San Jose Will Pay Homeless People $15 Per Hour To Pick Up Garbage In Busy Downtown Areas

San Jose, one of the wealthiest cities in the nation and home to lavish bayside estates and beautiful downtown architecture, is not immune to the uglier aspects of civilization. Unsightly trash lines roadsides and creeks, and the less fortunate members of society tend to stick out amid the city’s Silicon Valley luster. Now, the city […]

Shipwreck With Over $17 Billion Of Treasure Was Discovered Near Colombia, New Details Released

A Spanish shipwreck was discovered off the coast of Colombia, carrying treasure with an estimated value of over $17 billion dollars. The treasure includes gold, silver, and emeralds. The ship, San Jose, is believed to have sunk during the War of Spanish Succession against British troops on June 8, 1708. Around 600 people were on […]

50,000 Californians Evacuated As Dams Overflow And Endanger Levees

It finally stopped raining in Northern California this week, but that doesn’t mean state residents were safe from rising flood water threatening their homes and businesses. Residents in the northern part of the state were ordered to evacuate by the thousands as dam officials released a massive flood of water downstream to prevent fatal collapses. […]

iPhone 8 And iOS 11 Release Date As Early As June At WWDC17

An announcement and release date for the iPhone 8 and iOS 11 could come much sooner than we expected. Apple announces WWDC17 dates this June, and big news is sure in store. Speculations have been abundant for the iPhone 8 since 2017 opened and so much is expected from this newest iPhone. We heard about […]

San Jose Father Charged With 6-Week-Old Baby’s Death After Investigation Reveals Horrific Levels Of Abuse

Matthew Zabala, a convicted child abuser, has been charged with the death of his 6-week-old daughter, Mila, after investigation revealed horrific levels of abuse, according to San Jose County authorities. While Mercury News reports that Mila was subjected to extensive levels of everyday abuse, it was not until last Sunday that the case came to […]

San Jose Car Shooter Firing On Unsuspecting Drivers For Months, Sniper Targeting Morning Commuters

An unidentified car shooter has been firing on early morning drivers in San Jose for months, and police are no closer to catching him than when he fired his first bullet. The serial gunman has been shooting at cars along a stretch of Blossom Hill Road between Poughkeepsie and Monterey roads in San Jose, about […]

Cher Condemns Anti-Trump Violence In San Jose

Like many of her Hollywood counterparts, pop diva Cher is no fan of Donald Trump, but she took to Twitter late last night to denounce the violence that broke out at the Trump for president rally in San Jose. Outraged at what she saw on TV as far as Trump fans being punched or egged […]

Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano Erupts, Spewing Ash And Smoke Three Kilometers High [Video]

Hundreds of local residents reported at hospitals with skin and respiratory problems after central Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano near Cartago, in the Cartago Province of the country, began spewing columns of toxic ash and smoke high into the sky earlier this week. Turrialba, a stratovolcano, located only about 37 kilometers from the country’s capital city […]

Brothers Arrested For Parents’ Murder — San Jose Couple Rejected Son’s Sexual Orientation?

The suspected killers of a Bangladeshi couple found murdered in San Jose over the weekend have been found in the pair’s own children. Multiple media outlets in the area are reporting that both sons of Golam, 59, and Shamima Rabbi, 57, have been arrested for their murder. San Jose police had initially reported that neither […]

‘Sorry, My First Kill Was Clumsy:’ Cryptic Notes Scrawled At Grisly San Jose Murder Scene

Golam and Shamima Rabbi left Bangladesh for the U.S. decades ago. They were beloved in the San Jose community, fostered successful careers, had two sons, and lived in a quiet hillside home. But on Sunday, a group of friends became worried about the couple. They hadn’t seen or heard from the Rabbis in several days […]

San Jose First City To Try Facebook’s New ‘Terragraph’ WiFi Service

Facebook has been experimenting with new technology to boost WiFi and will shortly run a trial in downtown San Jose. Dubbed “Terragraph” by Facebook, the WiFi boosting technology has so far only been tested on Facebook’s campus, but now tests are expanding into a trial in downtown San Jose later this year. At present it […]

San Jose Hosts Its First Silicon Valley Comic Con

San Jose is hosting something exciting for science fiction and fantasy fans in California. Silicon Valley Comic Con is bringing nerds, geeks, and celebrities together for a weekend of cosplay and a chance to meet celebrity icons. It’s also a place to grab art, books, and T-shirts, and get them signed by the artists. Among […]

Shigella Outbreak In California Spreads To More Counties, 110 Reported Cases

The shigella outbreak in California has spread to additional Bay Area counties, and the number of victims has now climbed to 110. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Santa Clara County health officials had to shut down a very popular Mexican seafood restaurant located in downtown San Jose on Sunday after more than 40 people […]

93 People Reported Sick Due To Shigella Outbreak At California Restaurant, Lawsuits Filed

Reports state 93 people have been reported sick due to a shigella outbreak at a California restaurant. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Santa Clara County health officials had to shut down a very popular Mexican seafood restaurant located in downtown San Jose after more than 40 people became ill with the infectious bacteria shigella. […]

Shigella Outbreak Shuts Down San Jose’s Mariscos San Juan Restaurant

A shigella outbreak has caused a California restaurant to temporarily shut its doors. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, reported via MSN, the Santa Clara County health officials had to shut down a very popular Mexican seafood restaurant located in downtown San Jose after more than 40 people became ill with the infectious bacteria shigella. […]

Mysterious, Iridescent ‘End Of Times’ Cloud Formation Sighted Over Cost Rica [Video]

Thousands of residents in multiple towns and cities in Costa Rica witnessed a mysterious cloud formation on Tuesday, September 15, the country’s Independence Day. The spectacle attracted large crowds in the capital city, San Jose, bringing sections of the city almost to a standstill as astonished residents stood in the streets looking up in the […]

San Jose Suspects Arrested After Deadly Gang Dispute

In San Jose, two suspects have been taken into custody after an argument over gang affiliations led to the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Marcos Flores earlier this week. Police spokesman Officer Albert Morales told the San Jose Mercury News that Moses Tajeda, 23, was taken into custody on Monterey Highway San Jose Wednesday evening. Ray […]

San Jose Man Found Shot To Death In Minivan Early Thursday Morning

A San Jose man was found shot to death in his minivan on Tully Road near Fontaine Road in the early hours of Thursday morning, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News. Officers on patrol say that they first noticed the “suspicious” van, which had run over a curb and ended up in a […]

San Jose Crane Climber Ends 14-Hour Standoff After Being Offered Burrito

After spending 14 hours on top of a 9-story-high crane at a construction site, a homeless man in San Jose was coaxed down from the cab he was perched in after he was promised a burrito. The man, who has been identified as 39-year-old Alam Skandar, was described by police who responded to the incident […]

San Jose School District Goes On Trial For Molestation Case

The San Jose school district has been brought to trial by a group of parents, two years after a San Jose elementary school teacher was found guilty of molesting students in his classroom. The trial has been brought up by a group of four families of some of the young victims, who believe that the […]

Costa Rica: Turrialba Volcano Erupts Again, Spews Ash Over 8,000 Feet Into Air

Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica erupted on Monday afternoon, sending ash over 8,000 feet (2.5 kilometers) into the air over the capital San Jose. The main international airport closed for a short time, but otherwise the volcano did not cause much alarm. Nevertheless, the eruption was the latest seismic event to unfold in a relatively […]

The True Superstar Of WWE ‘RAW’ After ‘WrestleMania 31’ Is The Live Crowd [Video]

For many fans in the WWE Universe, WrestleMania 31 actually did something many thought it would not do: deliver. Given the fact this year’s WrestleMania was clouded by doubt, primarily due to the fact the WWE generally does not listen to their fans, it was expected WrestleMania 31 to be nothing more than the business […]

Costa Rica More Accessible To Americans In 2015

Costa Rica has been a hidden gem for tourists and ex-pats throughout the years. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and activities aplenty scattered among its many diverse geographical regions, Costa Rica is making it easier for Americans to visit in 2015, with expanded flight service and a host of familiar American chains opening up shop. […]

San Jose Heroin Addict Arrested For Wrestling Cookie Money From Girl Scout

Cody Gintz, 23, was arrested Sunday after allegedly snatching a cash box from a Girl Scout selling cookies outside a San Jose Safeway. Gintz took the box, containing several hundred dollars, from a 10-year-old Girl Scout, who was selling the cookies with other members of her troop to raise money for a San Jose water […]

Costa Rica Tourist Boat Fire Leaves Two People Dead [Breaking]

A fire that broke out on a boat in Costa Rica has left at least two people dead, reports the Seattle Times. According to the report, the fire broke out on a catamaran that was carrying a group of tourist for a pleasure cruise off the Costa Rica coast. Several people were left adrift in […]

Airbnb Stays Set To Be Legalized In San Jose

In one of the first deals in the country that has been created with Airbnb, San Jose is preparing to tax the residents of their city who are offering their homes for rent to strangers as a way to cover their own housing costs. The City Council prepared to approve a 10 percent tax on […]

Day Of Quakes: Costa Rica, Panama, And Guatemala Affected

Earthquakes shook through Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala throughout Saturday. Costa Rica suffered from a magnitude 6 earthquake earlier in the day. The epicenter was 40 miles (65 kilometers) south of the Laurel community in Puntarenas province by the Panamanian border. Felt strongly on the pacific coast of Costa Rica, witnesses told CSEM/EMSC that the […]

HiddenCash: San Francisco Hidden Cash Dropper Shows No Signs Of Stopping! San Jose, L.A. Next?

Hidden envelopes of cash in San Francisco have some yelling out, “Eureka!” Or at least something along those lines. Regardless, an anonymous real estate developer certainly does have the City on the Bay buzzing with excitement, and the envelopes full of cash he’s been stashing around the city are taking on folklore status. “I have […]

Infant Left In Hot Car All Day Found Dead

A nine-month-old boy sat in a hot car all day because his father allegedly forgot to drop him off at the babysitter before going to work. The infant was tragically pronounced dead at about 7:00 pm when San Jose, California, police and paramedics responded to a call about an unresponsive child after the dad came […]

Oakland Raiders Looking For Way Out Of Oakland? But Return To Los Angeles Seems Remote

The Oakland Raiders could be on their way out of Oakland — again — if the team’s owner Mark Davis can’t work out a deal with the city for a new stadium facility. The problem is, if an arrangement doesn’t get worked out the Raiders may have no place to go. Davis inherited the Oakland […]

Sam Tageson: Living The Sharks Fan’s Dream

..I uh…I’ve been cutting onions. Yeah.

San Jose: Two Pedestrians Struck And Killed While Crossing Highways

Two San Jose pedestrians were struck and killed while attempting to cross highways over the weekend. The California Highway Patrol stated that the two pedestrians were killed at two separate times on two separate highways. According to the San Jose Mercury News, police were notified of a of a pedestrian in Fremont on northbound Interstate […]

San Francisco Police Officer Shot, Manhunt Produces Three Suspects In Custody

A San Francisco police officer was shot and wounded after pulling over a vehicle suspected to be involved in a malicious mischief complaint on Saturday. Three suspects have been detained after a lengthy car chase into early Sunday morning that began in San Francisco and ended in San Jose. The 28-year-old San Francisco officer and […]

Watch 95-Year-Old Military Vet Receive Inspiring Spontaneous Tribute [Video]

A 95-year-old WWII veteran received an inspiring spontaneous tribute from marathon runners who shook his hand and thanked him for his service. San Jose, California, resident Joe Bell was standing in his front yard in uniform cheering on the thousands of runners who participated in the 8K race for charity which benefits the military scholarship […]

San Jose Teen Allegedly Claims Satanism Allowed Him To Kill Classmate

A San Jose teen allegedly told detectives that he had planned to kill one of his high school classmates and said that it was endorsed by his religion, Satanism. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the teen, Jae Williams, was charged in the alleged thrill-killing of classmate, Michael Russell in 2009. Reports state that […]

Mentally Ill San Jose Taliban Wannabe Gets 15 Years In FBI Bank Bomb Sting

A San Jose man, who suffered from delusions that had him believing he was joining the Taliban, fell for an FBI sting operation in which he was supposed to bomb an Oakland bank last year. Now 29-year-old Matthew Llaneza is headed to prison for 15 years amid objections from his attorneys who say the FBI […]

Respected San Jose Firefighter Faces Shocking Drug, Underage Sex Charges

A respected San Jose firefighter who led that Silicon Vally city fire department’s outreach programs with local schools and churches, appeared in court Tuesday to face charges of selling the dangerous drug methamphetamine and engaging in sex with an underage boy. But in his court appearance, 53-year-old Mario Enrique Cuestas was arraigned only on three […]

San Jose Man Run Over And Killed After Violent Flea Market Brawl

A fatal hit-and-run in San Jose, California, will be recorded as the seventh homicide of 2014 in the Silicon Valley city of 980,000 according to San Jose police who say the killing resulted from a brawl at the city’s Capitol Flea Market. Police originally failed to realize that the flea market brawl and the hit-and-run […]

San Jose Early Morning Stabbing Leaves One Man Dead

A San José stabbing early Wednesday morning has left one man dead. Police stated that one suspect has been arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the incident began when a fight broke out inside Johnny V’s nightclub at 31 East Santa Clara Street. San José police responded to […]

San Jose 11-Hour Standoff Ends In Arrest

San José police say that an 11 hour standoff finally came to an end early Monday morning. Police Sargent Heather Randol told reporters that the standoff took place in a San José home where a man barricaded himself in an attempt to fend off police according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The incident reportedly began […]

Is Mystery Quilt Key To San Jose Woman’s Unsolved Murder 25 Years Ago?

A San Jose cold case murder may be heating up again, as the District Attorney’s office released a new clue in the 25-year-old strangulation killing of 38-year-old mom and San Jose State University student Cathy Zimmer. Zimmer disappeared on the afternoon of March 18, 1989, after dropping her teenage kids at school, lunching with a […]

San Jose Stabbing Victim Identified

San José police say they have identified the victim in Thursday deadly downtown stabbing. Earlier reports stated that the stabbing was a result of a heated argument that took place across the street from Cesar Chavez Park. The Inquisitr reported on the incident Thursday saying that a heated argument just outside the Fairmont hotel in […]

San Jose Man Stabbed To Death

A San José man is dead following an argument that lead to him being stabbed across the street from Cesar Chavez Park. According to San José Mercury News, this marks the city’s fifth homicide of 2014. KTVU stated that a heated argument just outside the Fairmont hotel in downtown San José ended with the stabbing […]

San Jose State Administrators Defend Racially Charged Bullying Response

Going away to college is an exciting and scary time, but no young student should have to endure what one San Jose State University student did: racially-charged bullying at the hands of his own roommates. Every roommate has disagreements, but the University found that the black student suffered hate crimes committed by his white roommates. […]

San Jose Man Dies In Fatal DUI Crash

A San José man was killed as a result of a fatal crash on northbound Highway 85. California Highway Patrol Officer, Ralph Caggiano, told reporters that officers responded to a report of a crash at about 11:30 pm Thursday evening. According to CBS San Francisco, Caggiano stated that a man driving a black Nissan Maxima […]

San Jose Stabbing: Only 1 Of 2 Arrested Brothers Charged In Murder

A stabbing in San Jose that claimed the life of a 22-year-old San Jose State University student early Sunday morning led to a highly unusual double arrest. Police took two twin brothers into custody in the fatal stabbing. San Jose, California, cops said they arrested both Duc Tong, 18, and his brother Anh, 18, because […]

San Jose Arsonist Busted Wednesday Is Also Sex Offender

San Jose police have apparently put a stop to a terrifying string of 12 destructive fires in a five-day span that terrorized the northern California city in the heart of high-tech Silicon Valley. They arrested the man they say set all of those San Jose fires, a man with a long history as a firebug […]

San Jose Arsonist Sets Two More Fires Early Sunday Morning

A suspected arsonist in San Jose reportedly set two more fires early Sunday morning. According to authorities, the individual responsible for the blazes has started 13 fires in the area since Wednesday. No injuries were initially reported during the Sunday morning fires, though an elderly couple had an extremely close call during another blaze on […]

San Jose Mega Millions Winner Comes Forward

San Jose, CA — A delivery truck driver who didn’t realize that he had a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket for more than two weeks has finally come forward to claim half of a $648 million jackpot. Steve Tran, a frequent lottery player who lives in Northern California, bought five Quick Pick Tickets at Jenny’s […]

San Jose Man Shot To Death, City’s First Homicide Of 2014

San José Police have begun an investigation into the city’s first homicide of 2014. A man was reportedly shot and killed in the eastern part of the city early Thursday morning. As the first homicide of the new year, this is one event that isn’t going to be celebrated. NBC Bay Area News stated that […]