The Blue ‘Flower Moon’ Rises Tonight, And It’s The Last Blue Moon Of The Decade

The full moon of May is already upon us. Known as the “Flower Moon,” this month’s full moon is particularly special because it also doubles as a blue moon; and a rare one at that. As passionate sky watchers are very well aware, the term of “blue moon” refers to the second full moon occurring […]

Jeff Bezos Plans On Sending People To The Moon By 2024

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos unveiled an image of his lunar lander, Blue Moon, at an event in Washington, D.C., Thursday and said he was confident he could have humans back on the moon by 2024. Blue Moon is part of Blue Origin, Bezos’ spaceflight company that is dedicated to building a road to space that […]

Jeff Bezos Wants To Have A Moon Colony Up And Running By 2023

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO and the world’s richest man, hopes to have a colony on the Moon by 2023, The Express is reporting. This would happen via his space-development company, Blue Origin. Bezos spokesperson AC Charania, chairman of Blue Origin, said the project will be called “Blue Moon.” “Blue Moon is on our roadmap […]

‘Super Blue Blood Moon’: View This Spectacular Celestial Event In January 2018

After the Geminid meteor shower in December 2017 comes another spectacular and rare celestial treat for the space lovers and stargazers. The “Super Blue Blood Moon,” which is comprised of a Blue Moon, a supermoon, and a total lunar eclipse will occur all in January 2018. There will be two full moons that will happen […]

Rare Black Moon On Friday Heralds ‘End Of The World,’ According To Conspiracy Theorists

Doomsday conspiracy theorists are causing disquiet once again with predictions that the rare Black Moon event that will occur on Friday night in the Western Hemisphere has special astrological significance as an event heralding the “End of the World” and the second coming of Jesus. According to the predictions of doom by end-time preachers, the […]

Blue Moon Apocalypse: Saturday’s Rare Astronomical Event Signals End Of The World, Doomsday Conspiracy Theorists Warn [Video]

YouTube doomsday prophets are warning that the rare blue moon event on Saturday, May 21, 2016 could be a sign of the apocalypse. The blue moon, according to doomsday conspiracy theorists, could be an omen of evil to befall Earth. However, astronomers say that a blue moon is not a harbinger of catastrophe being simply […]

Blue Moon And Mars Opposition: What Does This Weekend’s Rare Celestial Event Mean?

This weekend’s rare celestial lineup of a blue moon and Mars opposition are great news for stargazers and amateur astronomers, but doomsdayers and astrologers fear it could be bad news for earthlings. Saturday, stargazers will be able to see this season’s rare extra full moon and then, on Sunday, the red planet Mars will shine […]

Blue Moon Killings: Ritualistic Triple Murder In Florida Remains Under Investigation

The “Blue Moon Killings” has a ritualistic killing component, according to Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan. The Florida triple murder of a woman and her two sons occurred during the blue moon near Pensacola on July 31 — the bodies were not found until three days later. Voncile Smith, 77, Richard Smith, 49, and John […]

‘Ritualistic Killing’: Witchcraft Suspected In Florida Triple Murder During Blue Moon

A “ritualistic killing” is suspected in a Florida triple murder of a woman and her two sons, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said. Voncile Smith, 77, and her sons, Richard Smith, 49, and John Smith, 47, were killed during the blue moon last Tuesday in the Pensacola area. Cult killings and witchcraft rumors began to […]

Once In A Blue Moon, Tonight

A blue moon; Elvis and Sinatra sang a song about it, and bartenders named a cocktail after it. Trivial Pursuit includes a question about it, and beer makers incorporated it into their marketing plan. It’s possible that more people are familiar with a blue moon in modern references like these, rather than the science of […]

The Blue Moon To Shine Friday Night Won’t Be Blue

If there’s something you do “once in a blue moon,” get ready to do it tomorrow. Yes, a blue moon will shine over our lovely Earth tomorrow – except that it won’t necessarily be blue. The History Channel posted an explanation on why the “blue moon” is called blue while it really isn’t, and why […]

A Blue Moon Is Coming July 31, And It Won’t Be Back Again For Another Three Years

The inspiration for a clichéd saying, the famous “Blue Moon,” will rise over much of the world on July 31, and we won’t see another one until 2018. The cliché has lived up to its name. To be technically accurate, though, the Blue Moon as we understand it is kind of a misunderstanding, reported. […]

Blue Moon Lawsuit: MillerCoors Sued By Home Brewer Who Wants ‘Craft Beer’ Taken Out Of Blue Moon Description

A Blue Moon lawsuit has been filed against MillerCoors by Evan Parent, who is tired of the company referring to the brew as a “craft beer.” According to the Huffington Post, Parent is a home brewer based out of San Diego. He says that the Belgian-style white beer is not a craft beer, and MillerCoors […]

Blue Moon Lawsuit Slams MillerCoors For Deceiving Customers, But Is It The Only Offender?

From appearances only, Blue Moon could practically be indistinguishable from any other craft beer on the shelf. Its homey logo evokes the kind of small breweries that have revolutionized the world of beer over the last few decades in the United States. The distinguished connoisseur, however, knows that Blue Moon is made alongside the country’s […]

Tonight’s Skies Will Be Graced With A New Moon, Supermoon, And Black Moon All At Once

A supermoon will be taking center stage in the sky this Wednesday night — or Thursday morning, depending on where you are — and it will be a rare phenomenon, as it’ll also be a new moon. At this time, the moon is at its closest proximity to the Earth, which makes it appear 14 […]

Blue Moon Won’t Be Back For … Well, You Know [Pics]

Did you catch last night’s Blue moon, at its peak in the sky of 9:45 PM EST? If you weren’t aware a Blue moon was set to occur on August 20, 2013, we have some bad news. True to its name, the Blue moon seen last night is rare… and the next won’t be visible […]

Sturgeon Moon, Blue Moon, August 20 Brings Nighttime Rarity

The term Sturgeon moon is another applied to tonight’s rare blue moon, and the infrequency with which they’re seen inspires the common phrase indicating something only happens once in one. Tonight’s Sturgeon moon is more frequently known by the other moniker — but as you’re probably aware, the moon won’t appear to be blue despite […]

Blue Moon To Rise Tuesday, But What Does That Mean?

A blue moon is expected to rise Tuesday night, but what does that really even mean? According to the Examiner, blue moons describe a situation when two full moons appear in the same lunar month. But for those of you who follow along with the lunar cycles, you’ll know the blue moon we are expected […]

Friday’s Blue Moon Can Be Viewed Live Online

Friday’s blue moon will be the last time people get the chance to see the lunar event for three years, but even people living under cloudy skies or who can’t get outside will have a chance to view it. The blue moon will be shown by the Slooh Space Camera, which begins its broadcast starting […]

Friday’s Blue Moon Will Be Last Until 2015

It may not happen often but will happen this week. A blue moon will light up the sky on Friday, August 31st, for the last time until 2015. And no, the moon will not be blue. The term blue moon describes the fourth full moon of a season. It can also refer to the second […]

Once In A Blue Moon: Rare Lunar Event To Occur Friday

The phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” is used to describe an exceedingly rare event, but the lunar event on which the phrase is based happens roughly every 2.5 years. A Blue Moon, which actually does not refer to the color of the moon, is the second full moon of a given month. As there […]

Blue Moon 2012: Skywatchers To Enjoy Two Full Moons In August

Want to see a blue moon? Well, that might not happen this month but you will be able to see two full moons in August. According to the Huffington Post, the term “blue moon” doesn’t actually refer to the color of the moon. Instead, the term is used to describe the second full moon of […]