R. Kelly Was Stomped On And Nearly Stabbed While Sleeping In His Cell, Lawyer Claims

R. Kelly’s legal team is once again asking for his release from jail, claiming that the disgraced singer was stomped on and nearly stabbed by another inmate while he was sleeping in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center last week. Since then, the singer has reportedly been taken to solitary confinement for his own […]

R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Azriel Clary Posts Family Reunion Photo After Moving Out Of Trump Tower Condo

R. Kelly‘s girlfriend, Azriel Clary, has reunited with her family after years of being estranged, and she wants the world to know. Clary and Kelly’s second girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, have lived in seclusion in the singer’s Trump Tower condo, but after moving out and getting in a knock-down fight with Savage, Clary is moving on […]

R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Changes Her Tune, Apologizes For Getting Involved In Drama Surrounding The Singer

While R. Kelly‘s girlfriends Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage have remained largely mum about the drama surrounding the disgraced singer, Clary recently jumped into the fray as the second installment of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary hit the airwaves. Now, according to The Blast, the 22-year-old is apologizing for getting involved. Clary started talking about […]

R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Moves Out Of His Swanky Trump Tower Condo To Avoid Legal Circus

Disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly’s girlfriends have been living the high life in his Trump Tower condo in New York City, but one of the women is reportedly so done with the drama surrounding Kelly that she is leaving for Chicago. Azriel Clary recently left New York, according to TMZ, where she was living with […]

R. Kelly’s Girlfriends Are Living The High Life In Trump Tower Despite Claims That The Singer Is Broke

R. Kelly’s lawyers have argued that the singer is struggling to make ends meet. However, his financial woes don’t seem to extend to his girlfriends who continue to live the good life high up in Chicago’s Trump Tower. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg revealed that Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage will […]

R. Kelly Is Allegedly Hiding Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Friend’s Bank Account To Dodge Prosecutors

Prosecutors say that R. Kelly is hiding a pile of cash while he claims that he has no money. According to The Blast, the singer is reportedly sending his music royalty payments to a childhood friend in order to make it appear as though he has no financial resources. Kelly’s legal team has used the […]

Lifetime Announces Release Date For ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Follow-Up Special

The impact of the documentary featuring R&B singer R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse victims will be examined in a follow-up special to Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly. Deadline reports that the network will air a two-hour special that discusses the impact the six-part docuseries has had on both R. Kelly and his accusers since it aired […]

R. Kelly Claims He Lost Civil Case Because He Is Illiterate, Couldn’t Read The Legal Notices Sent To Him

R. Kelly lost a civil case this week when he failed to appear in court to contest charges that he sexually abused a girl when she was 16, and now the singer is telling the court that he never knew he was served legal papers — because he doesn’t know how to read. As TMZ […]

State Attorney Kim Foxx Called R. Kelly A ‘Pedophile’ And His Lawyers Are Not Having It

On Tuesday, State Attorney Kim Foxx’s text messages with staffers were released. In these, she calls embattled singer R. Kelly a pedophile. Kelly’s lawyers got wind of the news, and they aren’t impressed. According to TMZ, Kelly’s attorney — Steven Greenberg — called her language “outrageous”. Foxx texted with staffers on March 8 on the […]

R. Kelly Left With Overdrawn Bank Account After His Money Was Seized

R. Kelly isn’t just in legal trouble as the case for sexual assault against him moves forward. The controversial singer is also facing some serious money issues after a former landlord seized his assets, leaving him with negative $13 in the bank, according to The Blast. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the landlord who owns […]

R. Kelly’s Most Recent Performance In Illinois Lasted For 28 Seconds

R&B singer R. Kelly is doing whatever it takes to make ends meet these days. Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in February and has been jailed on two different occasions. The first was due to the recent accusations made against him by women who claim to be victims of […]

Michael Avenatti Opens Up For The First Time About His Arrest, Admits He’s ‘Scared’ Of Prison Time

Michael Avenatti spoke with CBS News on Tuesday, opening up for the first time since his arrest for charges of fraud and extortion. The infamous lawyer admitted during the interview that he was “scared” and “nervous” about the prospect of serving time in prison. Avenatti spoke with CBS correspondent Jericka Duncan, and while he denied […]

Michael Avenatti Charged With Wire And Bank Fraud

Michael Avenatti, the attorney who gained notoriety after being retained by adult film star Stormy Daniels in her legal battle against President Donald Trump, has been charged with extortion, per Reuters. Avenatti has been charged with extorting more than $20 million from Nike. A criminal complaint was filed by federal authorities in New York on […]

Dubai Denies Any Plans For An R. Kelly Appearance

R. Kelly claims to have a performance scheduled in the U.A.E., but a recent announcement from Dubai’s government suggests that maybe the embattled singer isn’t expected to perform after all. According to AP News, the Dubai Media Office denied that Kelly was invited to the city at the request of its leaders. Kelly, who was […]

The Drama Between R. Kelly and Aaliyah’s Mother, Diane Haughton

Back in January, the documentary Surviving R. Kelly aired featuring several alleged victims of the singer who shared their stories for the series. The documentary reminded the public about R. Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah and the secrecy that surrounded the pair. One of the alleged victims claimed to witness seeing Aaliyah with R. Kelly romantically […]

Here’s How The Donor In R. Kelly’s Child Support Case Has Been Able To Remain Anonymous

Last week, embattled R&B singer R. Kelly was freed from a Cook County jail. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Kelly was released following the back-payment of over $160,000 in child support that he owed his ex-wife, Andrea “Drea” Kelly. The anonymous donor, who paid off Kelly’s debt, has remained a mystery in the days following […]

R. Kelly Is Working On New Music To Distract Himself From Legal Battles

R. Kelly reportedly plans to work on new music to help himself get through the difficult time he’s having, as he is currently facing multiple criminal charges, and more may likely be on the way. What’s more, the R&B singer is reportedly broke and, by some measures, appears to have either suffered, or is close […]

R. Kelly Has Been Released From Jail Again, Following The Payoff Of His Child Support Debt

Embattled singer R. Kelly has been released from jail again. As The Chicago Sun Times reported, someone has come forward to pay off the $161,1663 of debt that Kelly owed in child support payments, and thus, Kelly has been released. Reportedly, the singer left the Cook County jail wearing a gray hoodie and large winter […]

A New Witness Against R. Kelly Corroborates His Accusers’ Claims

On March 7, a new witness came forward to support the stories of alleged abuse made by two of R. Kelly’s female victims. The witness saw some of the interactions Kelly made with two of his female accusers, and although the incident took place decades ago, the witness has a clear memory of what she […]

Body Language Expert Analyzes ‘Frightening’ Interview With R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s explosive interview with Gayle King may have even more frightening implications than one might think at first glance, Yahoo is reporting. The interview, which aired on March 6, had King question Kelly about the multiple allegations of sexual assault made against him. This resulted in Kelly getting heated — he stood, screamed, and […]

R. Kelly Says He Can’t Pay Child Support Because People Are Stealing His Money

R. Kelly was tossed back in jail on Wednesday for failing to pay back child support. While the singer tried to negotiate a reduced payment with a payment plan, the judge denied the request, according to Entertainment Tonight. When asked why he couldn’t scrape up the cash, Kelly said that it’s because people have been […]

R. Kelly Reportedly Weeps And Rages As He Discusses His Charges

The past month certainly hasn’t been the highlight of R. Kelly’s life. At the end of February, the famous singer was arrested and charged with 10 different counts of assault. After a female fan of his helped him make his bail, he was arrested once again. On March 6, R. Kelly was placed in custody […]

R. Kelly Back In Jail After Failing To Pay $161K Child Support To Ex-Wife Drea Kelly

R. Kelly has been taken into custody yet again following his failure to pay more than $160,000 in child support to his ex-wife Drea Kelly. According to Fox News, the Grammy Award-winning singer was taken into custody this afternoon and is currently being held in Cook County Jail in Chicago, Illinois. It has been reported […]

Wendy Williams Finally Weighs In On Intense R. Kelly Interview After Previously Defending The Singer

Wendy Williams has been a longtime friend and supporter of R. Kelly. Through it all, she’s fiercely defended the Grammy-Award-winning singer and, at one time, Wendy even suggested that the alleged victims were to blame for their involvement with him. Now, Wendy Williams is speaking out about R. Kelly’s latest appearance on CBS This Morning […]

Oprah Winfrey Shares Her Reaction To Best Friend Gayle King’s Interview With R. Kelly

Gayle King caught the attention of millions when she sat down for an explosive interview with R. Kelly. As expected, the intense discussion has garnered tons of reactions from R. Kelly’s fans and the many viewers who believe he’s guilty. But apparently, Oprah Winfrey is also part of the millions of people who viewed the […]

R. Kelly Sparks Heated Debates On Social Media After Explosive Interview With Gayle King

R. Kelly’s interview with Gayle King hasn’t even aired yet and already, it’s sparked a social media firestorm. The clip alone has piqued the interest of the Grammy Award-winning singer’s fans as he faces yet another massive investigation into his allegedly inappropriate relationships with underage girls. A couple of hours ago, CBS Morning News tweeted […]

R. Kelly Sits Down With Gayle King, Has Emotional Breakdown During Interview About Sexual Assault Case

R. Kelly has been relatively silent about the massive investigation into his alleged sex tapes. However, the Grammy-Award-winning singer is now breaking his silence on the controversial topic. According to CBS-Chicago, R. Kelly recently sat down for an interview with Gayle King and clips from the intense discussion are now circulating online. On Tuesday, March […]

Drake’s Dad Said He Supports R. Kelly ‘100 Percent’ And Jussie Smollett Is ‘Misunderstood’

Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, recently voiced his opinion on the recent legal troubles and scandals of R. Kelly and Jussie Smollett. While giving an interview to Variety about his new single, Graham was asked about Kelly, who pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse this week. Graham called the singer “a […]

R. Kelly’s Ex-Girlfriend, Halle Calhoun, Says She Was Physically Abused During Their Relationship

Recently, Halle Calhoun, who is R. Kelly’s former girlfriend, made a few public statements claiming that the disgraced singer had physically attacked and abused her while they were still a couple. In 2017, when Calhoun was about 19-years-old, she was living with R. Kelly. One night she went to one of his concerts to support […]

R. Kelly Manager Finally Admits Singer Filmed Sex Tapes But Offers Bizarre Reason Defending Why He Did It

R. Kelly is at the center of a massive investigation following the discovery of multiple incriminating sex tapes. For years, R. Kelly’s fans have been divided on whether or not he was really the person who appeared on the last infamous sex tape due to the grainy quality of it. However, this time around, attorney […]

R. Kelly’s Brother Shares Eerie Foreboding About His Brother’s Future Amid Latest Sexual Abuse Case

R. Kelly is out on bail but, at this point, no one knows how long he’ll really be a free man. If a judge rules in favor of attorney Michael Avenatti and Cook County prosecutors, R. Kelly could spend the rest of his life behind bars. To many of R. Kelly’s adoring fans, his days […]

Kathie Lee Gifford Talks R. Kelly Sex Abuse Claims

Kathie Lee Gifford was recently asked about her take on R. Kelly’s arrest. While the beloved television personality seemed hesitant to make her own statement or offer any advice on the singer’s situation, she did encourage R. Kelly to turn to a higher power. Gifford also encouraged the rest of the public to avoid rushing […]

R. Kelly Posts $100K Bond And Leaves Jail

After struggling to come up with the funds, embattled singer R. Kelly posted the $100,000 necessary to secure his release from Cook County Jail in Illinois on Monday. According to CNN, Kelly faced a barrier of reporters waiting outside the gate as the singer and his lawyer walked to a van without speaking to the […]

R. Kelly Bail Set At $1 Million, Singer Now Facing Possibility Of 70 Years Behind Bars

R. Kelly is now facing a heightened legal battle that could lead to serious time behind bars. According to Fox News, the Grammy Award-winning singer turned himself into the Central District police station in Chicago, Illinois on Friday, February 22 after being charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse due to his alleged involvement […]

R. Kelly’s Mugshot Released Following Surrender To Chicago Police

R&B artist R. Kelly turned himself to the Chicago Police Department yesterday, following a lengthy investigation by both the C.P.D. and the FBI over allegations of sexual misconduct — and kidnapping — brought forth by the families and former victims of Kelly. Now, Chicago Police have revealed his mugshot, as well as an update on […]

Video Of A Somber And Sad Looking R. Kelly As He Turns Himself In On Sexual Abuse Charges

After being charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse earlier in the day on Friday, R&B singer R. Kelly turned himself in. On Friday evening, the singer went to a Chicago police station and surrendered to them after an arrest warrant had been placed to get him off the streets. As reported by The Inquisitr, […]

More Women Come Forward To Share Stories Of R. Kelly Abuse

Today the many women who were alleged victims to R. Kelly’s past egregious actions, have a taste of justice. The singer was officially charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. At least three of his victims were minors, with one being only 13-years-old. He surrendered to law enforcement on Friday and is expected to […]

R. Kelly Banned From City Of Philadelphia As ‘Mute R. Kelly’ Campaign Progresses

R. Kelly is facing setback after setback as a result of Lifetime’s incriminating docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. The disturbing series of events highlighted in the six-hour series have led many people to finally mute the Grammy-Award-winning singer once and for all. Now, the city of Philadelphia has joined the fight against R. Kelly. According to […]

R. Kelly Under FBI Investigation For Allegedly Flying Azriel Clary Across State Lines For Sex When She Was 17

R. Kelly is facing new allegations that he arranged a coast-to-coast flight for Azriel Clary when she was 17, and now the girl’s parents fear that she may have been lured into a sex cult. As TMZ reported, federal investigators are now looking the claim that the R&B singer arranged for the travel for the […]

Taraji P. Henson Creates A Stir On Social Media After Comparing R. Kelly Outrage To Weinstein Drama

Social media users are buzzing over a set of videos Empire actress Taraji P. Henson posted to her Instagram page on Tuesday and the buzz isn’t pretty. The actress was clearly trying to make a point via social media, but people were not having it. Taraji P. Henson tried to tackle a topic that others […]

Pete Davidson Calls R. Kelly ‘Evil’ In Stand-Up Routine: ‘Man I Thought I Was Having A Bad Year’

Pete Davidson is back to doing what he does best — making people laugh. After a break from things following his split with pop princess Ariana Grande, Davidson has returned back to Saturday Night Live as well as the stand-up stage. Yesterday, the comedian performed at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York, where he […]

John Legend Reveals The Reason He Decided To Appear In The ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary

When most celebrities avoided appearing in the explosive Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, John Legend took a risk and lent his voice to the expose of Kelly’s alleged sexual misconduct. While Legend has never been shy about his support for Kelly’s alleged victims, he revealed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live exactly why […]

R. Kelly Music Releases ‘On Hold’ By Record Label, Report Says

While R. Kelly’s record label is under pressure to drop their relationship with the singer, the label is merely placing new music from him “on hold,” in the wake of the popular Surviving R. Kelly documentary. According to a TMZ report Monday, which cited “sources familiar with R. Kelly’s contract and dealings with RCA/Sony,” RCA […]

Celine Dion Removes R. Kelly Duet ‘I’m Your Angel’ From Streaming Services

Celine Dion has pulled her collaboration with disgraced singer R. Kelly from all major streaming services, as reported by TMZ. Dion became the latest performer to distance herself from R. Kelly, who stands accused of abusing numerous underage girls over a series of years. With the release of the explosive documentary Surviving R. Kelly, the […]

Cara Delevingne Claims She’s Lost More Than 50,000 Followers After Speaking Out Against R. Kelly Amid Scandal

Like many other celebrities, Cara Delevingne is speaking out to stand for what she believes in. However, it appears there are lots of people who strongly disagree with her opinions. According to People magazine, Cara Delevingne claims she’s lost more than 50,000 followers after publicly denouncing the controversial singer. Following the release of Lifetime’s Surviving […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Admits How She And Will ‘Ignored’ R. Kelly Abusers’ Allegations On ‘Red Table Talk’

Jada Pinkett Smith is yet another celebrity who feels compelled to address the ongoing controversy surrounding R. Kelly. The famed actress has opted to dedicate a special two-part edition of her Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk, to addressing the many claims discussed in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly. On Friday, January 11, Jada Pinkett Smith, […]

New Edition Singer Ronnie DeVoe Slams R. Kelly, Claims Singer Needs To Be ‘Held Accountable’ For Abusing Women

Like many other celebrities, New Edition singer Ronnie DeVoe and his wife, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Shamari DeVoe, are now sharing their opinion of R. Kelly. Earlier this week, Ronnie DeVoe and his wife, Shamari, appeared on Essence magazine’s Yes, Girl! podcast. The couple discussed a number of topics, including the infamous Lifetime docuseries […]

R. Kelly-Hosted Concert Denied Permit By The State Of Illinois

R. Kelly has another professional disappointment as a concert he was supposed to host has been denied a permit in Illinois due to the renewed criminal allegations which surfaced due to the Lifetime Network series, Surviving R. Kelly. The Hollywood Reporter says that a concert which was supposed to take place in Springfield, Illinois in […]

R. Kelly Protesters & Fans Clash Outside His Chicago Studio

R. Kelly can be a polarizing subject nowadays due to sexual assault allegations, BuzzFeed News is reporting. While Kelly has been a controversial figure for years now, the Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, introduced abuse allegations made against him back into public conversation. The documentary interviews victims, fellow stars in the industry, and even Kelly’s […]

R. Kelly Confronted By Police In Chicago After Anonymous Tip Claimed Two Women Were Being Held Hostage

Controversial singer R. Kelly got a visit from police on Friday after law enforcement was tipped off that he was keeping two women in his Chicago residence against their will. According to TMZ, the Cook County State Attorney’s Office sent five officers to his Trump Tower residence after an out-of-state caller told cops that the […]