Astronomers Find A Star Cluster Filled With Numerous Small Black Holes

Though most star clusters have a black hole at the center of their systems, astronomers were surprised to see a new cluster that actually had several small black holes in the middle rather than one large example of the mysterious space phenomenon. According to, researchers came across the discovery after studying the movement of […]

Trust In Media At All-Time Low, Research Shows

Trust in traditional news media has hit an all-time low, according to new research from the communications firm Edelman. Per Axios, Edelman’s annual trust barometer found that slightly more than a quarter of the American public still trust traditional news organizations. The firm’s poll showed that 56 percent of Americans agree that “Journalists and reporters […]

One Of The Largest Presumed Black Holes In The Universe Doesn’t Seem To Exist, Sparking Astronomical Mystery

Scientists have expressed their confusion that a presumed black hole — which was estimated to be so big that it was characterized as “supermassive” and considered one of the largest known examples of the mysterious space phenomenon in the universe — appears to not exist after all. According to Science Alert, the specific region of […]

Donald Trump Uses Twitter To Divert Attention Away From Damaging Stories, New Study Finds

A new study published Tuesday in Nature Communications established that President Donald Trump has used Twitter to divert attention away from stories that were potentially harmful to his presidency. Prior research has shown that journalists rely on Twitter to generate stories. When he launched his first presidential campaign in 2016, Trump successfully used the microblogging […]

Bill Nye Encourages Fans To Vote Biden/Harris, Says ‘Science Is On The Ballot’ This Election Year

Bill Nye shared some advice with his 3 million Instagram followers in his latest post on Wednesday afternoon. He held up a piece of paper printed with the last names of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spelled out using squares that looked similar to those from a periodic table, with the hashtag “Vote For Science” […]

NASA Confirms That Moon Has Water In Major Breakthrough

NASA confirmed in a press release that in a major discovery, water has been definitely found on the moon. Researchers said that there appears to be “water traps” on the moon that keep the liquid stable, and there could likely be water distributed across the entire surface of the moon, rather than just in colder […]

Space Debris Is Becoming A Major Threat To Satellites And Extraterrestrial Travel

Space debris is quickly becoming a major threat for satellites and extraterrestrial travel — and could have fatal implications for the latter if the issue is not stopped. According to NPR, the International Space Station (ISS) almost came into contact with space junk this past week for the third time this year. The debris usually […]

Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Wants To Die By Launching Himself Into A Black Hole

Famed scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson made a startling confession earlier this week, saying that if he could choose his own death, he would hope to get sucked into a black hole. Much of the space phenomenon remains a mystery to scientists, and Tyson expressed his hope that falling into one would provide some answers for […]

Black Holes Are ‘Hiding Movies Of The Universe’ In Their Rings, According To Harvard Scientists

Researchers at Harvard University have claimed that they believe black holes contain “movies” of the universe in the numerous bright rings that circle around the border of the mysterious space phenomena. According to New Scientist, Michael Johnson, a radio astronomer working on the research, realized that black holes may contain these movies after a photograph […]

Astronomers Stunned After A Black Hole Appeared To Vanish For 40 Days Before Returning

A new mystifying event in space is puzzling astronomers around the world after a black hole — or at least the ring of light around it — appeared to vanish completely for 40 full days before returning once more, according to a new paper published yesterday in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Though black holes are […]

Astronomers Discover A New Massive Type Of Space Explosion: ‘There Is A New Beast Out There’

Astronomers recently declared that they have discovered a new type of star explosion in space. The findings come after scientists analyzed a mysterious explosion in 2018 and realized that it was an entirely different type of star combustion, coming in at 10 times larger than normal supernovas. According to Science Alert, astronomers have named the […]

Dogs Also Go Through An Angsty Teenage Stage, Claims New Study

Man’s best friend may be ever more similar to humans than previously believed. According to new research studies from the United Kingdom, dogs reportedly go through an angsty phase when they hit adolescence, proving that the beloved animal is not unlike the average human teenager. According to Science Alert, the research team looked at 378 […]

Scientists Discover Black Hole So Close To Earth, It Can Be Seen With The Naked Eye

Astronomers are celebrating after discovering a new black hole in space that is not only the closest example of the phenomenon to Earth, but is also technically visible to the naked eye. According to National Geographic, the new black hole is located in the star system HR 6819, meaning that it is only 1,011 light-years […]

Scientists Discover ‘UFO-Like’ Creature In Australian Waters, Potentially World’s Longest Animal

Scientists have discovered what could be the longest animal ever seen off the coast of Australia, reports The Guardian. The animal is a siphonophore, measured at an estimated 154 feet. “Siphonophores are deep-sea predators made up of many small clones that act together as one and spread out like a single long string in the […]

12,000 People Apply To Be NASA’s Next Astronauts, First Woman To Moon Will Be Part Of Class

For the first time in four years, NASA opened applications for new astronauts. On Thursday, April 2, the space program announced that more than 12,000 applications were received. It was the second-highest number of applicants ever sent to NASA, according to ABC News. People from every U.S. state, the District of Columbia, and four U.S. […]

Researchers Discover Bacterium That Can Break Down Hard-To-Recycle & Toxic Plastic

Plastic pollution in the environment is continuing to increase, prompting scientists and researchers to find new ways to get rid of the material, which can take centuries to decompose naturally. A recent study, published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology, discovered that a bacterium exists that feeds on toxic plastic, using it as a food […]

David Dobrik Said His Viral Science Experiment Got Him In Trouble With His Neigbbors

YouTuber David Dobrik opened up about how his infamous Elephant Toothpaste science experiment got him into hot water with his Los Angeles, California neighbors, according to Seventeen. This experiment, which he and his friends conducted in his backyard, involved a massive dry foam explosion. The experiment got its name because of the aqua color of […]

Gamma Rays May Move Faster Than Light, Causing Them To Go ‘Backwards In Time,’ Say Researchers

Two years ago, researchers made the amazing discovery that in some specific instances in space, gamma-ray burst pulses repeated themselves in a way that made it seem as if they were going backwards in time. Astronomers now believe that they might have finally figured out the reason behind the mind-boggling phenomenon: the gamma rays are […]

Scientists Detect Biggest Explosion In Galaxy Since The Big Bang: ‘This One Is Really, Really Massive’

Astronomers detected an enormous explosion in a galaxy more than 390 light-years away, with scientists claiming the eruption is the largest explosion ever recorded since the Big Bang. In fact, the burst was five times as powerful as the previous largest explosion in space ever recorded. “We’ve seen outbursts in the centers of galaxies before […]

Earth Has Another ‘Moon’ As Scientists Spot Car-Sized Space Rock Captured By Our Planet’s Gravity

Earth now has another moon, in a manner of speaking — a car-sized chunk of space rock has been captured by Earth’s gravitational pull and is now regularly orbiting the planet, just like the moon we’re all familiar with has been doing for billions of years. This one, however, has only been with us for […]

Katherine Johnson Dead, NASA Mathematician Dies At Age 101

Katherine Johnson has died. The pioneering NASA mathematician, whose work was critical to launching the first manned space missions, passed away at age 101, according to a tweet from the American space agency. “We’re saddened by the passing of celebrated #HiddenFigures mathematician Katherine Johnson. Today, we celebrate her 101 years of life and honor her […]

Scientists Say There Might Be A Supernova On February 21, Warn Of ‘Darker’ Sky For Months

Scientists are warning that a supergiant star close to planet Earth appears to be on the brink of explosion, according to The Tech Times. The supergiant, named Betelgeuse, has been getting dimmer and dimmer over the past few months, sparking concerns about its demise. Over the past few days, however, the star has been beginning […]

Scientists Discover Evidence Of Unknown ‘Ghost Population’ Of Humans That Lived Half A Million Years Ago

Scientists have discovered a ghost population of ancient humans that lived in Africa around 500,000 years ago, after finding DNA evidence in modern humans, reported The Guardian. Researchers stumbled upon the unknown species after studying the genomes of West African populations. They found that up to one-fifth of the population’s DNA could not be accounted […]

School Teachers Who Praise Children See A 30-Percent Increase In Positive Behavior, Study Finds

A study recently published in the journal Educational Psychology found that elementary teachers who use praise instead of punishments experience better-behaved students in the classroom, according to CNN. Paul Caldarella — a professor in the Brigham Young University’s counseling, psychology, and special education department, and lead author of the study — studied 19 elementary school […]

Vaping Giants Like Juul Have Reversed Years Of Progress Against Tobacco Use, Researchers Say

Vaping companies like Juul have greatly appealed to young people, with the use of these products growing dramatically over recent years. Many people, some even in their teens, have become hooked on nicotine as a result. Now, researchers are using staggering statistics to emphasize just how serious the vaping epidemic has become and the way […]

The Black Hole At The Center Of Our Galaxy Is Creating A Strange New Kind Of Star

Astronomers are taking note of the discovery that the black hole at the center of our galaxy is warping and combining stars into a strange new kind of space object, per Live Science. The black hole, called Sagittarius A* (or Sgr A*), is located in the center of the Milky Way and is effectively the […]

‘Womanizing’ Tortoise Set Free Into The Wild After His Libido Single-Handedly Saved Species From Extinction

A 100-year-old tortoise with an unusually strong libido is being credited with saving his entire species from extinction, and now has earned his release back into the wild. As CNN reported, scientists have credited the “womanizing” tortoise named Diego with the survival of fellow giant tortoises on the island of Espanola in the Galapagos Islands. […]

Scientist Who Made Genetically Edited Babies Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

The Chinese scientist who broached moral and ethical codes by creating genetically edited babies has been sentenced to three years in prison. The Chinese courts declared that He Jiankui was guilty of “illegal medical practices” in their decision, per The New York Times. Though the trial was closed to the public, the court made sure […]

David Dobrik Launches Massive ‘Elephant’s Toothpaste’ Science Experiment In His Backyard

Popular YouTuber David Dobrik has become known for his chaotic, comical videos that often include pranks and science experiments. Recently, Dobrik pulled off what is perhaps one of his largest and most elaborate science experiments yet, which was something known as ‘Elephant’s Toothpaste.’ The video of the experiment quickly went viral online, according to Nerdist. […]

A Mortician Explains Why ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Getting It All Wrong Regarding Zombies And Dead Bodies

In AMC’s The Walking Dead, the zombies — or walkers — amble slowly and appear emancipated as they shuffle along. Their washed-out skin and skeletal form creates iconic imagery when it comes to the series. However, a mortician has now described how these walkers should really look, according to Comic Book. Melissa Unfred, a mortician […]

Scientists Just Discovered That Smaller Black Holes Might Exist

Scientists are reeling after a team of astronomers from Ohio State University published a paper in Science which detailed the discovery of a black hole in space, one substantially smaller than was previously thought possible. In fact, it is so small that an entirely new subset of the mysterious scientific phenomenon might have to be […]

Researchers That Created A Real-Life Invisibility Cloak Are Worried About How It Will Be Used

Every Harry Potter fan remembers how cool his invisibility cloak was. When slipped over his head, Harry could roam through Hogwarts at night without being seen. Many readers may have wished they had their own invisibility cloak. Now, researchers have found a way to create a real life invisibility cloak using light bending material. This […]

Three Black Holes Are On A Collision Course In What’s Being Called ‘An Unimaginably Epic Event’

Scientists have been stunned over the discovery of three black holes on a collision course with one another, in what Science Alert is calling “an unimaginably epic event.” Even more importantly, the findings could help provide the key to unlocking an astrological mystery. The astrophysicists behind the discovery said that it took them by surprise. […]

Water Discovered For First Time On Potentially Habitable Planet

A planet with the catchy name K2-18b has been identified as a likely candidate for a home to alien life after water was found in its atmosphere, BBC reported. Scientists believe that within 10 years, telescopes could be developed that are powerful enough to detect gases in the atmosphere that may have been emitted by […]

The Black Hole In Our Galaxy Is Worrying Scientists: ‘We Have Never Seen Anything Like This’

Black holes are known to be a mysterious and misunderstood astronomical phenomenon, but scientists are particularly baffled by the one in our very galaxy after a new study revealed new unusual behavior. According to Science Daily, the black hole in the center of our galaxy, known as Sagittarius A, or Sgr A, normally does not […]

Scientists Criticize Trump Administration Decision To Roll Back Endangered Species Protections

On Monday, the Trump administration announced its decision to gut the Endangered Species Act, as The Hill reported. Considered one of America’s most important environmental laws, the Endangered Species Act, first passed in 1973 by President Richard Nixon, is credited with protecting flora and fauna both in the United States and abroad. The set of […]

Donald Trump Slashes Hundreds Of Expert Science Panels

On Friday, Donald Trump issued an executive order that slashes about 1,000 scientific advisory committees by a third. According to Buzzfeed News, the White House wants to cut the panels that provide government guidance on everything from pollution and nuclear waste disposal to the safety of products sold to Americans. “Each agency shall, by September […]

Galaxies With Almost No Dark Matter Exist, Confirm Two Yale Studies

In 2018, Yale University researchers published a groundbreaking study about galaxy NGC 1052-DF2 — the first known galaxy with little or no dark matter. As NASA pointed out, the galaxy is as large as our Milky Way. The agency’s Hubble Space Telescope was subsequently used to learn more about this mysterious and unique corner of […]

Researchers Strapped People To A Cross To Authenticate The Turin Shroud

The research team from the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado (TSC) in Colorado Springs, recreated a crucifixion using the Shroud of Turin as a guide to scientifically prove its authenticity, Science Magazine reported. The Shroud of Turin is a long piece of cloth with the image of Jesus imprinted on it. It was first discovered […]

Rare Blood Wolf Moon To Appear In January Of 2019

Stargazers across the world are in for a treat this new year. On January 20 and January 21, 2019, a total lunar eclipse and the first supermoon of the new year will occur at the same time. Those across North America, South America, as well as parts of Europe and Asia will all have the […]

Scientists To Trump: Attempts To Redefine Gender Are ‘In No Way Grounded In Science’

Over 1,600 scientists have drafted and signed an open letter, intended for the administration of President Donald Trump, urging officials to recognized gender as a spectrum — not a binary set of traits. The letter, signed by 1,624 scientists –including eight Nobel laureates — urges lawmakers in Washington to dismiss efforts by the Trump administration […]

Global Agriculture System Not Producing Enough Fruits, Vegetables

If everyone in the world wanted to eat healthy they simply would not be able to, shows a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal, PLOS ONE. The global agriculture system overproduces fats, grains, and sugars, but does not produce enough fruits and vegetables, according to University of Guelph researchers. In a press release supplied […]

A Moon’s Moon May Eventually Be Called A ‘Moonmoon,’ And A Classic Internet Meme Is Reborn

What do you call a moon that orbits, well, another moon? The Moon’s moon? Maybe. How about a submoon, moonette, or moonitos? All of these names have been suggested to name the unicorn of the space world, a moon that orbits another moon. However, according to New Scientist, eventually, the correct term for this occurrence […]

Hubble Telescope Hobbled By Horrible Glitch: Only Two Of Its Six Gyroscopes Are Working, It Needs Three

The Hubble Telescope, one of the most important scientific instruments ever put into use, has been sidelined due to a mechanical problem, and if operators can’t get it up and running again, the nearly 30-year-old spacecraft’s mission may come to an inglorious end. As BBC News reports, the telescope, deployed in 1990, uses six gyroscopes, […]

Drunk Birds Are Bedeviling A Minnesota Town, Flying Into Cars And Generally Having No Idea What’s Going On

A Minnesota town is finding itself bedeviled by the cutest of problems: birds are getting drunk on fermented berries and making nuisances of themselves. As Huffington Post reports, the police in Gilbert, Minnesota, would find it cute if it weren’t such a hassle. People keep calling the cops about the menacing fine feathered friends — […]

Sunspot Solar Observatory Closure Finally Explained, And It Wasn’t Aliens – Or So They Want You To Believe

The reason for the sudden closure two weeks ago of New Mexico’s Sunspot Solar Observatory has been revealed – sort of – and, perhaps disappointingly, it wasn’t because of aliens. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on September 6 the FBI rolled into Sunspot, New Mexico […]

Scientists Have Discovered New Type Of Brain Cell Unique To Humans

Forbes reports that a group of scientists just discovered a new type of neuron in the human brain not found in other species. They’re calling it the “rosehip” neuron. It got its name from Tamás and University of Szeged grad student Eszter Boldog when the two noticed the neuron resembled a rose that’s shed its […]

New Study Fills In Critical Gaps In Understanding Of How Stimulants Work To Treat ADHD

Science Daily reports on a new study from the University at Buffalo, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and how its findings are filling in critical gaps in the understanding of how prescription stimulant medications such as methylphenidate (MPH) reduce ADHD symptoms and improve behavior. The article notes that stimulants are responsible […]

Dogs Lend A Helping Paw When It Comes To Showing Empathy

A new study gives credence to the belief shared among dog owners that their furry best friends just know how to make them feel better, reports Science Daily. According to lead researcher Emily M. Sanford of Johns Hopkins University, many dogs are not only able to show empathy to humans, but sometimes are able to […]

The Dog Versus Cat Debate May Soon End, New Animal Study Reveals Which Is Smarter

Animal scientists currently believe that the number of cells an animal’s brain has is a good indicator of processing power. A new study took a closer look at the brains of dogs, cats, and other carnivorous animals. An international research team, overseen by a Vanderbilt University professor, studied the number of cortical neurons found in […]