Do Fedex & UPS Deliver On Presidents Day?

Today is Presidents Day, and United States Postal Service (USPS) offices are closed in observance of the holiday. The government agency won’t be delivering any packages or mail to homes or business, either, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. So, what is one to do if they just have to mail a parcel or letter, […]

Is There Mail Delivery Or Is The Post Office Open On Presidents Day?

Today marks Presidents Day, and it is the official observance of the birthday of the first President of the United States George Washington. Many offices will be closed across the U.S., including the independent agency of the executive branch of the U.S. federal government that provides mail delivery in the country, the United States Postal […]

Are Banks Open On Presidents Day?

Presidents Day is a holiday that tends to have people wondering what will be open and what will be closed. There can be some great sales available in the retail sector each year, but some other day-to-day establishments — such as schools, banks, and mail service — aren’t necessarily open and available. In particular, when […]

These Presidents Day Sales On Computers & Electronics Offer Great Deals On The Latest Tech

If you’re in the market for a new computer, electronics, or a variety of computer accessories, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of savings to be had. In celebration of Presidents Day, a handful of retailers have discounted a bevy of computer products, and we’ve compiled some of the better deals for […]

Amazon’s Presidents Day Sales Are Some Of The Best On The Market

Presidents Day is, as holidays go, a pretty obscure one. There are no barbecues, no family get-togethers, no exchanges of gifts, and depending on where you work, you might not even get the day off. But for online shoppers, Presidents Day is a biggie, as online retailers love to use the day to break out […]

Target’s Presidents Day Sales Offer Plenty Of Deals

It may not be the huge retail holiday that Black Friday is, but Presidents Day promises a plethora of deals for anyone who’s looking for discounts on various types of products. These include a number of gadgets, appliances, and other items that are, as early as now, on sale at Target. As recapped by CNN, […]

These Presidents Day Sales On Video Games Will Keep You Gaming For Hours On End

While most shoppers might associate Presidents Day with sales on appliances, electronics, and clothing, there are plenty of gaming deals to be had, both online and off. Whether you’re a Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony fanboy — or fangirl — there’s plenty of deals to take advantage of. As reported by the Verge, Nintendo is taking […]

Best Buy’s Presidents Day Sales Will Make Your Holiday Special

For some, Presidents Day marks an important day in American history. For others, the appeal comes in the form of an extra day off work, with little attention paid to the significance of this federal holiday. Regardless of what Presidents Day means to you, it’s hard to deny one thing — the endless amount of […]

Walmart’s Presidents Day Sales Provide Incredible Savings

While retail giant Walmart is well-known for its giant catalog of items and affordable prices, prices will be dropping even lower — at least for this weekend. To coincide with Presidents Day, the company has slashed prices on a number of big-ticket items. Rather than having to wade through an endless sea of discounts, we’ve […]

Presidents Day 2018: A Celebration Of George Washington’s Contribution To The US

In 1879, Senator Steven Wallace Dorsey (R-Arkansas) raised a motion to include George Washington’s birthday (February 22) as one of the existing federal holidays earlier approved in 1870. Referred to as the original “American Idol” by the Prologue, he was so picked due to the enormity of his contributions to the American state in his […]

Presidents Day Post Office Hours: Is There Mail Delivery Monday? What About UPS And FedEx?

Is the post office open on Presidents Day? Will the USPS, FedEx, and UPS deliver mail and packages on Monday, February 19? There is always some confusion about what’s open and what’s closed on federal holidays, including Washington’s Birthday, widely known as Presidents Day. It’s a long weekend for many people across the United States, […]

Best Picture Nominee ‘Get Out’ Returns To Theaters For Free On Presidents’ Day

If you haven’t seen the Academy Award-nominated movie Get Out, you now have an opportunity to experience it on the big screen for free. To celebrate the horror film’s four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, film enthusiasts can head to their local AMC Theatre for a special, one-day free screening event. Universal Pictures and Blumhouse […]

Walt Disney World Extends Park Hours For February 2018 – Earlier Opening And Later Closing

Even though the holidays are over for now, that doesn’t mean Walt Disney World is going to have a severe lack of people visiting its parks. Crowds may be down some from the busy Christmas season, but there is a lot happening during February of 2018 and Disney knows its guests need time for fun. […]

Tiffany Trump Pics In Patriotic Bikini, Daisy Dukes, Crop Up On President’s Day

Tiffany Trump is not often seen among Donald Trump’s other children, but when she makes the news, it’s a big deal. On Presidents Day 2017, TMZ published “hot” Instagram pictures of Tiffany in a patriotic bikini, Daisy Duke shorts and other casual wear from the past. Tiffany Trump, 23, was featured on TMZ’s website on […]

Presidents’ Day Bank Hours: Which Banks Are Open Monday, February 20?

Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday but not everything will be closed on Monday and that includes some banks, retail stores, and restaurants. Although most government offices, including the U.S. Post Office and the Federal Reserve, will close their doors for the day on February 20, if you have banking to do, you may be […]

Banks On Presidents’ Day: Which Banks, Businesses And Offices Are Closed Monday?

Worried about banks on Presidents’ Day? Understandable, since we all want access to our money when we need it. But it’s not just banks we have to be concerned about. Depending on what state you’re in, any number of other businesses, services, or government offices may be unavailable to you on Monday. So just what […]

Presidents Day Post Office Hours: Mail Delivery Monday? USPS, UPS, FedEx Open?

Is the post office open on Presidents’ Day and will FedEx and UPS be delivering packages on Monday, February 20? Whether you refer to the federal holiday as Washington’s Birthday, or Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday, there is always a bit of confusion when it comes to figuring out what’s open and what’s closed during the […]

Are Banks Closed Presidents’ Day 2016? Some Banks Open Monday — Check Out This List For Hours And Locations

Is Presidents’ Day a bank holiday? One of 10 federal holidays observed in 2016, most banks and credit unions will be closed on Monday, February 15, but there are at least five major banks that will be open for business if you don’t want to do your banking by ATM or mobile app. View our […]

Post Office Hours Presidents’ Day 2016: Is There Mail Delivery February 15? What About UPS And Fedex?

Will mail be delivered to homes and businesses on Presidents’ Day or will the U.S. Post Office be open on Monday? Washington’s Birthday, more commonly known in most states as Presidents’ Day, is the third federal holiday of 2016 and is celebrated on February 15. Although many government offices will be closed, there are plenty […]

What’s Open Presidents’ Day 2016? Walmart, Post Office, Banks Open Or Closed Monday, February 15?

Is anything open on Presidents’ Day? The federal holiday always creates a bit of confusion over what’s open and what’s closed on the federal holiday, prompting people to search online to find out if Walmart is open, if there will be mail delivery, and if banks will be closed on Monday, February 15, 2016. Here’s […]

What’s Open, What’s Closed On Presidents Day, And Who Has The Day Off On Monday?

Not everyone has Presidents’ Day off, but those who don’t have to work may be wondering what’s open and what’s closed on February 15. Most retail stores, like Target and Walmart, will be open regular business hours, but the U.S. Post Office and most other government offices will be closed for the day. Most, but […]

Banks Closed On Presidents’ Day 2015? Several Banks Are Open For Business Monday — Here’s The List

Presidents’ Day is traditionally a day that banks, the post office, and many government offices close down for the day, but there are some exceptions. While the majority of banks and credit unions will be closed on Monday, February 16, some will be open for regular business hours or limited holiday hours. Bank of America, […]

Presidents’ Day Post Office Hours: Is There Mail Delivery February 16?

Is the post office open and will mail be delivered on Presidents’ Day? While retail stores, restaurants, and even a few banks will be open on February 16, the U.S. Post Office will be closed on the federal holiday. Postal employees will be enjoying a day off on Monday, but all USPS services will resume […]

Presidents’ Day Freebies And Deals: Find Bargains Galore During Three-Day Weekend

Presidents’ Day weekend is a big deal for shoppers who will be out in force looking for bargains on clothing, furniture, appliances, and perhaps a few free food deals along the way. Although the federal holiday is officially observed on February 16, most retailers have sales running throughout the three-day weekend. While there aren’t as […]

2015 Presidents’ Day Holiday Hours: Banks, Post Office, Walmart Open Or Closed?

Wondering what’s open on Presidents’ Day 2015? Observed on Monday, February 16, federal offices will be closed, as will banks and post offices. If you have the day off, you can either sleep late or hit the Presidents’ Day sales — Walmart, Target, and most other retail stores will be open regular business hours. According […]

Presidents Day And Easter 2015 Buzz, From Sales On Valentine’s Day Cards To Newest Movies To Marmite Eggs [Video]

So you’ve got your brand-new calendar for the New Year, all decorated with kittens or puppies or comical cartoons. But what can you anticipate when it comes to upcoming holidays such as Presidents Day and Easter 2015? Get ready for everything from sales starting now on Valentine’s Day cards to movie surprises on President’s Day […]

Presidents’ Day Sales Offer Unique Valentine’s Gifts: Best Deals Start Now, From Bracelets To Beagles

Although Presidents’ Day is celebrated on Feb. 16, now is the time to start shopping for unique Valentine’s Day gifts at bargain prices. Whether you’re looking for something for your significant other, your mom, or even your dog, Bob the Boxer, knowing ahead of time which stores belong on your must-check list can save you […]

Super Bowl Hangover Monday Should Be A National Holiday

Mondays are already the worst, but more than a few folks felt the effects of Super Bowl Sunday as they returned to work early this morning. Junk food overdose, excessive beer consumption, and later-thank-usual bedtimes for a Sunday has made us all a little sluggish today. So why not make Super Bowl hangover day a […]

Presidents Day 2012: What’s Open, What’s Closed

On Presidents Day 2012, many wonder what businesses and stores are open or closed for the holidays. While this federal holiday is not heavily celebrated as perhaps Memorial Day, it is no less important. Although today has culturally morphed into Presidents’ Day over the years, the official holiday is George Washington’s birthday — even though […]

Bush More Popular than Obama? Say it Ain’t So

In honor of Presidents’ Day, pollsters decided to rank our most popular presidents of all time. In a twist ending worthy of early Shyamalan, it turns out that George W. Bush came out slightly ahead of sitting President Barack Obama, at least by one measure of the poll. Bad news for the President as he […]

Happy Presidents Day, everything’s closed!

Presidents Day, or Washington’s Birthday as it was known until Abe Lincoln got all up in his grill, always falls on the third Monday in February. Washington had the day all to himself up until 1951, when some dude decided that Lincoln’s February 12th birthday needed to be shoehorned in there, and somewhere along the […]

Presidents Day 2009: What’s Open and What’s Closed

Monday, January 16 is Presidents Day, and that means plenty of places are closed for business. Here are answers to some common questions about what’s open and what’s not on Presidents Day 2009. Is Presidents Day a federal holiday? Yes, Presidents Day is considered a national federal holiday. As such, most government offices and federal […]