A New Study Suggests It May Be Possible To Fall Into A Black Hole And Actually Survive

The belief that venturing into a black hole will lead to instant death, with one’s body being torn to pieces, is one that has long pervaded the scientific community, but now a new study by a Berkeley University physicist has suggested that it may actually be possible to fall into a black hole and survive. […]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Throws Shade On ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Explains Dragon Fire

It looks like celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s been binge-watching HBO’s Game of Thrones, and now he’s got some fascinating insights about that zombie dragon to share. He threw some major shade on an important scene from the last season but also praised things the show got right, and he may have solved a major […]

Vera Rubin Dead At 88, Lady Astronomer Who Pioneered The Existence Of Dark Matter Faced Gender Discrimination Throughout Her Career

Vera Rubin, the famous astronomer, also credited for her research on the existence of dark matter has died. According to The Washington Post, Vera Rubin passed away at an assisted living facility in Princeton, New Jersey at the age of 88 on Christmas day. Her death has been confirmed by her son Allan Rubin, who […]

Diamond Investment History Gets A Green And Nuclear Upgrade

Diamonds have been a captivating topic for people across history, but recently there were a couple of new business investment chapters added that include the environment and the tough market of recycling nuclear material. Although many people are interested in large-sized or rare diamonds like the Hope Diamond or the Foxfire Diamond, as previously reported […]

2016 Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded To British Trio Revealing ‘The Secrets Of Exotic Matter’

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to three British theoretical researchers. The trio was awarded for their “theoretical discoveries of topical phase transitions and topical phases of matter.” Their research is essential to the new generation of electronics and in constructing quantum computers. So, who are these researchers and what is topology? […]

Pietro Boselli: From The Hottest Math Teacher To The Only Perfect Human Male

Pietro Boselli is the hottest math teacher on the planet, and to-date no publication on Earth has dared to dispute the fact since its discovery last year. Fortunately or unfortunately for humanity, the accidental discovery has led the world into an even more important discovery. There is only one perfect, living human male on the […]

Scientist’s Fake Black Hole Proves Stephen Hawking Was Right, Could Win Physicist Nobel Prize

A model based on the principles of black hole construction may have just proved what famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking predicted four decades ago when he noted that all matter that entered beyond the event horizon of a black hole was not always trapped there and that some of the matter escaped. Those emissions became known […]

Black Holes Could Be ‘Back Doors’ Of The Universe: Did Scientists Find Entrance To Wormholes?

The elusive entrance to theorized wormholes may have been found deep in the center of black holes, a new study suggests. And, instead of black holes being the gravitational endpoint of anything that gets trapped within their pull, the massive space magnets just might be conduits or “back doors” to other places within our own […]

Scientists Find Dark Matter Elusive And That They’re Gonna Need A Bigger Sensor

This week a bunch of scientists crawled out of a deep hole in South Dakota, then they flew to Sheffield University to announce that the dark matter they were looking for was being elusive, after spending 20 months underground trying to find it. The announcement was made at a Dark Matter conference at the University […]

Stephen Hawking Stalker Convicted In A Spain Hearing

There may not be anyone in the scientific community more well known than physicist Stephen Hawking, and as we all know, anyone with such a high profile is subject to attracting stalkers, as both over-obsessed fans and hateful critics, as was the case with Hawking and a recent stalker, a woman who tracked Stephen down […]

Stephen Hawking: Black Holes Could Be Portals To Other Universes [Video]

In the last century, black holes have gone from hypothetical to almost undisputed curiosities of the universe, and Professor Stephen Hawking has long been at the forefront of black hole research. Hawking has said on the record that, as recently as the 1970s, he found the puzzling anomalies of spacetime to be “vexing,” mostly due […]

Stephen Hawking Suggests Black Holes Have ‘Hair’ – Provable Existence Of Holographic Imprint Could Bag Him A Nobel?

Renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking has suggested black holes have “hair.” He insists that these instances of holographic imprint are provable, and his work could bag him a Nobel Prize for physics. Last year, noted British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking had suggested that black holes may allow for “information” to continue lingering at its edges. Commonly […]

Stephen Hawking Says Disabled Students These Days Won’t Be As Lucky As He Was

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has voiced his fears for future students with disabilities trying to find success in the realm of science. While many aspects of science and education have improved over the last few decades, Stephen Hawking claims that today’s disabled youth will actually have fewer opportunities than he did when trying to start […]

It’s Alive! Rubber Band Ball Takes On New Life After Being Sliced Open [Video]

Ever wondered what it would be like to slice open one of those massive rubber band balls? Well, a YouTube video is currently gaining traction that allows you to peer into what exactly happens when you saw through the layers of pent energy contained in the overlapping chaos of thousands upon thousands of stretched-out rubber […]

Finding The Speed Of Light With Peeps [Video]

Science! So enlightening and so entertaining all at the same time!

‘Interstellar’ Spoilers: Check Out The Real Science Behind This Fall’s Space Blockbuster

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is expected to blow away minds and box office records when it hits theaters this weekend, but some viewers might not know just how hard the science is behind the sci-fi adventure. Turns out Nolan and crew went to great lengths to get the physics right — and the results are stunning. […]

Albert Einstein Black Holes Become Movie Stars, McConaughey’s “Interstellar” Is ‘Best Depiction Yet’

Science lovers and Albert Einstein fans will get a black holes treat in an upcoming movie debut that will appear on the silver screen on November, 7. Albert Einstein is always popular in the media in regards to his scientific brilliance and philosophy on life. So far, 2014 has been an interesting year for Albert […]

EmDrive: NASA’s New Starship Engine Breaks The Laws Of Physics

An experimental engine that is gaining acceptance among NASA scientists may power a future generation of starships, and it only has to break the known laws of physics to do so. The EmDrive is a new type of engine that may represent a huge advancement for NASA’s space program. The engine doesn’t require propellant, according […]

World’s Best Dad Builds Amazing Backyard Roller Coaster [Video]

We know it’s Mother’s Day, but this dad deserves some attention for building a backyard roller coaster that is actually pretty awesome. The roller coaster — built by Will Pemble for his 10-year-old son Lyle in northern California — is just about any kid’s dream. No need to go to the closest amusement park or […]

‘Ghostbusters 3’ To Be Based On Physics Research

Ghostbusters 3 will be based on particle physics. No, wait. This isn’t going to be one of those boring scientific speeches you probably associate with the word “physics.” The story behind the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 will be centered around the research of students at Columbia University, most likely adding a scene of Egon’s successor going […]