‘Pokemon GO’ Developer Niantic Launches Black Developers Initiative

The developer behind breakout augmented reality hits like Pokémon GO, Ingress and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite continues to do its part in providing opportunities for minority game-makers. As announced via the studio’s Twitter account on Thursday, Niantic has launched a new endeavor aiming to provide financing, mentorship and support to Black game development teams. “In […]

Pokemon Home Launches On Nintendo Switch, Android And iPhone

The Pokemon series has always been about catching them all. In order to do that, especially now that there are so many Pokemon to collect, you’ll have to do your fair share of trading with friends and transferring from older games. In earlier iterations, you would be able to do this using either a cable […]

Rita Ora Shows Off Legs In Fur Garment

Rita Ora has spent most of this year jetting around the world and has taken time to spend some of it in her home country. The “I Will Never Let You Down” hitmaker shared numerous shots of herself on Instagram, which was an ad for GAëLLE PARIS that was taken in London, U.K. In the […]

Ryan Reynolds Pranks Fans With Full ‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie Leak

A few days prior to the release of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Ryan Reynolds sent his 13.6 million followers into a frenzy when he tweeted what claimed to be a leak of the “full” movie. The actor’s tweet featured an embed of a tweet from another account called Inspector Pikachu, which was created this month. The […]

The Pokémon Company Wasn’t A Huge Fan Of The Lickitung Scene In ‘Detective Pikachu’

Pokémon Detective Pikachu made its theatrical debut this weekend. According to Forbes, the live-action Pokémon movie’s opening day was a smashing success as it beat out Avengers: Endgame with $21 million on Friday. The movie contains a CGI recreation of several members of the Pokédex, including Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Psyduck, Jigglypuff, and Lickitung. According to an […]

Ryan Reynolds’ Toddler Pushed Him To Play Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Detective Pikachu made its theatrical debut yesterday. According to Forbes, opening day was a success for the newest addition to the Pokémon franchise, as the film topped Avengers: Endgame by pulling in $21 million on Friday. That figure does include the $5.7 million the movie […]

Ryan Reynolds Shares The Audition Video For The Casting Of ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’

One of the most anticipated movies of the summer comes in the form of Pokemon Detective Pikachu. After the release of a few trailers thus far, Ryan Reynolds shared a new video today on his YouTube channel that introduces the world to all the different Pokemon that fans can expect to see in the new […]

‘Hello Kitty’ Movie In The Works, Possibly Inspired By ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’

New Line has announced a feature film adaptation of the internationally known pop culture character Hello Kitty. Since the fictional character’s inception in 1974, she has gone on to create multiple franchises in the realms of the fashion industry with jewelry and clothing lines, manga and anime shows and movies, toy lines as well as […]

‘Pokémon Sword’ & ‘Shield’s’ New Starters Are Absolutely Adroable

Earlier today, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company lifted the curtain on the next pair of upcoming Pokémon games, and the internet has been going wild over the new announcement. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Pokémon Sword and Shield were officially announced earlier today, in a Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct presentation which streamed live on both […]

‘Pokémon Sword’ & ‘Shield’ Announced For The Nintendo Switch, Releasing Later This Year

For the last few months, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have been teasing new fans on social media, hinting that a brand new, core entry in the long-running series would be announced soon. Earlier this week, the official Pokémon Twitter account titillated fans with news of a new game, asking players what region they would […]

‘Detective Pikachu’s’ New Trailer Gives Pokemon Fans Their First Glimpse Of Mewtwo

With the upcoming release of Detective Pikachu, Warner Bros. Pictures has been slowly pulling back the curtain on the first-ever live-action Pokémon film, teasing series fans with plenty of references, easter eggs, and nods to one of the world’s most popular franchises. Earlier today, Warner Bros. released the second official trailer on YouTube and on […]

Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Methods For Becoming ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’ In New Video

Ryan Reynolds has done the impossible and brought to life on the big screen one of the most iconic fictional characters in entertainment. His perseverance and never-quit attitude made it possible for a beloved character to get their own live-action feature film, and this summer, he is all set to do it again. After the […]

‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’ Sequel In The Works Months Before It Opens At Movie Theaters

The first live-action film featuring Pokemon characters, Detective Pikachu, is not slated to be released until May 10, but that hasn’t stopped Legendary Pictures from already starting work on its sequel. On January 25, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Oren Uziel has been hired to write the script for a second film in the series, […]

Ariana Grande Shows Off New Pokemon Tattoo

Ariana Grande loves Pokemon so much, she got one of them tattooed on her body, the Huffington Post is reporting. Grande is no stranger to getting inked, seeing as she has at least 20 other tattoos. Still, this new tattoo piece is one of the larger ones that she’s gotten. It’s a portrait of the […]

Victoria Beckham Gets Cuddly With A Blackened Pikachu Plushie On Instagram

When it comes to the world of fashion, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is no stranger. The English businesswoman and fashion designer has made some big moves in the last couple of years. Having launched her eponymous label over 10 years ago, Beckham reached mainstream success in 2017 when she launched a collection for Target, […]

New Pokemon Go Clone Has Players Collecting Catholic Saints

A new game application, Follow JC Go, is the Catholic Church’s newest attempt to reach out to Generation Z, according to The Verge. The Vatican is not directly linked with this new game, but Pope Francis is noted as being a huge fan of the idea. For those who haven’t heard of the game, it […]

‘Pokemon Let’s Go:’ Pikachu And Eevee Get Brand New Moves

Recently, reports emerged that Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee will introduce new moves to each featured pokemon. The Switch port of the Pokemon game is only a couple months away, and retail stores are coming up with some fun preorder bonuses for fans interested in purchasing the game. According to Serebii, Junichi […]

Nintendo Switch: Nindies Showcase Summer 2018 Livestream Set For August 28

Recently, the Japanese gaming company responsible for the Switch announced a Nindies Showcase Summer 2018 livestream which will focus on upcoming “nindie”– shorthand for independent games for Nintendo platforms — release titles. The announcement came as a surprise to fans of smaller games, and of the Switch, as Nintendo UK discussed nindies in its Indie […]

‘Pokémon’ Pikachu Comes To Funko Pop!

Funko, the pop culture toy collectible company famous for their Pop! vinyl figures, made an announcement on Thursday about a new item they’re planning to release. A specific date for the debut has not been stated; however buzz is already going around on Variety, hyping the coming soon addition of Pokémon Pop! Figures to Target […]

‘Pokemon Let’s Go’ and Poke Ball Plus Pre-order Bundles Now Available

Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! will be the first Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch. The combination of an all-time favorite game and today’s most popular console is sure to be a big hit. Preorder bundles for Pokemon Let’s Go are now available. According to IGN, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! and […]

Nintendo Switch Games 2018: Blockbuster Titles Coming To Nintendo’s Hybrid Console

Nintendo hit gold when it introduced the Nintendo Switch to the world last year. Since its release in March 2017, the Switch has added a decent amount of games to its arsenal and that number just keeps growing. More and more game developers are jumping to the Nintendo Switch-bandwagon, making the hybrid console even more […]

Pokémon Go Quests And Mystery Rewards Could Be Coming Soon, New Update Suggests

Niantic had previously added a bunch of new features to its highly popular augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon Go, but its latest update suggests that it may be on the brink of adding actual story-based quests. The revolutionary app hit the mobile industry by storm when it was originally released in 2016. However, its player […]

Nintendo Announces ‘Detective Pikachu’ Game And Massive New Amiibo

The Pokemon series of video games is, if nothing else, consistent. Despite a few spin-off titles, the main series of games based on the Japanese card game has put players in the shoes of an aspiring Pokemon trainer since the late 1990s. The recently announced Detective Pikachu, however, appears to be taking things in a […]

‘Pokémon GO’ Players Sick And Tired Over New Ex Raids Feature

Niantic had previously released a brand new feature for Pokémon GO over the summer, which was basically a system that sent out exclusive invites to select players for them to participate in exclusive raids. However, the strategy of offering exclusive invites for special raids, or Ex Raids as Niantic calls it, is apparently backfiring as […]

Game Freak Revives Open-World ‘Pokemon’ Idea [Rumor]

Game Freak is reportedly giving Pokemon a serious makeover if the latest report is anything to go by. According to the folks over at the Easy Allies podcast, the Pokemon game developer is considering a gameplay experience that will feel completely new and different to fans who followed the Pokemon franchise. They were reportedly inspired […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Players Still Frustrated At Niantic’s EX Raid System

Niantic has officially started prepping for the next round of EX Raid battles for Pokémon GO. However, the software company hasn’t announced any differences in the EX Raid system, leaving many Pokémon trainers frustrated. Recently, Slappyy1y1 created a thread on The Silph Road subreddit, announcing the next round of EX Raid field tests from Niantic. […]

‘Pokemon Go:’ Niantic Gender-Swaps Two Popular Gen 3 Monsters In Embarrassing Gaffe

Reddit subscribers of The Silph Road found an error in Niantic’s coding for the third generation Pokemon coming soon to Pokemon Go. The gaming company decided to introduce a few Gen 3 Pokemon this Halloween, and loyal Pokemon trainers have been trying to find out all they can about the new monsters. During their investigation, […]

New Evolutionary Form Unveiled For ‘Pokemon Ultra Sun’ And ‘Ultra Moon’

While there’s still plenty of information to be revealed about the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Pokemon Company released a few new details regarding a new evolutionary form, which will make its debut this November. Before we jump into the details, here’s a brief refresher for those who need it. Traditionally, Pokemon […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Moltres Begins Replacing Articuno While Raids Are Reportedly ‘Breaking’ The Game

A Pokemon GO update was just rolled out as players confirmed sightings of the legendary bird Moltres in Raids, a feature that a gaming expert believes is “breaking” the game. Excitement for the release of the highly anticipated legendary Pokemon release is now heightened as players are treated to another new Pokemon to capture: Moltres. […]

Catch Mega Tyranitar, Shiny Tapu Koko, And More In Latest ‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Pokemon Moon’ Events

If you’d love to add Mega Tyranitar to your battle party in Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are making it possible this month thanks to a special cheat code that gifts players four Mega Stones for free. There’s no catch to get the Mega Stones, which include Abomasite to Mega […]

Niantic Announces Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go launched just over a year ago and quickly became the most popular mobile game of all time. Even now, during what is generally considered a decline period for the augmented reality game, it is still in the top five for daily users, dwarfing most of the competition. But since it began, there has […]

New ‘Pokemon’ Movie ‘I Choose You’ Drops Ash’s Friends, Misty And Brock

It is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, and this month, the Japanese franchise is set to release its new movie, Pokemon: I Choose You. The movie will serve as a retelling of Ash Ketchum’s adventures in the Indigo League and will be based on the original anime series. However, fans would be disappointed to know that Ash’s […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Raid Battles: What Are Egg Colors And Times Below Eggs In New Raids Feature?

The new Pokemon GO Raid Battles feature is taking the hit mobile game by storm. The latest update to the popular Pokemon game allows for a multiplayer battle system where players can team up to defeat Raid Bosses. Raid Battles were first available in beta only, but have now been unveiled to all players of […]

‘Pokemon’ For Nintendo Switch Will Be A Traditional ‘Pokemon’ Experience

Nintendo caused a good deal of excitement at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo when it announced that a main series Pokemon title is in development for the Nintendo Switch. However, despite confirming that the title exists and is in development, Nintendo didn’t provide any additional details around the main series’ first outing on their new […]

New ‘Pokemon’ Game Coming To Nintendo Switch: Sequel, Remake, Or Gen 8?

It seems a brand new main line Pokemon RPG is coming to the Nintendo Switch after all, despite it not being announced during the Nintendo Direct live stream on June 6. The question Pokemon fans are asking now is, what kind of main series game will we be getting? A sequel, a remake, a companion […]

Nintendo’s Top Announcements From E3 2017: Pokémon, Legend Of Zelda And More

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, included the unveiling of several major upcoming releases from Nintendo. During the past few months, the Nintendo brand has received a boost from their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. Therefore, it’s no wonder that most of the top announcements from the long-standing video game company revolved […]

Core RPG ‘Pokemon’ And ‘Metroid Prime 4’ In Development For Nintendo Switch [Update]

Two Nintendo Switch announcements were made Tuesday during an E3 2017 spotlight video that should make Nintendo fans happy. A traditional Pokemon RPG title and Metroid Prime 4 were both announced for the hybrid console. Pokemon Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara made an appearance during Nintendo’s E3 2017 live stream to follow-up on the Pokken […]

‘Pawn Stars’ News: Chumlee’s Candy On The Boulevard At Pawn Plaza Still Not Open — What Has Chum Been Doing?

For several months, Chumlee — the lovable goof on Pawn Stars — has been promoting his new business, Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard. Located at the Rick Harrison-owned Pawn Plaza, Chumlee announced he was opening the store with his younger brother, Sage. Despite numerous interviews on local Las Vegas news stations, as well as with […]

Pokemon Fans Furious About The ‘Inexcusable’ Reveal Made This Week

Last Tuesday, the Inquisitr reported that Nintendo and the Pokemon company had delivered a live stream in which they revealed three new Pokemon titles set for release in the new few months: Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon battling Tekken-style fighting game for the Nintendo Switch, and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. What the report could […]

Pokemon-Themed Nintendo Direct Reveals New Upcoming Games ‘Ultra Sun,’ ‘Moon,’ And More

It was set to be a big day for the Pokemon franchise today as Nintendo promised to deliver a slew of news involving upcoming projects for the monster collecting series. As promised, Pokemon developer Game Freak grabbed the gaming community’s attention today as they went live with updates and announcements on Nintendo’s latest presentation. During […]

Legendary Pokemon Watch Is Nintendo Switch Price Times 860

This Pokemon watch should be every Nintendo fan’s dream. The Pokemon franchise, both its anime and games, has developed a huge cult following over the years. It has given birth to many successful game titles for many Nintendo consoles—and on the mobile platform, too—that has many Pokemon fans throwing their money at the Pokemon Company. […]

‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Updates: Four New Mega Stones Now Available, Lycancroc Midnight Form Coming Next

It is a great month for Pokemon Sun and Moon players right now as a bunch of updates has been recently released. The latest news is that gamers can now download four new Mega Stones that will help certain Pokemon to achieve Mega Evolution. How To Get Free Mega Stones The Mega Stones can be […]

‘Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon — Guardians Rising’ Expansion Debuts With Free Card Giveaway

Pokemon gamers who enjoy battling in the trading card game (TCG) have a whole new set of more than 140 cards entering the fray thanks to the newly-released Guardians Rising expansion. The newest set in the Pokemon Sun & Moon TCG series is significant to competitive players, as it is likely the last to hit […]

Pokémon Trainers Can Easily Catch Midnight Form Lycanroc In ‘Pokémon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ For Free With Code

Pokémon trainers hunting down Lycanroc can catch the beast in its Midnight Form for free during a special, limited-time Pokémon distribution event. To catch Lycanroc, players can stop by their local participating GameStop for a unique code that allows the Pokémon to be downloaded into the game without putting anything up for trade. The event […]

‘Pokemon Advanced’ Complete Collection On Home Media Confirmed: 40 Episodes Of Entire Sixth Season On 5 DVDs

Pokemon fans will now be able to buy the complete sixth season of the Pokemon animated series on DVD. The Pokemon Advanced Complete Collection will soon be available on home media, confirmed Viz Media. Pokemon, the immensely popular Japanese franchise that enjoys a cult-like following, will soon have its entire sixth season, titled Pokemon Advanced […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Will Blow Up Again Soon: Why Niantic Will Rule For Years

Some may be inclined to think that Niantic, the company who developed and distributes Pokemon GO, is on the permanent downswing. Those same people might say Pokemon GO is not far from fizzling out completely, giving way to a competitor to rule the mobile gaming scene. As a certain tech giant notes, though, both of […]

Pokemon Go Easter Event Rumors, New Update Versions Released & Gameplay Updates Teased Before Easter 2017

Fans of the mobile gaming sensation Pokemon Go are awaiting a possible Easter Event for the 2017 holiday. Based on previous major holidays, gamers are speculating that Niantic, the game creator may be launching another one of these events. In the past, they’ve featured bonuses and rewards for Pokemon Go fanatics to rack up and […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update Adds Shiny Pokemon, Trading Feature Coming Soon

Pokemon GO has seen a decline in the activity of its users in the past few months. Many who saw the game as a passing fad may seem to have been proven right all along. However, recent updates from developer Niantic may revitalize its fanbase into playing the mobile adaptation of the classic game all […]

‘Pokemon’ Movie Blu-Ray/DVD Home Media, Manga Edition Release Date Confirmed

Pokemon fans are being treated with not one, but two great pieces of news this week by Viz Media. The company has not only confirmed the home media release of Pokemon: The Movie: Volcanion And The Mechanical Marvel, but also the official manga edition. Pokemon, the immensely popular Japanese franchise that enjoys a cult-like following, […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Gym Overhauls And A Long-Overdue Legendary Event

Pokemon GO might have lost a significant number of players since its phenomenal launch last year, but it remains as one of the most prolific games currently available in the mobile market. With constant updates from Niantic, the augmented reality title has pretty much maintained its allure among dedicated Pokemon fans. Its most recent update, […]