Trump Won’t ‘Shut Me Up’ Claims Elizabeth Warren After ‘Pocahontas’ Crack Leaves Her Spitting Tacks

Elizabeth Warren was fuming when she took to the microphone to spew a rebuttal over Donald Trump’s “Pocahontas” dig that he shared during an event today honoring Navajo “code talkers” from World War II. While Trump never mentioned Warren by name, she apparently knew exactly who he meant by the comment, which was awkwardly received […]

Scott Brown: Elizabeth Warren Should Take A DNA Test To Prove Heritage

Former Sen. Scott Brown questioned Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee heritage on Monday, according to CNN. “She’s not Native American, she’s not 1/32nd, she has no Native American background, except for what her family told her,” Brown told reporters. “The easy answer, as you all know, is that Harvard and Penn can release those records, she can […]

Scott Brown: Fox News Contributor, Again

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts and failed U.S. Senate candidate of New Hampshire, is joining Fox News again. Per a report in the Boston Herald, Brown is rejoining the network after failing to beat incumbent U.S. Sen. Jean Shaheen in the recent midterm elections. Shaheen was one of few Democrats to come out […]

Scott Brown Considering Senate Run In New Hampshire [Report]

Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts Senator who was ousted last election season (and is entertaining as all get-out on Twitter), might consider jumping the border and running for a Senate seat again in New Hampshire. During a Fox News Sunday discussion, Brown declined to comment on rumors that he may run for a U.S. Senate […]

Scott Brown Denies Drunk Tweeting Hater Flash Mob [Video]

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has categorically denied drunk tweeting when he sent “whatever” and “bqhatevwr” tweets to what appeared to be a flash mob of trolls that descended upon his Twitter account a few weeks ago. In an interview with the Fox Boston affiliate, Brown commented on the tweets that attracted a lot of […]

Scott Brown Joins Fox News As Contributor

Fox News has officially hired former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown as its newest contributor. Brown will be making his debut in primetime Wednesday, the network said. He will be making his first appearance on Hannity. Bill Shine, Fox News’ EVP of Programming, said in a statement: “Senator Brown’s dedication to out-of-the box thinking on key […]

Ex-Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez Running For Senate [Video]

Gabriel Gomez, a former Navy SEAL and Boston businessman, has announced that he is a GOP candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts to replace Senator John Kerry. Gomez released a bilingual web video (see below) launching his first-time bid for public office. “I’m not a politician so I’ll have a very different kind of campaign,” […]

Fox News To Hire Ex-Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown [Report]

The Fox News network is courting fresh faces for its ever-changing lineup, and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown could be among them. A spokeswoman for Fox confirmed that discussions are happening to bring Brown to the network as a possible contributor. The rumor of his contributor’s spot was first reported by Politico on Wednesday. This […]

Scott Brown Faces Hater Flash Mob On Twitter, Replies ‘Whatever’

Remember Scott Brown, the 2010 mid-term election Republican Senator from Massachusetts who lost to Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren in 2012? What has he been up to lately? Leading a mundane (and possibly drunken) lifestyle, at least according to his Twitter account. MSN notes that Brown’s Twitter “appeared to be taken over by a middle school […]

Scott Brown Holds Narrow Lead Over Elizabeth Warren In Senate Race

Boston, MA — U.S. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is leading challenger Elizabeth Warren by 45 percent to 43 percent in an election poll just released by the Boston Globe Despite the closeness of the results, the Globe‘s poll appears to be quite significant. Since the newspaper has been cheerleading Warren’s candidacy from day one, […]

Elizabeth Warren Leading In One Of Nation’s Most-Followed Senate Races

Elizabeth Warren was once seen as an underdog to popular Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who rode into his seat amid a wave of Tea Party enthusiasm. As the campaign has dragged on, however, Elizabeth Warren’s fiscal expertise and message of middle class protection has resonated with voters, allowing the Democrat to surge in the polls. […]

Scott Brown ‘Schools’ Elizabeth Warren In Debate: ‘I’m Not A Student In Your Classroom’ [Video]

A tense back-and-forth between Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren over the former’s record in last night’s debate culminated with Brown scolding Warren, saying “Excuse me, I’m not a student in your classroom – please let me respond.” Warren at one point in the debate accused Brown of voting unilaterally with Republicans […]

Elizabeth Warren Practicing Law Without A License While Representing Big Corporations?

Commentary | US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, who is still in hot water for making unproven claims about Native American heritage for career advancement, may never have obtained a license to practice law in the state of Massachusetts where she lives and works. And despite claiming to be a consumer advocate, Warren has a history […]

Scott Brown Accused Of Racist Tactics In Campaign

Senator Scott Brown, the Republican running for re-election in Massachusetts, is receiving criticism that he is running a racist campaign against his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren. The Maddow Blog points out when this line of attack against Warren, specifically for her ethnic heritage, sank to its lowest and most disturbing point. Specifically, Brown’s taxpayer-funded aides […]

Estranged British Husband Blows $80,000 Game Show Winnings To Keep Cheating Wife From Sharing In Them

An estranged young husband and father won £50,000 (or $80,000) on the British version of Deal Or No Deal a few months back and spent the whole amount quietly in a four-month period before the show aired in order to keep his wife’s hands off the small fortune after he says she left him. In […]

Republicans Rush To Defend Huma Abedin From Michele Bachmann

After former presidential wannabe Michele Bachmann claimed that Huma Abedin, a top aide within the U.S. government, has ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, Republicans all over the country have spoken out condemning Bachmann’s attacks and defending Abedin’s reputation. Weird, right? Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (also wife of […]

Elizabeth Warren Wins Senate Nomination, Avoids Primary

Embattled Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren won’t face a primary after all for the right to take on Scott Brown in the fall. According to, Warren received some 96% of delegate votes today at the state’s Democrat convention today, thereby short-circuiting a potential primary challenge from immigration lawyer Marisa DeFranco. Party leaders apparently circled […]

Will Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren Face A Primary Challenge?

It once appeared that Democrat Elizabeth Warren was going to lock up her party’s nomination in Massachusetts to run against U.S. Sen. Scott Brown by default. Now she could face a primary challenge this fall from attorney Marisa DeFranco at least in part because of the controversy surrounding her unproven Native American ancestry. The scandal […]

Scott Brown Admits His Daughter Has Insurance Because of ‘Obamacare’

Scott Brown may be opposed to the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to avail himself of all the benefits of the legislation change. It’s not technically Scott Brown who is benefiting from the provisions provided by law, and realistically, without Obamacare, the law would just mean […]

Scott Brown: No Booze Until Election Day

Scott Brown, Republican Senator for Massachusetts, has declared he has given up alcohol until Election Day. Brown, who has not had an alcoholic beverage since January 1st, has opted for other options to quench his thirst, such as Coca-Cola and other soft drinks. During an interview with WTKK-FM, the incumbent senator stated that he won’t […]

Red Sox Fan Scott Brown Takes New York Yankees Money

Boston, MA – Baseball’s biggest rivalry has finally connected on some level with a singular goal. The President of the New York Yankees has made a donation to Red Sox Nation’s own, Senator Scott Brown. New York Yankees President, Randy Levine, shelled out the maximum personal donation $2,500 to the Republican’s re-election campaign last month, […]

Scott Brown’s Campaign Has Raised $3.4 Million This Year

United States Senator Scott Brown’s campaign claims they have raised $3.4 million within the first three months of the year, which leaves the campaign with a total of roughly $15 million. According to Brown’s campaign, 71% of the donors in the first quarter came from Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren, Republican Scott Brown’s Democratic opponent, has likely […]

Scott Brown To Donate $34k To Charity As Part Of “People’s Pledge”

Republican Sen. Scott Brown said on Thursday that he will write a check for $34,545 to charity after a special interest group recently ran ads attacking his challenger, Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Brown’s donation, which will go to a charity of Warren’s choice, is part of a “People’s Pledge” between the two senate candidates that aims […]

Karen Santorum Think Scott Brown’s Contraception Joke Was Funny

Karen Santorumtold CNN’s Peirs Morgan that she found Scott Brown’s contraception joke “sort of funny”. Brown has made the wise crack at a St. Patty’s Day Breakfast. Karen Santorum said in her interview, “Sometimes, you just have to laugh. I’ve reached a point now where I shut out a lot of things because I know […]

Scott Brown Replaces Controversial Kennedy Radio Ad, Refused to Honor Kennedy Request to Pull It

Republican ballsiness would dictate that even in the presence of a request from a dead man’s son that you quit invoking his father in a series of misleading political ads you don’t sway to courtesy, and in the Massachusetts election, incumbent Scott Brown did not disappoint his party fellows by caving in- particularly to a […]

Patrick Kennedy Asks Scott Brown To Stop Using His Father In Ads

US Senator Scott Brown has a new radio ad out and it is being slammed by Patrick Kennedy, Ted Kennedy’s son. Patrick Kennedy sent a very harshly worded e-mail to Scott Brown and his campaign today and asked him to please stop using Ted Kennedy’s name in ads for Brown’s reelection. The ad in question […]

Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren Call Truce on Super PAC Spending

Yesterday in Massachussetts, Republican candidate Scott Brown and Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren took the unusual steps of denouncing so-called super PACs, and pledging to attempt to go forward in the hotly contested Senate seat, both are vying for, without the PAC’s money or influence. Super PACs are an emerging issue in the 2012 election- Stephen […]

Elizabeth Warren Announces MA Senate Run

The awesome and inspiring Elizabeth Warren has announced plans to run for Senate in Massachusetts, and the long-time advocate for consumers and the middle-class has come out swinging. Warren has been gunning for reforms that center on Wall Street and moneyed lobbies for some time, and cites a commitment to a middle class that has […]

Jon Stewart dresses Keith Olbermann down for partisan comments

Jon Stewart, whose popular Daily Show usually skewers right-wing talking heads, politicians and pundits, did a pretty searing point by point critique of some comments of Keith Olbermann’s this week. Stewart called Olbermann out for his invective about the Republican who beat out Dem Martha Coakley for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. And it […]