Rosario Dawson ‘Proud’ Of Boyfriend Cory Booker’s Senate Reelection

Rosario Dawson publicly congratulated her boyfriend, Cory Booker, on his reelection as a senator in New Jersey. The famous actress took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to share a black-and-white picture of the duo, congratulating him on securing his Senate seat in the 2020 election, writing she was “so proud and grateful” for him. […]

Rosario Dawson Talks About Being Adopted & About Adopting An Older Child: ‘Love & Family Are Ageless’

When Rosario Dawson appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday, the 40-year-old actress discussed how she felt about being adopted. During the interview, the Rent star also talked about her journey in that arena, going into detail about how she came to adopt her daughter Isabella as a single parent in 2014. Rosario told […]

Rosario Dawson Comes Out As LGBTQ+ After Hinting About Being A Part Of The Community

Actress and activist Rosario Dawson decided to come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in a recent interview. The Rent star spoke to Bustle and shared that she was a part of the LGBTQ+ community two years after she caused speculation about her sexuality on social media. According to Hollywood Life, Dawson captioned […]

Cory Booker Hints That He’ll Marry Rosario Dawson

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey is a lifelong bachelor, which is a rarity among declared candidates for president. But in recent months, the senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has been dating actress Rosario Dawson. But now, there are rumblings that if Booker takes office, he won’t be so unmarried after all. Per TMZ, […]

Cory Booker Reveals How He And Girlfriend Rosario Dawson First Met

At a CNN town hall in South Carolina, Senator Cory Booker admitted his first encounter with girlfriend Rosario Dawson was far from love at first sight, reports Page Six. They first met at a political fundraiser for former NAACP president Ben Jealous, and the meeting was far from momentous. “I was trying to help him […]

Cory Booker Says His Girlfriend, Rosario Dawson, Would Be An Incredible First Lady

Last week, Rosario Dawson publicly announced that she and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker are a couple, according to TMZ. Booker, who is a presidential hopeful as well as a current politician, feels that he and Dawson will have an excellent future together. When Booker was asked if he would make Dawson his first lady, […]

Rosario Dawson Confirms Relationship With Senator Cory Booker

Actress Rosario Dawson has finally confirmed the long-speculated relationship she has with Senator Cory Booker, The HuffPost is reporting. While the two have frequently been spotted out and about — and Booker has gushed about being in a relationship with an unnamed person — Dawson finally directly addressed their romance while being trailed by paparazzi […]

Cory Booker: ‘I’m Dating Somebody That’s Really Special To Me’

Cory Booker — the senator from New Jersey who recently threw his hat into the ring to run for president in 2020 as a Democrat — is a rare presidential candidate who is unmarried. But Tuesday, the candidate confirmed for the first time that he has a girlfriend. Booker appeared on the Breakfast Club radio […]

Cory Booker And Rosario Dawson Are Dating, ‘Page Six’ Says

U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and actress Rosario Dawson have been seen out in public together quite a bit lately, with a report from the Inquisitr earlier this month stating that they were seen together at a movie in New York City — as well as at the Broadway show Dear Evan Hanson. […]

Cory Booker, Rosario Dawson Spotted Together At Movies, Broadway

Actress Rosario Dawson was spotted at the movies in New York City last week with a man who may be running for president of the United States. Dawson attended a movie with Cory Booker, the Democratic U.S. senator from New Jersey, on Thursday night, Page Six reported. The newspaper’s source did not know which movie […]

Ashley Graham Channels Her Inner ‘Jessica Rabbit’ In Red Dress At Charity Event

Ashley Graham has never been one to shy away from showing off her curves and over the weekend, the sexy model channeled another sexy pin-up model herself–Jessica Rabbit. As it was reported by the Daily Mail, the 30-year-old model took sexy to a whole new level at a Pajama party on June 9. The plus-sized […]

Rosario Dawson Gets Naked To Ring In Her 39th Birthday

It may be her birthday, but Rosario Dawson blessed the internet with a gift. Page Six is reporting that the actress took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself, fully naked, for her 39th birthday today. And while we can’t show you the video of Rosario Dawson in the nude here, you’re more […]

Miley Cyrus Hacked Pictures: Kate Hudson, Alison Brie And Rosario Dawson Also On Nude Victims List

For some time and with more or less impunity, Hollywood stars have become the perfect victims of hackers who have dedicated their lives to encroach upon celebrities’ private lives and publish intimacies which, in most cases, happen to be photographs of a sexual nature. Renowned singer, Miley Cyrus’ hacked pictures have been released on Celeb […]

‘Fappening 2.0’ More Naked Photos Leak: Miley Cyrus, Suki Waterhouse, Rosario Dawson Latest Hack Victims

The Fappening 2.0 has reportedly claimed its latest victims, as Miley Cyrus, Suki Waterhouse and Rosario Dawson are allegedly the latest victims of the recent slew of naked photo leaks. After a number of celebrities were victimized and had nude photos leak online earlier this year, reports are claiming Suki and Rosario are the latest […]

New Netflix ‘Luke Cage’ Trailer Points To Another Bulletproof Marvel Entry

Netflix has been teasing Marvel fans with snippets of Mike Colter doing his Luke Cage thing for quite some time and on Friday, another scene from the highly anticipated Marvel series was released. The countdown has started, and the next entry into the Marvel Comic Universe will make its debut, but not before a flurry […]

Bernie Sanders Supporter Rosario Dawson Criticizes Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders supporter Rosario Dawson has some harsh words about Hillary Clinton. Appearing at an event before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Rosario Dawson said Hillary Clinton is “not a leader. She is a follower,” according to the Associated Press. “She follows public opinion on things,” Rosario Dawson said. She said Bernie Sanders supporters […]

Bernie Sanders’ Celebrity Supporters Roadtripping Across California In RV

Bernie Sanders has drawn his fair share of celebrity supporters and endorsements on the campaign trail, but three of Hollywood’s stars decided to take their act on the road to boost the Sanders presidential campaign in their own way. Don’t expect them to travel first class or in limousines, however, these four are hitting the […]

‘I’m With Monica Lewinsky’: Sanders Surrogate Rosario Dawson Cites Former White House Intern To Take A Dig At Clintons

Outspoken Bernie Sanders backer and actress Rosario Dawson brought up Monica Lewinsky on Saturday, when she said she stands with the former White House intern for her battle against bullying and suggested that the Clinton campaign is behaving similarly to intimidate supporters of the Vermont senator, reports CNN. During her address at a rally for […]

Rosario Dawson Arrested After Crossing Police Line At Democracy Spring Protest

Rosario Dawson was arrested on Friday after she crossed the police line at the Democracy Spring Protest at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. According to US Weekly, the Daredevil actress was arrested and released on Friday, April 15 for “crowding, obstructing, or incommoding” after she crossed the marked police lines during the rally. Dawson […]

List Of Bernie Sanders Endorsements Continues To Grow — Celebrities, Political Figures, Local Unions, And Many More

As the race to become the Democratic presidential nominee continues to go on, Bernie Sanders is not going to concede no matter how far ahead Hillary Clinton may appear. Thousands upon thousands still show up at his rallies and he’s getting the support of the people left and right. While he’s at it, Sanders is […]

Democracy Spring: Rosario Dawson And Lawrence Lessig Arrested At Protest

Members of a group known as Democracy Spring have spent the last week conducting a peaceful protest on Capitol Hill. Since the start of the protest on Monday, upwards of 900 people have been arrested for varying offenses. Of those arrested were two familiar public faces: Rosario Dawson and once presidential hopeful, Lawrence Lessig. Democracy […]

Watch Bernie Sanders South Bronx Rally Full Replay: Rosario Dawson Joins Sanders In Bid To Close New York Gap

Bernie Sanders heads east to the South Bronx Thursday for a rally that will feature a special guest appearance by one of Sanders most prominent celebrity supporters, actress Rosario Dawson, who currently stars in the hit Netflix superhero series Daredevil. Scroll down the page to see a full replay of the Bernie Sanders South Bronx […]

Rosario Dawson Defends Bernie Sanders And Bashes DNC

Actress Rosario Dawson introduced Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally in San Diego, Calif. on Tuesday, and Dawson wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Tuesday was a big day for Sanders, as he managed to win the states of Idaho and Utah in the primaries. The crowd was very excited to see the candidate, but […]

‘Jessica Jones’: Everything You Need To Know And Why You Should Watch [Video]

All thirteen episodes of Jessica Jones go live on Netflix on November 20, and with the show dropping in on New York’s Comic-Con and showing the pilot episode, the buzz for the show is steadily growing. And here’s all you need to know about Jessica Jones before you dive into her story. Jessica Jones Backstory […]

Rosario Dawson Cast As Batgirl In New Lego Batman Movie

Rosario Dawson has long been an avowed fangirl, having appeared in such geek friendly fare as Sin City, Clerks 3, and the Marvel Netflix Daredevil series. Now, Dawson has been cast as Batgirl in the new Lego Batman film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dawson will provide the voice acting for the character of Barbara […]

Marvel: Rosario Dawson Returning For ‘Daredevil’ Second Season, May Have Bigger Presence In Marvel Universe

Marvel just announced that Rosario Dawson, who appeared in a limited but significant role as the title character’s love interest in the first season of the Netflix hit Daredevil, will return for the second season, which is set to debut sometime in 2016, according to Comicvine’s Mat Elfring. According to Entertainment Weekly’s Jonathon Dornbush, Dawson’s […]

Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Netflix Series Gets April Premiere, Poster, And New Image

Marvel is on a hot streak right now and isn’t afraid to test the theory that it can do no wrong with ventures into television like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and now Agent Carter. A slate of Netflix-produced series’ are also on the way starting this April with Daredevil starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, the […]

Chris Rock Dating Rosario Dawson? Chris Reportedly ‘Wants To Go Public’

Chris Rock is reportedly dating actress Rosario Dawson. Media Takeout reported on Monday that the Top Five actor/director and his co-star have been seeing each other for quite some time now. According to the report, an inside source claims that the two longtime friends did not want their relationship to be leaked out to the […]

Rosario Dawson Has Adopted A 12-Year-Old Girl

Rosario Dawson has decided to adopt a 12-year-old girl. According to Page Six, the 35-year-old star became a mother in October. Adoption has always been an issue very close to home for Dawson, whose stepfather, Greg Dawson legally adopted her. Back at the start of this year Dawson was busy promoting her film Gimme Shelter, […]

‘True Detective’: Which Popular Actresses Are Circling Season 2?

True Detective 2 hasn’t started filming but since the first season ended, there’s been a ton of rumors regarding the cast. Over the months, there’s been a long list of rumored individuals that production is looking at. Colin Ferrell and Taylor Kitsch are on the shortlist for the men, but in regards to the women, […]

Eva Green Reflects On ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ – It Was ‘Corrupt’ And ‘ Bonkers’

Eva Green is starring in Robert Rodriguez’s return to Frank Miller’s Sin City, in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Eva Green plays said Dame in the role of Ava Lord. Eva recently sat down with British GQ to talk about preparing for the seductive, sultry role. Green (34) said about preparing to take […]

‘Daredevil’ On Netflix: First Instagram Pics From The Set!

Any chance of a Daredevil reboot in theaters looked to be dead in the water following Ben Affleck’s 2003 disastrous turn as the blind superhero. When the rights reverted back to Marvel Studios, it seemed as if even the red-hot comic company didn’t want to touch its own creation on the big-screen. However, Daredevil on […]

‘Sin City’ Sequel Gives Lady Gaga A Shot At Movie Stardom

Lady Gaga gives acting a turn in Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to Frank Miller’s Sin City — Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, according to CinemaBlend. Cast in a bit part as a waitress named Bertha in the star-studded sequel to the 2005 film, Lady Gaga is shown briefly in the latest red band trailers […]

Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ Enlists ‘Hunger Games’ Actor As Foggy Nelson

Marvel‘s Daredevil series for Netflix wouldn’t be complete without Matt Murdock’s long-time law partner and best friend, Foggy Nelson. That role was filled Thursday by Elden Henson, who is set to make his Hunger Games debut in Mockingjay – Part 1 later this year. Henson joins a cast that added Rosario Dawson in an unspecified […]

Rosario Dawson Potential ‘Daredevil’ Love Interest For Netflix Series

Rosario Dawson officially joined the cast of Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series on Friday. The Sin City: A Dame To Kill For actress joins a growing cast that includes the Man Without Fear himself and his primary antagonist, The Kingpin. According to the official announcement from Marvel, the stunning Dawson’s character is a “dedicated young woman […]

Rosario Dawson: Nudity Doesn’t Bother Me

Rosario Dawson isn’t fazed when she’s told that she has to be nude for a movie. Dawson has appeared in the buff in numerous films, including Danny Boyle’s Trance and Oliver Stone’s Alexander. However, rather than being overwhelmed by these scenes, she noted during a recent interview that there isn’t actually much to it. “How […]

Rosario Dawson Is Plain Mean To Vanessa Hudgens In ‘Gimme Shelter’

Rosario Dawson is really mean to Vanessa Hudgens in Gimme Shelter, the new drama about a teenager that flees her abusive mother and ends up in a pickle when her father rejects her too. Based on a true story, the film directed by Ron Krauss is the story of June Bailey (Dawson), who is a […]

Rosario Dawson Opens Up About Mastering Her ‘Crack Walk’

Rosario Dawson is hoping that you enjoy her performance in the upcoming drama Gimme Shelter. She’s also hoping that you’re impressed with her “crack walk.” Although she’s only around 10 years older than co-star Vanessa Hudgens, the Kids alum plays her mother in writer-director Ron Krauss’ upcoming endeavor. In order to completely master the role, […]

‘Trance’ Review Roundup

Trance, coming to theaters April 5, has been reviewed. See what the critics said about it. Trance is a film about an art auctioneer who gets mixed up with criminals, and enlists the aid of a hypnotherapist to find a lost painting. The film stars James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel, and is directed […]

Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’ Gets A New Trailer [Video]

Director Danny Boyle’s upcoming thriller Trance has dropped another trailer. The latest promotional item from the flick focuses more on the relationship between co-stars James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson. The clip also showcases some of the thriller’s trippy visuals. The trailer has been embedded below. Trance tells the story of an art auctioneer (McAvoy) who […]

James McAvoy, Danny Boyle Attend ‘Trance’ Premiere In London [Photos]

Director Danny Boyle and star James McAvoy were among the many famous faces at the London premiere of Trance on Tuesday (March 19). The Trainspotting director’s latest offering casts McAvoy as an art auctioneer who gets wrapped up in the theft of a priceless painting. When he gets knocked on the head during the robbery, […]

Danny Boyle’s New Trailer For ‘Trance’ Looks Disturbing

Danny Boyle is no stranger to directing experimental films. In his newest release Trance, he takes James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson through a cryptic ride. As described in its official synopsis released by Fox Searchlight: “James McAvoy stars as a fine art auctioneer who has teamed up with a criminal gang to steal a Goya […]

Rosario Dawson, Brian Cox, Michael Wincott lending their voices to EA’s Syndicate reboot

EA has announced that Starbreeze Studios’ Syndicate reboot will enlist some Hollywood talent to voice the game’s characters, including Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Men in Black II, Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity) and Michael Wincott (The Crow). Dawson will be taking on the role of Lily Drawl, an agent under the employ of the EuroCorp […]

Rosario Dawson: Foie Gras and Pilates Secret to Being Fit

32-year-old Zookeeper actress Rosario Dawson has been doing publicity for the film, and currently graces the cover of fitness magazine Shape in a stunning white bikini. However, Dawson doesn’t credit an intense cardio workout and steamed fish for her stunning physique. She reveals a refreshingly healthy attitude about health and fitness, and says she believes […]

Rosario Dawson Discusses ‘Zookeeper’ Role

Actress Rosario Dawson is known for taking on dramatic parts, but in her latest movie, the 32-year-old actress also showed she is willing to deal with physical discomforts for the right role. In Zookeeper, a comedy starring Kevin James that premiered Friday, Dawson didn’t allow her severe case of allergies to stop her from ‘monkeying’ […]

Rosario Dawson’s Airport Moment: No Sign of Inauguration Cheer

You’d think that the positive energy of Washington D.C. would inspire Rosario Dawson to be nice to her rabid fans in the airport. Sorry, not this time! I’m going to imagine that she didn’t want to get any attention because of the momentous occasion, but there’s always the chance that she just had a rough […]