San Diego Padres Center Fielder Tommy Pham Stabbed In Altercation With Strangers

San Diego Padres outfielder Tommy Pham was stabbed in the lower back during an altercation around 10 p.m. Sunday night, according to a recent report from ESPN. Pham stated that after he left a strip club called Pacers Showgirls International, he got into an argument with a couple of people who were standing near his […]

San Diego Padre Manny Machado Hurls Numerous Curses At Dodgers Pitcher Brusdar Graterol For Celebrating

San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado lashed out at Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brusdar Graterol after he celebrated a defensive play that occurred in the seventh inning of Game 2 in the playoff series between the two teams, according to a report from TMZ. As the Padres trailed by just one point with a […]

Chicago Cubs Rumors: Kris Bryant To The Padres Was Discussed ‘Recently’

The Chicago Cubs reportedly spent most of the winter trying to find a taker for Kris Bryant. Rumors swirled into view and then disappeared again almost from the start of the offseason all the way up to spring training. While nothing materialized in the end, there were reports the team got close to getting a […]

MLB Rumors: Madison Bumgarner May Go To San Diego Padres, Friars Also Eye Dallas Keuchel, Jon Heyman Reports

With the 2019/2020 Major League Baseball offseason’s top two free-agent pitchers now off the market, after Gerrit Cole signed a record-smashing nine-year, $324 million deal with the New York Yankees, the focus now shifts to the second-tier pair of hurlers. And according to a report via Twitter by veteran MLB Network baseball “insider” Jon Heyman, […]

MLB Rumors: Stephen Strasburg Signing Now ‘Wide-Open Scenario,’ White Sox May ‘Step Forward,’ Per J.P. Morosi

Nearly a month after World Series MVP pitcher Stephen Strasburg told the Washington Nationals that he had chosen to opt out of his contract and become a free agent, the 31-year-old righty remains unsigned. Initially, the Nationals were favored by most Major League Baseball experts to reacquire Strasburg. But according to one reporter for, […]

MLB Rumors: Stephen Strasburg Seen In Los Angeles After Reports He Will ‘Seriously Consider’ California Move

World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg, one of the most sought after free agents on the Major League Baseball market this offseason, set off speculation that he may land with a southern California club when he was spotted at a Los Angeles Clippers basketball game on Friday evening. According to the Talk Nats Twitter account, Strasburg […]

MLB Rumors: Padres Interested In Acquiring Madison Bumgarner Via Free Agency, Per Jon Heyman

Now that pitcher Madison Bumgarner has rejected the San Francisco Giants’ qualifying offer and entered free agency for the first time in his MLB career, a lot of teams are expected to show interest in the left-hander. New reports suggest that these teams include one of the Giants’ rivals in the National League West Division […]

MLB Rumors: Padres Catcher Will Make Stephen Strasburg Better, Could Attract Free Agent Pitcher, Per

Washington Nationals World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg opted out of his contract with the team on Saturday, and almost immediately, his hometown team, the San Diego Padres, emerged as a suitor for the 31-year-old’s services starting in 2020. But in addition to playing in the city where Strasburg was born, the Padres may have an […]

MLB Rumors: Padres Look To Bring Stephen Strasburg Back To San Diego As World Series MVP Becomes Free Agent

Just three days after the Washington Nationals won their first World Series in franchise history, and hours after Saturday’s parade in the nation’s capital honoring the team, World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg informed the Nationals that he has decided to opt out of his contract with the team. Less than 24 hours later, one team […]

San Diego Padres Player Ian Kinsler Yells At Home Fans, ‘F*** You! F*** You All!’ After Blasting Home Run

San Diego Padres second baseman Ian Kinsler — at age 37 and playing for his fourth team in the last three seasons — has been enduring a tough year at the plate so far. But when he hit a sixth-inning, three-run homer at Petco Park Thursday night, he picked a novel and surprising way to […]

MLB Rumors: Dallas Keuchel Reportedly Open To One-Year Contract, Padres Could Be ‘Best Fit’

With former American League Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel still available on the free agent market at the moment, the San Diego Padres have been one of the teams most consistently linked to the left-handed starter. And while the Padres are currently leading the National League West Division with an 11-6 record, recent rumors […]

MLB Rumors: Padres Still In Discussions With Unsigned Free Agent Dallas Keuchel, Per ‘The Athletic’

Opening Day has come and gone, and with April having just started, 2015 American League Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel is still unsigned. Much like another highly-regarded pitcher, former Boston Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel, Keuchel has yet to sign with a new MLB club, but recent reports suggest that the 31-year-old lefty is […]

Stay Classy, San Diego: Padres Launch ‘Anchorman’ Races

A lot of sports teams will do a funny or comical “race” during its games, usually with some sort of regional tie-in. The Milwaukee Brewers have sausage races, in which costumed sausages race one another, while the Washington Nationals run president races. The San Diego Padres, perhaps naturally, have launched an Anchorman race. The race, […]

MLB Rumors: Dallas Keuchel Reportedly Drawing Attention From Multiple Teams, Including Astros And Padres

Manny Machado may have signed a lucrative long-term contract with the San Diego Padres last week, and Bryce Harper may have topped that deal on Thursday when he agreed to join the Philadelphia Phillies for 13 years and $330 million. But there are still some talented free agents who have yet to find a new […]

MLB Rumors: Giants Jump From Long Shot To Favorite In Bryce Harper Sweepstakes – Beating Phillies And Dodgers

If you don’t have your scorecard, you may be completely lost in the entire Bryce Harper sweepstakes, and it is easy to understand why. The Philadelphia Phillies appeared primed and ready to sign the MLB free agent, but things keep on changing and rumors keep swirling. The San Francisco Giants jumped into the mix as […]

MLB Rumors: Team Announces Bryce Harper Signs 10-Year Deal For 330 Million, But Fans Doubt It

Each and every single day, fans wake up and the Bryce Harper sweepstakes continue as he has yet to officially sign with a team. There are plenty of rumors swirling around and three teams that are still in the chase, but could another one jump into the mix? Even though a lot of different news […]

MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper’s Former Manager Says Giants, Padres, Asked Him About Free Agency

With the kind of money and time free agent Bryce Harper is looking for in a contract, you better believe everyone who still has an offer on the table for the 26-year-old outfielder has done all kinds of research on him to make sure he’ll be worth it. For some of the teams, that included […]

MLB Rumors: Phillies Have ‘Grown Concerned’ That Bryce Harper Will Sign With Dodgers If This Happens

Just when you thought things were finally winding down in the chase for free agent Bryce Harper, the entire affair just became even more confusing. On Monday morning, the Los Angeles Dodgers joined the fray — right when it had been whittled down to the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, the Dodgers and […]

MLB Rumors: Dodgers Want Bryce Harper On A Deal He’ll Likely Never Agree To, Per ‘SI’

By the end of last week, it seemed that just three teams were still looking to bag free agent Bryce Harper: the Philadelphia Phillies, the San Francisco Giants, and the San Diego Padres. Over the weekend, Phillies owner John Middleton’s plane was spotted in Las Vegas, Harper’s hometown, presumably to see what it would take […]

MLB Rumors: The Longer The Bryce Harper Sweepstakes Goes On, The More ‘Boring’ It Gets

Just when you thought you knew what was going on in the Bryce Harper sweepstakes, a new week brings about yet another curveball. Over the weekend, it seemed almost definite that the Philadelphia Phillies had jumped out to the front of the pack — and that a deal could be reached by Tuesday. Now, an […]

MLB Rumors: Padres More Focused On Landing ‘Longshot’ Dallas Keuchel Than Bryce Harper, Per ‘The Athletic’

Due to all the attention focused on Bryce Harper and Manny Machado and their respective free agency sagas, not much has been said about Dallas Keuchel, who won the 2017 World Series with the Houston Astros and tallied his usual solid numbers for the team last season, posting a 12-11 record and a 3.74 ERA, […]

MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper’s Favorite City Isn’t A Team Still In The Running, But Here Is Where He’ll Go

Bryce Harper’s status is still up in the air as of Saturday night and no one knows with 100 percent certainty where he may land. A couple of teams have already dropped out of the running for the All-Star, but the Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, and San Diego Padres are the remaining teams on […]

MLB Rumors: The Bryce Harper Sweepstakes – What Teams Are Out? What Teams Are Still In?

Whether you’re a Major League Baseball fan or not, you have probably seen a good bit of the Bryce Harper sweepstakes over the last few weeks. Teams have spoken with him. Others want nothing to do with him. Huge financial figures have been rumored and thrown around. But who is still in? Who is officially […]

MLB Rumors: Details On Possible New Deal For Bryce Harper Are Absurd As Giants Are ‘Desperate’ To Land Him

At this point, it would be rather difficult to imagine having a day go by and not wondering where Bryce Harper is going to play this season and beyond. There will come a time when he signs a deal with a new team and when he does, that contract is most likely going to be […]

MLB Rumors: Manny Machado Officially Pens Padres Deal

It has been a few days since it was announced that third baseman and shortstop Manny Machado had reached a financial agreement with the San Diego Padres. It seemed to have been confirmed by the fact that there was no more talk about other teams still knocking on Machado’s door, but there was no official […]

MLB News: Giants Pitcher Believes Bryce Harper Is Part Of The Reason Free Agency Is So Bad

Manny Machado had the luxury of waiting as long as he needed to wait for a good deal from the right Major League Baseball team. Spring Training is about to begin in 2019 and Bryce Harper is still without a home as he’s waiting for the right deal, the right time, and the right team. […]

MLB Rumors: Here Is How Much The Nationals Have Offered Bryce Harper, And It Is Rather Insane

With Manny Machado agreeing to a contract with the San Diego Padres, fans of Major League Baseball have turned their attention to Bryce Harper. Everyone was already watching Harper’s status — to see which of the numerous teams will end up landing him — but the rumors just keep getting more confusing. The MLB free […]

If The MLB Rumors Are True, Bryce Harper Could Make The Padres A Super-Team Of NBA Proportions

The Bryce Harper saga in Major League Baseball has honestly become just as confusing and as interesting as the Anthony Davis ordeal in the NBA. Oddly enough, the two have more in common than many people may have realized, and the proceedings have taken a strange turn lately. While a number of teams have been […]

Manny Machado Jerseys Quickly Pulled From Padres’ Team Store

After weeks of speculation regarding the next step in his professional baseball career, reports came out earlier this week that Manny Machado — currently one of the market’s biggest free agent players — had agreed to a deal with the San Diego Padres. While the move has arguably been one of the biggest sports headlines […]

MLB Rumors: Padres Out On Harper After Signing Machado, Nightengale Says

The San Diego Padres on Tuesday signed free agent shortstop Manny Machado to the largest free agent contract in baseball history, giving the former Orioles and Dodgers player ten years and $300 million. Even though the Padres have not traditionally been a team that’s known for spending a lot of money, they were willing to […]

MLB Rumors: Padres Not Done, May Sign Bryce Harper To Go With Manny Machado Thanks To Low Payroll, Reports Say

The San Diego Padres may not be done with their business in Major League Baseball’s free agent market — even after inking former Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles slugger Manny Machado to a reported 10-year, $300 million contract, “the biggest free-agent contract in American sports history,” as ESPN called the deal. In fact, according […]

Where Does Manny Machado’s Padres Deal Rank On Biggest MLB Contracts Of All Time?

Former Los Angeles Dodgers and Baltimore Orioles infielder Manny Machado may just have landed himself one of the biggest deals in Major League Baseball history. It would seem that with spring training looming ahead, Machado has a deal lined up with the San Diego Padres pending him passing his physical. According to CBS Sports, Machado’s […]

MLB Rumors: With Machado Off Board, It’s Harper Or Nothing For Phillies

In discussions about the Philadelphia Phillies over the course of the last few years, a single phrase has been repeated over and over again — on talk radio, among fans, and in local media. “Harper and Machado.” It’s been known for at least a year that in the offseason following the 2018 season, the Phillies […]

MLB Rumors: Padres Offered Manny Machado At Least $240 Million Over 8 Years, Multiple Reports Claim

The weekend saw a number of rumors hint at the latest progress in the ongoing Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sweepstakes. While most of these rumors focused on Harper and how close he could be to finding a new home after seven seasons with the Washington Nationals, Machado was not left out in these updates, […]

MLB Rumors: Manny Machado’s Secret Meeting With Padres Won’t Change Much, White Sox And Yankees Still In Mix

Manny Machado’s secret meeting with the San Diego Padres apparently hasn’t done much to change his situation, with rumors that the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees are still very much in contention for one of the offseason’s biggest prizes. Reports circulated on Thursday that Padres General Manager A.J. Preller flew to Miami at […]

Manny Machado Rumors: San Diego Padres Make ‘Aggressive’ Offer, But Machado’s New Gloves Offer Other Clues

Free agent shortstop Manny Machado, who divided the 2018 season between the Baltimore Orioles — who drafted him with the third overall pick in 2010, per Baseball-Reference — and the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been expected by many baseball experts to land with the New York Yankees. But the Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies […]

Jake Arrieta Continues To Draw Interest From The San Diego Padres

Jake Arrieta has the San Diego Padres as the latest MLB team to leap onto his radar. The former Chicago Cubs’ ace is one of several MLB free agents which remain unsigned. That may soon change for Jake Arrieta, who is expected to make his decision this week, according to Yahoo Sports. The Padres have […]

MLB: Padres Want Eric Hosmer, To Move Wil Myers To Outfield

Eric Hosmer is one of the top MLB free agents that remain unsigned as spring training is fast approaching. The San Diego Padres have reportedly resumed negotiations to sign Hosmer at first base. Padres Are Optimistic About Sealing A Deal With Hosmer The Padres are positive they have a big chance of winning Hosmer, per […]

MLB Rumors: Padres In Talks With The Royals’ Eric Hosmer, According To ‘The Athletic ‘

The latest MLB rumors from The Athletic indicate that the battle for MLB free agent Eric Hosmer continues between the San Diego Padres and Kansas City Royals. Both teams are in talks with the infielder’s agent, but so far neither team has been able to come away as the top team in the ongoing negotiations. […]

Rockies Hire Bud Black: Colorado Chooses Former San Diego Padres Manager To Lead Team

According to USA TODAY Sports‘ Bob Nightengale, the Colorado Rockies have hired former San Diego Padres manager Bud Black to lead the team into 2017. Black was with the Padres from 2007-2015 and compiled a 649-713 record without ever reaching the postseason. Longtime #Padres manager Bud Black is returning to the NL West as the […]

MLB Trade Deadline: Marlins Acquire Andrew Cashner, Colin Rea In 7-Player Deal

After a high volume of interest in recent weeks, right-handers Andrew Cashner and Colin Rea are taking their talents to South Beach. As first reported by Buster Olney of ESPN, Cashner, one of the most sought-after pitchers on the trade market is heading to the Miami Marlins. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald later reported […]

MLB Trade Deadline: Baltimore Orioles Discussing Melvin Upton, Andrew Cashner

The Baltimore Orioles have reportedly spoken to the San Diego Padres about acquiring outfielder Melvin Upton and pitcher Andrew Cashner in separate deals, according to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal. Last night, Rosenthal reported that the Orioles and Padres were discussing a trade that would send struggling pitcher Ubaldo Jiminez to San Diego for Upton; an […]

MLB News: Boston Red Sox Acquire Drew Pomeranz From San Diego Padres

The Red Sox struck in the trade market once again, acquiring All-Star pitcher Drew Pomeranz from the Padres in exchange for top prospect Anderson Espinoza, Dennis Lin of the San Diego Tribune first reported. This marks Boston’s fourth significant trade in the last eight days, as the team has acquired infielder Aaron Hill, reliever Brad […]

Miami Marlins Acquire Veteran Reliever Fernando Rodney From San Diego Padres

As they chase a spot in the postseason, the Miami Marlins have upgraded their bullpen by acquiring closer Fernando Rodney from the San Diego Padres, as first reported by Keith Law of ESPN. The Padres acquired Single-A pitcher Chris Paddack in the trade, Law noted. Rodney, 39, was enjoying a stellar season in San Diego […]

The Chicago White Sox Are Contenders After The James Shields’ Trade

Are the Chicago White Sox contenders? That is one of the questions being asked after the White Sox traded for San Diego Padres’ pitcher James Shields. The other question will be brought up later. What is known is that the White Sox identified a player that they wanted, and went out and got him. The […]

James Shields Trade: Chicago White Sox Acquire Veteran From San Diego Padres

James Shields was traded from the San Diego Padres to the Chicago White Sox today, NBC Sports is reporting. While the details are still being worked out, Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union-Tribune tweeted that pitcher Erik Johnson and Fernando Tatis, Jr., the son of former major leaguer Fernando Tatis whom the White Sox […]

James Shields Trade Rumors: Chicago White Sox Make Significant Offer, Deal In Place With Padres?

James Shields trade rumors have heated up again. A Shields trade with the Chicago White Sox could soon take place, if rumors of an offer to the San Diego Padres are confirmed. A report from MLB analyst Ken Rosenthal was just posted to Twitter, suggesting that the team has made a “compelling” offer to acquire […]

Watch Melvin Upton Jr. Steal Home In Padres Win

Melvin Upton Jr. decided to add an insurance run for the San Diego Padres in the fourth inning of their win against the Colorado Rockies on Friday evening. With the Padres leading 3-0, Upton Jr. made it 4-0 with a rare steal of home plate. Watch the full steal below. MELVIN UPTON JR STOLE HOME! […]

Chicago White Sox Rumors: White Sox In Discussions For James Shields

For the Chicago White Sox, the tumble down the standings continue. In a matter of three weeks, the White Sox have gone from comfortably in front of the American League Central to spiraling out of first place. After losing five games in a row, the Chicago White Sox are tied for second place, just a […]

Apology To Gay Chorus: San Diego’s ‘Homophobic’ National Anthem Sparks Immense Controversy

The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus was subjected to what they perceived as homophobic treatment during their rendition of the national anthem before Saturday’s Padres game, and the reactions displayed since then by both the Chorus themselves and the social media public have been explosive. GaySD : .Padres ​to host “Pride Night” 9/1 benefitting _sdgmc […]