Donald Trump Accuses ‘Lamestream Media,’ Big Tech Of Suppressing Hunter Biden Story

In a series of tweets published on Wednesday, President Donald Trump attacked social media companies and members of the press, claiming that the allegations regarding Hunter Biden are being suppressed. “It’s amazing. Twitter refuses to allow [any] mention of the Biden corruption story which was carried so well on @TuckerCarlson last night,” Trump tweeted. “It’s […]

Pinterest Planning To Go Public In Early 2019 With $12 Billion Valuation, ‘WSJ’ Reports

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that popular online bulletin board Pinterest is planning to launch on the stock market in 2019 with an estimated initial valuation of more than $12 billion. The San Francisco based start-up has reportedly told bankers it could choose its slate of underwriters as early as January, and it is […]

World’s Longest Sea Bridge Opens This Week In China But Only Accessible With A Special Permit

The world’s longest sea bridge linking the cities of Hong Kong and Macau to the Chinese mainland will be inaugurated this week, reports The Guardian. The $20 billion Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge will open on Tuesday with a ceremony attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Spanning 34 miles (55 km), the bridge is part of the […]

Former Employee Accuses Google Of ‘Manipulating Human Nature’

One of Google’s former managers has accused the tech giant of “manipulating human nature,” reports The Daily Express. Tristan Harris worked with Google in Silicon Valley for four years. The experience obviously left a bad taste in his mouth because he is now turned on his former employer and is accusing them of dark deeds. […]

Alex Jones Will Lose Millions Of Dollars In Revenues Following Silicon Valley’s Blanket Ban

Alex Jones is going through the roughest patch in his professional career. The alt-right conspiracy theorist and radio host, who rose to mainstream prominence following his blistering attacks on former president Barack Obama, was permanently suspended from Twitter earlier this week. The Twitter ban followed closely on the heels of Apple removing his app from […]

Russian Prostitutes Allegedly Stealing Tech Secrets For Intel Officers By Seducing Silicon Valley Execs

A new investigative report by Politico has uncovered a disturbing trend that’s now being called an “epidemic.” Russian prostitutes are reportedly seducing Silicon Valley execs and venture capitalists as a way to gain entry into the “inside.” These prostitutes are then allegedly reporting to Russian officials. The information was gained by speaking with former U.S. […]

GOP Officials Demand Facebook And Twitter Respond To Content Censorship Allegations

Despite assurances by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Washington and in the European Parliament in Brussels that his social media platform is open to all political ideologies, the Republican Party isn’t so sure. On Tuesday, MEP Nigel Farage told Zuckerberg that since Facebook changed its algorithms earlier this year, many right-of-center commentators who advocate mainstream […]

Ex ‘Silicon Valley’ Star TJ Miller Charged With False Bomb Threat From Amtrak Train

Ex-Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller once again finds himself in legal trouble, this time being arrested by the FBI after he allegedly called in a false bomb threat from an Amtrak train as a grudge against a female passenger. T.J. Miller was taken into custody Monday night by the feds at LaGuardia Airport and charged […]

Facebook Designates ‘Diamond And Silk’ Unsafe — Duo Claims Censorship

The North Carolina sisters known as “Diamond and Silk” have revealed in a series of tweets (see below) that Facebook has determined their content and brand are “unsafe to the community” without a fuller explanation, and in a decision that the social media network says is final. This development occurs as CEO Mark Zuckerberg is […]

Peter Thiel On Silicon Valley: Political Correctness Leads To A ‘One-Party State’

Billionaire Peter Theil, the PayPal co-founder, made headlines recently when he decided to relocate himself and his investment firm from the San Francisco area to Los Angeles. A libertarian, Thiel is one of the few luminaries in progressive Silicon Valley who publicly supported Donald Trump for president. According to the Guardian, Thiel’s change of address […]

Twitter Officials Allegedly Discuss Shadow Banning Pro-Trump Tweets In Project Veritas Undercover Video

Controversial muckraker James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas crew have dropped another hidden camera video that purports to expose ideological bias at Twitter. In the edited footage, past and present Twitter employees allegedly appear to discuss how they can mute or filter out pro-President Trump tweets. This footage comes a day after Project Video published […]

James Damore Sues Google For Employment Discrimination

In a complaint filed today in Santa Clara, California, Superior Court, ex-Google software engineer James Damore is suing his former employer for employment discrimination. Another former Google worker is also a plaintiff in the class-action lawsuit, which means that other similarly situated employees or former employees can seek to join the case that alleges that […]

Woman Claims ‘Silicon Valley’ Star T.J. Miller Violated Her With A Beer Bottle

There are some startling accusations being hurled at Silicon Valley actor T.J. Miller by a former girlfriend from 10 years ago when they were college students at George Washington University. The woman, who has not given her name, says that she had dated Miller for two months when his violent side came out. The woman […]

Donald Trump Called ‘Idiot’ And ‘Dope’ By His Own National Security Adviser At Private Dinner, Report Says

After Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last month reportedly referred to Donald Trump as “a moron” in a private meeting, Trump has again had his intelligence demeaned by one of his highest-ranking cabinet members behind closed doors — at least according to a report published Monday morning by the online site BuzzFeed, which reported the […]

Former Facebook Executive Antonio Garcia Martinez Predicts Collapse Of Civilization Within 30 Years

Antonio Garcia Martinez is a Silicon Valley insider who believes that civilization as we know it will probably collapse within the next 30 years and he is not alone in this belief. Martinez initially began his career as a quantitative strategist at Goldman Sachs, but eventually left New York for the allure of Silicon Valley. […]

11 People In The Entertainment Business Talk About Their Favorite TV Shows In 2017

These days, movie theaters are no longer where the most creative or groundbreaking content goes automatically. Thanks to new content providers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Seeso, there is a seemingly-endless number of shows to watch on your television, beyond all of the greatness available from broadcast and cable networks. In turn, the problem is […]

‘Silicon Valley’ Star T.J. Miller Slams Executive Producer Alec Berg

HBO’s tech-focused sitcom Silicon Valley has seen a good deal of critical acclaim and commercial success for the network in its four seasons. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that HBO has renewed Silicon Valley for a fifth season, set to air in 2018. However, there’ll be one noticeable casting omission from that upcoming […]

‘Silicon Valley’ Season 4 Premiere Live Stream: How To Watch Online, What Time And TV Channel Is Show On?

On Sunday night, the hilarious hi-tech comedy series Silicon Valley will return for a fourth season featuring the adventures of Richard, Erlich Bachman, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Jared. Viewers will be anxious to see the latest situations that take place with the team as they’ve continued to try to navigate tough issues as a young tech […]

Yes, Juicero Packs Can Be Squeezed Manually, But CEO Claims You Shouldn’t Do That

Recently, Juicero was tagged as one of the biggest scams in the century because the one thing that it is supposed to do has been proven to be easily achieved by hand. The fancy machine that costs $400 demands a little space in your kitchen, and it does look amazing. So what’s the deal about […]

Following Scandals, Uber Needs Help In A Very Real Sense

Uber’s tumultuous spiral continues as founder and CEO Travis Kalanick admits he is seeking “leadership help” amid a myriad of scandals, outbursts, allegations, and tragic realizations. On Tuesday afternoon, Bloomberg published a video showcasing Kalanick arguing with Uber driver, Fawzi Kamel, about the company, Travis’ mercurial behavior, and the frequent change in strategy, wages, and […]

Billionaires Are Building Bunkers In New Zealand, Prepping For The Apocalypse

Some of America’s richest citizens are buying into a fast-growing movement of well-heeled doomsday survivalists or “preppers” investing billions of dollars to prepare secretly for the global apocalypse. The increasing number of billionaires who are participating in the doomsday “prepper” movement by acquiring elaborate and expensive getaways in isolated and remote spots of the world […]

A Complaint Filed By Nokia Will Be Investigated, Confirms U.S. Trade Commission

While Apple is battling Qualcomm for $1 billion in royalties, Nokia’s litigation filed in December of last year is finally progressing. It seems Apple may have another business to worry about, and this one is just as important as the Qualcomm case. The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) confirmed on Tuesday, January 24 that it […]

Peter Thiel Intends To Donate $1.25 Million To Trump Campaign

Billionaire Peter Thiel intends to donate $1.25 million to the Trump presidential campaign, according to an inside source. The New York Times reports that Thiel will make the donation to Trump through a combination of direct donations and Super PACs. Earlier in the year, Thiel was invited to speak at the Republican National Convention, where […]

Obama Administration Wants To Bring Immigrant Startup Founders To America With DHS-Proposed ‘Startup Visas’

The Obama administration is attempting to throw America’s doors further open to foreign business as the Department of Homeland Security has proposed a new “startup visa” program to lure foreign startup founders to immigrate to America. According to Wired, the new proposal, titled the “International Entrepreneur Rule,” would allow the founders of foreign startups in […]

Mark Zuckerberg Reappoints Peter Thiel To Facebook Board

Facebook investors and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have chosen to keep venture capitalist Peter Thiel on the board of directors despite the controversy surrounding Thiel’s actions concerning Gawker as well as Donald Trump. Facebook held its annual shareholders meeting on Monday, and voting shareholders chose whether or not to keep the eight members on Facebook’s board. […]

Donald Trump’s Net Worth: Bad News For The Trump Campaign As Silicon Valley VP Michael Moritz Denounces Trump’s Business Acumen

As both a candidate for the Republican nomination and now Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the race for President of the United States, Donald Trump has consistently claimed his business acumen would make him a responsible leader. It’s a testament that’s easy to believe too, especially when taking Donald Trump’s net worth into account. However, a […]

#YesWeCode: Prince The Musician And Humanitarian Helping Disadvantaged Youth [Video]

While Prince may have publicly impacted the world through his music, the private artist also did so much good in the background. A true humanitarian, he was constantly involved in charity behind the scenes, including the nonprofit #YesWeCode. While publicly a music genius, privately Prince did much to help young people from minority backgrounds. It […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Premiere Sets New Record For Number Of Viewers

The Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones almost set a new record when it came to live television viewers, proving that an offseason of hype did indeed pay off. Even better news for the producers of Game of Thrones is that the brand-new episode did, indeed, shatter previous records when factoring in live streaming […]

‘Silicon Valley’: Thomas Middleditch Opens Up About The New Season

Ahead of the new season of HBO’s Silicon Valley, the show’s main star Thomas Middleditch has opened up about what’s to come in the new season. The first episode of Silicon Valley Season 3 is set to air on Sunday night, so several cast members have been making appearances to tell fans exactly what they […]

Deutsche Bank Partners With IBM On Innovation Lab In California

Deutsche Bank announced on Tuesday the opening of its innovation lab in Palo Alto, California, the third of its kind for the banking giant, as it seeks to embrace and implement new technology for the client-driven environment it faces. Seated in the heart of Silicon Valley, the lab will entertain pitches from fintech (financial technology) […]

‘Silicon Valley’: HBO Releases Season 3 Trailer

There’s one big HBO hit set to make a return on April 24, and it goes by the name of Game of Thrones. However, the fantasy drama isn’t the only HBO series returning for a new season on April 24, with HBO already confirming that Season 5 of VEEP, and Season 3 of Silicon Valley […]

Pentagon To Employ Silicon Valley Minds In Washington

Silicon Valley VIP Eric Schmidt is set to chair the Pentagon’s newly formed Defense Innovation Advisory Board. According to Inc., Schmidt will be working with Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to hire 12 of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest to sit on the board. The board will not be involved with military operations, but instead […]

Pakistan’s Startup Culture No Less Than Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is probably the Goldilocks zone for startups with a plethora of angel investors and techie local culture. A central hub for business in the world, there is no other place that can come close in the race to the startup culture of Silicon Valley. Can Pakistan become the next Silicon Valley?Read more: […]

Twitter Declares War, Suspends 125,000 ISIS-Related Accounts

The social media giant Twitter has suspended 125,000 accounts linked to the Islamic State in the last six months as part of its effort to shut down terrorist activity on its site, the company announced Friday. In the middle of 2015, Twitter began suspending social media accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist attacks and recruiting […]

U.S. Recruits Tech Leaders To Fight ISIL

The U.S. government is calling on Silicon Valley to combat terrorism, particularly from ISIL. Top security officials will meet with tech leaders to discuss policy and tactics for undermining ISIL’s Internet presence. Whether tech and government, often two communities at odds, can join to create an effective strategy remains to be seen, but there are […]

Legalize It: Nation’s Marijuana Industry Goes High Tech

With recreational marijuana sweeping the nation, startups and investors are finding new ways to cash in on the green revolution. California’s Silicon Valley is leading the way with tech companies fighting to alter the public’s perception of the marijuana smoker from the ’60’s Rasta stoner to a sleek millennial-inspired user. This isn’t your parent’s marijuana […]

Toyota Invests $1 Billion In Artificial Intelligence Research And Development

Toyota announced that they have added artificial intelligence research and development to the company’s business objectives. On Friday, the Japanese auto manufacturer declared they initiated a five-year, $1 billion research and development effort with its center of operation to be located in the United States. Toyota’s plan will be one of the largest research laboratories […]

Facebook’s ‘Nouveau Riche 250’, AKA T.N.R., Exchange Ideas On How To Spend Their Wealth

Nothing defines the Nouveau Riche quite like the young techie programmers, executives, and entrepreneurs of “Left Coast” California’s Silicon Valley and the wider Bay Area. The wealth and amounts of money being made by the young employees of companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook can be staggering and would make the eyebrows of most people […]

Netflix’s New Policy Is A Step In The Right Direction, No Matter How Small

Last week, online streaming (and DVD delivery) company, Netflix, announced a new maternity and paternity leave policy that has been a long time coming. I don’t mean a long time coming for Netflix, I mean a long time coming in this country. They are offering new parents unlimited paid leave for the first year after […]

Witch Solves Silicon Valley’s Biggest Tech Issues By Ridding Computers And Smartphones Of ‘Evil Spirits’

Witch Reverend Joey Talley helps the world’s brightest techies in Silicon Valley rid their computers and smartphones of “evil spirits.” The majority of Reverend Talley’s calls for assistance are undemanding requests for her help in preventing an impending virus or hack. Wicca witch, Reverend Jo Ellen Michelle Talley, from the San Francisco Bay area, says […]

Kitty Rentals: A Great Idea To Help Homeless Shelter Animals

What is better than owning a cat? Kitty rentals, which is also a great way to help overcrowded shelters and house an animal in need for a few days. Yes, kitty rentals are the latest rave for those people who love a furry friend, but can’t own one for different reasons. The brilliant idea was […]

Oculus Rift Will Block Porn: Extreme Violence Is Still Expected

In an about face from an announcement made just a month ago, the makers of Oculus Rift now say they will not allow apps that are virtual reality porn in their Oculus Store. They refused to give details when asked about limiting the extreme violence. In May, when questioned about VR porn and Oculus Rift, […]

Apple-1 Computer Woman Tossed Out To Recycling Fetches $200,000

A Silicon Valley recycling firm, which sold an Apple-1 computer hand-built by Apple co-founder Steven Wozniak in 1976 for $200,000 in a private auction, is offering $100,000 to the woman who dumped the rare first-generation computer with the firm in April. According to Victor Gichun, vice president of marketing for the recycling firm Clean Bay […]

Slack: $2.8 Billion Valuation & 8-10 Acquisition Offers

Slack’s CEO, a few months after receiving a $2.8 billion company valuation just 14 months following its launch, announced that he’d had eight to 10 acquisition offers, TechCrunch recently reported. The news broke at the recent Code conference, which is powered by the Re/code team who we reported on recently. Discussing the possibility of acquisitions […]

Dane Cook Banned From Laugh Factory For Being ‘Vulgar, Offensive’ Toward Waitress

Dane Cook, the stand-up comedian who came to prominence during the early 2000s while riding the first wave of viral internet marketing, added to his already damaged reputation when he was banned from his “home” comedy club, the world famous Laugh Factory in Los Angeles this week, reports Ethan Sacks of the New York Daily […]

Startup Castle — The Most Ridiculous Set Of Roommate Requirements, Ever

Build with us. Your legacy awaits. Those are the words that greet potential people interested in leasing a room on the front page of the Startup Castle webpage. Startup Castle is a large estate that for lack of a better term looks like a castle that sits in the middle of Silicon Valley. It boasts […]

Pentagon Sets Sights On Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the new hottest place on the planet for the cutting-edge in technology, and now the Pentagon wants its piece. According to an article at Ars Technica, the recently-confirmed U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has announced the creation of a new military unit to be stationed in Silicon Valley: Defense Innovation Unit […]

British-Indian ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Confused With Pakistani-American Actor In TV Critic’s Flub

A critic over at Salon nursed some pretty bad embarrassment over the weekend after she confused British-Indian actor Kunal Nayyar – otherwise known as Raj on The Big Bang Theory – with Pakistani-American actor Kumail Nanjiani. How exactly did that happen? In a recent article about his show, TV critic Sonia Saraiya credited Nanjiani with […]

‘Silicon Valley’ Star: ‘These People Need To Be Satirized’

Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller says that he sees a need to satirize the tech industry. From the male-dominated culture, to hyper-inflated egos, and everything else that haunts the real-life Silicon Valley – and to a wider extent, the culture of the internet – the HBO comedy has shown no inclination to hold back, as […]

Carly Fiorina Rips Tim Cook For Two-Faced Gay Rights Stance

According to Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Tim Cook protests for gay rights issues in the U.S. but never makes a peep in other countries his company deals with, especially in countries where homosexuality is strictly banned. Fiorina considers that a bit hypocritical. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Carly Fiorina […]