Saddam Hussein Memorial Plaque Mysteriously Appears On London Bench

A park bench with a plaque that appears to honor former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has sprung up in east London, and city and neighborhood officials are scratching their heads as to how it got there and what it means, the Daily Mail is reporting. The Facebook page S**t London first broke this story, posting […]

Tony Blair Iraq Prosecution Ruled Out By London High Court, No Crime Committed Under UK Law

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair cannot be prosecuted for war crimes, the High Court has ruled. Following a legal action brought by a former Iraqi general, two senior judges have ruled that Blair – whose tenure as Premier came to be defined by the military action in Iraq – had not done anything that […]

Saddam Hussein CIA Interrogation: Iraqi Dictator Was Not Who The U.S. Thought He Was

The Saddam Hussein CIA interrogation happened 13 years ago, and now a CIA analyst has chosen to tell all regarding what took place after U.S. military personnel dug the Iraqi leader out of a hole in the ground near his hometown of Tikrit, Iraq, during Operation Red Dawn on December 13, 2003. The Saddam Hussein […]

Saddam Hussein’s Shocking Torture Chamber Uncovered In New York City

In a plot that sounds straight out of a violent movie, it has been discovered that Saddam Hussein’s regime operated a torture chamber in the United States, in an underground basement in New York City, and the operation of this torture chamber spanned several decades. Saddam’s henchmen, who were known as the Mukhabarat, operated the […]

Saddam Hussein’s Executioner Returns With Protesters To Put Political Pressure On Iraqi Government

As the Iraqi government continues to force the Islamic State out of their strongholds, the terrorist group has increased their suicide bombing attacks in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, over the past few months, causing devastation and frustration among state officials. The Iraqi government has been working to try and secure as much of the […]

Donald Trump Praises Saddam Hussein

At a rally in Raleigh, NC on Tuesday, Donald Trump praised Saddam Hussein and called Iraq “Harvard for terrorism.” During Hussein’s reign, Iraq was listed as a state sponsor of terrorism, but Trump, as reported by CNN, pointed to Hussein’s handling of terrorists. Here’s what he had to say. “He was a bad guy — […]

Donald Trump Says The Middle East Would Be Much Better With Hussein And Gadhafi Ruling

Donald Trump says the Middle East would be much better with Hussein and Gadhafi ruling as they used to do. In an interview on “State of the Union” aired on Sunday, Donald Trump was asked “if the world would be much better off if ruthless dictators like Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi were still in […]

Is Tony Blair A War Criminal? Ahead Of Iraq War Findings, Tony ‘Spins’ Mistakes

Ahead of the Chilcot Report findings, Tony Blair has appeared on CNN to make what analysts have deemed “spin” remarks, apologizing for aspects of the way the Iraq war was conducted, but staunchly defending the decision to invade. Tony Blair apologises for ‘bad intelligence’ ahead of Iraq War — The Independent (@Independent) October 25, […]

Donald Rumsfeld Never Believed In Democratic Iraq, Thought That Was Understood

About 12 years later, Donald Rumsfeld is coming clean – he never thought democracy could realistically take roots in Iraq. For years, the former Defense Secretary and political player implied otherwise, even attacking critics of the Bush administration policies. That appears to have all been a front, according to an interview with the London Times. […]

Karl Rove Refuses To Apologize For Iraq: ‘We Should Still Be There’

Ryan Henowitz, an Iraqi war veteran, confronted Karl Rove about his stance on the war, asking if he will take responsibility and apologize for helping to start the conflict. In summary, Karl’s answer was “no.” Henowitz challenged Karl Rove, a former adviser to the Bush White House, during a speaking event at the University of […]

Saddam Hussein’s Tomb Destroyed As Iraqi Forces Battle ISIS

The tomb of Saddam Hussein has been destroyed, suffering extensive damage as Iraqi forces fight to wrest control of his hometown of Tikrit from ISIS forces. Armed clashes intensified in the region around Hussein‘s hometown yesterday, the Daily Mail reports, as Iraqi security forces asserted that they would reach the center of Tikrit within 48 […]

Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq: Was George W. Bush Right?

A report that the CIA bought hundreds of weapons of mass destruction while U.S. forces were fighting the war in Iraq is raising questions about whether former President George W. Bush’s assertions were correct. The premise for going to war against Saddam Hussein was that he had weapons of mass destruction that could be used […]

The Rope That Hanged The Dictator – Saddam Hussein’s Noose Is A Hot Commodity For Bidders

The rope that was used for the execution of Saddam Hussein is up for grabs to the highest bidder and the frenzy has begun. The rope used to execute former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has attracted numerous bids from people who want to own the gruesome souvenir. According to the London-based Al-Araby Al-Jadeed website, bidders […]

Raghad Hussein: Saddam Hussein’s Daughter Selling Jewelry Inspired By Father

Saddam Hussein’s daughter, Raghad Saddam Hussein, is now designing and selling jewelry in Jordan that is inspired by her father. However, her inspiration doesn’t stop there, because the Daily Mail has reported that she also pays homage to her deceased husband with her pieces, too. The peculiar thing about this is though, Saddam Hussein actually […]

George W. Bush Is Asked If He Regrets Going Into Iraq And Talks About His Dad

Former President George W. Bush recently addressed one of the defining issues of his Presidency – the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He was a guest on CBS’s Face the Nation which aired Sunday morning with Bob Schieffer. The host asked Bush if he regretted sending troops into Iraq. With the hindsight of more than a […]

ISIS Terrorists May Have Used Chemical Weapons On Kurds In Syria

The Islamic State terrorist group, ISIS, may possess chemical weapons that it has already used to kill ethnic Kurds near Kobani, Syria. Disturbing photos taken by Kurdish activists and examined by Israeli researchers shows evidence of the use of chemical weapons. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the chemical weapons that are in use […]

ISIS: Yazidi Women Held Captive By The ‘Hundreds’

ISIS kidnapped “hundreds” of Yazidi women and is holding them captive. The Islamic militant group has rounded up women below the age of 35, and is keeping at least some of them at schools in Mosul, according to the Iraq Human Rights Ministry. Mosul is the second largest city in the Middle East country. Yazidis […]

Saddam Hussein’s Body Moved By Allies, Tomb Damaged In Fighting

Saddam Hussein’s body was moved by allies from a family plot to a secret place, fearful that Shia Muslims would harm it. Their caution paid off this week when Shia militamen broke into the tomb, tore down photographs of the deposed leader, and set the area on fire. A leader from Saddam’s Albu Nasir tribe […]

ISIS In Iraq: Terrorist Group Executes Judge Who Sentenced Saddam Hussein

ISIS terrorists in Iraq claimed they have captured and killed Judge Rauf Rashid, who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death in 2006. Several news sites in the Middle East are reporting the news, though there is no official confirmation from the Iraqi government. Reports claimed that Rauf Rashid tried to escape Baghdad but was caught and […]

Saddam Sword Stolen, Returned To Iraq By US After Auction, But Is It Real?

Saddam’s sword was stolen only to be found again at a New Hampshire auction. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Saddam Hussein’s brother died while waiting execution. Now that Iraq has mostly settled down, Iraq’s oil boom is benefiting China and not the United States. Saddam Hussein’s sword was 43 inches long, inlaid with gold […]

Saddam Hussein Still Causing Trouble: Iraq Demands Return Of Statue’s Buttock

The Saddam Hussein statue famously pulled down in Baghdad’s main square is at the center of a dispute between the Iraqi government and a former SAS soldier. The Saddam statue was pulled down by a US tank exactly ten years ago today in scenes that were broadcast around the world. However, parts of the statue […]

Saddam Hussein Lookalike Was Almost Kidnapped And Forced To Star In A Porn Film

In what will almost certainly be the plot for a major Hollywood movie in the not too distant future, Saddam Hussein’s lookalike was attacked by a gang who then tried to kidnap him and wanted him to impersonate the dictator in a porn film. Wow. Mohamed Bishr claims that the men proposed the idea to […]

Iraq Would Like Saddam Hussein’s Bronze Butt Returned Immediately

In 2003 when Baghdad fell to U.S. and British Forces a now memorable scene was witnessed as a giant bronze statue of Saddam Hussein was torn from its footing and plummeted to the ground. After the statue was removed from its base a 2-foot section of butt check was taken by British forces soldier Nigel […]

Saddam Hussein’s Top Diplomat Tariq Aziz To Be Executed By Iraqi Forces

Tariq Aziz served as Saddam Hussein’s top diplomat for many years and now an official for Iraq’s prime minister says he will be executed in 2012, shortly after U.S. troops pull out of the area. Speaking to CNN on Monday Iraq adviser Saad Yousif al-Muttalibi said of the planned execution: “It will definitely take place, […]

‘Chemical Ali’ executed in Iraq

Former Iraqi official Ali Hassan al-Majid has been executed in Iraq, the BBC is reporting. Majid, referred to as an “enforcer” in Saddam Hussein’s regime, was put to death for several crimes- one of which is believed to have resulted in the deaths of around 5,000 Iraqis, mostly women and children. Majid was convicted of […]