Tennessee Titans May Have To Delay More Games After Eight Players Test Positive For COVID-19

The Tennessee Titans football team has had eight players test positive for the COVID-19 virus, which has prompted the program to postpone its next game. According to ESPN, 16 members of the Titans organization — eight players and eight members of the coaching staff — have all tested positive within the past few days. The […]

NFL To Pull Draft Picks For Teams Who Violate League’s Mask Protocol

The NFL released another league-wide memo on Wednesday that detailed further punishments for coaches who continue to violate its COVID-19 mask rules. After three weeks of active play, the NFL is now threatening to suspend teams that fail to comply with the face-covering regulations or force them to forfeit their draft picks, according to ESPN […]

Saints’ Cameron Jordan Teeters Between A ‘Four And A Seven’ When It Comes To Confidence A Season Will Happen

New Orleans Saints star Cameron Jordan is mostly confident the 2020 NFL season will happen, but that confidence apparently wavers from time to time. Luke Johnson of the Times-Picayune spoke with Jordan on Thursday and the defensive star said his confidence level the season will be played teeters between a “four and a seven.” Jordan […]

NFL Rumors: Several Players With Asthma, Other Conditions Reportedly Considering Opting Out Of 2020 Season

Several high-level NFL players are reportedly considering opting out of playing in the upcoming season. While he wouldn’t name any names, Yahoo Sports‘ Charles Robinson posted on Twitter that at least one of the men thinking of skipping the 2020 season is an “elite level guy.” You can see Robinson’s tweet here. Robinson went on […]

Everything You Need To Know About The NFL’s Expanded Playoff Format

On Tuesday, NFL team owners voted to expand the league playoffs, which will now include 14 teams instead of 12, and the new format will begin with the 2020 season. It became official during a conference call, which replaced the NFL’s Annual League Meeting that was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As reported […]

Dallas Cowboys’ Approach To Dak Prescott And Amari Cooper Will Reportedly Have To Shift Thanks To New CBA

The Dallas Cowboys might be happy about the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement, but there are some negative side effects that are about to take hold. Had the new CBA not been accepted before the league’s new year began, the Cowboys could conceivably keep both Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott. The team could have given […]

NFL CBA Meeting Between Owners And Players Ends Without Apparent Resolution

The NFL and NFLPA had what is being reported as a four-hour meeting to discuss the upcoming CBA but it doesn’t appear at the moment that the two sides have come to a decision. Dan Graziano reported on Twitter that the meeting had come to a conclusion on Tuesday night but neither side was willing […]

Terry Crews Says To NFL Players, ‘Don’t Let Them Degrade Your Humanity’

Terry Crews is making some waves on Instagram, but they are waves that some of the fans commenting on his post seem to think need to be made. Crews played in the NFL from 1991-1997 in a career that began with the Rams and made stops with the Chargers and Redskins, before ending with the […]

NFL Investigating Team Who Asked LSU’s Derrius Guice If He Is Gay And If His Mom Is A Prostitute

LSU running back Derrius Guice had to overcome countless numbers of obstacles just to make it through college and to the NFL combine. The Baton Rouge native lost his father to a violent death when he was only 5-years-old, but he vowed then to play football at his soon-to-be Alma mater. Once he got to […]

Donald Trump’s Influence Is Reportedly At The Heart Of Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Grievance

According to CBS Sports, a demand for arbitration filed by attorney Mark Geragos on behalf of Colin Kaepernick points to President Donald Trump’s coercion as a major cause of his unemployment in the NFL. The still-unsigned free agent has had neither an invitation to work out nor has he been offered a job despite many […]

NFLPA Partners With Popular App SportsManias For Custom Emojis

Remember the old days of texting when, to let your friend know how things were, you had to manually take a colon and anything on the keyboard to signify your feelings? Back in the days of flip phones, a colon and a right parenthesis meant all was good, trade the right one for the left […]

Patriots QB Tom Brady Abandons Deflategate Fight, Will Serve Suspension

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a competitor on the football field, but he has decided to concede defeat and serve the four-game “Deflategate” suspension handed down by the NFL, according to ESPN. Brady made the decision public on his Facebook page, stating that he is not going to pursue further legal action against the NFL. […]

Tom Brady Will Win Deflategate Case, Analysts Say — ‘Article 46’ Does Not Give Goodell Total Power

The NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell will win their “Deflategate” legal case against Tom Brady and in fact, they’ll win by a slam dunk — all because of something called “Article 46,” a provision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the National Football League and the NFL Players Association the grants the commissioner virtually unlimited […]

Deflategate Judge Slams NFL On ‘Basic Fairness’ Of Tom Brady Suspension — But Case Could Drag For Years

Tom Brady had another good day in court — even though he wasn’t actually there — as the Deflategate saga once again went before Federal Judge Richard Berman, who took the opportunity to slam the National Football league for a second straight week. This time, Berman went farther than he did in the initial hearing, […]

Tom Brady Suspension Could Be Increased, Roger Goodell Warns In New ‘Deflategate’ Court Filing

After lawyers for Tom Brady filed a scathing legal brief slamming the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell for running a “smear campaign” against the star New England Patriots quarterback and publishing “propaganda” against him in the league’s 20-page decision upholding Brady’s four-game “Deflategate” suspension, the NFL hit back with a document that contained a startling […]

New England Patriots Rumors: Deflategate Ginned Up By NFL Brass From Day One? Leaks Raise Questions

The New England Patriots on Friday released a series of emails from February of this year which show the team pleading with the NFL to stop a series of leaks to the ESPN network — leaks that contained blatantly false information apparently designed to portray the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady as villains in the […]

Did Tom Brady Really Destroy Cell Phone? Here’s How NFL Trumped Up Charges Against Patriots QB

When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the four-game “Deflategate” suspension against New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady this week, he cited the allegation that Brady “destroyed” his personal cell phone as evidence that the future Hall of Famer had something to hide, and was executing a sinister, if sloppy, cover-up of his supposed football-deflating violations. […]

Tom Brady Rumors: Patriots QB ‘Opened His Private Life’ To Goodell, ‘Sham’ Suspension Upheld Anyway

Though NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday accused Tom Brady — the New England Patriots superstar quarterback now embroiled in the “Deflategate” scandal — of “destroying” a cell phone that NFL-employed investigators wanted to scour, Brady’s agent said that the four-time Super Bowl champ actually provided an “unprecedented amount” of personal information from his electronic […]

Tom Brady: Union Demands Goodell ‘Exonerate’ Patriots QB, NFL Won’t Tighten Pre-Game Football Checks

Tom Brady, the superstar New England Patriots quarterback suspended for four games in the “Deflategate” scandal, must be completely “exonerated” by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL Players Association chief said Wednesday. If Goodell fails to clear Brady of all accusations that he was involved in illegally deflating footballs, the union will “take the next […]

New England Patriots Rumors: Brady — No Compromise, Will Shred ‘Dubious’ Wells Report At Hearing

When New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady visits NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on June 23, to appeal his four-game suspension handed down by the league over the so-called “Deflategate” affair, Brady and his National Football League Players Association lawyers will launch a direct attack on the credibility of the “Wells Report,” the study purportedly containing […]

Josh Gordon Still Waits; NFLPA Has Yet To Vote On Revised Drug Policy

Josh Gordon may have to sell another car or two before any possible return to the NFL this year. Cleveland.com is reporting that each team representative of the NFL Player’s Association was to have voted today on a revised drug policy. However, not only did the player representatives get the revised proposal late, many of […]

NFLPA Demands Aaron Hernandez Payday From Patriots

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has filed a grievance on behalf of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez. The players union is demanding that the New England Patriots pay Hernandez $82,000 in workout bonuses that were promised under his former contract. The Patriots fired Hernandez after he was arrested and then charged with first-degree murder earlier in […]

Elvis Dumervil Fires Agent, NFLPA Opens Investigation Into Botched Contract Signing

Elvis Dumervil has fired agent Marty Magin. The Denver Broncos defensive end was released by the team on Friday night after his agent failed to deliver his signed contract agreement on-time. Following Magin’s mess up the NFLPA has launched in investigation into the situation. Magid has claimed that he sent in Dumervil’s paperwork before the […]

NFLPA To NFL Owners: End The Referee Lockout

With replacement referees making poor calls that can ultimately hurt players, the NFL Players Union has stepped in to ask that NFL team owners end the current referee lockout. In an open letter to NFL officials, the players union hints that the lockout could violate its own collective bargaining agreement, which called for a safe […]

NFLPA Files Lawsuit Over Bounty Program Suspensions

The NFL Players Association has filed a lawsuit on behalf of three players who were suspended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell following an investigation into the New Orleans Saints bounty program. The lawsuit filed on behalf of Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove and Scott Fujita claims that Roger Goodell violated the league’s labor agreement by determining […]

NFLPA Will Launch Own Probe Into New Orleans Saints Bounty Program

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) plans to launch its own investigation into claims that the New Orleans Stains were using a bounty system that paid their players for injury opponents. On Wednesday executives at the NFLPA released the following statement regarding the bounty issue: “If the facts prove that players voluntarily and willingly participated in […]

NFLPA and NFL Owners Reach Lockout Agreement To Save Season

Reports are flooding in which state that the NFL Players Associations (NFLPA) and NFL Owners have reached an agreement on all remaining points needed to secure a 10-year labor deal, allowing the league’s lockout to end. The deal must still be voted on by a majority of players, however that part of the deal is […]

Let us be clear, this is mostly the players’ fault

The NFLPA is no more, the NFL players no longer have a union and in theory that means the NFL owners have no Union to lock out. What remains are players that have legally enforceable contracts, and the thought that the NFL will try to make rules to maintain a competitive balance between its 32 […]

The NFL and NFLPA look to still be far apart

Up until today I was pretty positive that the NFL and its player union would get a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place to preserve football come the fall. I still think there will be football but it looks increasingly clear that some form of a lockout, union decertification, and lengthy court battle is going […]

NFLPA finally has some leverage

The NFL labor ugliness is going to end and end soon. I firmly believe that, and I will stick to it. I thought that before a Judge ruled that the NFL owner’s may have violated teh soon expiring CBA, and I continue to believe now that some NFL owners may not be able to stay […]

The NFLPA still pushing to decertify their union

A number of NFL teams, through their NFLPA player reps have voted to decertify the NFLPA. It is the Union’s last nuclear strike option to prevent the NFL and the owners from locking out the union come 2011. To understand what all of this means we have to sort through a number of complex legal […]

Can the NFLPA prove collusion?

The next step for the Players Union and the NFL looks to be a collusion charge. Now I am not a lawyer, and I don’t even play one on TV, but this will be a legal case made by circumstantial evidence. The NFLPA will have to show a Judge enough circumstantial things to prove that […]

Who is to blame for the NFL labor strife?

The NFL team owners, players, and most of all the fans face a big problem, and that is a looming lockout that threatens the 2011 NFL season. These two sides continue a war of words that seems to escalate each and every day, and the fans that make all of this possible are not represented […]

New York Giants owner talks about lack of CBA progress

New York Giants Co-owner John Mara, risking a significant fine from the league for talking about the negotiations, has come out to voice his concern over the lack of progress between the league and the NFLPA. In his mind the league made the players union a proposal in November, and has yet to hear a […]