Disney Park Will Host First-Ever Pride Parade Celebrating LGBT Community

Disney Parks have long been known to host magical pride events that celebrate the LGBT community, attracting guests from all over the country for unofficial “Gay Days,” and other various pride celebrations. Now, one of the parks is inviting folks from all around the world to celebrate the first, official, sprawling event that will celebrate […]

Snow Falls Beautifully All Around Disneyland Paris As Characters Have Fun [Photos And Video]

If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World and Disneyland during the Christmas holidays, you may have seen some of the delightful soapy snow that falls on everyone. It’s a fun visual, and something that brings about even more holiday spirit near the end of the year. For those who have been visiting Disneyland Paris recently, […]

Marvel-Themed Lands Announced For Disneyland Resort And Other Disney Parks – A Bug’s Land Is Crawling Out

Ever since Disney purchased Marvel and brought it into the family, many have expected the characters to have a bigger presence in the theme parks around the world. Little by little, they have started making their way into various parks, but not in huge fashion. However, that is all about to change, as Disney has […]

Disneyland Paris Getting Huge Expansion With Marvel, Frozen, And Star Wars Lands And Attractions

Just a few weeks ago, everyone was raving over how beautiful Disneyland Paris looked in the falling snow, but something much bigger is coming their way. On Tuesday morning, an announcement was made that detailed the $2.4 billion expansion coming to the vacation destination in Europe. This massive expansion is going to bring in new […]

Full Details About Changes Coming To Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride – What’s Leaving? What Will Be New?

For those who loved the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction as it was in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, it will be no more. Sunday, February 25, 2018, was the final day the ride was open before closing for a three-week refurbishment to make some major changes. Of course, the biggest difference once it […]

Disneyland Paris Is Stunning As Snow Falls Throughout The Park And Characters Play [Photos And Video]

Those visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland will likely never see real snow fall around them, but guests visiting the international parks do have that luxury. Over the last couple of years, both Tokyo Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland have been drenched in snow, and the moments made for beautiful images. Well, snow has fallen at […]

Two Disneyland Audio-Animatronics Lose Their Heads This Weekend As Videos Go Viral

Considering the attractions inside the Disney Parks are made by man, there is always the possibility that something can go wrong. There are many good reasons as to why attractions shut down for refurbishment and two very good examples happened this weekend at the Disneyland Resorts in California and Paris. Guests at the theme parks […]

9-Year-Old Girl Guesses Way Into Dad’s PayPal Account And Books Family Trip To Disneyland

Kids all across the globe want to someday go to a Disney Park and enjoy a magical vacation with their family, but some aren’t willing to be overly patient and wait for it. A 9-year-old girl by the name of Susan Wilson decided to hop on her dad Ian’s phone one night and start searching […]

Construction Officially Begins On New ‘Ratatouille’ Ride Coming To France In Epcot – When Will It Open?

It was back in June that permits were filed for a possible Ratatouille attraction to be built at Epcot, and in mid-July, the rumors were confirmed. During the D23 Expo, Disney confirmed that the new ride was going to be added to the France pavilion in World Showcase and that Walt Disney World would continue […]

First Look At New Redhead Scene In Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Attraction (Video)

One of the biggest controversies in the Disney community over the last month has been the announcement that the “Redhead” scene in Pirates of the Caribbean would be changing. Disney officially announced the wench auction would no longer exist by next year and that things were going to be fixed up to be a bit […]

Permits Filed For Possible Huge ‘Ratatouille’ Ride In France Pavilion At Epcot

It has been rumored for quite a long time now, and it finally appears as if Disney is moving forward with huge progress at Epcot and that especially means in the France pavilion. Permits have now been filed by Walt Disney World to do a great deal work in the back of Epcot and it […]

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Uses Disneyland Paris To Mock Donald Trump

It was a lucky coincidence that Paris’ mayor, Anne Hidalgo, was promoting Disneyland Paris on Friday when Donald Trump took a jab at the French capital in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). In all of France, there is probably no bigger symbol of American influence than the iconic theme park, apart […]

Disney Paris Tragedy – Maintenance Worker Found Dead In Haunted House

Disneyland in Paris experienced tragedy over the weekend as the body of a man was discovered in the “Phantom Manor,” attraction according to Le Parisien. Worker at @DisneyParis_EN dies in haunted house: https://t.co/MrRi40EzYm — KTNV 13 Action News (@KTNV) April 5, 2016 The body of a 45-year-old maintenance worker employed by Paris Disneyland was found […]

Disneyland Paris: Cast Member Found Dead Inside Phantom Manor Haunted House Attraction

An investigation is ongoing in a tragic tale that took place this past weekend. A technician was found dead inside the Phantom Manor haunted house attraction at Disneyland Paris, and it is believed that the cast member had been electrocuted. According to Deadline, the worker was found dead inside the theme park’s attraction on Saturday, […]

Disneyland Haunted House Horror: Employee Electrocuted While Working Alone In Phantom Manor

The haunted house at Disneyland Paris, famously known as the Phantom Manor, was witness to real-life tragedy when an employee was found dead by his colleagues this past weekend. The 45-year-old technician, whose identity has not been released by the police, had been working at Disneyland Paris since 2002. On Saturday morning, he was asked […]

Disneyland Paris: Body Found Inside Haunted House Attraction

In spooky attraction news, a Disneyland Paris worker was found dead inside the theme park’s popular haunted house attraction. French police are currently investigating the death of a male electrician who was working inside the Phantom Manor. The body of the father was found on early Saturday morning. He was reportedly working on the attraction’s […]

Disneyland Paris Arrest: Man With Guns, Koran Arrested At Park Hotel

A man was arrested at a Disneyland Paris hotel with two handguns, ammunition, and a copy of the Koran, although his motives remain unclear amid conflicting reports. As CNN reports, the unidentified 28-year-old man was caught trying to go through security at the Hotel New York, a themed hotel on the grounds of Disneyland Paris. […]

You Won’t Believe How Disneyland Treated A Mom And Her Seriously ill Son

Disneyland may be regarded by many as a place where childhood dreams come true, but for one unfortunate lady and her poor family, their long awaited trip to Disneyland Paris almost turned into a hellish nightmare. When British woman Justine Sharples managed to get enough money together to take her desperately ill son Matthew and […]

More ‘Star Wars’ Attractions Coming To Disney Theme Parks

The Star Wars universe is going to have a greater presence at Disney theme parks worldwide, the L.A. Times is reporting. Ewoks, Wookies, Stormtroopers and Jedi Knights will soon be taking their place alongside Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the gang at parks in Orlando, Anaheim, and worldwide, Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors at a […]

Saudi Prince Throws Extravagant Disneyland Party

A Saudi prince recently spent millions on a Disneyland party in Paris, France. Prince Fahd al-Saud brought nearly 60 guests to the park for several days last month to celebrate his recent degree. The party reportedly cost upwards of $20 million and featured friends, bloggers, and Disney enthusiasts. In order to bring that many people […]

Minnie Mouse Gets Designer Makeover [Photos, Videos]

Beloved Disney character Minnie Mouse has received a designer makeover. Gone is the trademark polka dotted red dress, hair bow, and too big yellow shoes. And who can forget the white bloomers and gloves? The Minnie Mouse of your childhood has upgraded her wardrobe, opting for a more mature look in a long-sleeved, bejeweled hourglass […]