‘Return To Amish’ Spoilers: Jeremiah Hunts For His Biological Family & Sabrina Juggles A Fourth Pregnancy

Two original cast members of the TLC series Breaking Amish will continue to share their lives with fans on the forthcoming sixth season of Return to Amish. Jeremiah Raber and Sabrina Burkholder will be forced to navigate complicated issues when the show returns to the network on Monday, March 22. The series tells the stories […]

‘Return To Amish,’ ‘Outdaughtered’ & Other Fan-Favorite Shows Returning To TLC In February & March

TLC will welcome the return of four fan-favorite television series in February and March. These will include updates from the Busby clan from Outdaughtered, the Browns of Sister Wives, and the casts of Seeking Sister Wife and Return to Amish. In a press release, TLC announced the following details regarding the aforementioned series. Sister Wives […]

‘Return To Amish’ Coming Back To TLC With New Episodes

Fans of Return to Amish will not have to wait much longer, as new episodes of the popular reality series will be airing come November. International Business Times reported that the show will return from a lengthy hiatus to its home on TLC. Sabrina Burkholder, who almost succumbed to a near-fatal heroin overdose this summer, […]

Kate Stoltz Gets Asked If ‘Breaking Amish’ Is Scripted, Shares Her Thoughts

Kate Stoltz may be done with Breaking Amish, but that doesn’t mean that people are done asking her about the show. In Touch Weekly shared that Kate was recently asked about if the show was scripted or not and her answer says a lot without actually saying it. There have been rumors for years that […]

Jeremiah Raber Surprises Fans With Reconciliation Announcement, ‘Return To Amish’ Star Reuniting With Carmela

Jeremiah Raber is making headlines once again. His relationship with his wife, Carmela, has been a rollercoaster ride. The two do well for a few weeks, and then everything falls apart and a social media firestorm ensues. Raber has taken to YouTube to share what is going on with his life in recent weeks, allowing […]

Jeremiah Raber Posts GoFundMe Campaign To Get Help With Mortgage, ‘Return To Amish’ Star Roasted By Critics

Jeremiah Raber is making headlines again. This time, though, it isn’t because of alleged abuse. Raber is famous for being a part of the TLC shows Breaking Amish and Return to Amish. His life has been chronicled for the last few years. While it looks like there may not be another season for Return to […]

‘Return To Amish’ Stars Jeremiah And Carmela Had Another Dramatic Split

Return to Amish couple Jeremiah and Carmela Raber have split once again, and this time Jeremiah filed a police report against his wife on allegations of theft. Carmela allegedly took Jeremiah’s wallet with his IDs and social security card and refuses to return it. Two months ago, Jeremiah took to social media to announce that […]

Sabrina High Of ‘Breaking Amish’ Arrested Again, Actually In Prison This Time

In shocking news today, Sabrina High, also known as Sabrina Burkholder, of Breaking Amish, was arrested once again and is actually in prison this time around. The fans have seen her struggles with the law and drugs on the show. Starcasm shared the news that Sabrina is in jail now. No word yet on if […]

‘Return To Amish’ Jeremiah And Carmela Back Together, On A Road Trip?

Three weeks since Jeremiah Raber announced that he has ended things with wife, Carmela Raber, rumors of their reconciliation emerged. The couple seems to be on a road trip together. Earlier this month, Jeremiah announced through a Periscope video that he and Carmela have split. He was proud to say that he finally stood up […]

Jeremiah Raber’s Best Man Turns Back On Him, Tries To Sell Carmela’s Garter On eBay

When Jeremiah Raber of Return to Amish got married, the fans got to see it all go down on the show. Jim Kuhn was his best man during his wedding to Carmela, but things have taken a pretty negative turn now. Jim calls himself “Mr. Hollywood” on Facebook, and now he has posted Carmela Raber’s […]

‘Return To Amish’ Couple Jeremiah And Carmela Raber Back Together, Photo Suggests

Return to Amish stars Carmela and Jeremiah Raber has a rough first year of marriage, which came to the point that they have to stay away from each other. However, a recent photo posted by Carmela on her Facebook page suggests that they two are finally back together. Carmela and Jeremiah working on marriage Carmela […]

‘Return To Amish’s Rebecca Schmucker Passes Her GED

Rebecca Schmucker was last seen on Return to Amish struggling to pass her GED. The sixth season of the show ended on a cliffhanger without revealing the reality star’s results. In April, Starcasm reported that she was able to pass the Science, Social Studies and Language Arts sections, but recently, she announced that she had […]

Why Did ‘Return To Amish’ Star Sabrina Lose Custody Of Her Baby? What’s She Been Up To Since The Show?

It’s been a rough couple of years for Return to Amish star Sabrina Burkholder (who also goes by Sabrina High). Thanks to a series of personal problems and legal issues, she’s lost custody of both of her children, has become estranged from her friends and family, and has even done time, In Touch Weekly is […]

Jeremiah Raber Of ‘Return To Amish’ Says He Won’t Be Supporting Sabrina Anymore, Working On Marriage

Tonight is the big season finale of Return to Amish, and Jeremiah Raber is now speaking out about how he is not going to be supporting Sabrina High Burkholder anymore. These two have been friends for a while because of this show, but she keeps getting in trouble with the law, and he is ready […]

‘Return to Amish’: Carmela Talks About Split With Jeremiah After Getting Into Accident

Return to Amish star Carmela Raber has broken her silence over her separation with husband Jeremiah Raber. Her update comes after she got into a car accident while she was with Jeremiah. Carmela and Jeremiah to remain separated For now, the Return to Amish couple remains separated as they are working to fix their own […]

‘Return to Amish’: Sabrina High Poses Topless Right After Jail Release; Jeremiah, Carmela Got Into Car Crash

Return to Amish star Sabrina High has been released from jail on charges related to drugs. Just shortly after getting out, Sabrina posted a topless photo of herself on her social media; was she under the influence? Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Carmela got into a car accident. Sabrina on drugs again? Immediately after being released from […]

‘Return to Amish’: Jeremiah Raber Admits To Hurting His Wife, Wants To Fix Marriage

In the recent episode of Return to Amish, Carmela Mendez left her husband, Jeremiah Raber, after a heated argument. By the end of the episode, Carmela returned to Jeremiah, feeling that her husband is finally ready to listen to her. But just last month, Raber was arrested for domestic violence. Jeremiah issues public apology In […]

‘Return To Amish’ News: Sabrina High Released From Jail, Custody Details Revealed

The news came out recently that Sabrina High, of Return to Amish, was arrested on drug charges. Fans know that Sabrina had lost custody of her daughter before and are now curious how things are going for her. Starcasm revealed the news that Sabrina is now out of jail and they also have details about […]

‘Return To Amish’: Sabrina High Gets Out Of Jail

Last week, Sabrina High of Return to Amish was put in jail for possessing drugs, along with other charges. She pleaded guilty to all of the charges and is reportedly getting out of prison on Monday. Sabrina enters guilty plea Return to Amish star, Sabrina, faced three charges resulting from an incident in April, which […]

Sabrina High Of ‘Return To Amish’ Arrested On Drug Charges Once Again

Sabrina High of Return to Amish is in trouble once again. Starcasm revealed that Sabrina recently got arrested on drug charges. Fans have watched her battle to try and keep her daughters on Return to Amish. She is now going by the name Sabrina Burkholder and, at the time of this report, is still behind […]

Jeremiah Raber Decides To Step Away From Social Media For A While

Jeremiah Raber is on the hit show Return to Amish on TLC. This season, fans are watching as he tries to build his dream home with his wife Carmela and also fix another home that they will be living in for a while. It hasn’t all been easy, but it looks like they are making […]

‘Return To Amish’ Star Jeremiah Raber’s Wife Carmela Reveals A Secret Past, Is Her Family In Trouble?

TLC’s reality show Breaking Amish was a surprise hit when it premiered back in 2012. TLC treated us to three seasons of Breaking Amish as they tracked the trials and tribulations faced by members of the Amish and Mennonite communities, who were uprooted from their simple lifestyles and dropped into major cities like New York. […]

‘Return To Amish’ Star Jeremiah Raber Offers Apology For Domestic Violence Against Wife

Return To Amish star Jeremiah Raber was arrested just over a week ago on domestic violence charges. Carmela Raber has decided to take some time away from the marriage, and that is not sitting well with the reality television star. The two haven’t been married long at all, and many warned her about getting involved […]

‘Return To Amish’ Spoilers: What Can You Expect In Season 4?

It is time for a new season of Return to Amish on TLC. It has been a while since the viewers have seen this group of ex-Amish that are living the English lifestyle. TV Ruckus actually shared spoilers about what to expect on the next season of the show. Return to Amish Season 4 starts […]

Jeremiah Raber Of ‘Return To Amish’ Arrested On Domestic Abuse Charges

Jeremiah Raber has had a rough few years since being thrust into the spotlight with Breaking Amish. Those times are reportedly getting the best of him, especially with Return to Amish beginning soon. Rumors of a turbulent marriage between Raber and his wife Carmela have been circulating for weeks. In fact, their arguments were mentioned […]

‘Return To Amish’ News: Kate Stoltz Speaks Out Saying Amish Do Use Dentists

Last night on a new episode of Return to Amish, there was a lot of talk about Abe Schmucker getting dental work done. It was going to cost over $20,000 to get it done, so Rebecca decided that it was time for her to get a job and help him pay for it. He went […]

‘Return To Amish’ News: Kate Stoltz Slams TLC For The Way They Treated Her And Other Cast Members In New Rant

Everyone is excited to see Return to Amish back once again, but Kate Stoltz isn’t holding anything back this season. On the show, she is seen working in the fashion world and things look like they are going well for her. Now Kate is speaking out against TLC and the way that they treat their […]

‘Return To Amish’ News: Is Kate Stoltz Dating Her Plastic Surgeon?

On the latest episode of Return to Amish, they talked discussed whether Kate Stoltz is dating someone or not. She was out with some other people she works with, and they asked her more than once if she has someone special in her life. At the time, Kate Stoltz shared that she was single. They […]

‘Return To Amish’ News: Did Sabrina High Ever Get Back Custody Of Her Daughter?

On this week’s new episode of Return to Amish, everyone heard Sabrina High talk about losing her daughter, Oakley. It was a really hard time for her not being with her daughter. Sabrina had a rough time, where she was living in her car and doing drugs. Things were not going well and she had […]

‘Return To Amish’ News: Kate Stoltz Slams Chapel, Saying Cancer Was Never Back, Reveals More Things Fake On The Show

It is almost time for Return to Amish to come back, and now Kate Stoltz is revealing a lot about past seasons. It is pretty obvious that she is unhappy with the show right now and not holding much back. Starcasm shared what Kate Stoltz had to say on her Twitter account as she revealed […]

‘Return To Amish’ Spoilers: Which Couple Is Splitting?

It is almost time for the Return to Amish to come back, and sadly, one couple is splitting up during this season. Yahoo! shared the news about one couple that will be calling it quits and which couple that is. Mama Mary Schmucker and her husband, Chester, are going to be living apart. The thing […]

Chapel Schmucker-Peace Of ‘Breaking Amish’ Arrested On Drug Charges

Fans of the show Breaking Amish on TLC love keeping up with the cast, but now bad news is out about Chapel Schmucker-Peace. We Are Central PA shared the news today that Chapel has been arrested on drug charges and is now in jail. She was part of what police are calling Operation Ice Storm, […]