WWE Rumors: Several Superstars Were Reportedly Released In April Over Saudi Arabia Complaints

In April, dozens of WWE employees, including a good number of in-ring performers, were released by the company, apparently due to budget cuts related to the coronavirus pandemic. However, a new report suggests there were some wrestlers who were let go specifically because they were vocal in their complaints about the travel issues that immediately […]

Donald Trump Made Controversial Statement On Saudi Leader To Cover Up Ivanka’s Email Scandal, John Bolton Says

Donald Trump made a controversial statement in November of 2018 backing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, appearing to defy American and international intelligence agencies to declare his loyalty to Saudi Arabia. As former National Security Adviser John Bolton wrote in a new tell-all book, Trump’s real intention […]

WWE News: Legendary Former Champion Spotted In Saudi Arabia Ahead Of ‘Super ShowDown’

The superstars of WWE have arrived in Saudi Arabia and are preparing for Super ShowDown on Thursday afternoon. These are always huge events with plenty on the line, and the promotion has put together a great card for the fans watching in attendance and around the world. On top of that, the legendary icon known […]

WWE News: Three New Matches Added To ‘Super ShowDown,’ Full Card Updated

All of the focus in WWE right now is on the Super ShowDown pay-per-view taking place in Saudi Arabia on Thursday afternoon. The card was already stacked with plenty of first-time-ever bouts, but it looks like it has just become bigger. On Wednesday afternoon, WWE officially announced three more matches to be added to the […]

WWE Rumors: Possible Reason Why Rusev Backed Out Of ‘Super ShowDown’ Hinted At In New Reports

After being mysteriously removed from the card for WWE’s upcoming Super ShowDown pay-per-view, it looks like more information has emerged on why Rusev won’t be competing at the event, which will take place on Thursday in Saudi Arabia. As cited on Tuesday by Wrestling Inc., Dave Meltzer suggested on that day’s edition of Wrestling Observer […]

WWE Rumors: Popular ‘Raw’ Superstar Reportedly Pulled From Gauntlet Match At ‘Super ShowDown’

Amid persistent rumors that he was still stalemated with WWE on matters related to his contract, many fans breathed a sigh of relief when Rusev was announced as one of the competitors in the inaugural Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy Gauntlet Match at Super ShowDown on February 27. The latest updates, however, suggest that the Monday Night […]

WWE News: Goldberg Returning On ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ To Reveal Who’s Next

The next big WWE event in Saudi Arabia is already being built up, and it is going to include another match with a Hall of Famer in it. It has already been nearly a year since Bill Goldberg wrestled and defeated Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam, but he’s ready for more. As a matter of fact, […]

WWE Rumors: Legendary Former Champion Reportedly Might Not Be Appearing At ‘Super ShowDown’ After All

Just days after rumors suggested that WWE Hall of Famer Sting would be among the legends brought back for this year’s edition of Super ShowDown, reports now claim that the onetime “Icon” of the long-defunct World Championship Wrestling might not be making an appearance after all. Citing information from PWInsider, Wrestling Inc. wrote on Tuesday […]

WWE Rumors: Major Legend Returning For ‘Super ShowDown’ Next Month

At the end of February, WWE will return to Saudi Arabia for the next big pay-per-view in “The Kingdom” and a major legend will be there. As usual, WWE goes all out for these events, as there is a lot of money exchanged by the two sides while there. That is why WWE puts on […]

Saudi Crown Prince Likely Hacked Jared Kushner’s Phone, Had ‘Secret Access’ For Years, Says Ryan Grim

A bombshell report from The Guardian found that Saudi Arabia crown prince Mohammed bin Salman hacked the cellphone of Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos. Ryan Grim, the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for The Intercept, took to Twitter to discuss the implications of the hack on the White House and suggested Jared Kushner was likely […]

WWE Rumors: The Date Of The Next Saudi Arabia Event Is Coming Soon

In October of last year, WWE held one of their events in Saudi Arabia, and due to their deal with The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, fans knew more were coming. There has been no official mention of when the next event will be held, but rumors are starting to swirl that it is coming very […]

Real Madrid Vs. Atlético Madrid Preview, Odds: Spanish Super Cup Final Features Madrid Derby In Saudi Arabia

For the first time since its inception in 1982, the Spanish Super Cup features a four-team format. In addition to the La Liga champion and Copa del Rey winner — who previously squared off in a single match — this year’s competition included a semifinal round with La Liga’s second- and third-place finishers from the […]

FC Barcelona Vs. Atlético Madrid Preview, Odds: Spanish Super Cup Semifinal Played In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

FC Barcelona can set up the second El Clásico matchup in less than a month with a win over Atlético Madrid on Thursday in the Spanish Super Cup semifinal. But what would otherwise seem to be an appealing prospect for fans not only in Spain but worldwide, remains mired in controversy thanks to the new […]

Donald Trump Says Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Condemned Florida Navy Base Shooting

On Friday, a shooting took place at Pensacola Naval Air Station in the Florida panhandle, which was allegedly carried out by a Saudi national, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani. The FBI is reportedly investigating the possibility that terrorism is behind the attack, which killed at least four people, including the shooter, and wounded at least eight others. […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Addresses Entire Roster Over Saudi Arabia Travel Issues, Superstars Called Out

After last week’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, a lot of WWE superstars were stranded there for nearly 24 hours due to travel issues and many rumors started. There were reports of mechanical issues and flight problems, and it escalated from there to even talks of people being held hostage. Vince McMahon decided to […]

WWE News: Announcer Blasts Superstars For ‘Crying’ On Social Media Over Post-‘Crown Jewel’ Travel Issues

On the most recent episode of his After the Bell podcast, Friday Night SmackDown commentator Corey Graves criticized several of his WWE colleagues, calling them out for taking to social media to complain about the flight delays that kept most of the roster in Saudi Arabia well after last Thursday’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view. As summarized […]

WWE News: Superstars Publicly Voice Their Displeasure After Being Stranded In Saudi Arabia

Dozens of WWE superstars and staff members were delayed in Saudi Arabia for around 24 hours after Crown Jewel, and the result hasn’t been pretty. The delays caused Friday Night SmackDown to be done on the fly and resulted in a lot of superstars having their lives turned upside-down. Due to the problems between WWE […]

WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar’s Move Back To ‘Raw’ Fast-Tracked Due To Internal Issues

An audible was called by WWE this past week as superstars were trapped over in Saudi Arabia and their blue brand was essentially without a roster. One big name who was able to get back in time for Friday Night SmackDown was Brock Lesnar, but he ended up quitting the show and walking out. It […]

WWE Rumors: Real Reason Superstars Were Delayed In Saudi Arabia, ‘Deserted’ By Vince McMahon

Some fans believe WWE put on one of their best episodes of SmackDown in years with the roster of NXT, but it may have come amid huge problems. The roster of Friday Night SmackDown was supposed to have been chartered in from Saudi Arabia after Crown Jewel, but delays didn’t allow that to happen. Now, […]

WWE News: ‘SmackDown’ Superstar Donating Entire ‘Crown Jewel’ Paycheck To Charity

In less than two weeks, WWE is going to put on another pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia with Crown Jewel on Halloween. There was a lot of money exchanged between the kingdom and the wrestling giant for this partnership, and it will continue for many years. All superstars who perfom at these events end up with […]

WWE Rumors: The Undertaker Pulled From Crown Jewel In Saudi Arabia And Fans Aren’t Happy

When it comes to making a big splash and having a name that will draw in fans to an event, WWE knows that they can trust on The Undertaker. For the events that have taken place in Saudi Arabia over the last couple of years, the iconic legend has been there to hype up the […]

WWE News: Huge Names Added To Team Hogan Vs. Team Flair Match At ‘Crown Jewel’

The fans in Saudi Arabia are awaiting the WWE superstars who are going to head over for Crown Jewel in just a couple of weeks. There are some huge matches already confirmed for the card, but fans can’t wait for two legends to lead their teams against one another. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are […]

WWE Rumors: A Number Of Major Superstars Will Not Go To Saudi Arabia For ‘Crown Jewel’

In less than two weeks, WWE will present its next big event from Saudi Arabia with a star-studded card for Crown Jewel. There have already been numerous big matches announced for the card with boxer Tyson Fury and newly signed Cain Velasquez in two of them. While a number of major names have already been […]

WWE News: Major Change Made To Huge Match At ‘Crown Jewel’ In Saudi Arabia

In just a couple of weeks, WWE will travel to Saudi Arabia for their next big pay-per-view with Crown Jewel and things have changed. Two major matches are planned for the card with huge names such as Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez, but there is much more. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair will lead their […]

WWE News: Huge Steel Cage Match Announced For Upcoming ‘Monday Night Raw’

In the last week, WWE has moved forward to completely solidify the brand split and make sure that there are two entirely different entities in the company. With Monday Night Raw on USA Network and Friday Night SmackDown moving to FOX, there are supposed to be two separate rosters. Well, that’s kind of hard to […]

Pentagon Announces Large U.S. Force Deployment To Saudi Arabia Amid Looming Iran Threat

Though news coverage of the September 14 drone and missile attack on a Saudi Arabian oil facility was quickly overshadowed by President Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call controversy, the Pentagon on Friday announced another deployment of U.S. military assets to the kingdom to bolster their defensive capabilities. As first reported by Reuters, the deployment is […]

WWE Rumors: Two Huge Matches Taking Place At ‘Crown Jewel’ In Saudi Arabia Featuring Non-Superstars

Sunday night’s big event for WWE is Hell in a Cell, but the promotion is already building toward a pay-per-view at the end of October. The next event taking place in Saudi Arabia will be Crown Jewel, and one match is already on the card, but many more will be added. After this week’s FOX […]

Saudi Crown Prince: War With Iran Would Bring ‘Total Collapse Of The Global Economy’

While tensions with Iran between the United States and Saudi Arabia remain high, the issue seemingly took a backseat to the controversy over President Donald Trump’s July phone call with the Ukrainian president that sparked an official impeachment inquiry by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. According to The Hill, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reminded […]

Tulsi Gabbard Warns U.S. Troop Deployment To Saudi Arabia Could Spark Major War With Iran

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who also happens to be a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, issued a dire warning on the heels of an announced U.S. troop deployment to Saudi Arabia by President Donald Trump’s administration. According to the Washington Examiner, Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran who currently holds the rank of major in the Hawaii […]

Donald Trump Approves Deployment Of ‘Defensive’ U.S. Forces And Equipment To Saudi Arabia

In the wake of devastating drone and cruise missile strikes on oil facility sites in Saudi Arabia allegedly carried out by Iran, President Donald Trump answered the kingdom’s call for international military assistance on Friday. Trump authorized both U.S. military troops and missile defense equipment to be deployed to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab […]

Donald Trump Slams Iran’s National Bank With ‘Highest Sanctions Ever Imposed On A Country’

On Friday, President Donald Trump announced at least one of his administration’s responses to Iran on the heels of recent alleged military action against a Saudi Arabian oil facility that temporarily disrupted the global oil supply. According to Politico, Trump revealed to reporters in the Oval Office that he slapped heavy financial sanctions on Iran, […]

Donald Trump Delays Military Action Against Iran, Imposes New Sanctions Instead

The greater international community has been holding its collective breath, waiting to see how the U.S. — President Donald Trump — would respond to the recent drone strikes on the Abqaiq oil facility in Saudi Arabia. The September 14 attack was “unprecedented in its accuracy and scale,” according to The Independent. Photos taken from U.S. […]

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Donald Trump For Making America ‘Saudi Arabia’s B*tch’

As The Inquisitr reported, a recent drone strike on oil in Saudi Arabia led Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to lay the blame on Iran without hesitation. Despite Pompeo’s assertion, Iranian-backed Houthi forces in Yemen took responsibility for the attack, which continues to stir tension in the already tumultuous relationship between the United States and […]

Iran Ready For ‘Full-Fledged War’ With U.S. On Heels Of Saudi Arabia Drone Strike Controversy

Iran responded harshly on the heels of being blamed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for a recent drone strike on oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia that ultimately impacted five percent of the global oil supply. According to USA Today, Iranian-backed Houthi forces in Yemen claimed responsibility for the drone attacks in Saudia Arabia and […]

Donald Trump Approves Use Of Emergency Oil Reserve Following Drone Attacks In Saudi Arabia

On the heels of a developing situation in Saudi Arabia that will have an effect on the world’s oil markets, President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that he would be authorizing use of the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to keep the oil market moving. According to The Hill, Trump announced the decision […]

Daring Saudi Woman Ditches Her Abaya Robe, Walks On The Streets In Stylish Western Outfit In Riyadh

While women in Saudi Arabia are strictly required by law to wear an abaya robe over their clothes in public, some daring women in the religiously-conservative country are defying the norms and going out of their way to celebrate their freedom. One such rebel is Mashael Al-Jaloud, a 33-year-old woman whose name is recently trending […]

WWE Rumors: Goldberg, The Undertaker, And Other Stars Made Insane Money For Working Saudi Arabia Events

When WWE made a deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was totally obvious that it would be a profitable 10 years for both sides. With each event that takes place, WWE goes all out, bringing in some of the biggest names for the fans to enjoy. It is true that a lot of […]

Facebook Announced It Removed An Influence Campaign With Ties To Saudi Arabia

Facebook announced Thursday that it removed inauthentic accounts, pages, and groups that were affiliated with the Saudi government, according to a report from CNN. The pages had ties to people affiliated with the Saudi Arabian government and attempted to prop up the current regime and attack its enemies, per CNN. In a statement from Facebook […]

Donald Trump’s White House Is Reportedly Being Investigated For Potential Saudi Arabia And UAE Influence

A new report from The New York Times reveals that federal prosecutors are looking at potential foreign influence over President Donald Trump’s campaign. The report claims that federal authorities have been examining the relationship between Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a top Trump fundraiser and close friend of the president; Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman; […]

WWE Rumors: Saudi Arabia Keeps Asking For Dead Superstars To Appear At Upcoming WWE Events

In the last couple of years, there have been three WWE events in Saudi Arabia, but there are many more on the way. The Kingdom signed a 10-year deal with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world for huge events designed specifically for them and the fans. While the events usually result in WWE bringing […]

Trump Vetoes 3 Bills Prohibiting Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

The White House announced on Wednesday that President Donald Trump vetoed three bills worth more than $8 billion that Congress had passed in efforts to stop arms sales, which would benefit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates The President pushed the vetos through without congressional approval. Congressman Eliot Engel said there is no emergency […]

Nicki Minaj Drops Out Of Saudi Arabia Concert, Bowing To Pressure

After Nicki Minaj announced recently that she would be performing at a festival in Saudi Arabia, the decision was rebuked by the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Per The Inquisitr, HRF described Saudi Arabia as “one of the world’s worst human rights violators,” and pleaded with the rapper to drop out of her scheduled performance on […]

Rapper Nicki Minaj Set To Perform In Saudi Arabia At Music Festival

Nicki Minaj is heading to Saudi Arabia, The Associated Press reported Wednesday. The hip-hop star, who recently released her new single “Megatron” is set to head to the conservative nation to perform as a headlining act at the Jeddah World Fest on July 18, per The Associated Press report. The Juddah World Fest is a […]

WWE Rumors: Updates On The Futures Of Goldberg And The Undertaker After ‘Super ShowDown’

Almost two weeks ago, two iconic wrestling legends faced off at WWE Super ShowDown, and it was for the first time in their historic careers. The Undertaker and Goldberg started off really well in a match that was going nicely, but it soon took a turn that ended in a rather ugly fashion. After the […]

Congress Will Stop Donald Trump From Selling Arms To Saudi Arabia, Vows Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed that she will do everything to make sure that Donald Trump’s arms sale to Saudi Arabia is blocked, according to a report by The Hill. Pelosi made the comments in an interview with Fareed Zakaria, saying that Trump’s continuous support of Saudi Arabia is detrimental to America’s long-term interests in […]

WWE Rumors: Several Wrestlers Reportedly Wished They Didn’t Have To Fly To Saudi Arabia For ‘Super ShowDown’

WWE’s most recent pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia, Super ShowDown, has just wrapped up, and one of the more intriguing stories regarding the fallout from the event suggests that many members of the company’s roster were not happy to be wrestling in the country and were wishing they had stayed home in the United States. The […]

WWE: Goldberg Apologizes For Error-Filled Match With The Undertaker

WWE’s latest event in Saudi Arabia last week made controversial headlines beyond the grumbling over the company’s closeness with a regime that’s been accused of killing a journalist. The main event of Super ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, pitted The Undertaker against Bill Goldberg. Both wrestlers are in their 50s, both did their most important […]

WWE News: The Official Return Date Of The Undertaker Announced

We all knew it was happening sooner or later, but finally, there is an exact date for the return of The Undertaker to WWE television. After not appearing at WrestleMania 35 at all, an almost two-decade streak was broken of Taker having a match at the big pay-per-view. Some had thought he was totally done […]

Senator Lindsey Graham Has ‘A Real Problem’ With Donald Trump’s Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

Senator Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican known for his virtually unwavering support of President Donald Trump, spoke out on Sunday against a proposed arms deal between the United States and Saudi Arabia, The Hill reports. Graham attributed his issue with the deal to the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi was murdered, and […]

Saudi Arabia’s Abortion Laws Are More Liberal Than Alabama’s

America often prides itself on being a free country. It purports to value individual liberty and privacy, and yet, recent events have shown that some of its laws are more restrictive for women than the most extreme kingdoms in the Middle East and North Africa. According to Haaretz, Alabama’s recently-passed highly restrictive anti-abortion bill is […]