Watch Brazil Vs. Peru Copa America Final Live Stream: Start Time, Peru Aim At Upset, Brazil Out For Redemption

Brazil aims to end a 12-year dry spell without a Copa America trophy as they face Peru, a team that they dominated in a group stage match in the 2019 championship final, but the victory that the team is really trying to win will come in the hearts of their skeptical and hard-to-please fans. As […]

Watch Chile Vs. Peru Copa America Semifinal Live Stream: Start Time, Defending Champions Try To Set Up 3-Peat

Chile are the defending champions in the Copa America, winning the Centenario edition three years ago, and the 2015 Copa before that. Now, even with eight players in their regular starting 11 already in their 30s, La Roja appears in prime position to go for a three-peat, according to an ESPN report. They go into […]

Watch Peru Vs. Brazil Copa America Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, Battle For Top Of Table In Group A

In what must have seemed not only an unfamiliar but extremely uncomfortable situation for a national team that has won five World Cups and eight Copa America trophies, Brazil found themselves booed off the pitch by their own fans after Venezuela held the Seleção to a frustrating nil-nil draw on Tuesday, as the BBC reported. […]

Watch Bolivia Vs. Peru Copa America Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, Must-Win Game For Both Teams In Group A

Two teams who got off to disappointing starts in the 2019 Copa American will battle in a must-win game for both sides on Tuesday. Peru will attempt to improve after a lackluster 0-0 draw with Venezuela, as ESPN reported, in hopes of grabbing second-place in Group A behind a Brazil team that appears ready to […]

Watch Venezuela Vs. Peru Copa America Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, South America Championship Is Underway

After host nation Brazil officially opened the 2019 Copa America by cruising past Bolivia 3-0 — despite a “lackluster” showing that drew jeers from their own fans, according to the BBC — the tournament is kicking into high gear with another Group A match. Two teams that qualified for the quarterfinals in the special 2016 […]

Former Peruvian President Alan Garcia Dies By Suicide After Police Try To Arrest Him

Alan Garcia, a former president of Peru — one who was being investigated for corruption — has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He committed suicide on Wednesday, after police moved in to arrest him on the charges. Police officers arrived at Garcia’s home at 6.30 a.m. to execute the arrest warrant. The former head […]

Google Street View Leads To A Divorce After A Man Saw His Wife And Another Man Captured On-Camera Canoodling

A Peruvian man has filed for divorce from his wife after a Google Street View camera captured his wife and her lover in flagrante delicto while documenting the streets of Lima. Google Street View often captures some, shall we say, “interesting” things, from possible ghosts to crimes being committed to even evidence of murder. But […]

Colorado Couple Fighting To Keep Adopted Daughter From Being Deported

A couple in Colorado is fighting to keep their daughter, who was adopted from Peru, from being being deported at the end of the month. CNN reports that Amy and Marco Becerra are U.S. citizens who were living in Peru in 2014 when their daughter, who they would name Angela, was born. They fostered the […]

Peru’s Jefferson Farfan Collides With Goalie, Suffers ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’ During Training

Peru’s Jefferson Farfan suffered a terrifying accident during team training prior to their last game in the World Cup tournament. It left him unconscious and paralyzed and everyone present fearing for his life. Emergency professionals rushed him to a local emergency room to be checked out after he collided with a goalkeeper, and the Peru […]

Friend Believes Woodroffe Was A Scapegoat In Peruvian Shaman Murder

A Canadian man named Sebastian Woodroffe was lynched by an angry mob in the Peruvian Amazon for allegedly murdering local 81-year-old shaman, Olivia Arévalo. However, Woodroffe’s longtime friend, Yarrow Willard, has doubts about what really happened. CBC reported that Woodroffe had a history of visiting Peru in order to take ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic drug. Recently, […]

A Woman Is Dead And A Man Charged With Murder After Using A Mortar Bomb – Yes, A Bomb – As A ‘Stimulation Aid’

A Peruvian couple allegedly used a mortar bomb — that is, an actual, armed weapon used in warfare — as a sex toy during a lovemaking session that would ultimately prove fatal to the woman, the Toronto Sun is reporting. And now the woman’s husband has found himself charged with murder. Back on November 4, […]

Massive Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Peru, Casualties Reported

A massive magnitude 7.1 earthquake was reported off the coast of southern Peru on Sunday morning resulting in the death of at least one person and injuring several others. According to ABS-CBN News, the earthquake, one of the strongest to hit the country in recent times, also resulted in the destruction of homes and roads. […]

Ancient ‘Reptilian Alien’ Bodies Unearthed Near Nazca Lines, UFO Researcher Makes Sensational Claim [Video]

At a press conference in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday, a controversial Mexican UFOlogist, Jaime Maussan, claimed that a total of five “well preserved” or mummified alien bodies have been discovered near the famous Nazca Lines of southern Peru. Maussan claimed that the alleged alien or extraterrestrial beings have “reptilian” features that make them “closer to […]

Three-Fingered ‘Alien’ Mummy Reportedly Found In Peru — Is It A Hoax?

Researchers have reportedly discovered a three-fingered mummified “alien” body in Nazca, Peru. If the city sounds familiar, it’s because Nazca is home to the famous and mysterious Nazca Lines and has long been known as a hotbed of alleged extraterrestrial activity. As Daily Mail reports, video of the so-called “alien mummy” has begun to circulate […]

‘Satanic’ WhatsApp Message Unleashes Demonic Possession On Two Teenage Girls [Video]

Two teenage girls were hospitalized in Peru after a WhatsApp message unleashed a “satanic possession” attack on them. The two sisters were found rolling around on the ground and babbling incoherently after receiving a “supernatural” WhatsApp message from a “satanic group,” the Peruvian Diario Correo reported. The two teenage girls, aged 13 and 16, from […]

‘Giant Alien Hand’ Found In Peru Desert Cave, Paranormal Researchers Claim [Video]

A group of paranormal researchers claim to have found the giant hand of a mysterious humanoid being in Cusco, Peru. Paranormal enthusiasts believe the hand belonged to an alien or extraterrestrial being. According to the researchers, they obtained the hand, which has three long and thin fingers, from a group of friends who found it […]

‘Burning’ Flying Saucer UFO Allegedly Crashing To Earth Over Lima Sparks Speculation About Alien Activity In Peru [Video]

There was excited speculation among members of the UFO community earlier this week after footage emerged on multiple Peruvian websites purportedly showing a burning orb or flying saucer UFO crashing to Earth over the Peruvian capital city Lima. According to local media reports, hundreds of stunned residents of Lima witnessed the mysterious burning or orange […]

Peru Vs. Brazil: Preview, Prediction, Starting Line-Ups, Kick-Off Time, & Betting Tips

Brazil will travel to Peru, looking forward to continuing their stunning form in the South American World Cup qualifiers campaign. Brazil, who currently sit on the top of the table, have been in rampant form under new head coach Tite. The Selecao ripped apart their old rivals Argentina 3-0 on their home soil a few […]

Witch Killing Video: 73-Year-Old Woman Burned Alive For Allegedly Making Villagers Ill

A 73-year-old woman was killed, burned alive in a remote Amazon village, for “being a witch,” Peruvian authorities are saying. The woman was accused of making a number of villagers ill, and, taking matters into their own hands, the villagers democratically decided not only that she was a witch but also her fate — death […]

Massive ‘Cloud-Cloaked’ UFO Mothership Filmed Sailing Across Peru Skies [Video]

There is excitement among members of the UFO community over footage allegedly showing a massive “cloud-cloaked” alien UFO mothership that suddenly became visible as it sailed through thick clouds over northwestern Peru. The footage was reportedly shot last month by an amateur videographer called Marcus, according to UFO Sightings Hotspot. Marcus was recording a time-lapse […]

Peru March Against Gender Violence Draws 50,000

In response to recent news of perpetrators committing violent crimes against women and getting lenient sentences, groups of protesters totaling more than 50,000 people gathered in the capital city of Lima and eight other cities in Peru for an unprecedented march. Officials claim this was the largest gathering of protesters in the nation’s history. “Today, […]

Peru: New President Kuczynski Is Already Frustrating Environmentalists

On July 28, the new president of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), will move into the House of Pizarro, and the current President Ollanta Humala will be moving out. Kuczynski was confirmed as the president-elect in Lima, Peru, on June 5. Kuczynski represents the Alliance for the Great Change Party, also known as Alianza por […]

Peru UFOs Reportedly Terrorize And Amaze Residents Of Small Town

According to reports, three UFOs recently visited Peru. They were reportedly seen by virtually the entire town of San Gabriel de Varadero in Loreto, Peru, on May 16 at about 8 p.m. local time, and they were distinct, very visible, and very loud. Inexplicata reports that the Peru UFOs were just above the rooftops of […]

UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ Elongated Humanoid Alien Skull On Mars: Mysterious Skull Similar To Those Found In Egypt And Peru [Video]

Alien hunters claim to have found on Mars an elongated “alien skull” similar to those that archaeologists found at several sites on Earth, including ancient Egypt and ancient Peru. According to alien hunters, the strange-looking elongated “alien skull,” discovered in a Curiosity rover image of Martian terrain, proves that humanoid alien races lived on the […]

‘Mass Demonic Possession’ At Peru School — 100 Schoolgirls ‘Possessed By The Devil’ See Visions Of ‘Man In Black Trying To Kill Them’ [Video]

Shocking video footage has emerged online showing a case of “mass demonic possession” at a school in Peru. The footage shows several children, supposedly “possessed by the devil,” convulsing, frothing at the mouth, screaming repeatedly, and fainting. Many reported experiencing terrifying hallucinations or visions. According to Peruvian media reports, nearly 100 schoolchildren at the Elsa […]

Joran van der Sloot’s Wife & Natalee Holloway’s Father Comment On Confession

The Natalee Holloway case has its first break in years, and it comes with a confession from the only suspect that authorities from Aruba have ever had. Joran van der Sloot, who is in a Peruvian jail after killing Stephany Flores there and confessing to her murder, is the source of the new news. Now […]

‘The Martian:’ NASA To Grow Potatoes In Peruvian Desert Soil As Simulation Of Mars

In the recent film The Martian, Matt Damon’s astronaut character managed to grow potatoes using Martian soil and his own poo. While it may have seemed far-fetched at the time, it seems this example of space botany is not entirely fictional, as NASA now experiments with growing potatoes in an environment very similar to that […]

Skateboarding Bulldog Breaks World Record: Otto Skates Through Tunnel Of 30 People

Bulldog superstar Otto, a 3-year-old dog from Peru, broke a world record by skating through 30 pairs of legs without any help. The incredibly impressive challenge took place on November 12, a day set up by the Guinness World Records for people to unite around the world and try and “become the greatest in the […]

Watch Peru Vs. Paraguay Live Stream Free, 2015 Copa America Third Place Match

Watch Peru vs. Paraguay live stream free at the 2015 Copa America match for third place from Estadio Municipal Alcaldesa Ester Roa Rebolledo in Concepción, Chile. Both of these teams were underdogs to advance to the final rounds of the 2015 Copa America, and despite bitter disappointment in Peru and Paraguay, they should play for […]

Watch Chile vs. Peru Live Stream Free, 2015 Copa America Semifinal

Watch Chile vs. Peru live stream free in the first 2015 Copa America semifinal from the Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos in Santiago, Chile. The two neighbors meet in the crucial clash and renew a rivalry that has only grown as the years have gone by. Even though Chile is not only the host of […]

Paraguay Hero Derlis Gonzalez’s Uncle Dies Of Heart Attack Celebrating Win

Derlis Gonzalez converted the winning penalty for Paraguay against Brazil on Saturday night and pushed them into the Copa America semi-finals. That is probably the best moment of Gonzalez’s life and should be remembered with great fondness. Unfortunately, it turned into one of the most tragic for Gonzalez and his family. According to a newspaper […]

2015 Copa America Semifinals: Two Unlikely Teams Face-Off Two Favorites

The 2015 Copa America semifinals are all set and fans will see two unlikely teams face-off against two of the favorites to take the title. With Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay out of the final stages of the tournament, the 2015 Copa America semifinals bring big possibilities of yet another huge upset. Paraguay sent Brazil packing […]

Strange Fleet Of UFOs Captured Hovering In The Early-Morning Skies Of Peru [Video]

On Monday, footage was captured of a fleet of UFOs hovering in the skies of Tarma, Peru, around 5.a.m. The clip was recorded by a Peruvian resident and his son after he spotted the light orbs floating above his home. In the 10-minute video, five round white lights can be seen hovering in the sky, […]

Watch Bolivia vs. Peru Live Stream Free, 2015 Copa America Quarterfinals

Watch Bolivia vs. Peru live stream free at the 2015 Copa America quarterfinals from Estadio Municipal Bicentenario Germán Becker in Temuco, Chile. Bolivia is a surprising qualifier and La Verde is trying to get into the semis for the first time since they hosted the Copa America in 1997. The unexpected quarterfinalists narrowly defeated Ecuador […]

Watch Colombia vs. Peru Live Stream Free, 2015 Copa America Group C

Watch Colombia vs. Peru live stream free in continuous coverage of the 2015 Copa America from Estadio Municipal Bicentenario Germán Becker in Temuco, Chile. As the groups phase comes to an end and the teams who will advance to the knockout stage are determined, Colombia faces Peru in a decisive game. James Rodriguez and his […]

Watch Brazil Vs. Peru Live Stream Free, Copa America Group C

Watch Brazil vs. Peru live stream free in first round action of the Copa America from Estadio Municipal Bicentenario Germán Becker in Temuco. Brazil has much to prove to itself and its fans after the rather disastrous exit from the World Cup it hosted last summer, which they thought would surely avenge its worst nightmare, […]

Giant Manta Ray Sends Diver Tumbling Off The Coast Of Peru [Video]

Divers studying giant manta rays off the coast of Peru recently filmed an extraordinary interaction with one of the massive animals, as it grabbed a man and sent him somersaulting through the water. Researcher and diver Josh Stewart approached the manta ray off the Peruvian coast, attempting to photograph unique markings on its belly in […]

UFO: Footage Shows Mysterious Humanoid Flying Over Peruvian City [Video]

A strange humanoid UFO was captured maneuvering through the skies above the Peruvian city of Puerto Maldonado earlier this month. The footage was posted on March 15 by Dr Anthony Choy, an investigative journalist and radio producer and host of the radio program Viaje a Otra Dimension (“Journey to Another Dimension”). Choy, who is also […]

Purple Disc Shaped UFO Filmed By TV Crew In Peru

A purple, disc shaped UFO was recently filmed in broad daylight over Lima, Peru, by a television crew who were interrupted by the strange, as-yet-unexplained object. A television show called Alto al Crimen (High Crime), was filming an episode in the upscale Miraflores district of Lima on February 10 when the UFO was spotted hovering […]

UFOs Watching South America? Multiple Sightings Have Researchers Scratching Their Heads

Several UFOs have been sighted over South American countries in recent weeks, raising questions about what the strange objects may be, and why they are populating the skies of Argentina and Peru. Earlier this week, workers at a construction site in Lima, Peru, spotted a UFO near where they were operating. Two videos were filmed […]

Busted! Men Catcall Women Who Are Actually Their Undercover Mothers [Video]

Sometimes it’s great to watch people get busted — and such is the case with these men who habitually catcall women in the streets. The American clothing company Everlast decided to do something about the problem in Lima, Peru — a city where seven out of 10 women face catcalls and harassment on the streets. […]

Peru Provides Free Solar Power By Giving 2 Million Of Its Poorest Residents Solar Panels

Presently, the world is in the midst of what many have called an energy crisis. The scenario painted for this situation is that fossil fuels will eventually run out. Taking into account the majority of our necessities rely on the usage of fossil fuels (automobiles, home electricity, etc.), this is truly debilitating. As a result, […]

Fireman Drags Stray Dog Behind Car To ‘Teach’ It A Lesson

A volunteer firefighter in Peru has outraged his neighbors, after he tied a stray dog to the back of his car and dragged the animal behind the vehicle in an effort to punish it. The stray dog, named Paco according to the Daily Mail, was left with four broken legs and holes in the bottom […]

Drone Footage Shows Just How Badly Greenpeace Damaged The Nazca Lines

Recently-released drone footage shows just how bad Greenpeace’s recent stunt caused to the ancient Nazca lines in Peru, and authorities are saying it may be hundreds or even thousands of years before the damage is done. Last week, according to this Inquisitr report, Greenpeace activists were in Peru, where climate change talks are underway. Hoping […]

Peru Remains Furious Over The ‘Stupidity’ Of Greenpeace Following Nazca Lines Scandal

Peruvian authorities remain furious over recent damage to the area of the Nazca Lines in southern Peru caused by Greenpeace protestors. As reported by the Inquisitr, earlier this week over 20 activists from Greenpeace trespassed near the hummingbird Nazca Lines in Peru to put down a protest banner. The banner read, “Time for change! The […]

Greenpeace Damages Nazca Lines In Peru While Protesting Climate Change

Greenpeace protesters have damaged a site around the sacred Nazca Lines in Peru according to the Peruvian government. In an attempt to call attention to the issue of climate change, Greenpeace activists trespassed on an area near an ancient hummingbird carved in the ground more than 1,500 years ago. The Greenpeace members laid out a […]

Joran van der Sloot Stabbed In Prison, According To His Wife

Joran van der Sloot, the Dutch national who is currently serving time in prison in Peru for murdering a Peruvian woman, was stabbed by other inmates in prison, his wife is claiming. Leidy Figueroa, van der Sloot’s wife and mother of his child, told Dutch-language CNN affiliate RTL that he was stabbed twice; once in […]

Montreal UFO: Was The Same Green, Shapeshifting Object Spotted Two Days Later In Peru?

Sightings of strange, yet similar lights in the sky have been reported days apart in both Montreal and Peru, leading some to conclude that the mysterious UFOs could in fact be the same object. A greenish UFO was spotted hovering over Montreal last week, according to io9, even appearing inadvertently in an evening newscast behind […]

Cocaine Bust In Peru Breaks Record, 8.5 Tons Seized

The largest cocaine haul ever found in Peru has been obtained by police officials. A total of 7.7 metric tons (8.5 tons) were displayed in a Lima airport hangar on Monday, seized from a massive drug bust last week. According to The Washington Post, the incredible quantity of cocaine was flown to the Peruvian capital […]

Forced Out Of The Rainforest

Out of the rainforest they’ve come, asking for food and clothes. On June 29, they approached a local environmental protection group for help, speaking an unknown language and using animal sounds to express emotions. It was the first time anyone in Brazil had officially made contact with an isolated Indian tribe for twenty years. For […]