WWE Rumors: Here Are The Possible Reasons Why Goldberg Will Face Drew McIntyre At ‘Royal Rumble’

On this week’s “Legends Night” special episode of Monday Night Raw, Goldberg wrapped up the show by getting in a verbal tussle with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and challenging him for the belt at this month’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. While this proved to be a surprising development for a lot of fans, new rumors suggest […]

WWE News: Retired Superstar Says He Considered Comeback At ‘Royal Rumble’ Despite Career-Ending Injury

In a recent podcast appearance, former WWE superstar Tyson Kidd offered some insight on his current role in the company as a backstage producer while dropping one interesting detail about his prematurely shortened in-ring career — he was apparently considering the possibility of returning to the ring at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. In an interview […]

WWE News: Sid Vicious Says Hulk Hogan Was ‘Screaming And Crying’ After ‘Royal Rumble’ 1992

The early ’90s were a strange time in WWE when the changing of the guard was coming in, and Sid Vicious says it led to Hulk Hogan “screaming and crying.” Many fans have called the 1992 Royal Rumble the best in history, but it wasn’t met very well by everyone in the locker room. Vicious […]

WWE News: Former Champion Calls Ronda Rousey’s Debut A ‘Slap In The Face’ To All Women Wrestlers

Ronda Rousey is one of those superstars who took WWE by storm upon her debut, but not everyone overly welcomed her arrival. A new memoir titled Incomparable hit shelves this week, and the Bella Twins share a lot of their personal lives in it. In the book, the twins speak of the “Women’s Evolution” of […]

WWE News: Big Update On The Return Of Cain Velasquez From Injury

When WWE made its official debut on FOX with Friday Night SmackDown, Cain Velasquez was a surprise addition — one that many fans thought would be a game-changer. After years of feuding in UFC, he would now be able to face off against Brock Lesnar once again. However, his match with Lesnar didn’t go so […]

WWE Rumors: Company Cracking Down On Information And Storyline Leaks

Back in the days of WWE vs. WCW, surprise appearances and shocking signings were something that made events even more entertaining. The evolution of social media has made it virtually impossible for fans to not know what is coming, but WWE is doing whatever possible to change that. The company is reportedly cracking down on […]

WWE News: Former Champion Reveals How He Entered The ‘Royal Rumble,’ Discusses His Future

There are always a number of big surprises that WWE brings forth for the Royal Rumble each year and 2020 was no different. One of the biggest shocks for this year was Edge returning to the ring after nearly a decade after retirement, but he wasn’t the only one. Montel Vontavious Porter (aka MVP) made […]

WWE Rumors: Big Updates On The Undertaker And Ronda Rousey’s Status For ‘WrestleMania 36’

The biggest wrestling event of 2020 is coming up soon for WWE, and many fans are wondering if two of the most popular stars will be on the card. The Undertaker and Ronda Rousey have not been seen much in the last year, but that is not something totally unexpected as they usually only appear […]

WWE News: Returning Veteran Says He’s Wrestled Final Match For Company

At the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on Sunday, Edge was the big surprise returnee during the show’s main-event battle royal. However, another familiar name from the first decade of the 2000s — Montel Vontavious Porter (aka MVP) — also made his presence felt during the men’s Rumble match, entering at No. 12 and getting eliminated by […]

WWE News: Drew McIntyre Says A Former Champion Is Coming Back And He’ll Be Brand New

This past Sunday, the WWE world watched in awe as Drew McIntyre won the big battle royal at the Royal Rumble to earn a title match at WrestleMania 36. Many fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but they were thrilled with the result and knew that McIntyre had earned it. As he’s now making […]

WWE News: Current NXT Superstar Still Guarantees He Will End Brock Lesnar’s Career

There are some matches that many fans dream of seeing, but they may never actually take place in WWE. For a long time now, Matt Riddle has lobbied on social media for a match against Brock Lesnar, and he’s even been overly confident that he’d win. Despite an interaction between the two at this past […]

WWE Rumors: Details On Edge’s New Deal, Including Number Of Yearly Dates And Insane Money

It was something that WWE fans had been hoping for, and the company delivered at the 2020 Royal Rumble. After nearly nine years away, Edge returned to the ring even though he had medically retired back in 2011 and was expected to never wrestle again. Now, he’s signed a new three-year deal with the company […]

WWE Rumors: Big Plans Already In Place For Retired World Champion At ‘WrestleMania 36’

It’s always fun when WWE is able to surprise the fans and give them something they truly want or that they never saw coming. On Sunday evening, the Royal Rumble is easily one of the best opportunities for a shocking moment or big return, and rumors have a huge one happening. If a former world […]

WWE Spoilers: Numerous Legends And Former Champions Brought In For Tonight’s ‘Royal Rumble’

The night of the Royal Rumble has finally arrived, and WWE is planning an incredible number of surprises for the unpredictable pay-per-view event. Both the men’s and women’s battle royals have slots open for extra entrants, but the latter has a lot of them. As of Sunday afternoon, rumors and spoilers were flying around surrounding […]

WWE News: Photos Show A Lot Of Empty Seats For Tonight’s NXT ‘Worlds Collide’ Event

Professional wrestling isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be, but WWE still continues to bring in plenty of fans for each live event. On Saturday evening, NXT and NXT UK faced off against one another in a special event known as Worlds Collide exclusively on the WWE Network. The event was timed to […]

WWE News: Final List Of Entrants For Women’s Match At 2020 ‘Royal Rumble’

There is usually quite a bit of build-up for big matches at WWE pay-per-views, but someone seems to have dropped the ball on one of them. On Sunday evening, the 2020 Royal Rumble will take place with two of the biggest matches of the entire year on the card. While the men’s Royal Rumble match […]

WWE News: Final List Of Entrants For Men’s Match At 2020 ‘Royal Rumble’

The random and chaotic fun of the Royal Rumble is set to take place on Sunday evening, but WWE isn’t showing all of their cards before the event. By the time Saturday evening rolled around, there were 27 names officially announced for the men’s match which means three spots remain unclaimed. In order to try […]

WWE News: Three Former World Champions Spotted In Houston On Day Before ‘Royal Rumble’

It’s hard to know what is truth and what isn’t on the day before WWE presents the Royal Rumble. Even though the majority of the superstars for the men’s battle royal have been announced, there is still room for a surprise or two here and there. On the day before the big pay-per-view, three major […]

WWE News: Betting Odds Revealed For Men’s And Women’s Battle Royals At ‘Royal Rumble’

It’s never truly easy to predict what will happen in WWE as injuries, behavior, and creative choices could always change things up, and that could play a part when it comes to betting on the outcomes of its pay-per-views. On Friday morning, the official betting odds were released for this year’s Royal Rumble and some […]

WWE Rumors: Two Former Champions To Return For ‘Royal Rumble’ On Sunday

With the unpredictability of the Royal Rumble‘s eponymous battle royals every single year, WWE always leaves a few spots open for surprise entrants. There are only 25 officially announced competitors for this year’s men’s Royal Rumble match, which means that five past or present superstars still need to take up the remaining slots. As rumors […]

WWE Rumors: Even More Clues Dropped To Former Champion’s Major Return At ‘Royal Rumble’

With the Royal Rumble only a couple of days away, most of the slots have already been taken by current WWE superstars. As usual, the company has left a handful of spots open for surprise entrants and to keep things even more exciting and fresh. Even though several rumors have been flying around about this […]

WWE News: Contract Signing And Huge Six-Man Tag Match Set For ‘Friday Night SmackDown’

As WWE prepares for one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year this Sunday, they still have one more show to go through. Friday Night SmackDown will take place this evening, and it is the go-home show for the Royal Rumble this weekend. While the final events will lead into the two big battle royals […]

WWE News: Current NXT Champion Says He Wants To Face Brock Lesnar

On Sunday, numerous superstars from WWE will hop into the ring and look to be the last one standing in the Royal Rumble. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has already chosen to enter the match first, but he’ll have to make it through 29 others to win the whole thing. Now, current NXT UK Champion WALTER […]

WWE Spoilers: Brock Lesnar And Huge Eight-Man Tag Match Scheduled For ‘Raw’ After ‘Royal Rumble’

The “Road to WrestleMania” is one of the biggest times of the year for WWE, and it all begins with the Royal Rumble on Sunday. The men’s and women’s battle royals will determine who gets major title shots at the big event in April, but WWE is already preparing for the week after the Rumble. […]

WWE News: New Title Match Announced, And Final Card For NXT ‘Worlds Collide’ On Saturday

As WWE prepares for the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, wrestling fans aren’t forgetting about Saturday evening. That is when the superstars of NXT and NXT UK gather in one place to face off at Worlds Collide. After Wednesday night’s episode from the yellow brand, a new title match has been added, and the full […]

WWE News: Current Champions Enter ‘Royal Rumble’ Matches, Fully Updated Card For Sunday

All the superstars in WWE are preparing for this weekend’s Royal Rumble as they know just how much is on the line. A shot at a major title and the main event of WrestleMania 36 could be in their futures, but they first have to enter their names in order to have a chance at […]

WWE News: CM Punk And Other Legends Make Their ‘Royal Rumble’ Picks

This weekend, one of the most unpredictable annual WWE events will take place. In the Royal Rumble, 60 superstars will jump into the ring between two matches for a title shot in the main event at WrestleMania 36. Everyone has their opinion on who will leave victorious, including CM Punk and some other legends, who […]

WWE News: New Names Added To ‘Royal Rumble’ Matches – Full List Of Confirmed Entrants

The next big event from WWE is the Royal Rumble on January 26, 2020, but there is still a lot of build-up to be done. One of the most shocking announcements so far is that WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is entering the Royal Rumble match and will take the No. 1 spot. Who else will […]

WWE News: Hall Of Famer Has An Idea For CM Punk To Enter The Royal Rumble

The constant rumors of CM Punk making a return to wrestle again in WWE are never going to stop, but could it happen? While he is a part of WWE Backstage on Fox, that is no guarantee that Punk will ever step foot in a ring again, even though many fans would love to see […]

WWE Rumors: Huge ‘WrestleMania 36’ Match For Brock Lesnar Not Happening

So many fans want legends from the past to return and get one more chance in a WWE ring, but that isn’t always going to be able to happen. Brock Lesnar just entered the Royal Rumble match this past week, which has led to tons of speculation about his WrestleMania 36 opponent for this year. […]

WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar’s ‘Royal Rumble’ Appearance Could Set Up His ‘WrestleMania 36’ Match, Report Claims

With WrestleMania 36 still about three months away, a number of possibilities remain for WWE’s top stars, including reigning WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. But given how he was entered this week into the men’s Royal Rumble match at the pay-per-view of the same name, a new report suggests that this unusual booking decision could help […]

WWE Rumors: Former Champion Reportedly Might Be Teasing Comeback At ‘Royal Rumble’

If her latest tweets are any indication, retired WWE superstar and former Divas Champion Paige might be returning to in-ring competition for the first time in slightly over two years at this year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. As reported by WrestlingNews.co, Paige’s recent Twitter activity has drawn the attention of many fans, as well as publications […]

WWE Rumors: Details On How NXT Will Fit Into The ‘Royal Rumble’ And Spoilers On Who Will Be In

The first big pay-per-view coming from WWE in 2020 is going to be the Royal Rumble, and it is only three short weeks away. Soon, the participants in the big battle royals will start being named, but there are already rumors flying around as to who will be in it. This year, NXT is going […]

WWE News: Two Longtime Superstars Had Major Streaks Broken In 2019

2019 was a big year for many WWE superstars, but there were two longtime veterans who really didn’t have a lot to show for it. Big Show and John Cena are two multi-time champions, big names around the world, and synonymous with the sport of professional wrestling. Unfortunately, the years do keep going and people […]

WWE Rumors: Huge Return To Take Place On Tonight’s ‘Friday Night SmackDown’

It isn’t as if the main roster of WWE is lacking in superstar power, but there has been something or someone missing for months. Earlier this year, there were reports that a former multi-time World Champion was going to retire due to a number of injuries, but those were all squashed. Now, vignettes have been […]

WWE Rumors: ‘WrestleMania 36’ Planning Is ‘Refreshing’ And ‘Frustrating’ As Virtually Nothing Is Done

There are still four months until WWE presents the biggest pay-per-view event of the year in WrestleMania 36, but time is already running out. Usually by now, there are lots of wheels turning and plenty of prospective plans already in place, but 2020 appears to be heading in a different direction. Plans and booking for […]

WWE News: Former Champs Challenge Hall Of Fame Tag Team To Match At ‘Royal Rumble’

The new year has arrived and WWE is already preparing for their first big pay-per-view of 2020 with the Royal Rumble. As 1999 comes to a close, the superstars and experts are looking forward to the new year, and Booker T wants the tag team division to improve and get much more active. That has […]

WWE Rumors: Canceled ‘TLC’ Match To Take Place At ‘Royal Rumble’

With less than a month to go until the Royal Rumble, WWE is already preparing the card and putting matches together for the pay-per-view. As of this writing, there is only one match confirmed for the card, but another has been built up for weeks on Friday Night SmackDown. A match between Lacey Evans and […]

WWE News: Huge Title Match Confirmed For ‘Royal Rumble’

On January 26, 2020, WWE will host their first big pay-per-view of the year with the Royal Rumble, and the card is already coming together. The year 2019 may not yet be over, but the WWE Universal Championship match from the blue brand was confirmed on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown. After a series of […]

WWE News: Brock Lesnar’s Next Match Now Known, But With A Weird Stipulation

With the next four months of plans already being put into place, WWE has a busy “Road to WrestleMania” season ahead of them. Right now, they are working on WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and when he’s going to be back on television, but it won’t be too long. Fans should prepare themselves to see the […]

WWE Rumors: Edge Could Potentially Make Comeback Next Month As ‘Royal Rumble’ Surprise Entry, Report Claims

WWE Hall of Famer Edge might not just be back with the company in an ambassador role like many of his fellow legends. If recent reports are to be believed, there’s a chance “Rated-R Superstar” might be taking part in the 2020 Royal Rumble as one of the surprise entries in the pay-per-view’s titular main […]

WWE Rumors: Fans Won’t See Brock Lesnar On TV For A Long Time

When Brock Lesnar won the WWE Championship and took it to Monday Night Raw, fans thought he would be a prominent feature on the show. Those who have been following the promotion for any length of time, however, would know that wouldn’t be the case. Even though Lesnar has been a part of the last […]

WWE News: NXT Superstar Completely Removed From Website, No Longer On Roster Page 5

NXT is no longer looked at as just the developmental league for WWE as it has become its own unique brand. Superstars are not always looking to “move up” to the main roster because they feel they have already made it with the brand decked out in yellow. Unfortunately, not everything always works out the […]

WWE News: Rob Gronkowski Reveals The ‘One Crazy Match’ He’d Like To Wrestle If He Joins Company

With Rob Gronkowski now retired from the NFL, there has been some talk of the former New England Patriots tight end pursuing one of his other passions by entering the world of professional wrestling. He did, after all, make a memorable cameo appearance at WrestleMania 33 in 2017, and has a well-documented friendship with Monday […]

WWE News: Braun Strowman Reveals Gigantic Idea He Pitched To WWE For A Battle Royal

Ever since breaking on the scene in WWE, people have been in awe of Braun Strowman’s size, agility, and pure talent in the wrestling world. Not only is he a giant, but he’s pulled off some things that don’t seem even remotely possible of a human being. Sure, some things end up being assisted by […]

WWE News: Hall Of Famer Demands An Apology From Bray ‘The Fiend’ Wyatt

Ever since Bray Wyatt revealed his gimmick change with the “Firefly Funhouse” and “The Fiend,” he has certainly become a changed man. There have been small aspects of his past character mixed in, but the majority of his gimmick has been all-new and very strange. During this time, Wyatt has been giving out random apologies […]

WWE News: Kofi Kingston Reveals Which Former WWE Star Helped Him Come Up With His ‘Royal Rumble’ Spots

Aside from surprise entries from NXT and returns from some of WWE’s biggest stars of yesteryear, Kofi Kingston’s creative ways of staving off elimination have long been a staple of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view’s titular main event. Well before Kingston made his surprising rise to the top of the card as WWE Champion, the 37-year-old […]

WWE News: Former World Heavyweight Champion Says He’s On ‘Vacation’ From WWE

Some superstars have requested their release from WWE while others are dealing with injuries, but there are some absent roster members whose status remains a mystery. One such wrestler is former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, who hasn’t been seen on WWE since the Royal Rumble in January, and fans have been left wondering when […]

WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle To Have Retirement Match At ‘WrestleMania 35’ – Possible Opponents

When Kurt Angle returned to WWE, no one expected him to wrestle on a full-time schedule and that has never happened. He’s had a few matches here and there while also serving as the general manager for Monday Night Raw. Rumors are now circulating that his retirement match could take place at WrestleMania 35 and […]

WWE News: Complete Order Of Entries And Eliminations For 2019 Men’s And Women’s ‘Royal Rumble’ Matches

With two big battle royals each year now, the Royal Rumble turns into an even more fun pay-per-view as the unpredictability factor is raised. Both the male and female superstars battle it out to snag main event slots at WrestleMania, and 2019 was no different as they all looked to be the last one standing. […]