Bill Maher Says Amy Coney Barrett Should Be Attacked Over Religion Because ‘Being Nuts Is Relevant’

On Friday night’s edition of HBO’s Real Time, comedian Bill Maher argued that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett should be attacked over her religion, Mediaite reported. Barrett was chosen by President Donald Trump to fill the vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away in September. Democrats have warned that Barrett’s conservative leanings […]

Thousands Gather To Pray, Celebrate Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination To Supreme Court

On Saturday, as President Donald Trump was preparing to formally nominate judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, thousands of Americans took to the streets of Washington, D.C., to pray and celebrate, Newsweek reported. Dubbed the National Prayer March, the gathering was organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and led by Rev. Franklin […]

Mike Pompeo Attacks Pope Francis & The ‘Moral Authority’ Of The Vatican Amidst Potential Deal With China

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has hit out at Pope Francis following the news that diplomats from the Holy See are meeting later this month with members of the Chinese Communist Party to renew a two-year-old agreement between China and the Vatican. Though the Middle Kingdom nominally adheres to the principle of religious freedom, it […]

Southern Baptist Leaders Wrestle With Denomination’s Name, Connection To Slavery

Some senior members of the Southern Baptists, a Protestant denomination with some 50,000 congregations in the U.S., are wrestling with the organization’s name and its relationship to slavery, The Washington Post reported. The organization is allowing local congregations, and Christians within the denomination, to use an alternative name if they so choose. The Southern Baptist […]

President Trump Repeats Debunked Claim That Democrats Removed ‘Under God’ From Pledge Of Allegiance

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to repeat a debunked claim that Democrats removed the words “under God” during recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Newsweek reported. In the tweet, which Newsweek writer Benjamin Fearnow posited was an attempt to appeal to suburban, evangelical Christian voters, the […]

Joe Biden Tries To Court Votes From Evangelical Christians, The Same Bloc That Overwhelmingly Supports Trump

Presumptive Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden is trying to make inroads with evangelical Christians, the same voting bloc that helped propel Donald Trump to victory in 2016 and still overwhelmingly supports him, The Hill reported. The former vice president, a devout Catholic, has made a couple of small overtures to the evangelical voting bloc. He […]

China Is Offering Rewards For Reporting Underground Churches In Latest Religious Crackdown

Reports are claiming that the Communist Party in China has begun a new program throughout the country that offers a substantial monetary award to those who report and identify home churches in their communities. According to the Catholic News Agency, the directive was tested earlier this year in the province of Heilongjiang. Citizens of the […]

Nashville Newspaper Apologizes For ‘Horrific’ Ad That Claimed ‘Islam’ Was Going To Deploy Nuclear Weapon In US

Nashville’s The Tennessean newspaper has apologized for a “horrific” ad it ran, which claimed “Islam” was going to detonate a nuclear weapon in the city next month, NBC News reported. On Sunday, all copies of the print edition of the newspaper included an ad — one made to look like an actual news article but […]

Matt Schlapp Says ‘Statues Of Jesus Are Next’ In The Wake Of Confederate Statues Being Taken Down

Conservative activist Matt Schlapp said that statues of Jesus will be the next target of protesters in the wake of Confederate monuments coming down across the country. In the wake of the George Floyd protests, in several cities, monuments of Confederate fighters have been the target of protesters who want them gone. In some cases, […]

Rev. Mariann Budde Slams Donald Trump After He Posed With A Bible In Front Of St. John’s Church

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington is criticizing President Donald Trump for clearing protesters in front of the White House and then posing for photos while holding the Bible in front of St. John’s Church. As NBC News reported, on Monday afternoon police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds that […]

Amish Protesters Stand In Support Of George Floyd In Minneapolis

A group of Amish people were seen joining George Floyd protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, clad in their traditional “plain dress” and holding signs up in support of justice, RT reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Monday, George Floyd, a 47-year-old unarmed African American man, died in police custody after a Minneapolis Police Department […]

Donald Trump Promises To Override Governors And Open Churches Back Up

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he was willing to override state governors in order to give the legal right to churches across the nation to open again. Trump read a statement in which he identified houses of worship as “essential places that provide essential services.” The president’s move comes in the face of […]

Baltimore Pastor Rips Up Cease-And-Desist Order On Video Uploaded To Twitter

Pastor Stacey Shiflett of Calvary Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, took a stand against his local government and tore up a cease-and-desist order during his recent sermon. The pastor then went so far as to upload the video to Twitter saying that his church plans to follow the Bible, even risking the ire of local […]

Tony Spell, Louisiana Pastor Accused Of Assaulting Protester, Placed Under House Arrest

Louisiana pastor Tony Spell, accused of holding church services despite social-distancing orders as well as assaulting a protester with a bus, has been placed under house arrest, Baton Rouge’s WAFB-TV reports. Spell has vowed to never stop holding church in person. Spell, pastor of Life Tabernacle Church in the town of Central, has continued to […]

Wife Of Pastor Tony Spell Flashes ‘Wads Of Cash’ When She Bails Him Out For Allegedly Assaulting Protester

The wife of Louisiana pastor Tony Spell appeared to flash stacks of cash at a security camera as she bailed her husband out of jail, The Independent reports. The pastor is facing charges of assault for allegedly backing up a church bus in the direction of a protester. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Spell […]

Alabama Considers Allowing Yoga In Public Schools, But Only If Kids, Teachers Don’t Say ‘Namaste’

Alabama lawmakers are wrestling with a plan to allow yoga in public schools after the practice has been forbidden for nearly three decades, The New York Times reports. One option on the table is allowing the practice as long as kids and teachers don’t use the word “namaste.” Back in 1993, Alabama passed a law […]

Marie Osmond’s Powerful Message Of Hurt & Healing As She Reflects On 10th Anniversary Of Son Michael’s Death

Marie Osmond shared a powerful message of hurt and healing as she reflected on the anniversary of the death of her son Michael. The young man passed 10 years ago at the age of 18. Marie spoke about her feelings regarding loss and moving forward in an inspirational message shared to Instagram on February 23. […]

Kentucky Atheist Awarded $150,000 After State Refuses To Issue ‘IMGOD’ Vanity License Plates

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has been ordered to pay an atheist just over $150,000 after denying him a vanity plate that reads “IMGOD,” CTV News reports. For decades now, customized vanity license plates have been available to vehicle owners in all 50 states. The messages of most such plates are pretty mundane such as a […]

New Jersey Church Secretary Taisha Smith-DeJoseph Accused Of Embezzling Half A Million Dollars From Her Job

A New Jersey church secretary is accused of embezzling over $500,000 from her former employer over the course of five years, reports. Taisha Smith-DeJoseph allegedly used the stolen money to pay for her wedding and her car payments, among other things. Smith-DeJospeh had, until recently, been the director of finances of St. Paul’s Baptist […]

The Mormon Church Is Accused Of Hiding $100 Billion In Assets, According To Whistleblower

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a religion more popularly known as the Mormon Church, has been accused of hiding over $100 billion in assets, according to The Wall Street Journal. In fact, news of the billions owned by the church only became public knowledge after a whistleblower accused the organization of improperly […]

A Jewish Family That Was Kicked Off A Flight Because Of Body Odor Is Suing American Airlines

Last year, Michigan couple Yehuda Yosef Adler and Jennie Adler were traveling with American Airlines with their 19-month-old daughter. Only moments after they were seated on the plane, they were told they must get off due to an emergency. It was then they were informed my the flight staffed that they’d been kicked off due […]

Burger King Ad With The Word ‘Damn’ Draws Ire Of Christian Moms Group

A group of conservative Christian mothers is upset with Burger King for running an ad that uses the word “damn,” HuffPost reports. A couple of generations ago, the word “damn” being uttered on prime-time TV may have raised eyebrows. These days, however, most viewers regard the expletive as rather bland. Not so for many members […]

‘Christianity Today’ Sees Boost In Subscriptions After Calling For Donald Trump To Be Removed From Office

Christianity Today came under fire from Donald Trump after the publication called for the president to be removed from office. However, the controversial stance apparently hasn’t hurt the magazine’s bottom line. On Sunday, editor-in-chief Mark Galli said in an interview with MSNBC that Christianity Today lost the support of some subscribers after his essay called […]

Evangelicals Made A ‘Deal With The Devil’ When They Decided To Support Donald Trump, Says Former Republican

In a scathing op-ed published on Thursday, Christianity Today, a prominent evangelical magazine, called for President Donald Trump to be removed from office. Describing Trump’s actions in Ukraine as “profoundly immoral” and blasting the commander-in-chief as “morally lost and confused,” the publication urged evangelical Christians across the United States to cast aside the president’s perceived […]

Politically-Themed Church Nativity Scenes Are Becoming A Thing, Drawing The Ire Of Some

Christian churches across the country are using the traditional nativity scene as an opportunity to make a political statement, USA Today reports. That’s not sitting well with some, particularly those on the opposite side of the issue being raised. Churches across Christendom this time of year put out displays meant to depict some aspects of […]

New Orleans Saints’ Demario Davis Thanks Fans For Support Over ‘Man Of God’ Headband Controversy

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis is thanking his fans for their support following a dustup involving him and the National Football League (NFL) over his wearing a headband that had the words “Man of God” written on it, Yahoo! Sports reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Davis, a devout Christian, had been wearing […]

Mohammed Hits The Top 10 List Of Boys Names In The U.S. For The First Time Ever

For the first time ever, the name “Mohammed” (or one of its multiple variant spellings in the Roman alphabet) is one of the Top Ten baby names in the United States, as America’s ever-growing Muslim population tends to bestow that name on firstborn boys. There are few complications to sort out here before getting into […]

Pete Buttigieg Says He Is Not Sure If Beto O’Rourke ‘Understood The Implications’ Of Church Tax Proposal

During the Human Rights Campaign-sponsored Equality Town Hall earlier this week, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said that there can be “no reward, no benefit, no tax break” for any institution or organization that opposes gay marriage. He doubled down on his position after the event, confirming that he is in favor of stripping religious […]

William Barr Says ‘Militant Secularists’ Are Attacking Religious Values And Destroying ‘Moral Order’ In U.S.

During a speech at the University of Notre Dame on Friday, Attorney General William Barr blamed “militant secularists” for what he claims are attacks on religious values, CNN reports. According to Barr, issues that society is currently dealing with — such as violence and opioid addiction — are a product of decades of efforts to […]

The ‘Most Haunted Village In England’ Cancels Ghost Tours After Local Minister Complains

A village in England has been forced to cancel its ghost tours and other spooky goings-on after the local minister complained about disrespectful tourists and the general un-Christian-ness of it all, Yahoo News U.K. reports. Prestbury, Gloucestershire, which is about 100 miles northwest of London, has everything a fan of the paranormal loves. There are […]

Pat Robertson Says That If Donald Trump Pulls Out Of Syria, He’ll ‘Lose His Mandate Of Heaven’

On Monday, evangelist Pat Robertson said that Donald Trump is in danger of losing his “mandate of Heaven” if he proceeds with his plans to remove U.S. troops from northern Syria, perhaps allowing Turkey to make a military incursion into Kurd-held territory, Mediaite reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Monday, President Trump announced […]

Donald Trump Claims His Fight With Media, Democrats ‘Electrified’ Christianity, Says ‘Thousands’ Join Churches

As Democrats accelerated their impeachment inquiry targeting Donald Trump last week, the president himself unleashed series of increasingly bizarre and outrageous statements, culminating in his open call for the government of Ukraine to open a “major investigation” into former United States Vice President Joe Biden — the current frontrunner to oppose Trump in the 2020 […]

Utah Lawmaker Wants State To Take Another Look At Polygamy Laws, Make It A Minor Offense Like A Traffic Ticket

A Utah lawmaker wants his state’s legislature to take another look at its laws against polygamy, MSN reports. The Beehive State officially outlaws polygamy, but many people in the state still openly participate in plural marriages. Utah’s relationship with polygamy is “complicated,” says writer Andrew O’Reilly. The state was founded, settled, and to this day […]

North Carolina Police Officer Fired For Obeying ‘Billy Graham Rule,’ Refusing To Train A Female Colleague

A North Carolina police officer who was fired for refusing to train a female colleague, citing a religious exemption, is suing on the grounds of religious discrimination, NBC News reports. The man followed a rule, called “The Billy Graham Rule,” that forbids him from spending any time with a woman who isn’t his wife. Manuel […]

Donald Trump’s ‘Racialized Rhetoric’ Criticized By Top-Ranking Clergy Of The Washington National Cathedral

A group of leaders of the National Cathedral has written an editorial criticizing Donald Trump for language they deem racist. In a blog post on the Cathedral’s website, The Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington; The Very Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith, Dean of Washington National Cathedral; and The Rev. […]

Religious Author Of ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ Says He Is No Longer Christian

Christian author Joshua Harris of I Kissed Dating Goodbye fame recently confessed in an Instagram post that he no longer considers himself a Christian, per The Christian Broadcasting Network. Harris recently announced his divorce from his wife of 20 years. I Kissed Dating Goodbye was Harris’ smash hit book, a sort of how-to guide to […]

Evangelical Christians Who Support Donald Trump Are ‘The Biggest Phonies Of All,’ Says Michael Steele

Former Republican National Committee Chairman (RNC) Michael Steele says in a new book that evangelical Christians who support Donald Trump are “the biggest phonies of all,” Yahoo News reports. Steele, who served as the Chair of the RNC from 2009-2011, spoke with journalist Tim Alberta for the latter’s recently-published book, American Carnage: On the Front […]

Archdiocese of Indianapolis Severs Ties With Catholic School Due To Their Refusal To Fire A Gay Teacher

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School was established in 1962 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is known for being a prestigious Roman Catholic high school and one of the top tier private schools the state has to offer. The school was named after St. Jean de Brébeuf, a Catholic missionary and saint from the 17th century who gave […]

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Beth Chapman Shares Uplifting Message Of Hope Amid Cancer Battle

On Sunday, Beth Chapman shared a video of Christian preacher Joel Osteen speaking of faith and trust during times of fear and confusion. The timing makes sense, considering that the wife of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is in the midst of a battle with stage II throat cancer. Osteen’s Sunday sermon at Houston’s […]

Pennsylvania School Will No Longer Follow Pledge Of Allegiance With ‘God Bless America’

A Pennsylvania elementary school’s principal will no longer say the phrase “God bless America” after leading the students in the Pledge of Allegiance, The Associated Press reports. The decision comes after at least one parent complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Sabold Elementary School Principal Peter Brigg had, until recently, led the students in […]

Christian Persecution Is So Bad That It’s Approaching ‘Genocide,’ Says British Cleric

Christians are so persecuted that in some parts of the world it’s tantamount to genocide, an Anglican bishop claims in a new report. As BBC News reports, the Right Reverend Philip Mounstephen, the Bishop of Truro, was tasked with documenting persecution of Christians worldwide. His new report, published this week, paints a gruesome picture. “In […]

Kendall Jenner Spotted Wearing Butt-Revealing, Skintight Leather Pants To Church

Kendall Jenner was spotted heading into an L.A. church on Wednesday night, wearing a pair of skin-tight, butt-revealing leather pants that may very well raise eyebrows. As Elle reports, it seems like the Kardashian/West/Jenner family has taken an interest in religion of late, some members having attended Kanye West’s church service at Coachella last Sunday […]

A Priest Says His Cross ‘Enraged’ A Man Who Asked Him ‘How’s Trump’ And Assaulted Him

A Russian Orthodox priest who was assaulted by a man who asked him “How’s Trump?” before letting loose a barrage of punches believes his cross “enraged” his assailant, Seattle’s KIRO-TV reports. Abbot Tryphon was minding his own business and fueling up his van at a suburban Seattle gas station when a passerby noticed the cross […]

Michelle Bachmann Praises Donald Trump: ‘We Will Never See A More Godly, Biblical President’

Former Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann praised Donald Trump on a Christian radio broadcast, telling the audience that the 45th president is the most “godly” and “Biblical” president the nation has ever seen — or will ever see. As HuffPost reports, Bachmann appeared on the “Understanding The Times” Christian radio show, where she was effusive in […]

Here’s What Has Been Destroyed In The Notre Dame Fire, Plus What Parts Whose Fate Is Unknown

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire on Monday destroyed several of the church’s iconic elements, both inside and outside, and threatened the very existence of the church itself. And though it appears, for now, as if the structure proper is going to survive, Paris officials, joined by art historians and Catholic Church leaders, are assessing the […]

For The First Time Ever, ‘No Religion’ Is Now The Top Religious Affiliation In America

The largest share of Americans has no specific religious affiliation for the first time ever, a new analysis shows. The long-running General Social Survey looks at Americans’ religious affiliations and has shown a steady trend away from organized religions. As ABC 15 reported, the latest results piqued the interest of political scientist Ron Burge, a […]

David Suhor, A Self-Described Satanist Accused Of Disrupting Public Meetings, Acquitted Of All Charges

A self-described Satanist and “religious freedom activist” who had been facing criminal charges for allegedly disrupting public meetings has been acquitted of all charges, the Associated Press reports. David Suhor never cared for the fact that some governmental entities in and around his home town of Pensacola, Florida, would sometimes begin meetings by reciting a […]

Pete Buttigieg Defends Questioning Donald Trump’s Belief In God

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg on Thursday defended earlier comments he’d made questioning Donald Trump’s belief in God, saying that the 45th president’s actions don’t strike him as consistent with someone who believes in the God of Christianity. In remarks published Wednesday in USA Today, Buttigieg, who is an Episcopalian, called out the Religious Right, […]

Chick-fil-A Banned From San Antonio Airport, Now The Texas Attorney General Wants To Investigate

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has opened an investigation into the San Antonio City Council’s decision to effectively ban Chick-fil-A from its airport, NBC News is reporting. As reported at the time by The Inquisitr, the San Antonio City Council was in the process of approving a new contract with a management group to bring […]

Hampton Inn Employee Sues Company & His Boss For Trying To Force Him To Undergo An Exorcism

A Kentucky man says he was forced out of his job at Hampton Inn because he refused to undergo an exorcism or answer invasive questions about religion from his boss. As Lexington’s WKYT-TV reports, Jason Fields had been a front-desk employee at the Hampton Inn in Hazard, in Eastern Kentucky. However, Fields claims in a […]