UFO Transported On Flatbed Truck To Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? [Video]

A witness recently submitted a report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), claiming that he saw a flatbed truck escorted by police cars, transporting a saucer-shaped object that looked like a flying saucer UFO. According to the report submitted to NUFORC on February 2, 2017, the truck and police escort were spotted at night, […]

Amazing GoPro Footage Shows UFO Spacecraft Doing 180-Degree Turn Near International Space Station — Aliens Are Visiting, Watching ISS 24/7, Blogger Claims [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have obtained video proof that technologically advanced alien species are monitoring the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit. According to ET chasers, footage taken recently using a GoPro camera mounted outside the ISS shows an alien UFO flying close to the ISS and doing an amazing 180-degree turn. The […]

‘Dark Triangle’ UFO Loomed Menacingly In The Clouds Over House In Louisville, Kentucky — Mystery Craft Was Stalking Google Map Car, Blogger Claims [Photo]

A witness in Louisville, Kentucky, has reported that he and his son spotted a “dark triangle” UFO hovering menacingly in thick clouds over their house in a Google satellite image. According to the witness, in a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and filed in the organization’s database as case 81433, he and […]

Gigantic ‘Star Trek-like’ Starship UFO, As Big As Earth’s Moon, Spotted In NASA Photo Near Our Sun, ET Hunters Claim [Video]

A UFO hunter claims incredibly to have spotted an alien starship UFO uncannily similar in appearance to Captain Kirk’s USS Enterprise featured in the world famous Star Trek sci-fi TV series. The latest claimed sighting comes soon after a witness caused a stir in the online UFO community when he reported spotting a “Star Trek-like” […]

UFO Hunter Spots ‘Face Of Jesus’ On Mars: Turin Shroud-Like Sculpture Shows Aliens May Have Started Christianity, Conspiracy Theorists Claim

A UFO hunter claims to have irrefutable proof of close cultural links between human Christian civilization and an ancient Martian civilization. According to the alien hunter, a carving on Mars spotted in an image of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover bears an eerie resemblance to the face of Jesus on the famous […]

UFO Sighting: Helicopter Pilot Films ‘Glowing Craft’ Over Orlando, Florida [Video]

A helicopter pilot from Orlando in Florida has reported sighting and filming a “glowing UFO craft” at an altitude of about 1,500 feet. According to the unnamed witness in a report filed in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as Case 81052, he watched a mysterious glowing UFO as it flew inside […]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Spotted A ‘Giant Alien Spoon’ On Mars, UFO Fanatics Claim [Photo]

UFO hunters claim that a photo of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover offers convincing evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life on Mars. The photo, uploaded to NASA’s JPL raw (Mars) images archive, appears, according to UFO hunters, to show a “giant alien spoon” lying conspicuously on the Martian surface. UFO fanatics insist that […]

Mysterious Golden Cigar-Shaped UFO Stalks International Space Station In Orbit, Alien Hunter Alleges: Strange Craft Was Spying On ISS Crew, According To Blogger

Alien hunters claim to have spotted a golden cigar-shaped UFO on NASA’s live ISS video feed. A nearly four-minute-long recording taken from NASA’s live ISS stream and uploaded to YouTube on December 5, 2016, by prolific alien hunter Streetcap1, allegedly shows a golden cigar-shaped UFO that approaches within 100 meters and appears to travel at […]

Secret USAF Tests Of Alien UFO Spacecraft Technology Ongoing At Nellis AFB, ET Hunters Claim [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have obtained video evidence that the U.S. Air Force is conducting secret late night tests of newly-acquired alien UFO technology at the Nellis Air Force Base, a notorious UFO hotspot near Las Vegas in southern Nevada. Steven Barone, a UFO hunter who specializes in watching the Nellis Air Force Base in […]

Crashed 190-Meter-Wide UFO Mothership Spotted On Mars, Alien Hunters Claim: Alleged Crash Site Is A Natural Geological Formation [Debunked]

The latest bizarre claim causing a stir on multiple UFO forums is the alleged discovery of a crashed “alien UFO mothership” in a NASA photo of the Martian surface. Although some UFO fans who got carried away by the excitement of the latest fantastic UFO claim argued that NASA astronauts might still be able to […]

NASA Shuts Down Live Feed After UFO Appears Near International Space Station, ET Hunter Alleges — Footage Is A Hoax Says Forensic Investigator [Hoax]

A YouTube user claimed earlier this week to have caught NASA once again cutting live transmission after cameras mounted on the International Space Station (ISS) captured a fast-moving UFO flying past in low Earth orbit. But after the alleged NASA footage went viral online, a forensic UFO investigator came forward, claiming proof that the footage […]

‘Burning’ Flying Saucer UFO Allegedly Crashing To Earth Over Lima Sparks Speculation About Alien Activity In Peru [Video]

There was excited speculation among members of the UFO community earlier this week after footage emerged on multiple Peruvian websites purportedly showing a burning orb or flying saucer UFO crashing to Earth over the Peruvian capital city Lima. According to local media reports, hundreds of stunned residents of Lima witnessed the mysterious burning or orange […]

Gigantic 3.4-Mile Alien ‘Doorway’ To Underground UFO Base On Mercury: NASA Rarely Talks About This Planet Because They Don’t Want You To See ET Structures On It, Alien Hunters Say

UFO conspiracy theorists have announced a spectacular space anomaly “discovery.” A gigantic 3.4 mile doorway, allegedly an entrance to a massive underground alien UFO base was spotted on planet Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun in our solar system. Alien hunters claim that massive artificial structures on Mercury that provide undeniable evidence of the […]

‘CERN Large Hadron Collider AWAKE Experiments Caused Recent Massive Earthquakes In Italy’: LHC Opened Stargate Portal To Another Dimension, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

Conspiracy theorists have raised an alarm that ongoing AWAKE experiments at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) facility near Geneva in Switzerland triggered the recent series of earthquakes that hit central Italy and killed more than 250 people. According to the bizarre claim presented in a video titled “Stargate Awakens at […]

UFO Hunters Spot 3-Cm Alien Sabotaging NASA’s Curiosity Rover — Tiny Martian Was Trying To Stop Rover’s Wheels Crushing His Home [Video]

Alien hunters claim to have spotted an incredible anomaly in a photo captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover. The photo, according to conspiracy theorists, appears to show a 3-cm-tall Mars alien attempting, commando-style, to sabotage NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring the Martian surface. The tiny alien commando was spotted hiding inside Curiosity rover’s front left wheel in […]

Metallic UFO Fleet Spotted Passing At 30,000 Feet Over Rocky Mountains Area In Superior, Colorado — Aliens Conducting Aerial Reconnaissance? [Photo]

A witness in Boulder County in Colorado, has reported sighting and snapping photographs of a mysterious fleet of metallic UFOs flying over the Rocky Mountains area of the state at over 30,000 feet.The witness was certain that what he sighted and photographed was a fleet of metallic flying crafts moving overhead. But he was unable […]

NASA Footage Shows Mysterious Flying Saucer UFO Sailing Above Earth’s Atmosphere In Space [Video]

Alien hunters claim that footage excerpted recently from NASA’s live ISS stream shows an alien flying saucer UFO sailing above Earth in space. The alleged alien UFO may have entered the Earth’s atmosphere, according to UFO hunters. Footage from NASA’s ISS live stream uploaded to YouTube on September 27, 2016, by user UFO Sightings, titled […]

NASA Once Again Cuts Live Feed As Blue-Glowing UFO Approaches ISS In Orbit — ‘They Don’t Want You To See This ET Evidence,’ Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

A UFO hunter claims to have sighted a mysterious blue-glowing UFO flying near the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit. But this time around, according to the UFO hunter, NASA did not wait for the alleged UFO to fly close to the HD cameras on board the ISS before cutting off the live […]

Proof Of Alien UFOs? Police Helicopter Pilot Films ‘Hot And Invisible’ Flying Saucer Craft Over Bristol Channel [Video]

Police in Wales filmed a UFO craft over the Bristol Channel last week and uploaded the video to Twitter, asking social media followers for suggestions that could help to identify it. The footage has caused excitement among members of the UFO community. UFO conspiracy theorists say that police documentation of the mysterious craft could be […]

UFO ‘Star Wars’ In Our Solar System? Giant Alien Mothership Shoots Energy Beam At Smaller Spacecraft [Video]

A gigantic alien UFO that passed through our inner solar system earlier this week shot a massive energy beam at the Sun, according to UFO and alien hunters. The latest alleged evidence of alien UFO presence near our Sun was spotted in an image captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) LASCO C3 camera […]

Alien UFO Merchant Fleet Spotted Flying In Formation Past Our Sun On NASA’s SOHO Satellite Image, ET Hunters Claim [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have once again spotted a massive fleet or armada of alien UFO spaceships flying through our inner solar system in an image of the Sun taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on September 17, 2016. Alien hunters are speculating that the alleged UFOs are a merchant fleet passing through […]

UFO Hunters: Proof Of Ancient Mars Civilization Link To Japanese Culture Discovered On Google Maps [Video]

UFO and alien hunters claim to have discovered identical ancient structures on the planet Mars and Japan (Earth) that prove a historical link between Japanese and Martian civilizations. The discovery, according to alien hunters, proves that Mars aliens may have migrated to Earth and contributed to the development of Japanese civilization. According to alien hunters, […]

Gigantic Four-Armed UFO Sails Once Again Past Sun — NASA Still Won’t Talk About Artificial Object Spotted In 2011, 2012 And 2016, Conspiracy Theorists Say [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have sighted a giant alien UFO spacecraft flying through our inner solar system in an image of the Sun snapped by cameras on board the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on September 11, 2016. According to UFO researchers, this is not the first time that the UFO has been seen flying […]

Russian Cosmonaut Panics As Alien UFOs Fly Past ISS During 2014 Sochi Olympic Torch Relay In Space [Video]

A UFO blogger claims to have obtained footage showing a Russian cosmonaut panicking as UFOs flew past him while filming the 2014 Sochi Olympic Torch relay in space. According to UFO hunter Scott C. Waring, there was mild drama in space on November 9, 2013, when two or three alien crafts flew past Russian cosmonauts […]

‘NASA Doesn’t Want You to See Giant Alien UFO Flying Past ISS’: Agency Accused Of Using Software To Block ET Spacecraft That Appeared On Live Feed [Video]

UFO enthusiasts claim to have recorded footage from the ISS live stream showing what appear to be lights from two UFOs hovering near the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit. According to conspiracy theorists, the UFOs appeared to be monitoring and inspecting the satellite. But some UFO enthusiasts claimed that analysis of the […]

UFO Researchers Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Investigate Alleged ‘Floating Eye Island’ Entrance To Underground Alien Base In Buenos Aires, Argentina [Video]

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to investigate the mysterious “floating eye island” discovered accidentally near Buenos Aires in Argentina by a film crew that was investigating the area for a suitable location to film an alien, UFO, or paranormal documentary. The floating island, about 130 yards in diameter, rotates on its axis on a […]

Aliens In ‘Black Triangle UFO’ Abducted Flock Of 1,500 Sheep In Lincolnshire, England, According To Conspiracy Theorist [Video]

A conspiracy theory documentary claims that a flock of 1,500 sheep that disappeared overnight from a field in Lincolnshire in September 2011 was abducted by aliens in a “black triangle” UFO spacecraft. The mystery of the disappearance of the flock of sheep from a field at Stenigot, near Louth, Lincolnshire, England, in September of 2011 […]

UFO, Alien Disclosure 2016: Obama Could Leave Legacy More Profound Than Jesus Christ By Bringing Truth To The World, Advocate Says [Video]

According to Stephen Bassett, the executive director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG) who has spent years campaigning to end an alleged government-imposed “truth embargo” on information about UFOs of extraterrestrial origin visiting Earth, President Barack Obama has a chance to make history as the disclosure president. “The first head of state that makes the announcement […]

Watch ‘Flying Saucer UFO’ Pass Over The Moon During Live Stream — Alien Spacecraft Was Mapping The Lunar Surface, Conspiracy Theorists Say [Video]

According to UFO hunters, footage obtained from a recent live stream shows a mysterious flying saucer UFO passing over the Moon. The flying saucer appeared to be investigating or mapping the lunar terrain, according to alien chasers. The strange disc-like UFO was spotted flying low over the lunar surface during an August 10 live Moon […]

NASA Caught Hiding Earth-Size Alien UFO Spacecraft Near The Sun Behind ‘Fake Pixel Glitch,’ According To UFO Hunters [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have obtained evidence backing recent claims by multiple UFO researchers that the agency deliberately uses pixel glitches to hide alien UFO spacecraft spotted on the agency’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) images of the Sun. According to UFO hunters, two images taken recently by different Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescopes (EIT) on […]

Flying Saucer UFO Launches To Space: Alien Spacecraft Fires Thrusters, Exits Earth’s Atmosphere Over Auckland, New Zealand, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

A UFO hunter reports that while filming the sunset over Manurewa — a suburb of south Auckland in New Zealand — on August 2, 2016, he noticed a black UFO flying above the clouds. The UFO appeared as a black dot from a distance, but digital magnification of the footage suggested it was a disc-shaped […]

NASA Is Hiding An Earth-Size Alien UFO ‘Sucking Plasma’ From The Sun Behind A Black Square, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

A massive square-shaped black patch spotted in an image of the Sun taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has sparked wild speculation and debate among UFO conspiracy theorists. While some space enthusiasts believe that the black square represents a crude attempt by NASA to hide or “black out” a massive alien UFO spacecraft […]

NASA Doesn’t Want You To See This Orb UFO Docking With ISS: Agency Cuts To Blue Screen As Mysterious Craft Appears On Live Video

UFO hunters claim to have spotted a bright orb UFO hovering only meters away from the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit. The alleged UFO was spotted by alien hunters monitoring NASA’s ISS live stream. Some UFO hunters suggested that the UFO approached the ISS closely to observe the ISS astronauts. Others claimed […]

NASA Cuts Live Video Transmission As Golden UFO ‘Hundreds Of Miles Long’ Appears Near International Space Station [Video]

UFO hunters have once again accused NASA of interrupting live streaming from the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit after a mysterious UFO appeared in the video transmission. UFO hunters say the agency shut down its live video feed after cameras captured a massive golden UFO “hundreds of miles long,” orbiting Earth near […]

UFO Hunter Spots ‘Face Of Donald Trump’ On Mars — Is The Donald A Mars Alien?

A UFO hunter claims to have spotted the face of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in a photo of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Opportunity rover. The Opportunity rover photo, taken in 2010, shows a Martian rock that bears striking resemblance to the face and head of the estate mogul Trump, according to […]

Two 500-Meter Flying Saucer UFOs Spotted On Live Camera Over Active Colima Volcano In Mexico, Alien Hunter Claims [Photo]

A UFO hunter claims to have spotted two 500-meter UFOs flying over the active Colima volcano in Mexico. According to the UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, he spotted the UFOs passing over the Mexican volcano in images taken by Webcams de Mexico on July 29, 2016. Webcams de Mexico consists of a network of live […]

Fleet Of Tall White Alien UFO Spacecraft Filmed Landing At Nellis AFB Under The Cover Of Darkness And Stormy Weather [Video]

UFO hunter Steven Barone continues to monitor alleged UFO traffic over notorious UFO hotspot Nellis Air Force Base from the backyard of his home in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. Meanwhile, a prominent UFO blogger has claimed that the UFOs that Barone has filmed in a series of videos uploaded to his YouTube channel […]

UFO Believers: Obama Is The Last U.S. President Before Alien Invasion And Takeover, According to Baba Vanga Prophecy [Video]

UFO hunters are in excitement over an alleged prophecy by the Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga, that the 44th president of the United States would be an African American and that he would be the last president. According to alien and UFO enthusiasts, during a recent forum discussion, Vanga’s prophecy was referring to an alien invasion […]

Tall White Alien UFO Spacecraft Lands At Nellis AFB Under The Cover Of Red Flag 16-3 Combat Training Exercise, According To UFO Hunters [Video]

According to UFO hunters, a delegation of Tall White Aliens may have arrived at the Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada under the cover of an ongoing U.S. Air Force multi-service air-to-air combat training exercise called Red Flag 16-3. UFO hunter Steven Barone, who specializes in watching the Nellis AFB, a notorious UFO hotspot […]

‘Alien Invasion’ Alarm Raised After UFO Hunters Mistook Old Footage Showing Atlas V Rocket Launch Over Miami For Massive ET Craft Over Azerbaijan [Video]

An old video clip showing a group of airport workers staring up into the sky in astonishment after a massive object trailing a massive plume of blue smoke appeared in the night sky over Miami has resurfaced online and gone viral. Although it was later confirmed that the footage, first uploaded online by YouTube user […]

UFO Hunters ‘Uncover’ Alien Mining Operation On The Moon — Proof Of Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

According to alien hunters, artificial structures found in the Tycho Crater on the far side of the Moon in an image of the lunar surface taken by the Lunar Orbiter provide evidence that an extraterrestrial race maintains extensive mining operations on our celestial neighbor. Conspiracy theorists claim that the structures could be proof of the […]

UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ 125-Kilometer Alien City Under Gulf Of California On Google Earth [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have uncovered on Google Earth a massive underwater alien base in the Gulf of California, only 45 miles off the Mexican coast. The alleged alien structure, measuring about 125 kilometers in length, shows clear evidence of being intelligently made, according to alien hunters. The jaw-dropping discovery was announced by alien and […]

As UFO Approaches ISS, ‘Nervous’ NASA Astronaut Talks About ‘Gospel’ With Ground Control: ‘Gospel’ Was Code Word For ‘Aliens,’ Conspiracy Theorists Say [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have obtained a recording from the International Space Station (ISS) live stream that captures the bizarre moment that a “nervous astronaut” began “talking about the gospel” with ground control as he watched a strange UFO approaching the ISS. “On a personal level I look forward to this partnership with the gospel,” […]

Mysterious Black UFO Filmed Hovering Over Scottish Harbor Baffles The Internet [Video]

Shaky but eerie footage showing a mysterious black UFO hovering for several minutes over a harbor in Scotland has left many baffled. The footage was captured over Ayr Harbor in Scotland by 13-year-old James Cooper. James sighted the UFO hovering in the sky for about 15 minutes at about 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 17, […]

UFO Hoax Investigator Debunks Viral Video: ‘Ominous Alien Spacecraft’ Over New York City Was ‘Hillary For Prison’ Banner

According to a UFO hoax investigator, a viral video purportedly showing an “ominous” black UFO hovering over New York City, “Independence Day-Style,” was, in fact, a “Hillary For Prison” banner flown by Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory website Infowars. Scott Brando, who runs the website UFOofInterest.org and investigates UFO and alien sighting claims, says he has […]

‘Winged Alien’ Creature Found In Mexico Could Be Proof That Extraterrestrial Beings Are Visiting Earth, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

Alien hunters claim to have discovered the dead body of a tiny, winged alien creature in Mexico. And although skeptics have dismissed the alleged dead alien body as a hoax, conspiracy theorists insist that the body could be the first scientifically proven corpse of an alien on Earth. Some are calling for DNA tests to […]

Aliens Park ‘Ominous’ UFO Over New York City, Independence Day-Style — ETs Are About To Make Themselves Known To Earthlings, Enthusiasts Claim [Video]

Footage showing a mysterious black UFO hovering ominously over New York City has gone viral online and sparked a debate in multiple UFO forums. Some UFO enthusiasts are speculating that the mysterious object was parked in the sky by technologically advanced aliens or a galactic federation of extraterrestrials that monitor Earth and “protect our solar […]

Aliens In Flying Saucer UFO Approach International Space Station Within 50 Meters, Blogger Claims [Photo]

An alien hunter claims to have spotted a mysterious UFO with a “long rectangular window” approaching the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit. The mysterious UFO, according to the alien hunter, approached the ISS within 30-50 meters. According to the UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, in a new post to his UFO Sightings […]

Crashing UFO Spacecraft Releases ‘Escape Pod’ Over Vancouver B.C., According To Alien Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

A resident of Vancouver, B.C., in Canada, has captured footage showing a burning UFO releasing an “escape pod” as it crashed to Earth, UFO conspiracy theorists claim. Katherine Ramdeen captured the footage from her home — looking out East from downtown Vancouver — on June 3, 2016. But she did not notice anything unusual at […]

NASA Photo Shows Alien Message In Morse Code On Mars Sand — Scientists Say Message Is Gibberish, Alien Hunters Say It Is Mars Language [Video]

The UFO and alien conspiracy theory community is in excitement following emergence of a strange Mars photo showing a formation of dark sand dunes resembling Morse code. The image, taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on board NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) on February 6, 2016, has sparked a debate, with […]