Pink’s Manager & Crew Among Passengers Aboard Private Jet That Crashed In Denmark Following Her Concert

Early Tuesday morning, a private jet carrying Pink’s manager and crew crashed in Denmark following her concert in Oslo, Norway, on Monday night, reported The Daily Mail. All 10 passengers aboard the Cessna 560XL luckily walked away without injuries. Pink was not among the passengers. Following the pop singer’s performance in Norway, the plane took […]

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Preview: Norway

The women of Norway’s national team are looking to put the nightmare of Euro 2017 behind them as they enter the 2019 Women’s World Cup with a strong squad and high expectations. 2017 was a complete fiasco for the Norwegians, who were one of the favorites and boasted 2019 Ballon d’Or Féminin Aga Hegerberg in […]

Ada Hegerberg Won’t Be At Women’s World Cup, Leaving Tournament Without Best Player

When Ada Hegerberg became the inaugural winner of the Women’s Ballon d’Or, she cemented her place as the best player in women’s soccer. Despite being the world’s premier player, Hegerberg will be taking no part in the sports flagship event, the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, according to a report by the Associated Press. The […]

Russian ‘Spy Whale’ Has Defected To Norway And Is Refusing To Leave

The beluga, who some allege is a Russian spy whale, seems to have defected to Norway. The adorable mammal hasn’t strayed more than a few miles from the town where it was first identified. Not only that, but according to The Washington Post, the whale has been coming up to people for nose pats and […]

Archaeologists Have Just Discovered A Rare And Historic Viking Ship Burial In Norway

After using georadar or ground-penetrating radar (GPR), archaeologists have identified what they believe is a rare and historic Viking ship burial in Borreparken, which can be found in Vestfold County, Norway. As Forbes reports, this particular burial site is already quite famous for its many Viking treasures, including the Oseberg and Gokstad ships, which are […]

Watch Spain Vs. Norway UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifier Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Live Online

After crashing out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup at the Round of 16 and then failing to qualify for the inaugural UEFA Nations League semifinals, 2010 World Cup winners Spain hope to take the first step on their road back to glory when they field what is expected to be younger, “new look” side. […]

Canada & Norway Embroiled In Bizarre Dispute Over Worlds Largest Moose Statue

Canada is known to be a friendly nation, filled with people who have perfect manners and are always polite. However, there are a few things they don’t take lightly. “There are some things that you just don’t do to Canadians: You don’t water down our beer, you don’t tell us we can’t put maple syrup […]

Norway Sets New World Record For Number Of Electric Cars Sold In 2018

While 2018 may not be considered the best year ever by many, there was still some good news that came of it, especially in the realm of environmental protection. Plastic straws were banned in a number of cities throughout the world, France banned five pesticides that pose threat to the bee population, and now, an […]

A Would-Be Thief Got Stuck In The Car He Was Trying To Steal, So He Called The Cops To Get Him Out

A would-be car thief was thwarted when he found himself locked in the car he was trying to steal, the Guardian is reporting. Lacking any better options, he called the cops. Police in the Norwegian city of Trondheim say the 17-year-old would-be thief was known to them, having already racked up a lengthy rap sheet […]

Norway Votes To Ban Deforestation-Linked Palm Oil Biofuels

Last week the parliament in Oslo, Norway, voted to make the Scandinavian country the first in the world to put heavy restrictions on its biofuel industry importing palm oil that is linked to deforestation. The country aims to stop importing deforestation-linked palm oil by 2020. As reported by EcoWatch, the deforestation that has been linked […]

Joachim Roenneberg, Who Almost Single-Handedly Thwarted Nazi Germany’s Nuclear Program, Has Died At 99

Joachim Roenneberg, a Norwegian war hero who, during World War II, single-handedly destroyed Nazi Germany’s nuclear ambitions, has died, the Norwegian government confirms via ABC News Australia. NOTE: Roenneberg’s name is alternately spelled “Joachim Rønneberg,” retaining the original Nordic letter “ø,” in some sources. For simplicity’s sake, he will be referred to by the Anglicized […]

A Couple From Norway Have A Traditional Viking Wedding — Blood Sacrifice Included

With the popularity of TV series such as History Channel’s Vikings and BBC’s The Last Kingdom, there is a resurgence in interest in the ancient Norse traditions. A couple in Norway took this interest to a whole new level recently when they decided to have an authentic Viking wedding — complete with a blood sacrifice! […]

Watch Albania Vs Norway Live Stream Online, TV Channel, Schedule, & Kick-Off Time

Monday’s international friendly fixture will see two European nations Albania and Norway squaring off against each other at Elbasan Arena. Fans can watch the Albania vs. Norway game online through the live-streaming link provided below. Albania has not played any international games since their November 3-2 win over Turkey. With a lack of momentum, it […]

Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix Sees Former Eurovision Winner Try For Second Victory

The night of Saturday, March 10, saw the final of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix, the national selection format used to choose each year’s Eurovision entry. To the delight of many, as well as the dismay of many others, a former contest winner took the crown and thus will represent the country in the 2018 competition. […]

Walt Disney World Refurbishment Schedule For March 2018: Pirates Is Down, Norway Bakery Closed Indefinitely

Walt Disney World likes to keep more attractions open during the busier times of year and it’s quite difficult to find a busier time outside of Spring Break. That is why you’re not going to find a lot of closures on the refurbishment list during March of 2018 or the Christmas holidays as the rides […]

Prince William Beats Pregnant Kate Middleton In An Ice Hockey Shootout

While on a visit to the snow-covered Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden, Prince William and his wife Kate were photographed challenging one another to an ice hockey shootout. The much-loved royal couple is representing the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in what has been described as an attempt to charm fellow European countries before Brexit finally […]

Obama Praised Nordic Nations In 2016, Wished Everyone Could Be Like The Scandinavians

U.S. President Donald Trump prompted outrage from the media and political echelons when he allegedly described some African and other countries as “s***holes” in a private meeting with lawmakers about immigration legislation last Thursday. Trump foes immediately accused him of racism when he also allegedly expressed a preference in the same conversation for immigrants from […]

Will ‘Tesla Tax’ in Norway Be The Nail In Company’s Coffin?

Norway, one of the world’s largest markets for electric vehicles (EVs), is currently considering the implementation of a tax on EVs and some are speculating that it could hit Tesla Inc. hard. That’s because the proposed tax will focus on cars that weigh more than two tonnes, The Financial Times reported. This puts Tesla models […]

Donations Pour In To Repair Popular Penis-Shaped Rock Formation In Norway

In southern Norway, one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions is none other than a penis-shaped rock known as the Trollpikken rock formation. The distinctive rock also attracts many local outdoor enthusiasts, many of which regularly stop to take photographs with or near the feature. On Saturday, however, visitors to the penis-shaped rock discovered […]

Trump Conveniently Forgot To Mention Sweden Is ‘Preparing For War’ With Russia

Over the weekend, United States President Donald Trump spoke to an attentive Melbourne, Florida rally. The president began talking about what he claims are some very serious issues that much of Europe is dealing with, particularly mentioning the open migration of Germany and Sweden. The president then shocked the audience by announcing some very […]

World War 3 News: Russia Upset After 300 U.S. Marines Deployed To Norway

300 U.S. Marines have been deployed to Norway for a six-month time period which is said to be infuriating Russia and is also sparking some concerns about World War 3 in the news. This marks the first time that foreign troops have been allowed to be stationed in Norway since the second World War. The […]

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Escape To Norway For Romantic Vacay

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle recently slipped away to Norway for a private vacation, according to a report from E! News‘ Mike Vulpo. The couple took in some whale watching and snowy sunsets, and attempted to see the Northern Lights on the trip. Harry and Meghan supposedly spent New Year’s together in London […]

Watch Norway Vs. Germany World Cup Qualifier Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, Team News — Germany Opens World Cup Defense

Defending World Cup champions Germany open their defense of that title Sunday, traveling to Norway for their first qualifying match in Group C of the UEFA tournament, a match that will stream live as Norway simply hopes to survive to win a spot in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. While Die Mannschaft appears assured […]

Reindeer Killed En-Masse By Lightning Strike In Norway: Evolutionary Behavior Of Animals During Natural Calamities Reason For Their Death?

A single lightning strike during a storm killed off more than 300 innocent reindeer in Norway. The large herd included 70 calves. While mass deaths of animals due to natural calamities aren’t unheard of, this is certainly of the largest casualties caused by Mother Nature’s fury. A lightning strike during a recent thunderstorm in Norway […]

Norway Plans To Gift Finland A Mountain To Celebrate 100 Years Of Finnish Independence

Talk about being a good neighbor. To celebrate Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence from Russia, Norway is considering shifting its border to give Finland a mountain peak as a gift, according to the Independent. While not completely unprecedented in the history of nations, the gift — if and when it comes to fruition — would […]

Noah’s Ark Replica Crashes Into Coast Guard Boat — Internet Has Jokes

Back in April, an Inquisitr article told the story of Johan Huibers, who constructed a replica of Noah’s Ark and intended on sailing it to Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games. The Noah’s Ark replica that Huibers intends to take to Brazil is the second ark Huibers built, and the first Noah’s Ark replica, which […]

Scientists Captured Raw Footage Of UFO At Hessdalen Observatory [Video]

Researchers at the Ostfold University College in Norway reportedly captured on camera in September 2007 a UFO that people in the area had been reporting for years. The researchers captured the mysterious aerial phenomenon, known as the Hessdalen lights, using equipment at the university’s Hessdalen Interactive Observatory, reportedly the only “official 24-hour observatory in the […]

Edward Snowden Sues Norway To Secure Safe Passage During Planned November Visit

Edward Snowden has sued Norway in a bid to guarantee that he won’t be extradited to the United States should he ever visit the Scandinavian country, the Norwegian Page is reporting. Snowden has been awarded the prestigious Ossietzky Prize from the Norwegian branch of the international writers’ group PEN. The Ossietzky Prize is named for […]

Norwegian Lutheran Church Votes In Same-Sex Marriage

Norway’s Lutheran Church has voted to support same-sex marriage in their churches. The church voted overwhelmingly in favor of allowing gay couples to have fully-recognized weddings in their churches at their annual conference on Monday, which will make same-sex matrimony a part of the official church liturgy when it goes into effect. The proposal was […]

Where To See The Northern Lights And Check It Off Your Bucket List

Shimmery and magical, the dance of the Northern Lights are a spectacular sight that is on many bucket lists. Viewing the Aurora Borealis is both a jaw-dropping and mystical experience. So, when and where do you go to see the Northern Lights? Seen at the magnetic poles, the Northern Lights are created by electrically charged […]

Norway Mass Murderer Sues: Anders Breivik Gives Nazi Salute As Human Rights Trial Begins

Anders Breivik made his first public appearance since his 2012 trial in Norway for killing 77 people just one year prior. The mass murderer is suing Norway for human rights violations, complaining of unfit living conditions in the prison where he is housed. Ironically, as Breivik entered the courtroom, the 37-year-old anti-Muslim militant gave a […]

Anders Behring Breivik: Norwegian Mass Murderer Makes Nazi Salute In Court, Sues For Better Treatment In Prison

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 people — the majority of them teenagers and young adults — in a right-wing terrorist attack, appeared in court Tuesday and made a Nazi salute during a bid to improve the treatment he is receiving in prison, CNN is reporting. Appearing in a black suit […]

Military Norwegian Caves House Hundreds Of US Tanks

Six military Norwegian caves currently house hundreds of U.S. tanks. These are the same classified caves that were used during the Cold War. Military gear now fills the Norwegian caves for what the U.S. Marine Corps say will be used in any upcoming crisis, as well as in training exercises. According to the Week, the […]

How To Drink Your Morning Coffee In Norway [Video]

The other guy he just skated past didn’t even bat an eye like it’s a common thing in Norway!

Norway Considers Banning Tobacco Sales To All Adults, Facing Pressure From Medical Groups

Norway is considering banning tobacco sales to all adults, facing pressure from the Norwegian Medical Association, the Independent is reporting. In essence, the proposed tobacco ban would apply only to people born after the year 2000 — people who are presently middle teenagers, at the oldest. Once the proposed law goes into place — in […]

Recruiting Ring Busted In Norway As ISIS Prepares For More Attacks

A recruiting ring for the Islamic State (ISIS) has been busted by European authorities who arrested 13 Islamists in Italy, Britain, and Norway on Thursday, November 12, 2015. The coordinated police action put a choke-hold on Norway-based Iraqi Kurdish recruiters drumming up volunteers to fight for ISIS. According to Yahoo! News based on a report […]

Trophy Hunters Shoot And Kill Two Giant Moose – In a Zoo

A group of trophy hunters in Norway thought they had scored the kill of a lifetime — two prime moose — only to realize that they had, in fact, shot a couple of inhabitants of a zoo, The Local is reporting. The Polar Park Zoo is a wildlife preserve near Tromsø, Norway, about a thousand […]

‘Occupied’: Moscow Not Amused Over Norway’s Fictional TV Show Depicting A Russian Invasion

A Norwegian television channel is planning to air a fictional TV show depicting life after a Russian invasion of Norway. The show tells the story of radical environmentalists taking over power in a Russian invasion and freezing Norway’s oil and gas industry. Moscow, apparently, is not amused. The Star Tribune reports that despite this, Christopher […]

Anders Behring Breivik, Killer of 77, Going To School With Victims’ Family — Will Never Leave Cell

Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist who killed 77 people in a pre-meditated terrorist attack in Norway four years ago, has been accepted to study political science at the University of Oslo. Ironically, the mass killer — who ignited a bomb in Oslo that killed eight and gunned down 69 youth at an island summer […]

Watch England Vs. Norway Live Online: FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup Round Of 16 Knockout Match

Watch live online as England faces unbeaten Norway in a FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup Round of 16 knockout match Monday, with the winner going on to meet host nation Canada in the tournament’s final eight. The match marks a huge moment in the history of England women’s soccer — the nation that invented the […]

Man Spends Six Years Creating ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ Map In Epic Crochet Piece

If you grew up playing Super Mario Bros. 3 in the early 1990s on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, you’re going to need to see this. Kjetil Nordin, a 31-year-old Nintendo fan from Norway who now lives in Denmark, has spent the last six years crocheting one of the game’s most iconic maps. The map […]

‘Frozen Ever After’: First Details, Concept Art, and Name Revealed For Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Attraction Coming To Epcot In 2016

On Monday, there was a rumored opening date that started going around for the Frozen-themed attraction coming to Epcot at Walt Disney World in 2016, but now there is some confirmed information for the ride. That includes the name of the ride replacing Maelstrom in Norway, which is “Frozen Ever After.” The Wall Street Journal […]

Norway: Fisherman Catches Monster Halibut Too Big For Boat [Video]

When this fisherman said it was “this big” he was really telling the truth as a Swedish man caught a monster halibut in Norway which was too big to fit in his boat. We’ve all heard the tales about the fish that got away. You know, it was “this big”, it was huge, etc. Well […]

Angler Hooks Massive Seven-Foot-Long Halibut In Norway

A young Swedish angler recently managed to catch a massive halibut, which measured seven-feet-long and weighed in at over 220 pounds. Erik Axner, 24, hooked the giant halibut while in Norway, off the Lofoten Islands, according to the Daily Mail. Axner was fishing with friends Jonathan Jansson and Martin Bamberg, and had deployed a four […]

Guess Where This Pigeon Laid An Egg, Breakfast Anyone? [Video]

As a twist on an old joke, you could ask, “Why did the pigeon cross the kitchen?” A man in Oslo, Norway, was initially upset to find that a local pigeon had defecated all over his apartment. However, his anger turned to hilarity when he saw what else the pigeon had been up to, as […]

Three Of Norway’s Top Fashion Bloggers Went To Cambodia To Experience How Fashion Is Made In A Sweatshop

Here in the United States, and in other countries recognized as being a part of the First World, fashion is recognized as one of the luxuries individuals enjoy. From designing to presentation, fashion is a multi-billion dollar business. The Inquisitr reported the latest in fashion as well as its industry, with details from this year’s […]

The End Of FM Radio Is Coming For Norway’s Radio Stations In 2017

2017 will see the end of FM Radio in Norway, as the European country has set a date for the switch-off of their FM radio stations. The Norwegian parliament set the stage for the end of the broadcast spectrum’s use in 2011 with the digitization mandate issued by the Storting. The shut down of the […]

Giraffe Killed By An Antelope In Norway Zoo, Spectators Horrified

Spectators watched in horror as a giraffe was killed by an eland antelope in the Kristiansand Zoo in Norway Monday. Norway will mourn Melvin the Giraffe, who was born back in 2010 and was well known. The animal kingdom can be brutal sometimes, but it was totally unexpected when the incident happened in the zoo. […]

Bad Trip: Marijuana Easter Cakes Cause Havoc At Norwegian School

Two teenagers in Norway were arrested after bringing marijuana Easter cakes to school. This is probably not the best way to celebrate a religious holiday, as it turned out. Apparently the cakes contained massive doses of the drug, causing three teachers to suffer from food poisoning. Medical help was needed to treat the teachers at […]

Kjeragbolten Boulder — Tourists Test Their Head For Heights By Standing On Boulder Wedged In Crevasse With 800-ft Drop Below [Vid]

The images and videos were taken by tourists at the Kjeragbolten boulder, a chunk of rock wedged in the crevasse of the Kjerag Mountain in Rogaland, southern Norway, about 3,500 ft above sea level. The site is a popular tourist destination that can be accessed without climbing equipment. It has become popular as a site […]