Oscar Pistorius, Olympic Blade Runner, Jail Sentence Increased To Thirteen Years For Murder Of Reeva Steenkamp

South African Olympic Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius will now serve 13 years and five months for the murder of his model and law graduate girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The South African Supreme Court of Appeal decided that the initial prison sentence of six years be lengthened to 13 years, which is more in line with the […]

Oscar Pistorius Reportedly Rushed To Hospital After Suffering Chest Pains

The former blade runner-turned-convicted murderer was rushed from his prison cell to a South African hospital after experiencing what was reported to be chest pains. According to the Citizen, the 30-year-old was taken to Kalafong Hospital in Pretoria, which is located outside the prison. The publication also stated that initial reports suggested Pistorius was suffering […]

Oscar Pistorius Changes Prisons To Accommodate Disability

Convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius was transferred from his South African prison to a correctional facility equipped to handle inmates with disabilities. Pistorius was convicted of murder in July for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, after his original sentence for culpable homicide was overturned on appeal. He is currently serving a six-year sentence. Pistorius’ […]

Michael Johnson’s 400-Meter World Record Gives In To Wayde Van Niekerk’s Stunning Performance In Rio

Michael Johnson is no longer the 400-meter race world record holder. That title has just been grabbed from him by South African sprinter Wayde van Niekerk in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Van Niekerk is said to be a friend of Oscar Pistorius, who, known for his moniker the Blade Runner, defied his disability to become […]

Oscar Pistorius Rushed To Hospital After Sustaining Cuts To His Wrists

https://rumble.com/embed/vd83f/ Ex-Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was rushed to hospital on Saturday afternoon around 12:30 p.m. after suffering cuts to his wrists, according to the BBC. Pistorius was taken to the Pretoria Kalaforg hospital, where the doctor wrapped up his wounds and said it was just a minor cut. Pistorius told officials that he fell from his […]

Oscar Pistorius Gets Six Years For Murdering Reeva Steenkamp

The Blade Runner’s fall from grace is complete. Oscar Pistorius, the once-lauded Paralympian known for the blade-like prosthetics that would propel him to new heights on the track, has been sent to jail for six years in the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day, 2013. If #Pistorius was black & non-famous, he’d […]

Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For His Girlfriend’s Murder

South African paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to six years in prison for the 2013 murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The verdict came more than three years after Steenkamp was allegedly shot by Oscar inside his home in an upscale Pretoria neighborhood. The verdict was pronounced the same judge who had found […]

Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: Walks Without Prosthesis, Cries In Court In A Bid To Escape Prison

Oscar Pistorius removed his prosthesis, walked on his stumps, and cried before the judge in a South African court during the Reeva Steenkamp hearing, which will determine his sentence for her alleged murder in 2013. The athlete faces at least 15 years in jail, and reportedly, the latest dramatic gesture in court is an appeal […]

Oscar Pistorius Sentencing: Hearing To Determine Fate Of Former Athlete For Murder Of Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius’ sentencing hearing is underway, with the former South African athlete back in court this week for sentencing for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius had previously served one year of a five-year sentence after he was originally found guilty of manslaughter in Steenkamp’s death. The manslaughter conviction was later overturned by […]

Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Day One Comes To A Close, Reeva Steenkamp Murderer Suffering ‘Severe Depression’

Day 1 of the Oscar Pistorius sentencing has come to a close and the court heard that the double-amputee Olympic runner is suffering “severe depression” and is a “broken man”, according to clinical psychologist Dr. Jonathan Scholtz. Pistorius, 29, murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in February of 2013 but originally the conviction was for manslaughter. […]

Oscar Pistorius And Family ‘Tell All’ Interview With ITV To Air Following Sentencing Next Week

Speaking in South Africa, Oscar Pistorius’ uncle, Arnold Pistorius, has said Oscar and the family will finally break the silence on international television once sentencing concludes next week. Oscar heads to court again next week to discover what jail sentence he will serve for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day in […]

New Book Claims Oscar Pistorius Beat Reeva Steenkamp With A Cricket Bat Before Shooting Her

A new book by two amateur forensic investigators claims to shed light on overlooked details relating to the murder of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius on Valentine’s Day, 2013. Written by brothers Thomas and Calvin Mollett, the book is titled Oscar vs the Truth. According to the Molletts, there is far more than initially met […]

Fans Send Messages Of Support To Former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius As Sentencing Set To Happen In June

It turns out former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius has quite the fan following. On the eve of his brief appearance in the Pretoria High Court on Monday, the messages of support came streaming in. It was confirmed by the National Prosecuting Authority a while back that sentencing procedures would take place over a period of four […]

Oscar Pistorius Asked For Bribe By Fake Official To Overturn Murder Conviction

A man pretending to be an official for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) tried to scam Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius out of a bribe in order to overturn Pistorius’s murder conviction for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steencamp. Pistorius shot Steencamp to death on Valentines’ Day 2013. He was later found innocent of murder […]

Oscar Pistorius: Third Anniversary Of Reeva Steenkamp’s Death And A Movie

It was three years ago today that South African Paralympic Oscar Pistorius fatally shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. On February 14, 2013, Pistorius, 29, reportedly awoke, thought there was an intruder in his home, and shot Reeva through the locked bathroom door. Three years later and interest in that fateful night is as strong as […]

Oscar Pistorius Had Online Affair With Austrian Blond While Awaiting Trial

A beautiful blond Austrian woman has told the German tabloid newspaper Bild that she and Oscar Pistorius had an online flirtation while the former Paralympian awaited trial for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. However, she does say she didn’t know who he was at the time. The Pistorius family are up in arms after the […]

Oscar Pistorius ‘Terrified’ Of Returning To Prison After Murder Conviction

A friend of the former Paralympian athlete has told the media Oscar Pistorius is terrified to return to jail. After the South African Supreme Court overturned the previous conviction of culpable homicide and amended the charge to murder, Oscar Pistorius will have to return behind bars and he is allegedly terrified. The court still has […]

Oscar Pistorius Verdict Changed To Murder: Will He Get The Maximum Sentence? [Video]

In a stunning turn of events, former Paralympic and Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been convicted of murdering his then-girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. If you’re an American, this outcome may seem puzzling. Our own legal system would prevent such an outcome thanks to “double jeopardy.” No such law exists in South Africa. Pistorius was previously convicted […]

Oscar Pistorius Verdict Changed To Murder For Death Of Reeva Steenkamp

South African Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been convicted of murder for the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The original conviction of culpable homicide was overturned by the South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal. Oscar Pistorius found guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp; original conviction overturned https://t.co/mdBVBQbP8p pic.twitter.com/ho7rsMl8wL — Sky News (@SkyNews) December 3, 2015 Pistorius […]

Past & Future Home: Tour Prison Cell Occupied By Paralympian Oscar Pistorius [Video/Updated]

The South African media was recently given unprecedented access to the prison cell occupied by Paralympian Oscar Pistorius during his brief incarceration. Photos were taken and have been shared of the tiny room and facilities available to him. The prison cell occupied by Oscar Pistorius in the Kgosi Mampuru II correctional center was certainly a […]

Tour The Luxurious South African Home Of Infamous Czech Fraudster Radovan Krejcir [Video]

The luxurious South African home of Radovan Krejcir, a convicted Czech fraudster who recently spent time in prison with Oscar Pistorius, has just been sold. Thanks to a video made by EWN and Talk Radio 702, we now have the opportunity to tour this multi-million ZAR house. The said video is included at the end […]

Oscar Pistorius Released From Prison A Night Early To Avoid Media, Put Under House Arrest

Oscar Pistorius may have left the Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Centre, but he is still considered under arrest. USA Today reported on October 19 that Pistorius was released from the shackles of prison to be put under house arrest. Pistorius is now said to be serving the remainder of his five-year sentence at the home […]

Oscar Pistorius House To Become ‘Party House’ To ‘Celebrate Life’ [Video]

The former home of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, vacated after he was jailed for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, is now to become a party house. A video included in this article takes viewers on a brief tour of the luxury home. Two men who are renting out Pistorius’ house in the security estate […]

Oscar Pistorius Denied Parole In Murder Case, Prison Buddy Radovan Krejcir Planned Jail Escape

With Oscar Pistorius denied parole based upon the new board meeting, the infamous Paralympic star is now being asked to attend psychotherapy. In addition, it has come out that Pistorius’ prison buddy, Radovan Krejcir, allegedly planned a prison break. In a related report by the Inquisitr, back in August, Oscar Pistorius’ release from prison was […]

Legal Team Says Oscar Pistorius Retrial Would Expose Him To Double Jeopardy

The State has applied to the Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa to retry the former Paralympic star, Oscar Pistorius, on a charge of murder rather than culpable homicide. However, the defense is arguing that Pistorius would then be exposed to double jeopardy, which is not permissible in law. Oscar Pistorius was charged with […]

Reeva Steenkamp’s Death Mourned By Family On Her 32nd Birthday As Oscar Pistorius Stays In Prison Despite Earlier Reports Of Release

Reeva Steenkamp would have been 32-years-old on August 19, but her life was cut short when she was shot to death by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, on Valentine’s Day in 2013. All Steenkamp’s family has are memories of the South African model, as they pay tribute to her on her birthday. A small group of […]

Oscar Pistorius: Release Halted By Department Of Justice

Oscar Pistorius’ release from prison was halted by South Africa’s Department of Justice. In September, 2014, the Paralympic champion was convicted of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Although he was originally sentenced to five years in prison, Pistorius was granted early release — which was scheduled for Friday. On […]

Oscar Pistorius: ‘Mansion Arrest’ To Follow Release From Prison

Oscar Pistorius will remain on “mansion arrest” following his early release from prison. Although the former Paralympic champion was originally sentenced to five years, he will serve the remainder of his term at his uncle’s Pretoria, South Africa, home. In the late evening hours of February 14, 2013, Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva […]

Oscar Pistorius To Be Released? Star Athlete Might Not Even Serve A Year For Girlfriend’s Death

Oscar Pistorius will be a free man in a few days, despite international outcry. The backlash was inevitable. The Olympic athlete known as “Blade Runner” will barely serve a year in jail despite committing an act that many consider to be cold-blooded murder. Oscar Pistorius shot then-girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp four times through a closed bathroom […]

Hear Jeremy Clarkson Of ‘Top Gear’ Fame Make Controversial Oscar Pistorius Joke [Video]

Former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammon were performing recently at a live show in Johannesburg. Clarkson made an unfortunate comment referring to the Oscar Pistorius incident, where the “Blade Runner” shot his girlfriend, Reeva Pistorius. While this incident happened back on June 22, Iafrica has now supplied video footage that […]

Oscar Pistorius May Be Released From Prison After Serving 10 Months For Girlfriend’s Death

Oscar Pistorius, the Paralympian imprisoned for killing his girlfriend, may be released just 10 months after his sentencing. CNN reports a parole board is set to recommend that he be released in August, after serving a sixth of his 5-year sentence. Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide for the 2013 Valentine’s Day shooting death of […]

Oscar Pistorius Goes From Luxury To Tinned Food And Fear In Prison

If anyone has been wondering what’s happening with the former South African Olympic hero, Oscar Pistorius, wonder no more. Pistorius is not a happy boy and is living in fear of being poisoned. Convicted of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steinkamp back in 2013, Pistorius received what many considered to be a light sentence for his […]

Oscar Pistorius Denied Early Release Because Monitors Can’t Be Fitted On His Prosthetics, Steenkamp’s Mother Says He Killed To Keep A Secret

It doesn’t look like convicted killer Oscar Pistorius will be eligible for early release from prison, and it looks like the cause is Pistorius’ prosthetic legs. A new report, though, claims that Pistorius could be eligible for parole in as little as 10 months. The Daily Mail on Monday carried news that Oscar Pistorius’ request […]

Lolo Jones Reveals Why She Feels Sympathy For Oscar Pistorius: Her Father Was Also A Killer

Lolo Jones doesn’t think that Oscar Pistorius is getting off easy for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp — instead, she actually feels sympathetic toward her fellow former track and field star. During a quick exchange with one of TMZ‘s employees, Jones revealed that she’s praying for Pistorius. Lolo was asked about her thoughts on the five-year […]

Prison Door Slams On Oscar Pistorius, Sentenced Five Years – Could Go Home In Ten Months

One of the most watched trials of the century has finally made its last stand as the gavel came down on the seven-month trial of South Africa’s former Golden Boy, Oscar Pistorius. Presiding over the trial, Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa read the sentence on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. “Count 1, culpable homicide, sentence imposed is […]

Oscar Pistorius Heads To Jail: Donald Trump Calls Judge ‘A Moron’ In ‘Another O.J. Travesty’

After a months-long trial, Oscar Pistorius is heading to jail. On Tuesday, the double-amputee was sentenced to five years in prison for shooting and killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. The BBC reports that Pistorius, who was cheered on at the London Olympics back in 2012, wiped his eyes after the judge handed down […]

Judge: Pistorius Guilty Of Culpable Homicide

Judge Thokozile Masipa has convicted Oscar Pistorius of culpable homicide and acquitted him of murder in her final judgement delivered today. After six months of painstaking testimony from over 30 witnesses and experts, Judge Masipa began delivering her judgement on Thursday but stopped abruptly before pronouncing a verdict. While not delivering a verdict yesterday, Judge […]

Watch Oscar Pistorius Verdict Live Online, Murder Trial Streaming Video

Oscar Pistorius will soon learn the verdict of his murder trial, and those at home can follow live online with streaming video of the trial’s conclusion. Pistorius is due to hear the verdict Thursday. The double-amputee, who was known by the nickname “Blade Runner” for the metal contraptions he uses to race in the Olympics, […]

Oscar Pistorius Awaits Verdict

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius is due to hear the verdict of his murder trial this week, bringing an end to an exhaustive, sensational televised trial six months after it began. Pistorius, the South African double-amputee, will learn his fate on Thursday, September 11. The trial has spanned six and a half months, during which Pistorius, also […]

Pistorius’ Twitter Silence Broken: Oscar Posts New Messages As Trial Nears Final Arguments

Oscar Pistorius’ Twitter silence is over, as the athlete on trial for his former girlfriend’s death has now started posting again. The double-amputee had not tweeted since February, and now he seems to be focusing on quotes and prayers. The first post after months of Pistorius’ Twitter silence came on Sunday when he posted a […]

Oscar Pistorius Is A Suicide Risk, According To Psych Report

Oscar Pistorius is depressed, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and at risk of suicide, according to a psychology report read at the athlete’s murder trial on Wednesday. The doctors who spent a month evaluating Pistorius’ mental health also concluded that he does not appear to have a history of abnormal aggression linked to “rage-time murders […]

Oscar Pistorius Completes Psychiatric Tests. Trial Resumes On Monday

Oscar Pistorius, who is being tried for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in South Africa, will be back in the courtroom starting Monday. The former athlete completed a series of psychiatric evaluation tests as part of his ongoing trial, reports ABC News. The tests were conducted in order to determine his mental condition […]

Oscar Pistorius Reads Valentine Card From Reeva As Cross Examination Concludes

After seven harsh days of cross examination, Oscar Pistorius was allowed off the stand, but not until after reading the Valentine’s card Reeva Steenkamp had given him before he tragically killed her with four gunshots through a locked bathroom door. Oscar Pistorius, a double-amputee South African Olympian, claims the shooting was an accident and that […]

Pit Bull Mauls Pistorius

A pit bull in most parts of the world refers to an aggressive and ferocious type of dog, renowned for their no retreat, no surrender mentality. in South Africa it appears the courts are full of them. It’s no secret that the Oscar Pistorius trial has grabbed the attention of the world, but alongside the […]

Oscar Pistorius Trial Gets Tense When Prosecutor Asks, ‘Did She Scream While You Shot Her?’

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial got very tense when the prosecutor slammed the star witness who faced another day of grueling cross examination, following his testimony about the early hours of Valentine’s Day 2013, when he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius — who has been visibly shaken throughout his trial — attempted […]

Oscar Pistorius Breaks Down Again, Court Adjourns

Whether Oscar Pistorius intentionally shot Reeva Steenkamp in a fit of rage, or unloaded the deadly shots through the bathroom door while honestly believing she was an intruder, one thing is for sure: The South African Olympian appears to be a truly tortured soul. Unless Pistorius is an amazing actor. In a trial that has […]

Oscar Pistorius Takes Stand: Apologizes Before Focusing On Own Problems

Oscar Pistorius took the stand for the first time Monday, sobbing occasionally, as his murder trial resumed. The double-amputee, South African Olympian, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, model, Reeva Steenkamp, shooting her through a locked bathroom door, early Valentine’s morning in 2013. Oscar lead off this first day of his defense with an apology […]

Oscar Pistorius Turns To Prayer, Prosecution Rests, Murder Trial Moves On

Oscar Pistorius, on trial in South Africa for murdering his girlfriend, has turned to a book on prayer, authored by the pastor of a New York City megachurch, according to the Christian Post. Popularly known as the “Blade Runner”, and the first double-leg amputee to compete in the Olympics, Oscar is accused of intentionally shooting […]

Oscar Pistorius Text Exchange Pours More Fuel On Potentially Guilty Fire

Evidence of Oscar Pistorius potentially being guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp continues to mount. Testimony from neighbors, police experts, a pathologist, and more, continue falling together while the Oscar Pistorius version of events, from the night he shot his then-girlfriend, seem less and less plausible. Monday’s beginning to a new week of the Oscar Pistorius […]

Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial To Carry Into May

Oscar Pistorius’ dramatic Murder Trial has been extended into mid-May, the South African court overseeing the trial announced Sunday. The trial will recess the week of April 7 and resume April 14 through May 16. Pistorius, a South African Olympian and first double leg amputee to compete in the Olympics, shot and killed girlfriend and […]