washington Redskins. In the preview, Bill Cosby and […]

‘South Park’ #Rehash Episode Comments On Commenters Commenting On Everything

South Park pokes fun at just about anything and anybody, so this week’s episode, entitled “#Rehash,” did just that: made fun of pretty much everything and everyone. The topic of this week’s new episode was commenters commenting on those who comment on things. Sound confusing? Just bear with us! South Park’s “#Rehash” episode aired on […]

Jim Carrey Spoofs Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads On SNL: Is It The Best Parody? [Videos]

Matthew McConaughey’s latest career move has a lot of people scratching their heads — why on earth is the Oscar-winning actor starring in those cheesy, confusing Lincoln ads about moving forward by going backward? The commercials have been relentlessly ridiculed, and Jim Carrey is the latest comedian to take the Dazed and Confused actor down […]

Lorde Reacts To ‘South Park’ As ‘MockingJay’ Song Climbs: Listen Here

Lorde is on top of the world at the moment, and her success earned her the attention of South Park and its crew. Lorde was mentioned on the latest episode of South Park on Wednesday night, and Lorde immediately went to social media to share her thoughts on her appearance on the series. Lorde posted […]

Lorde ‘South Park’ Episode: Singer Responds To Transgender Parody

Lorde is a 45-year-old geologist, or so says the latest episode of South Park. The Comedy Central hit show included the chart topping singer in two episodes of the new season but in Wednesday’s episode, Lorde became the center of South Park‘s transgender parody. In true South Park fashion, the show took a hot topic […]

‘South Park’: Cartman Owns The Washington Redskins? Another Season Is Teased

The 18th season of South Park is set to premiere Wednesday, September 24 on Comedy Central. A preview of the episode posted on YouTube Sunday shows that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone still have no qualms about attacking whatever the latest controversy surrounding American culture. The next target for the South Park gang is […]

Khloe Kardashian Wears Ripped Jeans To Kanye’s Performance And Nearly Pukes At His Wedding

Khloe Kardashian, the younger and arguably less famous Kardashian sister, was recently spotted on the way to Kanye West’s performance at the Made In America festival wearing hip-hugging ripped jeans and a tight black top. According to the Daily Mail, Khloe wore a surprisingly casual skinny-jean outfit to see her new brother-in-law headline, leaving a […]

‘South Park’ Episodes Going Behind Hulu Wall In Exclusivity Deal With Viacom

All episodes of Comedy Central’s South Park had been available for free from the South Park Studios website since 2008, as well as streaming services such as Netflix. That changed Saturday as Viacom, Trey Stone, and Matt Parker announced a deal with Hulu that puts the entire library on the streaming service. Streaming access will […]

Emmy Awards 2014: Who And What Was Nominated This Year?

The Emmy Awards 2014 are almost upon us, a time to celebrate the great accomplishments of our favorite TV shows and stars. Many are nominated, but only a handful will win. Will Breaking Bad take home a multiple win, or will it be outshined by Game of Thrones? Will Orange is the New Black beat […]

Seth Rogen: North Korean Dictator Not A Fan [Video]

Seth Rogen is used to criticism for his typical gross out comedies, but today he was scorned by an unusual source… North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. An unofficial spokesperson for Kim Jong-un said that even though he expects the tiny dictator to watch the film The Interview, he is straight up pissed off over the […]

‘The Book Of Mormon’ Witnesses To ‘South Park’ In Outstanding ‘Hello’ Music Video

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are either loved affectionately or hated notoriously for their infamous cartoon on Comedy Central, South Park. Extremely vulgar and definitely not politically correct, it pushes the boundaries of the norms and everyday happenings of our society. If that weren’t enough to push people around, the duo then created a fantastic […]

‘South Park’ Creator On Sequel For ‘The Stick Of Truth’

By now, if you’ve heard the words South Park over the last month then you’ve heard about the new controversial video game The Stick Of Truth. The video game, which was created by South Park’s co-creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, has been censored for a slew of thematic material such as its use of […]