‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Fan-Favorite, Original Cast Member Exiting & Last Episode Has Already Aired

ABC’s long-running hit series Grey’s Anatomy is losing a familiar face. Justin Chambers, who has portrayed Dr. Alex Karev since the Shonda Rhimes show began, is ready to say farewell. Unfortunately, spoilers indicate that this exit has already happened. Chambers shared a statement with Deadline about his decision to leave Grey’s Anatomy. He thanked show […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Ellen Pompeo Said The Show Was ‘Toxic’

Grey’s Anatomy is one of ABC’s most successful shows, running for 16 seasons. But in a new interview with Variety, Ellen Pompeo said that behind the scenes, life was far from a happy success story, even branding her work environment “toxic” for the first 10 years. “The first 10 years we had serious culture issues, […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Producers Discuss Recent Sexual Assault Episode

In last Thursday’s episode of ABC’s hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, sexual assault and the trauma of being violated were pushed to the forefront. The episode made a huge impact and the producers are now opening about what it took to tell such an important story, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly. During the […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Ditched The Emergency Room In Milestone Episode

In Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 15, titled “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” the longest running medical drama in history switched things up for their viewers with a change of scenery. As TV Guide points out, this week’s episode was a real milestone for the medical drama, as it was the first time the cast […]

Shonda Rhimes Pays Tribute To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ And Shows Her Favorite BTS Moments

Grey’s Anatomy will make history on Thursday as the longest-running medical drama on television, beating the NBC show ER. The show is currently in its 15th season and was the first television show from executive producer Shonda Rhimes to air. Grey’s soon became a cultural phenomenon in its second season in 2005, as viewers watched […]

Shonda Rhimes On Netflix Move: ‘I Am The Candy’

There’s been a trend in the last couple of years for major creators of TV series to accept big money deals to leave their traditional network homes in order to create shows for Netflix or other streaming services. Among those that took such a plunge in the last two years were Shonda Rhimes (creator of […]

Shonda Rhimes Is Parting Ways With Her LA Mansion For A Whopping $10 Million

Shonda Rhimes is the leading woman in television, creating hits such as Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice. She’s been the brains behind some of the most popular shows of this generation, simultaneously serving as the writer, creator, and head producer. Famous for her production company Shondaland, Rhimes has been able to purchase several homes […]

Shonda Rhimes Is The ‘Highest-Paid Showrunner In Television’

Over the years, the name Shonda Rhimes has become synonymous with great television shows. The TV writer and producer is responsible for hit ABC dramas like How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice. Now according to the Hollywood Reporter, Rhimes is the “highest-paid showrunner in television.” Last year, Rhimes announced […]

Chris Carmack Jumps From ‘Nashville’ To ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Playing ‘Ortho God’

Now that Nashville has come to an end after six seasons, airing its final episode on CMT on July 26, the show’s stars are free to take on new projects. Chris Carmack, who played gay country singer Will Lexington, is one of the first actors from the series to land a brand-new gig. He is […]

Shonda Rhimes Is Working On Eight New Projects For Netflix

Last year, TV writer and producer Shonda Rhimes signed a multiyear deal with Netflix after announcing she would be leaving ABC. According to new reports from the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has just revealed the first eight series in the pipeline as a result of its new partnership with Rhimes. Forbes reported Rhimes became the first […]

Shonda Rhimes Says Roseanne Barr ‘Got What She Deserved’ After Show’s Shocking Cancellation

Shonda Rhimes has had a close relationship with the ABC television network for years. She has given fans shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Private Practice, and more. Now, she is speaking out about her fellow ABC peer, Roseanne Barr. Shonda Rhimes was one of many television bigwigs to […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: April Kepner’s Life Hangs In The Balance, Fans Brace For Sarah Drew’s Exit

The Season 14 finale of Grey’s Anatomy is coming up on May 17, but spoilers hint that Episode 23 airing this week will be can’t-miss television. It’s been known for some time now that both Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner, and Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robbins, would be leaving at the end of […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Ellen Pompeo Reveals Patrick Dempsey’s Exit Was A Major Turning Point For Her Paycheck

Ellen Pompeo has no problem talking money. After signing her latest two-year contract with ABC, the Grey’s Anatomy star is the highest paid television actress today, with earnings of more than $20 million per year. Pompeo’s paycheck doesn’t even include the backend equity points on the series, which could bring her up to $7 million […]

Annalise Keating To Meet Olivia Pope In Huge ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ And ‘Scandal’ Crossover, But When?

Crossovers are nothing new to TV shows, as The CW and NBC and many other networks have done it, but ABC may end up doing one of the biggest of them all. There have been rumors, and a lot of hints were dropped on Wednesday before Shonda Rhimes confirmed it herself. Annalise Keating is going […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Finally Tackle Alex Karev’s Troubling Teen Years When Season 14 Returns

Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its mid-season break, but when it returns next month a lot of meaty storylines are set to continue – including the return of Jo’s ex-husband, the possible romance of Jackson and Maggie, and a possible new love interest for Meredith. The popular medical drama will also feature a flashback to […]

Are ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Writers Quietly Telling Us That The End Is Near?

Grey’s Anatomy introduced six new interns at Grey Sloan Memorial this season. While the newcomers remind us a lot of younger versions of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers), is their presence a subtle hint that the end of the show is near? It Is No Mistake That The New Interns Seem Familiar According […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Camilla Luddington On What’s Ahead For Jo And Alex Now That Her Ex Is Back

Camilla Luddington has high hopes for Jo and Alex’s future, even though she’ll come face-to-face with her abusive ex-husband when Grey’s Anatomy returns for the second half of Season 14. How will Jo and Alex (Justin Chambers) deal with Paul’s (Matthew Morrison) abusive ways moving forward? Luddington On Morrison In an interview with E! Online, […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Coming To An End? Shonda Rhimes Talks About Show’s Endgame

Grey’s Anatomy recently reached another milestone after hitting its 300th episode on TV. As the ABC drama continues to be one of the most watched shows on the network, many viewers wonder whether the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, already has an endgame in mind. When will the series end? Grey’s Anatomy has entered its 14th […]

The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff Is Coming: Everything We Know So Far About Shonda Rhime’s Latest Project

Shonda Rhimes is creating another show in Shondaland, and this time it is a spin-off of the popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Fans are wanting to know what the title of the new series will be and when it will start, but Rhimes and the ABC network aren’t sharing any secrets yet. According to Closer […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Showrunner Talks Amelia’s Brain Tumor And Jackson And Maggie’s Future In Season 14

During Grey’s Anatomy’s 13 seasons, fans may have noticed that the show shifted from an often playful and fun tone in the first few years to a much darker, serious show during the last few. One of the reasons for the change is that showrunner Krista Vernoff left after Season 7 to work on Showtime’s […]

Caterina Scorsone Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? What Amelia’s Brain Tumor Means For Her Future On The Show

When Grey’s Anatomy returned for its 14th season last week, the show shocked fans when it revealed that Dr. Amelia Shepherd had a massive brain tumor. With such a devastating diagnosis, does it mean that Amelia’s time on the popular medical drama is coming to an end? In the last few minutes of the premiere’s […]

‘Scandal’ Is Back For Season 7: Where We Left Off And Where We Are Going In The Final Season [Sneak Peek]

The final season of Scandal is almost here, and even though fans are not ready to say goodbye to Olivia Pope, they are excited for the show’s return after a long hiatus. Last season ended with several surprises, including an assassination on election night, and we can be sure that Season 7 will be no […]

Take A Look Back At ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Most Shocking Deaths To Prep For The Season 14 Premiere

Over its first thirteen seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has brought fans to tears more times than we can count. Executive producer Shonda Rhimes has brought so many great characters onto the show, just to kill them off in moments of pure shock and sadness. Here’s a look back at the deaths that made us cry the […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Will Have Meredith Grey Returning To Familiar Territory — As The Other Woman!

Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy is almost here, and the changes are leading the show back to familiar territory. With the unexpected return of Megan Hunt, does this mean that Meredith will be the other woman again? It’s been quite a few years, but die-hard Grey’s fans remember how the series started and played out […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Spoilers: Yet Another Doctor Is Not Returning To Grey Sloan Memorial

Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy is almost here, and according to the cast of the long-running ABC medical drama, fans should expect quite a few changes. The return of executive producer Krista Vernoff will result in the show bringing more laughs as it did in its earlier days, and many cast changes will also shake […]

Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Creator Reveals ‘Weird’ Happenings After Body Transformation

Shonda Rhimes may not be an actress but she gained a lot of attention after creating hit series after hit series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. Given her popularity, people started to want to know more about the American television producer, screenwriter, and author’s life, including her weight […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Spoilers: Find Out Which Characters Are Staying And Going

We are only a few weeks away from the Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 premiere on ABC and that means TGIT will be back in our lives. With that being said, there will be some familiar faces back in our lives too, as the Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 cast is bringing back some people from the […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast Member Behind Camera For Season 14, Shonda Rhimes Bringing Levity Back

There are some changes coming this season as a Grey’s Anatomy cast member is stepping behind the camera to help bring the hit show back to its roots. No, that doesn’t mean that Dr. Cristina Yang will be making her return, but it does mean that Shonda Rhimes is trying to strike a better balance […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Won’t Depress You: Shonda Rhimes Drama To Take Lighter Tone For Season 14

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been through the wringer over the past 12 years, but it sounds like relief is in sight. Comic relief, that is. While Shonda Rhimes’ ABC medical drama is known for its gut-wrenching storylines (the shocking car crash death of the show’s leading man, Patrick Dempsey’s Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, is just one […]

What Shonda Rhimes’ Jump To Netflix Means For ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ & ‘Scandal’ Fans

Netflix shook up the Hollywood landscape Sunday night (Aug. 13) when it announced that it had wooed mega-producer Shonda Rhimes away from ABC with a four-year production deal. The agreement ends Rhimes’ successful 15-year relationship with ABC Studios — a partnership that fostered the creation of hit dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away […]

Steve Irwin To Receive Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame For Class Of 2018

The class of 2018 has been named by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and it looks like the late Steve Irwin is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The list includes some big-name stars in the entertainment industry, but The Crocodile Hunter has to be one of the standouts. Also, you can’t […]

‘The Catch’ Canceled By ABC: Shonda Rhimes Rom-Com Won’t Return For Third Season

The Catch’s second season finale aired on ABC on Thursday night, with the network confirming that it will be the show’s last. After just two seasons on air, ABC has confirmed that Shonda Rhimes’ slick rom-com won’t return to the network for a third season, following a less than average performance in ratings. The Catch […]

‘Scandal’ Ending After Season 7 On Shonda Rhimes’ Orders

Gladiators prepare yourselves. Scandal is set to come to an end after the upcoming Season 7. The news is expected to be made official next week, as multiple sources are confirming that the hit ABC political drama will be back for one final season before wrapping up the story for good. According to TVLine, it […]

Olivia Pope To Solve Final Problems: ‘Scandal’ Will End After Season 7

Many may not have seen it coming, and this is a problem that Olivia Pope truly can’t solve. However, it looks like the ending of ABC’s Scandal is coming sooner than expected. With only a few episodes remaining in the sixth season and tensions just heating up, it is now being reported that Scandal will […]

Shonda Rhimes Reveals ‘The Highlight Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ In All Of Its 12 Years’

Only four more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are left until Season 13 ends. Moreover, while the ABC show was renewed for its fourteenth season, showrunner Shonda Rhimes says she needs closure. Shonda Rhimes revealed to Entertainment Weekly the one character she regrets killing off on Grey’s Anatomy – and given the extensive list of characters […]

‘Scandal’ Recap – What The Heck Just Happened?

In perhaps one of the most shocking turn of events so far this season, fans of the hit ABC show Scandal had their fears confirmed as the mystery organization made its power and reach dreadfully apparent. Spoiler Warning: If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Scandal that aired on April 20, 2017, let this […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Ellen Pompeo Claims The Show Will End ‘When I’m Ready’

Grey’s Anatomy is wrapping up its 13th season on ABC and shows no signs of slowing down. While the show has a bright future, Ellen Pompeo is certain the medical drama will end once she’s ready to call it quits. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRcKEGBjScz/?taken-by=greysabc&hl=en In an interview with Variety, Pompeo revealed that Shonda Rhimes is willing to keep […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ EP Teases Fiery Blaze In Season 13 Finale

Shonda Rhimes has shared a little about the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 finale, teasing a fiery blaze. The EP says that the episode will be “on fire,” and that is the only way to fully describe everything that fans can expect. This doesn’t mean a literal fire will hit the hospital, but it wouldn’t be […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Are Jackson And Maggie Getting Together? What About Japril?

Grey’s Anatomy has been teasing a potential Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) romance ever since he met Maggie’s mom, and the latest episode seemed to fuel that ‘ship even further. Are Jackson and Maggie going to get together before the season finale? According to Romper, the latest installment featured a tender moment between […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Not See Katherine Heigl Return

Grey’s Anatomy fans didn’t know which bits of the news to believe on Saturday. It was April 1, and that meant plenty of fake news and hoaxes being shared. One of those was surrounding a certain actress who fans have mixed views about whether they want to see her return or not: Katherine Heigl. Hyperble […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Sarah Drew Wants April And Jackson To Be ‘Endgame’

Jackson and April already hooked up once during Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, but will they get together again before the season finale? Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew recently spoke with Hollywood Life and is hopeful Jackson and April are an endgame. When asked about Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April’s steamy hookup in Montana a […]

‘Scandal’ Has Social Media Saying, ‘What The Huck’

Scandal made a lasting impression on fans who watched last night’s episode. The entire season has been centered around who shot Frankie Vargas, and it is much more complicated than who fired the actual shots. There is so much going on right now on Scandal, and Shonda Rhimes delivered one of the biggest curveballs in […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Still Split On Alex And Meredith Together

Grey’s Anatomy fans continue to take to social media groups and forums to discuss future show relationships. While many want to see Alex and Meredith together, others aren’t too convinced by the ship. https://twitter.com/BookOfGreys/status/825365162668486660 The conversation between fans has sprouted up again since last week’s episode. Alex’s fate was finally revealed, and he was found […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Camilla Luddington Is Pregnant, But Is Her Character Jo Set To Have A Baby with Alex?

Grey’s Anatomy star Camilla Luddington is already a few months pregnant with her first child. Pregnancy is nothing new to ABC’s hit medical drama, but will Shonda Rhimes incorporate Luddington’s real life pregnancy into Jo’s storyline next season? Movie Fone is reporting that Luddington finally opened up about what her pregnancy means for Jo’s story […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Shows No Sign Of Stopping Anytime Soon, Series Eyeing More Seasons Than ‘ER’

Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes’ flagship drama, shows no sign of ending anytime soon. Considered to be one of the longest-running shows on TV, the medical drama series might still be around for a few more seasons. Currently in its 13th season, Grey’s Anatomy continues to provide an engaging storyline, which definitely helps maintain its popularity […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stars Jesse Williams And Sarah Drew Tease That April And Jackson Will Find ‘Happiness’ In Season 13

The return of Grey’s Anatomy is right around the corner. With the second half of Season 13 still ahead, Shonda Rhimes recently dished on some of the romances that will unfold in the near future. Will Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) finally reunite? Unreality TV reported that Rhimes opened up about Jackson and […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Meredith And Alex To Finally Find Romance? Creator Shonda Rhimes Weighs In

Grey’s Anatomy is only a little over a week away from returning with the second half of Season 13. While fans wait to see what becomes of Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) relationship with Alex (Justin Chambers), Shonda Rhimes sat down with TV Line and dished on what’s ahead. Will Meredith and Alex find romance in Season […]

Channing Tatum In Demand By Both Tom Hanks And ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Ellen Pompeo

Channing Tatum will be starring in the Splash remake, according to Entertainment Weekly. But how about Tatum and Tom Hanks playing a gay couple in that remake? Tom Hanks Wants To Star In Gay Version Of ‘Splash’ With Channing Tatum https://t.co/KeAB5Lqgc8 pic.twitter.com/AgLk0SgQDu — Kevin Klehr (@kevinklehr) November 5, 2016 This was actually the idea proposed […]

Shonda Rhimes Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Reveals Secrets About Couples And More

Grey’s Anatomy may be on a break, but the spoilers are still coming out. TV Line got the chance to talk to Shonda Rhimes and get a few details about what will be happening in the future on the show. Grey’s Anatomy will return on January 19 on ABC. The fans want to know if […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Inside The Theory About Meredith Grey That Will Break Your Heart

The doctors on Grey’s Anatomy have the worst luck. Whether it’s being electrocuted, caught in a plane crash, or getting hit by a semi-truck, Shonda Rhimes doesn’t hold back when it comes to personal tragedies. With Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy at the halfway mark, does Rhimes have something awful planned for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo)? […]