Michael Jackson’s Doctor Conrad Murray Wishes He Had Never Met The Pop Star

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray — who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for his role in Jackson’s death — revealed that the pop star’s last confession may have been given to Murray through Jackson’s daughter, Paris. But the same report in The Sun that made the shocking revelation […]

Michael Jackson Raised The Alarm, ‘They Are Trying To Murder Me,’ Weeks Before He Died

Michael Jackson reportedly predicted in handwritten notes sent to a friend weeks before he died that he would be murdered. In a series of notes he sent to his German friend Michael Jacobshagen, weeks before he died of drug overdose in 2009, Jackson said that “they” were planning to kill him and that he was […]

Paris Jackson Insists She And Her Brothers Weren’t Spoiled As Children, Didn’t Know Her Mother Was Alive Until She Was 13-Years-Old

Paris Jackson, the only daughter of Michael Jackson, is still coping with the death of her legendary father who passed away in 2009. Paris was born to Deborah Rowe and Michael Jackson in 1998. Later, Michael obtained sole custody of Paris and her brother Prince Jackson after the King of Pop amicably divorced Deborah in […]

Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor, Conrad Murray, Wants To Help Paris Solve The ‘Mystery’ Of Her Father’s ‘Murder’

Michael Jackson’s former doctor, Conrad Murray, has reportedly offered to help the late pop icon’s daughter, Paris, to solve the “mystery” of her father’s “murder.” The offer comes reportedly after Paris claimed shockingly in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that she believed her father’s death was due to a conspiracy. According to Paris, Michael’s […]

Paris Jackson Says Michael Would Cry To Her At Night, Claiming The World Hated Him

Paris Jackson has opened up about being sexually assaulted, her suicide attempts, as well as a theory that her father, Michael Jackson, was murdered, according to Rolling Stone. The daughter of the late King of Pop has never been so candid in her interviews before. Paris Jackson X Rolling Stone pic.twitter.com/nSGaHGjjIo — Alexis????????‍♀️ (@ContactAlexisM) January […]

Prince Jackson Can ‘Learn The Truth’ When He Is ‘Prepared’ And ‘Not Tainted,’ Says Dr. Conrad Murray

Prince Jackson, born as Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., is the first child of the late great pop star Michael Jackson and his former wife, Debbie Rowe. Born on February 13, 1997 in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson, Jr., nicknamed Prince Jackson, has a biological sister, Paris-Michael Katherine, and a half-brother, Prince Michael Jackson II, known as […]

Paris Jackson’s Shocking Interview: Thinks Michael Was ‘Murdered,’ She’s ‘Scared’ For Justin Bieber

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late great Michael Jackson, has just given her first ever in-depth interview to Rolling Stone magazine. To put it mildly, it’s an equal parts raw, heartbreaking, and shocking read. Although the piece is enthralling in many respects, it also sheds light on how traumatic Paris’ life has been. In 2012, […]

Paris Jackson Claims Michael Jackson Was Murdered, Afraid Justin Bieber Could Be Next

Paris Jackson believes Michael Jackson was murdered. The King of Pop’s daughter also made the scathing claim that Michael warned her about people who “wanted him dead.” Paris also fears Justin Bieber may be next. Paris Jackson finally broke her silence about Michael Jackson’s death. The 18-year-old sat down for a telling interview with Rolling […]

Michael Jackson: Doctor Convicted In Singer’s Death Wants Medical License Back

Conrad Murray, the physician convicted of delivering a lethal level of propofol to singer Michael Jackson in 2011, is trying to get his medical license back after being out of work for over four years. The Record reports that Murray, 63, who served as Jackson’s physician in 2009, still claims he’s innocent, and his “unjustly” […]

Michael Jackson: New Book ’83 Minutes’ Reveals Shocking Details About The King Of Pop’s Final Hours

A new book about Michael Jackson titled 83 Minutes: The Doctor, the Damage, and the Shocking Death of Michael Jackson reveals some pretty shocking revelations about the death of the “King of Pop,” and it discusses previously unpublished details of the police investigation that took place after Jackson’s death. The book, written by authors Mark […]

Elvis Presley’s Controversial Doctor Dead At 88, ‘The Simpsons’ Dr. Nick Riviera Based On Him

Elvis Presley’s doctor – Dr. George Nichopoulos – died at the age of 88 on Wednesday in Memphis, Tennessee, as reported by CNN, citing the Memorial Park Funeral Home and Cemetery. The cause of death of the doctor, who treated Elvis Presley for the last decade of his life, has not been revealed yet. The […]

Michael Jackson Doctor’s First Appeal Is Only Weeks Away

Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for his role in Jackson’s death, begins his appeals of the conviction in early 2014 in Los Angeles, reports say. The Associated Press reported yesterday that the 2nd District Court of Appeals in L.A. is set to hear arguments for the case of […]

Michael Jackson’s Estate Tells Conrad Murray To Keep His Mouth Shut

Michael Jackson’s estate wants Dr. Conrad Murray to keep quiet about the late singer’s life. Following the convicted killer’s recent interview with the Daily Mail, the King of Pop’s estate issued a cease and desist letter to Murray. In short: They don’t want the guy to tell any more stories about Jackson’s final days. Radar […]

Michael Jackson Drama Continues As Debbie Rowe Fires Back At Conrad Murray

Even in death people can’t seem to leave Michael Jackson alone. In a controversial new interview following his stint in prison, Dr. Conrad Murray revealed that he was very close to the late pop star. During his recent conversation with the Daily Mail, the convicted killer revealed quite a few new details about Jackson’s personal […]

Michael Jackson Was A ‘Drug Addict,’ Says Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson was a “drug addict” who accidentally ended his own life, explained Conrad Murray during his first post-prison interview. Although the doctor was previously convicted of killing the King of Pop, Murray insists that he wasn’t responsible for ending the singer’s life. In his opinion, Michael Jackson was a “drug addict” whose lifestyle resulted […]

Michael Jackson Convicted Killer Conrad Murray Gives First Interview After Leaving Jail

Michael Jackson’s convicted killer, Dr. Conrad Murray, is talking for the first time since leaving prison. In a revealing interview, Murray, who has maintained his innocence in his famous patient’s death, is speaking out after gaining his freedom. Murray sat down with Australia’s 60 Minutes to tell his side of the morbid story, which resulted […]

Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide, Dr. Conrad Murray Chimes In With Unwanted Advice [Report]

Paris Jackson, the 15-year-old daughter of pop star Michael Jackson, attempted suicide on Wednesday morning and then called a suicide hotline for help. For some odd reason, Dr. Conrad Murray felt moved to send her an audio message from the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles where he is serving a four year sentence for […]

Michael Jackson Doc Conrad Murray Still Thinks He’s Dying, Makes Up More Strange Symptoms

Dr. Conrad Murray, the man jailed for the death of Michael Jackson, still isn’t doing very well in the big house. Murray claims, among other things, that he can’t put his feet up in his cell, that he may never wear boots again, and that he is developing blood clots that will surely kill him. […]

Paris Jackson Strikes Back at Dad’s Siblings, Says They’re Lying

Paris Jackson, the only daughter of late King of Pop Michael Jackson, was visibly devastated in a rare public appearance after the death of her beloved father — but now the pop princess is speaking out in anger after her dad’s name popped up in the news yet again. Paris Jackson’s dad Michael seemed unfortunately […]

Michael Jackson’s Siblings Declare War On Estate Executors: Will Is Called “Fake, Flawed And Fraudulent”

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s untimely and – as it turned out, unlawful death on June 25, 2009, for which Dr Conrad Murray is currently serving time for Involuntary Manslaughter – Jackson’s will has long been a source of dispute between his family and the Executors of his Estate. Now the gloves are off, […]

Michael Jackson Death Doc Getting Better Jail Treatment After Complaining

Complaining still pays off. Dr. Conrad Murray, the “Michael Jackson Doc” is now receiving better treatment in jail after his public cry for help. Among other things, the good doctor said that a brain tumor was killing him. Dr. Murray had previously requested he be moved to a different jail (and actually a tougher jail) […]

Michael Jackson Doctor Fears For Life In Jail, Claims Brain Tumor

Dr. Conrad Murray, the man found guilty and sentenced for the death of Michael Jackson, now fears that he will die in jail. You might remember that Murray was the personal physician of the King of Pop whose death by Propofol intoxication was blamed on the doctor. He was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and […]

Dr. Conrad Murray Denied Bail As He Appeals Michael Jackson Manslaughter Conviction

Dr. Conrad Murray has filed an appeal in his Michael Jackson manslaughter lawsuit but that won’t be getting him out of jail anytime soon after a judge shot down his request for bail. Judge Michael Pastor on Friday morning told Murray that he was denying the request because Murray has no significant property or family […]

Michael Jackson Fans Sue Dr. Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson fans are to sue Dr. Conrad Murray, the late pop star’s personal physician who was found guilty of Jackson’s manslaughter in November 2011. Jackson fans in France have gone to court and are aiming to sue Murray for “emotional distress.” The news comes just a week after Murray was told he must forfeit […]

Court Order: Dr. Conrad Murray Must Forfeit Medical License

Dr. Conrad Murray is serving a four-year jail term in the death of pop legend Michael Jackson and now he has been formally asked to turn over his medical license. The formal request was filed with the courts on December 29 and comes about after Murray was convicted of felony for his part in Michael […]

Conrad Murray Sentencing: Doctor Gets Four Years for Michael Jackson Death

Dr. Conrad Murray, the Texas cardiologist who was convicted in the overdose death of Michael Jackson, was sentenced to four years in prison earlier today, MSNBC is reporting. Conrad’s six-week trial filled in many details about Jackson’s final hours, including the ill-advised use of operating room anesthetic propofol to treat the singer’s chronic insomnia. “Dr. […]

Nancy Grace Dusts Off Her Shtick, Weighs in on Conrad Murray

Did you think that having Nancy Grace distracted by Dancing With the Stars would keep the mouthy talking head from weighing in on Dr. Conrad Murray and his role in the death of Michael Jackson? When not busy flashing her boob at middle America on the ballroom dancing competition, the former prosecutor likes to spend […]

MSNBC Announces Dr. Conrad Murray Documentary

MSNBC will air a special Dr. Conrad Murray documentary on Friday @ 10 PM ET. The documentary will show how Murray’s legal defense team prepared for his involuntary manslaughter trial. Titled Michael Jackson and the Doctor the program will also re-air on Sunday @ 9 PM ET and is being called the untold inside story […]

Nancy Grace Says Dr. Conrad Murray Will Feel the Wrath of God

Dr. Conrad Murray has more important things to worry about than prison time. According to Nancy Grace, Murray will feel the wrath of God for what he did to Michael Jackson. Grace said: “God is going to get him. He’s going to be miserable. He can run but he can’t hide. He and Casey Anthony […]

Dr. Conrad Murray Found Guilty In Death Of Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who was treating Michael Jackson at the time of his passing has been found guilty in the death of the famous pop singer. Murray’s verdict came after a jury of seven men and five women deliberated for nine hours over a two day period. Murray was charged with the lowest […]

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial: The Fate of Michael Jackson’s Doctor Now in the Hands of the Jury

The Dr. Conrad Murray trial is coming to a close. The jury is now considering the fate of Dr. Conrad Murray who is being charged with the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. CNN reports that the jury, consisting of seven men and five women, heard from 49 witnesses over 23 days. The jury listened to […]

Fans and Family Gather for Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

As Dr. Conrad Murray stands trial, thousands of fans and three generations of Jacksons gathered in the UK for the Michael Jackson Tribute concert, “Michael Forever.” The Michael Jackson Tribute concert has been plagued with difficulties. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the unfortunate scheduling of the concert, which coincides with Murray’s trial, left Janet Jackson […]

Conrad Murray Case: Judge Rips Attorney for ‘Today Show’ Interview

Michael Pastor, the Superior Court Judge in the manslaughter trial of Conrad Murry, has issued a gag order for attorneys after a defense counselor appeared on a television show telling details about the case. “The attorneys for the parties in this case … are ordered not to comment to anyone outside of their respective teams […]

Police & DEA Raid Michael Jackson’s Doctor’s Office in Houston

Moments ago, police and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raided the offices of Michael Jackson’s personal physician in Houston Texas. Very few details are available at this time, but BNO News says: Violet Szeleczky, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said that the Los Angeles Police Department was carrying out the […]

LA Police interview Michael Jackson’s doctor

LA Police have today interviewed Michael Jackson’s doctor as questions continue to be raised into his cause of death. Cardiologist Conrad Murray was with Jackson when he died, and is reported to have been administering Jackson with prescription pain killers at the time. Murray’s lawyer issued a statement saying that he was not a suspect […]