NYPD Issues Statement Following Viral Video Showing Protester Pulled Into An Unmarked Van

A video showing a protester being detained and pulled into an unmarked minivan on the streets of Manhattan has prompted the New York Police Department (NYPD) to issue a statement defending their actions, The New York Times reported. The incident occurred on Tuesday and drew comparisons to similar instances of protesters being rounded up by […]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Explains Decision To Cut NYPD Budget By $1 Billion

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on CNN’s New Day Wednesday morning to discuss his decision on Tuesday to cut the budget of the NYPD by $1 billion. Speaking to host John Berman, de Blasio said the funding will be diverted to youth and social services, community summer programs, and education, per Axios. […]

NYPD Officer Suspended After Video Showed Him Allegedly Using A Banned Chokehold On A Black Man

A New York City police officer who was seen on video using what appeared to be a banned chokehold to restrain a Black man during an incident on Sunday afternoon was suspended without pay later that day, the Associated Press reported. Neither the officer nor the man involved in the incident has been publicly identified […]

Three NYPD Officers Hospitalized After Suspected Poisoning At Shake Shack, Police Said Drinks Contained Bleach

The New York Police Department said it is investigating the suspected poisoning of three police officers at a Shake Shack in Manhattan. The police union said a substance suspected to be bleach was put into drinks that the officers had ordered. As CBS New York reported, police department sources said the officers became ill after […]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Says He Will Cut NYPD’s Budget And Increase Funding For Social Programs

During a press conference on Sunday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he would be cutting funding to the New York City Police Department and diverting that money to social service programs, The New York Times reported. The announcement comes in the midst of protests against police brutality that have filled New […]

Over 200 Arrested In NYC, NYPD Van Torched As Protests Against Police Brutality Continue

Thousands of New Yorkers have taken to the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan to protest police brutality following the death of George Floyd, leading to over 200 arrests on Friday night and early Saturday morning, Pix11 News reported on May 30. The protests took a violent turn in the night as demonstrators torched an empty […]

Gunman Who Shot NYPD Lieutenant Inside Bronx Precinct May Be The Shooter In Earlier Police Attack

On Sunday morning, chaos broke out at a Bronx police precinct as a lone gunman entered the building and began shooting. According to The New York Post, the gunman walked into a station house located on Longwood Avenue and immediately opened fire, wounding an NYPD lieutenant in the arm. According to New York City council […]

Michael Reynolds, NYPD Officer, Resigns After Alleged Drunken Racist Tirade Against Black Tennessee Family

A New York City police officer who allegedly went on a racist tirade against an African American family in Tennessee, and was sentenced to serve time behind bars for it, has resigned from his job, CBS News reports. Michael Reynolds, 26, was on vacation in Nashville in July 2018, and staying at an AirBnB. At […]

Horrifying Footage Shows The Last Few Moments Of NYPD Officer Garman Chen’s Life

New York Police Department officer Garman Chen tragically lost his life during the early morning hours of Saturday after losing control of his vehicle. Chen was off duty while driving his Lexus down the highway. A video taken by another driver on the road that witnessed the incident, captured the horrific last moments of his […]

An Elaborate Prank Saw NYPD Investigating What They Thought Was A Dead Baby — It Was Actually A Doll

Initially, the New York Police Department thought they were attending a horrific crime scene after receiving a 911 call that reported the discovery of a dead baby near Crocheron Park in Bayside. What they found instead was a prank. A doll, complete with realistic make-up to make it look like it was decomposing, had been […]

Third NYPD Suicide In Less Than A Month Raises Concerns About Mental Health

An unnamed 29-year-old New York police officer shot himself in a car on Friday afternoon. The department didn’t give out any further information about the officer, other than that his death took place not far from his Staten Island precinct house and that he had been on the force for six years. He is the […]

NYPD Seized Deceased Relative’s Ashes After Mistaking Them For Heroin In Bungled Raid, Family Members Claim

Members of a Brooklyn family say officers from the New York Police Department burst into their home looking for heroin, but ended up leaving with the cremated remains of a family member instead — and are now refusing to give it back. The incident happened last year in the Bushwick neighborhood and has now led […]

Volunteer At Nonprofit Benefiting Families Of Fallen NYPD Officers Caught Stealing $400,000

Police officers give so much of their lives to the community. They risk their lives every day by walking voluntarily into dangerous situations to protect members of the public, and for some of them, it literally costs them their lives. For their families, it’s a devastating blow they will never fully recover from, and one […]

Emanuel Gonzalez Told Fellow NYPD Officers To Shoot 50 Cent ‘On Sight’

NYPD officer Emanuel Gonzalez is being investigated by his superiors for allegedly telling his fellow officers to shoot rapper 50 Cent on “on-sight,” TMZ is reporting. The celebrity gossip and crime blog reports this based on anonymous sources. At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation from the NYPD that the department has […]

Viral Video Shows NYPD Officers Ripping Baby From Mother’s Arms After She Refused To Stop Sitting On The Floor

A viral video shows NYPD officers attempting to rip a baby from his mother’s arms, prompting an outcry from local officials — and a vow from the department to investigate the incident. As NBC News reported, the incident took place inside a Brooklyn social services office last week, and video showed mother Jazmine Headley on […]

NYPD Manhunt Over As Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring During Proposal Is Found

It looks like some members of the New York City Police Department have a romantic side, as they embarked on a manhunt where the only crime for the perpetrators was love. A marriage proposal in New York City’s Time Square is something you’ll remember the rest of your life. This couple now has extenuating circumstances […]

NYPD On A Manhunt For Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring Down Grate During Proposal

The NYPD is on a manhunt, but it’s not a criminal they’re trying to find. This week, viral CCTV video showed a man proposing to his girlfriend on a street in Manhattan but fumbling the exchange of the ring. As the BBC noted, the pricey piece of jewelry slipped through his fingers and fell through […]

Police Brutality Scene Filmed at Site Of Eric Garner’s Death Interrupted By Locals

The filming of a Staten Island-based drama was recently cut short by locals who may have taken exception to a police brutality scene being shot at the site of the late Eric Garner’s death. The New York Daily News reports that the team working the set of “The Fifth Boro” decided to call the production […]

NYPD Suspends Use Of Nearly 3,000 Vievu Body Cameras After One Exploded

The New York Police Department has decided to suspend the use of nearly 3,000 body cameras after one of them exploded, NBC News reported. The Police said on Sunday that an officer who was out on a midnight tour on Saturday noticed smoke coming out from his body camera. He immediately removed it from his […]

NYPD Plans To Charge Nine Members Of Far-Right Group ‘Proud Boys’ For Brawl

The New York Police Department said on Monday that it has enough evidence to arrest at least nine members of the far-right group “Proud Boys” on charges of rioting and attempted assault, as well as three other protesters who were involved in a ruckus on 82nd Street on Friday evening. A brawl between the extremist […]

NYPD Asks for Help Identifying Members Of Proud Boys Who Took Part In Gang Assaults

On Friday night, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes spoke at Metropolitan Republican Club. Three people were arrested outside the club following the speech for participating in violence that took place between members of the Proud Boys and individuals protesting McInnes and his organization. on Saturday, the New York Police Department (NYPD) tweeted a request for […]

Inmate Accused Of Trying To Rape NYPD Cop Inside Brooklyn Courthouse

An inmate is accused of attempting to rape a New York City female police officer inside Brooklyn Criminal Court Friday, but she was recused by another inmate and other police officers, reports the New York Daily News. The outrageous alleged incident happened about 11:20 a.m. while the officer was leading prisoners from a holding cell […]

Frustrated With Their Boss, Five NYPD Pilots Flew $4 Million Plane In Penis-Shaped Route

There’s pranking your boss, and there’s drawing giant penises in the sky with airplane exhaust. Recently, five peeved pilots decided to do the latter in an attempt to annoy their boss. The NYPD pilots used a $4 million spy plane to draw the aerial mural, and their message was quickly received. The obscene route was […]

NYPD Arrests Five In Brutal Mistaken Identity Slaying Of Teen Lesandro Guzman-Feliz

Police arrested five members of the vicious Dominican gang Trinitarios on Sunday for the grisly murder of 15-year-old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz. They had recently taken two of the suspects into custody but were later able to track down three more members that they arrested, as well. Lesandro Guzman-Feliz’s murder received national attention for the sheer brutality […]

Chef Mario Batali To Close Three Of His Las Vegas Strip Restaurants Leaving Nearly 300 Workers Unemployed

Several allegations of sexual misconduct are adversely affecting hundreds of people who work with and for Chef Mario Batali. On Friday, Batali’s business partner Joe Bastianich notified the employees of three restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip that their doors would be closing for good on July 27, 2018. Page Six reported that B&B Ristorante, […]

Harvey Weinstein To Turn Himself In To Law Enforcement Soon, NYPD Expects

Citing law enforcement sources, the New York Times reports that Harvey Weinstein, disgraced Hollywood film producer, is expected to turn himself in to the New York Police Department Friday on charges of sexual misconduct. “Mr. Weinstein is to be charged by the Manhattan district attorney’s office, according to two law enforcement officials. Movie stars and […]

Cop-Killer Anthony Bottom Up For Parole, Victim’s Family, Local Politicians, And NYPD Police Union Outraged

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York, local politicians, and the family of slain New York City Police Department Officer Joseph Piagentini have all expressed outrage over the news that cop-killer Anthony Bottom is up for parole in June, 2018. Mr. Bottom, Herman Bell, and Albert Washington ambushed and murdered Officers Waverly […]

Brooklyn Middle School Teacher Arrested After Student’s Mother Finds Explicit Photos On His Cell Phone

Takisha and Marcus Randall spoke out for the first time on Saturday about their son’s math teacher, who was recently arrested for sexually abusing their 14-year-old son. Andre Braddy was taken into custody on April 25 and has since been released on bond. Had Takisha not glanced at her son’s phone, they may never have […]

More Negative Publicity For Starbucks As NYPD Officer Sues For Negligence That Led To Career-Ending Injury

For Sgt. Timothy Wall, an incident that led to a career-ending injury at a Starbucks could have been easily avoided. Wall is suing Starbucks for negligence, although Starbucks is not admitting any wrongdoing, according to CBS New York. The problems all started with a Midtown New York Starbucks at 39th Street and 8th Avenue giving […]

On-Duty Police Officer Fatally Shoots Himself In The Parking Lot Of A Bronx NYPD Facility

An on-duty police officer who was employed by the NYPD has been rushed to a local hospital to be treated for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Late Friday morning, the unnamed law enforcement officer was found deceased in the parking lot of an NYPD facility in the Bronx. The officer was sitting in his own car. […]

Suspect Bites Off Finger Of Policeman After Being Arrested For Vandalism

A man from Brooklyn reportedly used his teeth to attack an arresting officer and bit off the cop’s middle finger “from nail to tip.” Writers for the New York Daily News and the Daily Mail report that Ainsley Johnson, 34, was being arrested for criminal mischief when he decided to fight back to a 24-year-old […]

Conor McGregor Wanted By NYPD After Bizarre Attack On Bus Filled With UFC Fighters [Video]

Despite reports that UFC President Dana White claims Conor McGregor does have a warrant out for his arrest, there appears to be no warrant at this time. McGregor is wanted for questioning by police after he was seen on video attacking a bus filled with UFC fighters, but a police spokesperson reports there is no […]

Helpess Woman, 91, Dies After Cops ‘Dumped And Left Her To Die’ In Smoke-Filled Hallway

A 91-year-old woman from Queens, New York passed away after authorities failed to rescue her from a burning building. The victim, identified as Ethel Davis, was inside her Rockaway Beach apartment on the 12th floor when the fire broke out on January 12. NYPD immediately responded to the emergency and evacuated residents still inside the […]

Brooklyn Family Left With Many Questions After Fatal Drive-By Shooting Of A 51-Year-Father

The early Sunday morning shooting of a Brooklyn man, whose family said has no known enemies, ended in the 51-year-old father’s death. Sherwood (Prince) Beverly was shot in the head at around 5:15 a.m. and was pronounced dead soon thereafter at a nearby hospital. The New York Police Department reportedly has no suspects in custody. […]

Contrary To Mayor Bloomberg’s Prediction, New York City Crime Rates Have Dropped Since Stop-And-Frisk Ended

In 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Shira A. Scheindlin ruled in a class action suit against the city of New York that the stop-and-frisk policy violates that fourth and 14th Amendments. But Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other proponents of this style of policing unsuccessfully fought her decision. Bloomberg believed that the crime rate would increase […]

British Parliament Unites In ‘Sympathy And Solidarity’ With Victims Of New York Terror Attack

British Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have united to condemn the cowardly New York terror attack. As reported by the Telegraph, Prime minister May has spoken out to condemn yesterday’s attack, which caused the death of at least eight people. Mrs. May took to Twitter last night to condemn the […]

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Case: U.S. & U.K. Police Probe Decades Of Harassment Allegations

Law enforcement authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom are now looking into the complaints of sexual harassment against shamed film producer Harvey Weinstein as more victims come forward weeks after the bombshell expose. In a previous report from the Inquisitr, it was revealed that Lindsay Lohan expressed her sadness at how Weinstein […]

Cardi B Clears Up What Really Happened With NYPD And Those Deleted Tweets

A recent altercation Cardi B had with police proves that even a celebrity at the top of the charts can become a victim of police brutality. Last Tuesday, Cardi B took to Twitter and accused an NYPD officer of putting her in a chokehold. Almost as quickly as the tweets went up, Cardi deleted them […]

Frank Serpico: Legendary New York City Police Officer Voices Support For Colin Kaepernick

Frank Serpico, a former New York City police officer who put his career and life on the line to expose rampant corruption in the NYPD, and was later immortalized in the 1973 film Serpico starring Al Pacino, today joined current members of the NYPD to show support for former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. […]

Police Searching For Bronx Man, Who Allegedly Tried To Rape 13-Year-Old Girl In Stairwell

Police officials are searching for a Bronx man, who they say attempted to rape a teen girl in a stairwell inside of a residential building. NBC New York reports that around 7:45 p.m. on Monday, a 13-year-old girl was on her way to visit a friend. After exiting the six train at the Southern Boulevard […]

Central Park Tree Falls On Mother Carrying Baby And Pushing Toddlers In Stroller [Video]

A massive Central Park tree fell on a woman as she attempted to shield her three small children from the branches. The unidentified 29-year-old woman was hit in the head and trapped under the thick branches of the tree in the popular New York City park. FDNY crews were called to Central Park West and […]

NYC Pop-Up Holds Orgasm Event Promoting Sex Toy — Draws ‘Gutsy Ladies’ And Cops

Lulling around and sipping champagne at the opening of an event isn’t just reserved for art galleries and museums anymore as a pop-up sex toy shop on the Lower East Side proved this week. They’re big in Britain and from the looks of things this week, Hot Octopuss masturbation products are on their way to […]

Dunkin Donuts Employee Refuses To Serve Cops, NYPD Boycotts In Response

A Dunkin Donuts employee at a Brooklyn location refused to serve two cops – at least, that’s the claim made by the NYPD. In response, the NYPD boycotted the popular chain over the weekend, leaving the donut shops – which normally can be counted on to have a few police officers inside at all times […]

Wenjian Liu Wife: Ambushed NYPD’s Widow Gives Birth To Their Daughter Nearly 3 Years After His Death

An ambush killer claimed the life of her NYPD husband, but Wenjian Liu’s wife gave birth to their daughter — nearly three years later after his death. In a bittersweet moment, Pei Xia Chen delivered her baby on Tuesday at the New York–Presbyterian Hospital. Chen gave birth to a healthy girl, who weighed six pounds, […]

Ivanka Trump Security Scare: Armed Man Claiming To Be Senator Arrested At Trump Tower

Ivanka Trump was reportedly the target of a New York man who showed up at Trump Tower decked out in a bulletproof vest and armed with two knives on Thursday. Members of the U.S. Secret Service say that the man told them that he was there to meet with Ivanka about her clothing line. He […]

NYPD Officer Is Killed During ‘Unprovoked Attack’ While On Anti-Crime Patrol

Miosotis Familia, a 48-year-old NYPD officer, was shot and killed in the Bronx while on an anti-crime patrol on Wednesday, at around 12:30 a.m. It has been confirmed that Familia was sitting in a police vehicle when the “unprovoked attack” occurred. The suspect, 34-year-old Alexander Bonds, reportedly approached the officer and, without warning, pulled out […]

NYPD Releases Tattoo Photo Of Headless, Butchered Woman Found Floating In Brooklyn To Help Identify The Body

The NYPD has released an image of a tattoo on the body of a naked, headless, and butchered woman found floating in the Red Hook channel off of Brooklyn. New York City law enforcement officials are hoping the photo of the tattoo will bring in tips which help identify the brutally mutilated corpse. A local […]

NYC Deli Worker Attacked With Fruit: ‘Brutal’ Avocado Assault Caused Broken Jaw And Facial Fractures

A deli worker in the Bronx received serious injuries when he was attacked by fruit. The victim had bananas and avocados thrown at him by two angry customers. New York City police are asking the public for help identifying the suspects. The entire incident was caught on tape and the faces of the attackers are […]

Brooklyn Man Confesses To Murder, Dismembering Wife With Handsaw And Hammer

A 42-year-old Brooklyn man has been charged in the murder of his wife after allegedly confessing to killing her, authorities say. The man said he had dismembered the body, chopping his wife up before depositing the various parts in a Flatbush dumpster. The woman’s remains have yet to be recovered. New York Police Department (NYPD) […]

Woman’s Torso, Dismembered Body Parts Found In NYC, NJ Waste Transfer Stations’ Trash

A call went out to the New York Police Department (NYPD) Tuesday morning following the discovery of a female torso and leg at a Bronx waste transfer station. More body parts of the still-unidentified woman were found the following day. CBS New York reported Wednesday (January 18) that even more remains of what New York […]