Russell Crowe Thriller ‘Unhinged’ Given Earlier July 1 Theatrical Release Date

Unhinged, a thriller starring Russell Crowe, will be coming to theaters on July 1, Deadline reported. Initially scheduled for September 4, this could be a test of audiences’ willingness to return to movie theaters amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Released through Solstice Studios, Unhinged stars the Academy Award-winner as a man whose road rage puts a […]

Russell Crowe Reportedly In A Rage At Event After Host Criticizes Roger Ailes

Russell Crowe was set to appear at a panel discussion about his latest project, The Loudest Voice, a Showtime series that focuses on the late Fox News chairman, Roger Ailes, but things did not go according to plan. The actor was reportedly thrown into a rage after the panel host introduced Ailes as a “sick […]

Russell Crowe, Drunk On Vodka, Once Bought A Dinosaur Skull From Leonardo DiCaprio

Russell Crowe might be known for some of the iconic characters he has portrayed in films, but he apparently is also attracted to unusual and eccentric items. Take for instance the dinosaur skull he bought from Leonardo DiCaprio. In an interview on The Howard Stern Show, post via YouTube, the Gladiator actor said that he […]

Azealia Banks Creates GoFundMe To Sue Russell Crowe

Azealia Banks is calling on the public to help her raise $100,000 to take on actor Russell Crowe in a lawsuit. Banks, the 27-year-old rapper and budding actor who stars in the film Love Beats Rhymes, said Oscar-winning actor Crowe assaulted her in 2016. Now, she has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for […]

Russell Crowe’s Leather Jockstrap Goes For $7,000 At ‘Art Of Divorce’ Auction

Russell Crowe just sold what has probably become the most expensive jockstrap in the world. The New Zealand-born actor sold the leather jockstrap that he wore in the movie Cinderella Man at his “Art Of Divorce” auction for $7,000, 10 times more that its actual value, BBC News reports. As E! Online notes, the auction […]

Russell Crowe’s Jockstrap Up For Auction As He Rids Himself Of Some Personal Things To Mark Divorce

Russell Crowe has just conjured up a new way to mark a divorce that probably isn’t on the long list of activities people have embarked on in the past once that document is signed. Crowe, who is 53, has been separated from his wife Danielle, 48, for the past five years, so it is not […]

Dakota Johnson, Chris Martin Dating: Pair Spends Time Apart As Actress Films New Movie

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin continue to make headlines since they sparked romance reports last year. In fact, Jamie Dornan’s Fifty Shades Freed co-star and her rumored boyfriend have been sighted frequently lately. Recent reports suggest that the pair is now getting serious with their romance. Reports about Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin dating sparked […]

Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson 2018: ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Actor Might Pursue Music, Actress Lands A New Role

The much-anticipated Fifty Shades Freed movie will be out in theatres a few weeks from now. This is going to be the third and last film of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson together for the erotic romantic drama trilogy. New reports suggest that the rumored girlfriend of Chris Martin is now ready to move on […]

Travis Fimmel And Russell Crowe Return To Australia To Film ‘True History Of The Kelly Gang’

Australian actors Russell Crowe and Travis Fimmel are set to return home next year to star in the latest adaptation of the story of famous bushranger Ned Kelly. According to the Herald Sun, True History of the Kelly Gang is based on the Booker Prize-winning novel by Peter Carey. Carey will also be involved with […]

Russell Crowe’s Weight Is Causing Alarm Among His Friends? Not True [Debunked]

Russell Crowe has packed on an alarming amount of weight for his new role in his upcoming film Boy Erased. While the 53-year-old actor is known to radically change his weight for a role, his friends seemed to think that he may have gone too far this time. Russell Crowe has demonstrated how far he […]

‘The Mummy’ Pits Tom Cruise Against The Ultimate Evil In The Final Trailer [Video]

The Mummy reboot will be debuting in theaters in just a few weeks, and in advance of that much anticipated release, Universal Pictures has dropped one last trailer for the feature. The studio is excited about this film for a number of reasons. Aside from featuring Tom Cruise in a new action film, The Mummy […]

007 Would Have Loved The Stunt! Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Bares Breasts, Displayed In Paris For All To See

Bond girls sometimes have to pull some daring stunt maneuvers. Olga Kurylenko has proved she can be as daring as any other Bond girl when she flashed quite a bit of flesh on Thursday evening during the Paris Fashion Week. The bold move proved that if auditions for a role in a Bond movie were […]

Azealia Banks Witchcraft Video Is The Latest In A Year Of Controversy

Rapper Azealia Banks has rounded out a year of controversy by posting a video on her Instagram account showing what appears to be the aftermath of multiple animal sacrifices in the name of witchcraft. In the video, Banks, who hails from Harlem, New York, shows a closet in her home covered in what appears to […]

Terri Irwin And Russell Crowe Rumors Of Romance And Plans For A Small Wedding Untrue [Debunked]

Rumors that Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe are romantically involved are igniting again. The pair were first speculated as a couple back in May of this year, but those claims were debunked by Irwin’s rep. The rumors are sparking once more that deceased Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin’s widow is dating the Australian movie star. […]

The Two Sides To Russell Crowe’s Battle With Azealia Banks: Spitting, Threats, Ridicule

Russell Crowe won thunderous applause when he played the role of a fierce Roman gladiator in Gladiator, the 2000 movie which won five Academy Awards. Russell Crowe won the Academy Award in the Best Actor category for bringing to life the pained and tortured General Maximus, who used his martial skills in bloody gladiatorial combats […]

Azealia Banks Apologizes To Zayn Malik Amid Russell Crowe Attack Claims

Azealia Banks is attempting to end feuds and burn bridges with everyone who crosses her path. She has written an apology letter to Zayn Malik who she got into a Twitter feud with five months ago. This comes after she claimed she was attacked by actor Russell Crowe at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday, […]

Russell Crowe Attack: Rapper Azealia Banks Recalls Horrific Night

Rapper Azealia Banks is speaking out about her horrific encounter with actor Russell Crowe. She has accused him of assaulting her and using racial slurs. However, various sources have varying stories about that night. Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe have their own versions of what went down on Saturday night, according to an E! Online […]

Tom Cruise Washes His Hands Of Daughter Suri, And Why He Once Fired A Safety Expert

Tom Cruise has reportedly not seen his daughter Suri for almost three years due to his involvement with the Church of Scientology. According to E! Online, Suri Cruise enjoyed a weekend in New York City with her mom Katie Holmes as they went out to watch Finding Neverland. Tom Cruise reportedly hasn’t seen daughter Suri […]

Terri Irwin Reacts To Rumors That She’s Dating Actor Russell Crowe

Terri Irwin is reacting to rumors that she’s dating the still-married actor, Russell Crowe. “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin’s widow learned of a report published by RadarOnline alleging that she’s seeing the famous movie star and wants the truth told. Steve Irwin, who died at the age of 44 nearly 10 years ago from a stingray […]

Russell Crowe Dating Steve Irwin’s Widow, Terri Irwin, While He’s Still Married

Russell Crowe is reportedly dating Steve Irwin’s widow, Terri Irwin, even though he’s still married. Terri Irwin, 51, and Russell Crowe, 52, have been trying to keep their relationship a secret for months. But, according to Radar Online on Tuesday, neighbor’s of Irwin have recently spotted a half-naked Crowe sneaking around on the balcony of […]

‘The Nice Guys’ Sees Russell Crowe Giving Up The Fight And Leaving The Ruggedness To Ryan Gosling, And It Works

The Nice Guys is much more than a typical movie in the comedy genre. In a surprising twist, the movie turns out to be as violent as it is amusing. The Shane Black-directed movie stars Ryan Gosling, who plays the role of Holland March, a private investigator. Russell Crowe features alongside Gosling and plays the […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Entertains A-List Celebrity Friends With Wild Story At Cannes After-Party

Leonardo DiCaprio, the Oscar-winning American actor best known for starring in Titanic and his Oscar-winning role in The Revenant, has been spotted frequenting the party scene. According to People, Leonardo DiCaprio had a great time partying at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. He was spotted in the French city where he snapped a photo with […]

Ryan Gosling Only Has Eyes For Baby Mama Eva Mendes Despite ‘Young Women’

Ryan Gosling is a father of two baby daughters with Eva Mendes, but he still attracts a lot of “young women.” Despite his uncontrolled level of popularity, it looks like the Canadian actor only has his eyes for three women of his house — Eva Mendes and his two baby girls. When asked by Good […]

Russell Crowe Recalls Michael Jackson’s Bizarre ‘Habit’ Of Prank Calling Him

During Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, actor Russell Crowe revealed a bizarre story about the years he was relentlessly pranked by the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Crowe and his The Nice Guys co-star Ryan Gosling are promoting the film, in which they star as a mismatched pair of private eyes who […]

‘The Nice Guys’: Will The Reviews Be Nice Or Will These Guys Finish Last?

Early critic reviews for The Nice Guys are in, and the reception is mixed. Starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, The Nice Guys is about private eye Holland March (Gosling) who isn’t having the best of days. He works alongside a hired enforcer, Jackson Healy (Crowe), and together they are called to explore the disappearance […]

Russell Crowe Recalls First Meeting With ‘The Nice Guys’ Co-Star Ryan Gosling

Russell Crowe visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday to promote his upcoming film with Ryan Gosling, entitled The Nice Guys. During the interview, the 52-year-old actor recalled the first time he met Gosling. It was a few years ago when Russell Crowe binged on Ryan Gosling’s movies, and it got him interested in working […]

‘The Mummy’: Russell Crowe Says The Film Will ‘Scare The S**t Out Of You,’ Plus Feelings About Tom Cruise

According to actor Russell Crowe, the reboot of the popular horror film The Mummy will be really, really scary. It was reported earlier this week that Crowe was in talks about joining Hollywood actor Tom Cruise in Universal’s reboot of The Mummy. According to a report by SlashFilm, Russell Crowe has now confirmed that as […]

Russell Crowe Joins Tom Cruise In Universal’s ‘The Mummy’ – Creepy Synopsis Revealed For Film

Universal Pictures is hoping that their classic monsters universe being brought back to life will be extremely successful, and they’re putting a lot of focus on it. That was obvious when they revealed Johnny Depp was set for The Invisbible Man and Tom Cruise would take the lead in The Mummy. Now, they’ve added even […]

Ryan Gosling Tones Down Baby Drama With Russell Crowe Couples Therapy Session

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting a second baby and they are doing their best to tone down the baby gossip. The fact that Ryan and Eva are so secretive about their growing little family has been one of the reasons why the baby gossip has been so intense, but it looks like the […]

Shane Black Talks ‘Predator’ Reboot Being Like ‘Iron Man 3’ And Dwayne Johnson As Doc Savage

Shane Black, writer of Lethal Weapon, has been tapped to direct The Predator reboot, though the famous and talented writer-director was reluctant to do so. In an interview with Thrillist, Black reveals that he wasn’t sure about tackling this classic and beloved franchise when Fox first approached him. “They called me and I was reluctant,” […]

Russell Crowe Lashes Out on Twitter Because Virgin Airlines Refused Son’s Hoverboard

Actor Russell Crowe is extremely upset with Virgin Airlines over the fact that they would not allow his son’s hoverboard on their plane. He is so mad that he rushed to Twitter to complain. Us Magazine shared what happened and how upset Russell Crowe is right now. It all started out with this tweet that […]

Russell Crowe Furious As Virgin Airlines Says No To His Sons’ Hoverboards On The Plane

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe is seriously mad after Virgin Australian Airlines refused to carry his sons’ hoverboards on the plane when they attempted to go on vacation on Tuesday. Crowe says emphatically he will never fly with the airline again. As recently reported on the Inquisitr, due to fire risks, most major airlines in the […]

Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ Series: ‘The Gunslinger’ Heading For The Big Screen

In a much-awaited move, The Dark Tower series by popular author Stephen King is heading for the big screen, with the first in the series to feature the story of The Gunslinger. Stephen King has been in the media a lot lately, with the Inquisitr recently reporting the release date for the miniseries adaptation of […]

Katy Perry And Kate Hudson Cry Over ‘Hello’ By Adele — Russell Crowe And Sam Smith Love It, Too

Katy Perry gave pillowcase evidence that she loves the new Adele video for the song “Hello” that was released earlier today. Katy has had years to build up some tears for a new Adele release. The artist releases albums that are named after her age at the time of release. Perry’s new favorite song will […]

Man Saves ‘Russell’ The Crow’s Life, And The Bird Returns With A Crew Of His Mates To Thank Him

A bird-lover, who saved a crow he named “Russell” from certain death after it was stuck in a fence and unable to fly away, now receives friendly visits from a crew of the bird’s mates wishing to thank their new earthbound friend for his big heart. In the world of birds, crows have got something […]

Russell Crowe, Debra Messing, Ron Perlman, And Host Of Celebs Pay Tribute To James Horner

Russell Crowe, Debra Messing, Ron Perlman, and many more celebrities shared their thoughts in tribute to composer James Horner late Tuesday and early Monday. Fans and colleagues followed suit after news was released of the tragic loss. There were rumors of Horner’s possible death after a plane licensed to him crashed near Santa Barbara on […]

Russell Crowe Posts Sentimental Tweet As Tribute To John And Alicia Nash

Following the death of mathematician John Nash and his wife Alicia Nash, A Beautiful Mind actor Russell Crowe was “stunned.” He took to Twitter to post a sentimental tweet as tribute to the Nobel laureate who was the subject of the 2001 film and his late wife. Crowe wrote, “My heart goes out to John […]

Russell Crowe Mourns The Loss of John Nash, The Man He Portrayed in ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ In Moving Twitter Tribute

Russell Crowe is mourning the loss of John Forbes Nash, Jr., the mathematician who inspired A Beautiful Mind and was killed on Saturday in a car crash at the age of 86. John Nash’s wife, Alicia, 82, was also killed in the crash. Russell Crowe portrayed John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, the critically-acclaimed film […]

Russell Crowe Desperate To Reconcile With Wife — Did Rugby Team Lead To Their 2012 Split?

Russell Crowe is either a die-hard romantic or extremely stubborn — or a little bit of both. After three years of separation, the actor is determined to reconcile with his estranged wife, Danielle Spencer. Crowe, who has most recently appeared in the war epic The Water Diviner, sat down with Charlie Rose recently and opened […]

Michael Jackson Prank Calls: Russell Crowe Speaks About His Directorial Debut And The Tricks Jackson Played [Video]

Oscar winning actor, Russell Crowe, was recently interviewed about his directorial debut in The Water Diviner. While speaking about the movie, he brought up the tale of his strange friendship with the late Michael Jackson and the humorous prank calls Michael played on him. While they never actually met, Jackson played several tricks on him […]

If Michael Jackson Were a Zombie, He’d Tell You Don’t Worry

Michael Jackson says not to worry. That’s what he always told Russell Crowe at the end of Jackson’s prank calls to the actor. Michael had a “sweet and simple” sense of humor and he didn’t want his calls to upset anyone. So after putting on a funny voice and telling an old joke like the […]

Russell Crowe Teases Leeds United Purchase

Is Russell Crowe about to buy Leeds United? Well, according to some Tweets that he sent out on Wednesday,the Oscar-winning actor is seriously considering it. After @Samwild90 directed the message, “please buy leeds. In need of help!!” to @russellcrowe, the actor responded rather positively and teased that he might be interested… “@Samwild90: @russellcrowe please buy […]

Russell Crowe Sees Aussie Success With ‘The Water Diviner’

Russell Crowe’s directorial debut, The Water Diviner, has seen great success in Crowe’s native homeland of Australia and was named the country’s top grossing film of 2014, netting $5.6 million at the box as of December 31, 2014. It also recently won several awards at the 4th annual AACTA, or Australian Academy of Cinema and […]

Meryl Streep Responds To Russell Crowe’s Comments About Women Acting Their Age In Hollywood

Meryl Streep has responded to Russell Crowe’s comments about actresses acting their age instead of whining about the lack of roles. Instead of having a conversation about Hollywood’s obvious sexist attitude towards women 30 and over, Crowe made an argument that there are plenty of roles for women as long as they stay in their […]

Russell Crowe Irritated By Cranky Old Hollywood Actresses

Throughout his career, Russell Crowe has earned a bad-boy reputation by the roles he’s played, and also for his outlandish confrontational attitude. Recently, Crowe showed no sign of stopping after publicly denouncing the annoying behavior of some older Hollywood actresses in the industry. Promoting his new film The Water Diviner, Crowe addressed whether or not […]

Russell Crowe Publicly Denies Hitting Soho Hotel Clerk With His Phone

Russell Crowe is speaking out about an incident that happened back in 2005 that had him taken away in handcuffs and charged with assault. The incident occurred at the Mercer Hotel in Soho. A hotel clerk accused Crowe of throwing his phone at him and hitting him in the face. “I was trying to get […]

Mellencamp, Ryan Split? Reports Indicate John, Meg Call It Quits

Have John Mellancamp and Meg Ryan split? Reports indicate that Mellencamp and Ryan actually split a couple of weeks ago, after dating for more than three years. Why did they reportedly break up? It seems that friends indicate that the attention paid to the relationship in the media and by fans may have played a […]

Russell Crowe And Ryan Gosling Teaming Up For ‘The Nice Guys’

Russell Crowe, 50, and dad-to-be Ryan Gosling, 33, are gearing up to head back into the 1970s for The Nice Guys. The movie is being directed by Iron Man 3 director Shane Black who also co-wrote the film with Anthony Bagarozzi. According to, the plot of the movie is as follows: “In smoggy 1970s […]

Justin Bieber Hits Cannes Ahead Of Show, Meets J Law At Vanity Fair & Giorgio Armani Party

Justin Bieber has hit the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival party circuit, kicking off with the Vanity Fair and Giorgio Armani party on Saturday. Justin Bieber left his legal troubles far behind and jetted out of NYC arriving on Saturday in Cannes, France, currently host to the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival and a galaxy […]

Hollywood Has Faith: Biblical Movies Are Trending Again

The Bible has been a great source of material for moviemakers ever since the beginning of the industry. Cecil B. DeMille’s first blockbuster Bible epic was in 1923, when he made the first version of The Ten Commandments. Many other movies with biblical themes, or based on characters from the Bible, have been produced since […]