Donald Trump Talks Roswell And ‘Tiger King’ With His Eldest Son In Father’s Day-Themed Interview

During a Father’s Day-themed interview with his son, Donald Trump Jr., President Donald Trump said he’s heard some fascinating things about Roswell, New Mexico, and discussed his thoughts about Tiger King star Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, the Associated Press reported on Friday. Trump Jr. interviewed his father on a variety of topics […]

Police Officers Placed On Leave After Video Shows Them Flipping Coin To Decide Whether To Arrest Woman

According to NBC News, two Georgia police officers, Kristee Wilson and Courtney Brown, have been placed on leave after a video surfaced of them flipping a coin to determine whether or not they were going to arrest a woman for speeding back in April. The Bodycam footage of one of the officers, which was obtained […]

The CW Is Developing A Reboot Of ‘Roswell’ With A Twist

Reboots and revivals continue to be in high demand, as old series make a comeback in new and interesting ways. Now it looks like The CW has decided to bring back one of its own series, Roswell, which ran on The WB for its first two seasons, before moving over to UPN for its final […]

Roswell UFO Proof At Last? Alleged DIA Document Leak ‘Confirms’ Crashed Alien Spacecraft, Dead Aliens

An alleged leak of top-secret U.S. government documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) appears to confirm that a flying saucer UFO really did crash at a ranch a few miles from Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947. The alleged DIA documents also appear to confirm that alien bodies were recovered from the wreckage […]

‘Ex-CIA Agent’ Makes ‘Deathbed Confession’ That He Saw Crashed Roswell UFO, Grey Aliens At Area 51 [Video]

A “former CIA agent” made a “deathbed confession” that he visited the secret Area 51 Air Force base during the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s and saw the Roswell UFO allegedly stored inside a secret climate-controled hangar. He also claimed that he saw living extraterrestrial beings at the nearby restricted S-4 facility. […]

JFK Visited Area 51, Saw Debris From Crashed Roswell UFO, ‘Unacknowledged’ Documentary Claims

A new documentary purports to show President John Kennedy’s “former pilot” saying that the former president had hinted to him that he was aware of the evidence that alien UFOs were visiting Earth. President Kennedy’s alleged former pilot made the disclosure in the documentary Unacknowledged, which claims to expose decades of U.S. government cover-up of […]

UFO News: Never-Before-Seen Witness Interview Claims Alien Bodies Recovered From Roswell Crash

Seventy years after the incident, the alleged Roswell UFO crash continues to capture the imagination of ufologists as well as the public. This time, never-before-seen footage of a witness interview surfaced where he claimed to have seen alien bodies being hauled from the crash site. For years, the Roswell UFO incident has been dismissed by […]

Roswell UFO Crash Military Photo Boosts Conspiracy Theory: Enhanced Memo Shows ‘Disk’ Craft And ‘Victims’

In what is certain to be a boost to the ongoing conspiracy theory that the United States government covered up the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) researcher has claimed to have found evidence in a military memo concerning the reported crash that the military knew all along that […]

Elvis Presley’s 1962 Luxury Jet To Be Auctioned After Sitting On Runway For 30 Years

Another very special piece of Elvis Presley memorabilia is up for auction, and this little treasure is at once both personal and useful as a mode of transportation, with the item being Presley’s 1962 Lockheed Jetstar plane. Elvis Presley’s red airplane has been sitting on a New Mexico runway now for 30 years, causing a […]

2017 UFO Festivals Expected To Draw Record Crowds

The UFO Festival in McMinnville, Oregon, began on May 18 and is scheduled to conclude on May 21. Although it is advertised as the country’s “second largest” ailen festival, the event is expected to draw nearly 10,000 attendees to the region. In contrast, July’s Roswell UFO Festival, which remains the largest alien festival in the […]

Roswell UFO Crash Was ‘Real’: Government Cover-Ups Continue For Fear Of Social Meltdown, MUFON Exec Claims

The world of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) research is full of conspiracy theories and partial truths that color its history all the way back to when the modern UFO era began with the reported crash of a UFO outside of tiny Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Jan Harzan, executive director at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), […]

Government Covered-Up Alien UFO Crash At Roswell, Retired McGill Professor Says: Claims He Is ‘100 Percent Certain’ We’ve Been Visited By ETs

A retired university professor has said he is convinced that the U.S. government is covering up information that aliens have visited Earth and that a flying saucer UFO of extraterrestrial origin crashed at Roswell in 1947. According to Professor Don Donderi, retired McGill University professor, the evidence that an alien UFO crashed at Roswell, New […]

UFO Theory: Why Did Military Claim ‘Flying Disc’ Found At Roswell? [Opinion]

In UFO theory this week, it’s appropriate to look back to one of the most famous UFO stories in the documented history of the UFO phenomenon. On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Roswell “UFO crash,” many people are closing the book on Roswell, labeling it as an unknown phenomenon, including a leading […]

Another Roswell UFO Sighting: Craft Swoops In, Hovers Over ‘Numb’ Couple In Car

Another unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting was reported in Roswell, New Mexico, the site of possibly the most controversial UFO story in history, after a couple on their way to Carlsbad (in the southern part of the state) passed through the city. And according to the eyewitness, the sighting left them “numb” and wondering if […]

Roswell UFO Evidence At Last? Mysterious Metal Fragment Found Near Crash Site Could Prove Alleged 1947 Craft Was Of Extraterrestrial Origin

Ben Mezrich, author of the best-selling book The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway, claims that a mysterious piece of triangular metal was found at a spot near the famous 1947 Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash site. The mysterious piece of metal, according to UFO researchers, could be from the debris of […]

Another ‘Roswell’ UFO Cover-Up? Alien Spacecraft Allegedly Crashes To Earth In Post Falls, Idaho: Authorities And Media Silent About Crash, Witness Says

A report by a witness in Post Falls, Idaho, said that he watched a rectangle-shaped UFO “falling from the sky” has captured the attention of members of the UFO community. Many are pointing out the parallels between the latest incident and the alleged UFO crash that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. UFO enthusiasts […]

Katherine Heigl Shares Her Secrets For Surviving Pregnancy

Katherine Heigl has taken time away from acting to focus on her pregnancy, and the former Grey’s Anatomy actress is now opening up about what she has learned about carrying a child through her own experiences. Like many expectant Hollywood moms, Heigl is overjoyed to share her experiences with her fans, but Katherine has proven […]

Jeffrey Hazelwood: Detective Reveals Disturbing Case Details Of Ga. Teens Shot Execution-Style

Jeffrey Hazelwood, the Georgia man accused of killing two teenagers behind a Roswell Publix store earlier this month, allegedly admitted the killings to a detective. He allegedly left the victims in a “sexually explicit fashion,” according to an Atlanta medical examiner. New York Daily News reports that Hazelwood, 20, is charged with killing and robbing […]

Jeffrey Hazelwood: Man Accused Of Killing Georgia Teens Shakes Uncontrollably In Court, Pets Imaginary Dog

Jeffrey Hazelwood, the man accused of shooting two teenagers in the head on Monday behind a Publix supermarket in Roswell, Georgia, made a bizarre court appearance today. Channel 2 Action News reports that Hazelwood, 20, stood shaking before a Fulton County judge on Friday morning. His hands were cuffed in front of him, and he […]

Jeffrey Hazelwood: Suspect In Publix Teen Killings Used Victim’s Debit Card

Police say that a little over an hour after high school teens Carter Davis and Natalie Henderson were killed behind a Publix supermarket on early Monday morning in Roswell, Georgia, suspect Jeffrey Hazelwood used the teen girl’s debit card at a convenience store. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that detectives placed Hazelwood’s cellphone at the murder scene […]

Jeffrey Hazelwood: A Look At The Man Accused Of Killing Two Georgia Teens

Police arrested a man on Wednesday in connection with the shootings of two teens who were found lifeless in a Roswell, Georgia, store parking lot. People reports that Jeffrey Hazelwood, 20, was arrested in connection with the deaths of Carter Davis and Natalie Henderson, both 17-year-old students at River Ridge High School in Woodstock. The […]

Role Model High School Students Found Murdered In Georgia

Around 6 a.m. Monday morning, a delivery driver arrived at Roswell, Georgia’s Publix Supermarket, where he came across a gruesome scene. The bodies of two teenagers lay on the ground behind the store. The victims were later identified as 17-year-olds Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis, both of whom were shot in the head. Although their […]

Alien UFO Traffic Over Nellis Air Force Base And Area 51 Captured On Camera, According to Alien Hunter [Video]

An alien hunter claims to have video evidence of a constant flow of alien UFO traffic over the Las Vegas Valley area, allegedly originating from the Nellis Air Force Base and the Area 51 top-secret military base in the Nevada desert. UFO hunter Steven Barone claims to witness from his Summerlin area residence in Henderson, […]

World UFO Day Is Saturday June 2, Believers Urge Governments To Declassify Space Alien Documents

This Saturday, June 2, is World UFO Day, the international holiday believers set aside to discuss the existence of space aliens and urge governments around the world to declassify UFO documents. World UFO Day was created to honor U.S. pilot Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting of nine objects flying in tandem over Mount Rainer national park, […]

Roswell UFO Memo: $10,000 Reward Offered To Decipher ‘Ramey Memo’ Believed To Be ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence

A UFO researcher, Kevin Randle, has announced an offer of a “$10,000 reward for the first person or group/lab that can” decipher the text of a memo held in the hands of a top U.S. military officer in a photo in which the officer was shown examining debris allegedly freshly recovered from the 1947 Roswell […]

10-Mile-Wide Flying Saucer UFO Spotted Sailing Over Earth From International Space Station, UFO Hunter Claims [Video]

A UFO hunter claims to have spotted in NASA’s live ISS stream, a 10-mile-wide flying saucer UFO sailing at very high altitude over Earth. And although skeptics have dismissed the claim, saying the video shows a cloud formation, the UFO hunter insists that the perfect disc-shape of the cloud and the unusually high altitude at […]

Mysterious Black Triangle UFO Filmed In Florida Could Prove Phoenix Lights Incident, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

Footage uploaded to YouTube purportedly shows a black triangle UFO filmed recently by a Florida driver. The footage (see YouTube below) has sparked a controversy after UFO experts linked the bizarre sighting to the famous 1997 Phoenix Lights incident. But, while some UFO enthusiasts believe the footage could prove once-and-for-all the existence of extraterrestrial visitors […]

Aliens Work With Human Scientists At Area 51, According To Whistleblower Who Claimed He Helped To Reverse-Engineer Alien Technology [Video]

Alien and UFO conspiracy theorists believe whistleblower testimonies prove that top-secret alien technology reverse-engineering research work is ongoing at several underground alien-government facilities across the country. The whistleblower testimonies, according to conspiracy theorists, also prove that the government is covering up the truth about contact with extraterrestrial races and access to exotic alien technology. Many […]

Mysterious UFO Spotted Hovering Over Alien Hotspot Wright-Patterson Air Force Base In Ohio, UFO Hunters Claim [Video]

Bizarre footage uploaded to YouTube, purportedly showing a dark, mysterious alien UFO captured on camera hovering in cloudy skies over a U.S. military base near Dayton in Ohio, has gone viral online. The footage was filmed last week on Wednesday, May 25, at a spot near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, about ten miles from […]

Dulce Underground Alien-Government Base, The Largest Reptilian And Grey Base In The World, Is The ‘Real Area 51,’ According To UFO Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

Reported UFO sightings by residents of Dulce, headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in Northern New Mexico, have attracted media attention recently. Following multiple claims of UFO sightings in Dulce and stories about a massive underground joint government-alien research base in the area, many conspiracy theorists have argued that focus on Roswell, also in New […]

Hillary Clinton Chases UFO Believer Vote, ‘The American People Can Handle The Truth’ About Aliens

Hillary Clinton is in a tough presidential primary race with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and the space alien aficionado vote may give her just the edge she needs to beat out the Democratic socialist. Clinton has already promised to “get to the bottom of the UFO mystery” if she’s elected president and her obsession with […]

Roswell UFO Stolen From Museum, Teen Arrested And Charged

An iconic Roswell UFO was stolen by three teens On March 19. Last weekend, Newman Seely, 17, was arrested and charged with the unusual theft. However, his two accomplices are still on the run. The historical piece, which was made of fiberglass and metal, adorned the front of the UFO Museum and Research Center building […]

Hillary Clinton To Expose Area 51 And Release UFO Files If Elected U.S. President

Presidential candidates will often place focus on topics that pique the interest of the masses in an effort to conjure up votes from the population of the United States. Hillary Clinton is no exception, revealing that she will expose files related to Area 51 if elected president even those that might contain information confirming the […]

‘Flying Saucer UFO’ Stolen From Roswell UFO Museum [Video]

A “flying saucer UFO” that was displayed for decades on a corner of the wall outside the International UFO Museum & Research Center building on South Main Street in Roswell, New Mexico, went missing on Sunday mysteriously. The silver-colored mock-up of a flying saucer UFO made of fiberglass and stainless steel had served as mascot […]

Tall White Aliens Hover In ‘Cloaked’ Flying Saucer UFO Over Las Vegas, New Mexico, Says UFO Hunters — It’s A Lenticular Cloud, Says Meteorologist [Photos]

The appearance of a flying saucer UFO-shaped cloud formation over Las Vegas in New Mexico on Monday sparked a brief, but snarky, exchange between UFO researchers and a local meteorologist who insisted it was only a lenticular cloud. But some UFO hunters argued that the cloud was actually an alien UFO manned by Tall White […]

India’s Roswell? Air Force Shoots Down UFO Over Rajasthan, Officials Say It May Have Been Weather Balloon [Video]

The Indian Air Force said Tuesday that one of its fighter jets intercepted and shot down a “suspicious” UFO over the Barmer district in the northern state of Rajasthan near the border with Pakistan. The fighter jet was scrambled after the mysterious UFO was detected on IAF radar, triggering an alert. Following a strange silence […]

Five Hundred U.S. Military Personnel Witnessed Two Flying Saucer UFOs Near Roswell In 1971

After more than 44 years of silence, a former U.S. serviceman has come forward with a testimony about UFO sightings that involved hundreds of U.S. military personnel near Roswell, New Mexico in 1971. In a testimony submitted on December 30, 2015, and filed as case number 73443 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network […]

Medical Doctor Richard O’Connor Says He Has Proof UFOs Are Real — UFO Captured On Camera Over Montana [Photos]

Richard O’Connor, an anesthesiologist, believes he may have obtained proof of UFOs after his cameras snapped photos of two mysterious objects flying in the sky over his home in Clancy, Montana, on November 4, 2015, according to a report by the Great Falls Tribune. O’Connor had installed two cameras pointed at the sky about 30 […]

NASA’s MRO Photographed UFO Crash Site On Mars — Is This The Martian Version Of Roswell UFO Incident?

UFOlogists say that NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has photographed a UFO crash site on planet Mars. The MRO image of the alleged crash site shows what UFOlogists and scientists agree is a bizarre-looking impact crater in the Elysium Planitia plains that straddles the Martian equator. But according to UFOlogists, the impact crater could be […]

Former NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: ‘Aliens Are Real, They Are Watching Us And Governments Are Covering Up The Truth!’

Although new comments credited to the former U.S. astronaut Edgar Mitchel — that peace loving aliens have tried to keep humanity from blowing itself up — have caught the attention of the media, the views of the sixth man on the Moon about alien UFOs and the alleged decades-old cover-up policy of governments are not […]

Creepy Alien Creature Captured On Video Climbing Building [Video]

A creepy-looking, gigantic alien was caught on video climbing a tall building. This controversial video of a spider-like, alien creature went viral causing widespread panic and fear worldwide. In August 2014, the horrifying and incredible video was uploaded to YouTube, racking up more than 5 million views. Viewers of this chilling video labeled the enormous […]

New Rendlesham UFO Evidence: U.S. Commander At Airbase Says Radar Operators Tracked UFO

More than three decades after the famous UFO sighting incident at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England, Lt.Col. Charles Halt, then-deputy U.S. commander at the Bentwaters airbase, says he has new evidence to prove that UFOs landed at Rendlesham and that the authorities are covering up the evidence. The incident was first reported in 1983 by the […]

Roswell Dead Alien Photos: ‘Undeniable’ Evidence Of Alien Life Is Actually Mummified Native American Child

Alleged Roswell E.T. photos said to have been taken by a man named Bernard Ray between 1947 and 1949 were released last week in Mexico amidst much fanfare, exciting UFO and Alien enthusiasts the world over, hoping they finally had in their grasp “undeniable” evidence not only that aliens exist, but that they’ve visited earth. […]

Evidence Of Alien Life? Previously Unseen Roswell Photos Prove ‘Beyond Any Doubt’ Aliens Exist, Astronaut Agrees

Never-before-seen images of the Roswell UFO crash provide “undeniable” proof of alien existence, according to Roswell UFO specialists. The photographs, which were taken on a Kodachrome film by geologist Bernard Ray between 1947 and 1949, are said to show the remains of an alien found dead in New Mexico. The images were a part of […]

Images That One UFO Specialist Says Prove ‘Beyond Any Doubt’ Aliens Exist, Astronaut Agrees [Video]

Roswell conspiracy theorists and UFO specialists claim to have uncovered photo evidence that aliens exists “beyond any doubt.” The photos, which were supposedly found inside an attic in Arizona, contained two images of what at least one UFO specialist says is proof that the human race has been visited by alien beings. According to the […]

Roswell Alien Photo Slides To Be Released: ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Of 1947 UFO Crash?

A team of UFO researchers announced at a livestreamed online press conference on Feb. 4 that it has obtained Kodachrome slide images that provide “smoking gun” evidence that aliens are real and that an alien UFO crash actually occurred in Roswell in 1947, despite government denial. According to Anthony Bragalia, who was involved in investigating […]

Roswell 1947 UFO Crash: Authentic Roswell Alien At Area 51 Footage Released, Magazine Claims

A magazine claims it has discovered the “authentic Roswell footage,” which shows U.S. military personnel at Area 51 in 1947 carrying a dead alien recovered from the Roswell UFO crash site. Roswell, New Mexico, was the site of the most famous UFO incident in history. On July 8, 1947, a local newspaper reported that government […]

UFO With Multiple Flashing Lights Sighted Over Rendlesham Forest [Video]

A man, George Taylor, claims he filmed a UFO event over “Britain’s Roswell,” the famous Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England, on Sunday, Jan. 25, while walking his dog. The video of the sighting was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 26, 2015. The incident is attracting the attention of UFO enthusiasts because Rendlesham Forest has a […]

New Mexico Lottery: Roswell Man’s $500,000 Winning Ticket Is A Misprint, Won’t Get Any Money

If it weren’t for bad luck, he’d have no luck at all. A New Mexico man thought he had a winning half-million-dollar instant lottery ticket, only to find out that it’s a misprint that the New Mexico Lottery won’t honor. John Wines bought an instant (or, scratch-off) lottery ticket at the Shell station in Roswell […]

Berrendo Middle School Shooting: Two Inured, Suspect In Custody

In the Berrendo Middle School Shooting, at least two people were injured according to the New Mexico State Police in Roswell where the incident took place. The first reports on the shooting did not confirm who had been injured or if the victims were children, and what the extent of their injuries were. The Eastern […]