Monica Lewinsky Tweets Incredulity After Kenneth Starr Appointed To Trump Impeachment Team

The announcement that Kenneth Starr and Robert Ray, two former independent counsels from the Whitewater investigation, would be joining President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team appeared to elicit a disgusted reaction from one of Whitewater’s central figures — Monica Lewinsky. Only minutes after the news broke that Starr and Ray — along with constitutional law […]

‘American Crime Story’: Next Season Will Focus On Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky Scandal

FX’s American Crime Story has never shied away from controversial topics. A spinoff from the American Horror Story franchise, the true-crime anthology premiered with The People vs. O. J. Simpson. After scrutinizing this story, the second season looked at the murder of Gianni Versace by spree killer Andrew Cunanan. Now, the third season is set […]

Monica Lewinsky Laments That Starr Report Wasn’t Hidden Like The Mueller Report: ‘If. F******. Only.’

Monica Lewinsky wishes her own case could have gotten the Mueller treatment. The woman caught in the center of Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings took to the internet this week to lament that information about her own scandal was not hidden the way the Russia investigation has been. Lewinsky’s affair with President Clinton was a centerpiece […]

Monica Lewinsky Opens Up About Being ‘Slut-Shamed’ After Bill Clinton Scandal

Monica Lewinsky was suddenly thrown under the spotlight after her affair in the late ’90s with then-United States President Bill Clinton, and she has only recently decided to speak out about what it was like to go through such severe “public shaming” at a young age. During a segment for John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, […]

President Bill Clinton Was Impeached 20 Years Ago Today

The year 2018 has been one of numerous anniversaries of various events in the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, and Wednesday marks a significant one. On December 19, 1998, twenty years ago today, the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Bill Clinton, per USA Today. After revelations in January of that year that Clinton […]

Monica Lewinsky Says She Considered Suicide After Bill Clinton Called Her For Final Hookup Then Abandoned Her

Monica Lewinsky is shedding new light on the very messy end to her relationship with Bill Clinton, one that cast her into the intense media spotlight and led her to thoughts of suicide. The former White House intern and mistress of the president has opened up for the A&E docuseries The Clinton Affair. In the […]

Monica Lewinsky’s Parents Discuss The Clinton Cheating Scandal

Monica Lewinsky’s parents, Bernard Lewinsky and Marcia Lewis, gave a rare account of their take on the infamous Clinton scandal. A&E is broadcasting a six-part series called The Clinton Affair featuring interviews from Monica herself as well as her family. According to the Huffington Post, Monica’s parents knew nothing regarding their daughter, a White House […]

Monica Lewinsky Says The FBI Got Her To Reveal Clinton Secrets By Threatening Her Mother

Monica Lewinsky recently revealed that the FBI “forced” her into co-operating with their investigation into former U.S. President Bill Clinton, with whom she had an affair, by threatening to jail her mother. On the second episode of the new A&E series, The Clinton Affair, Lewinsky broke down in tears as she recalled the moment FBI […]

Monica Lewinsky Says She Would Apologize To Hillary Clinton If They Met Again

Two decades after the infamous White House affair, Monica Lewinsky revealed the one thing she would like to say if she met Hillary Clinton. The activist and former intern wrote a piece for Vanity Fair that says if she were to run into the former first lady, she would offer her another sincere apology. At […]

Monica Lewinsky Launches #DefyTheName Anti-Bullying Campaign

Monica Lewinsky ushered October in on her own terms this year, with the launching of a social media campaign that she is encouraging all to join – in observance of National Bullying Prevention Month. Lewinsky’s #DefyTheName initiative seeks to inspire a discussion around name-calling as a prevalent form of bullying. The challenge to all of […]

Monica Lewinsky Walks Out Of Interview On Israeli TV Over Clinton Question

Former White House intern and anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky walked out of an interview in Jerusalem on Monday night after she was reportedly asked a sensitive question about her affair with then-President Bill Clinton. According to the Jerusalem Post, the interview took place after Lewinsky spoke at a Channel 2 News conference, discussing the aftermath […]

Mike Pence Once Argued Clinton Should Be Impeached For Lying About Infidelity, Now Silent On Trump’s Affairs

Earlier this week, a series of old articles written by Vice President Mike Pence was unearthed, revealing that he had once pushed for the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton. These articles stressed that Clinton’s admission of an extramarital affair with a White House intern should merit his removal from office. In response to these revelations, […]

Stormy Daniels Reportedly Has A ‘Monica Lewinsky Dress,’ Wants To Test It For Trump’s DNA, Claims ‘The Blast’

Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump, reportedly has a “Monica Lewinsky dress.” And she’s ready to have it tested for Trump’s DNA, according to unidentified sources from the Blast. At this point, a few disclaimers are in order. First, of course, is that information attributed to “unidentified […]

Evangelicals Who Denounced Bill Clinton Affair, Silent On Donald Trump And Stormy Daniels

Many prominent Evangelicals were quick to criticize Bill Clinton when he cheated with Monica Lewinsky in 1998. Yet those same leaders have remained oddly silent in the wake of Donald Trump’s alleged affair with former porn star Stormy Daniels. Why isn’t the Christian right speaking out against Trump’s infidelity? Evangelicals Ignore Trump’s Affair According to […]

Monica Lewinsky Reveals That You Can Now Get High With Her

Monica Lewinsky is branching out in an unexpected way. Although Lewinsky is most famous for her scandal with former President Bill Clinton, the 44-year-old is now entering the marijuana business — sort of. A marijuana manufacturer in Seattle, Washington just named a new weed strain after Lewinsky, meaning fans around the world can now get […]

If Monica Lewinsky Scandal Had Happened In 2017, Bill Clinton Would Have Been Toast Says De Blasio

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton would have been forced to resign if the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal had happened in 2017, according to New York City’s mayor, Bill De Blasio. Monica Lewinsky was a 22-year-old intern in Bill Clinton’s White House between 1995 and 1996. Lewinsky shot to fame in 1998 when a sex scandal […]

Bill Clinton Accuser Slams Monica Lewinsky’s ‘#MeToo’ Tweet — Women From His Past Hit Twitter

The past seems to be haunting Bill Clinton these days as two women once affiliated with him long ago recently emerged to let their plight be known on social media. This came on the heels of Hillary Clinton’s comment about Donald Trump during her interview with Andrew Marr from BBC. Once Hillary dropped her comment […]

Monica Lewinsky Found Dead In Roslindale? No, But Death Hoax Gets 6,500 Facebook Shares [Debunked]

If a person searches for Monica Lewinsky on Facebook, the top news reports as of this writing include headlines like: “BREAKING: Monica Lewinsky Found Dead In Roslindale,” which has been shared at least 857 times on Facebook. That particular article from website claims that Monica was visiting with a high school friend when Lewinsky […]

Monica Lewinsky Blames Roger Ailes For Her Sex Scandal, Should The Blame Lie With Bill Clinton Instead?

Roger Ailes, former Fox News Chairman and CEO, died last week at 77-years-old. Many have written personal tributes and memorials to the man who shaped the landscape of cable news, but there’s one person who doesn’t remember Roger Ailes so fondly, and that’s Monica Lewinsky. New York Magazine reported that Monica Lewinsky published her own […]

Monica Lewinsky Slams Roger Ailes, Says Fox News Exploited Painful ‘Personal Tragedy’

In an op-ed published Monday, Monica Lewinsky bid the late Roger Ailes farewell, but not before blaming him for shamelessly capitalizing on the sex scandal that brought down former President Bill Clinton and left her in such a fragile state that her parents worried she would take her own life. As the Inquisitr reported last […]

Barron Trump Relentlessly Cyber Bullied, ‘SNL’ Writer Apologizes And Is Suspended For Tweet, White House Issues Statement

Ten-year-old Barron Trump has been the subject of relentless cyber bullying in recent weeks, predominantly at the hands of those irate about his father’s political success. From Rosie O’Donnell publicly commenting on the potential autism of young Barron, to Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich inexcusably referring to the 10-year-old as “the nation’s first homeschool […]

Monica Lewinsky Defends Barron Trump, Says First Son Should Be ‘Protected’ From Bullying And Mockery

Monica Lewinsky is coming to Barron Trump’s defense. The 10-year-old son of President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, has been the target of mockery since he appeared at his father’s inauguration on Friday. Lewinsky is one of a handful of names speaking up for Barron. Monica Lewinsky believes Barron Trump, like all kids, […]

Danney Lee Williams DNA Test Drama: Bill Clinton’s Alleged Son Begs Monica Lewinsky For Her Semen-Stained Dress For A Sample

Bill Clinton’s alleged love child, Danney Williams is asking Monica Lewinsky to allow him to conduct DNA testing on the famous blue dress to prove he is his biological father, Radar Online reports. Danney Lee Williams, Jr. is a 30-year-old construction worker that lives in Arkansas. He made the shocking claim that he is Bill […]

Hillary Is Nasty, But Trump Promises He Is Nastier: Our Nasty Reality

Presidential politics have deteriorated into a low-blow, stunningly callous series of attacks on the other opponent, more than many people have heard in their lifetime, or even ever dreamed of. There’s a lot of adjectives that many presidential hopefuls may use to define themselves: ambitious, confident, sincere, strong, ethical, compassionate, intelligent, but…nasty? That’s exactly what […]

Rudy Giuliani Reopens Monica Lewinsky Affair To Throw Shade At Hillary Clinton

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani called Hillary Clinton “too stupid” to lead the country because she came to her husband’s defense following his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Giuliani also said that Donald Trump should have called out Clinton for her actions during and after the Lewinsky affair, which led to the near impeachment […]

Daniel ‘Danny’ Fitzpatrick: Monica Lewinsky Tweets Condolences To Family Of Teenager Who Committed Suicide After Being Bullied

Monica Lewinsky is offering her condolences to the family of Daniel “Danny” Fitzpatrick, the 13-year-old boy who committed suicide after being relentlessly bullied by a group of boys at his school. On Monday, August 15, Lewinsky took to Twitter to share her heartbreak over the young boy’s tragic death with her more than 100,000 followers. […]

‘Trump Women’ Story From NY Times Could Be Damaging If Not For This

The “Donald Trump women” story from the New York Times that was published on Saturday details a long history of alleged inappropriate behavior towards 50 women ranging from former executives, to Miss Universe contestants, and under ordinary circumstances it could be the bombshell the #NeverTrump crowd is hoping for. However, the 2016 election cycle has […]

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’: Monica Lewinsky As The Other Woman Jokes About Beyonce’s Revenge Album ‘Lemonade’

By now, everyone has heard the context of what Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade is all about. The lyrics don’t leave anything to the imagination, as they spell out that Beyonce was wronged, most likely cheated on, by her husband, Jay Z. The speculation that Jay Z carried on affairs throughout their relationship have been floating […]

‘I’m With Monica Lewinsky’: Sanders Surrogate Rosario Dawson Cites Former White House Intern To Take A Dig At Clintons

Outspoken Bernie Sanders backer and actress Rosario Dawson brought up Monica Lewinsky on Saturday, when she said she stands with the former White House intern for her battle against bullying and suggested that the Clinton campaign is behaving similarly to intimidate supporters of the Vermont senator, reports CNN. During her address at a rally for […]

‘I’m Not Ashamed Of Who I Am’: Monica Lewinsky Discusses Suicidal Thoughts, Overcoming Shame, And Cyberbullying Advocacy

Monica Lewinsky became a household name after she had an affair with President Bill Clinton. At just 22-years-old, Lewinsky was publicly shamed for her sexual indiscretions with some of the most private details of her life being aired in the mainstream media. Lewinsky says it was like “a skinning of sorts” with the shame sticking […]

Iowa Student Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Monica,’ Gets Kicked Out

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was treated to a surprise when she was accidentally called “Monica” by one of her young interviewers — a student from the University of Iowa. Clinton was so surprised, in fact, that she ended up kicking the student out for her tongue slip. It looks like the memories associated with […]

Monica Lewinsky And Feminism Is Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Must Endorse Hillary Clinton For President?

Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky affair is one of those dividing events that separate the political spectrum, but with the 2016 election, it’s become common to assert that Bernie Sanders’ supporters should be backing Hillary Clinton instead due to feminism. In endorsing Hillary, former secretary of state Madeleine Albright made it abundantly clear that she felt […]

Anna Duggar And Hillary Clinton Are The Same, According To Bristol Palin

Anna Duggar and Hillary Clinton have one thing in common, and this is confusing Bristol Palin — now she can’t tell the difference between the two women. According to Cosmopolitan, Bristol Palin recently shared a Patheos blog post asking her fans what makes Anna Duggar different from Hillary Clinton. Both women stayed with husbands who […]

Dorinda Medley Wants Monica Lewinsky To Join ‘RHONY’ In Place Of Heather Thomson For Season 8

Dorinda Medley has an idea of who should fill the empty place left by Heather Thomson on The Real Housewives of New York City ahead of the series’ upcoming eighth season, and during a recent event, Dorinda Medley revealed her suggestion to press. “Monica Lewinsky. Wouldn’t that be great?” Dorinda Medley told Page Six on […]

Monica Lewinsky’s Red Prom-Like Dress At Tony Awards Criticized

Monica Lewinsky wore a red prom-like dress to the Tony Awards on Sunday night, and it landed her on several worst dressed lists. According to Hello Magazine, the anti-bullying activist showed up at Radio City Music Hall in New York City for the event, putting herself in the public eye in an effort to gain […]

Monica Lewinsky: Red Prom-Like Dress At Tony Awards Gets Criticized, Lewinsky Wins ‘Worst Dressed’

Monica Lewinsky wore a red prom-like dress to the Tony Awards, and most people thought she missed the mark completely. According to Mail Online, Lewinsky looked “frumpy” in the red gown, which wasn’t very flattering at all. She paired the dress with gold pumps, which may have been fine in some other circumstance, but in […]

Monica Lewinsky Gives ‘Dancing Man’ Foot Massage At Anti-Cyber-Bully Party

Tides have turned for 46-year-old “Dancing Man” Sean O’Brien. A couple of months ago, the Liverpool resident was body shamed on the internet. But yesterday, O’Brien wasn’t the victim. He was the guest of honor at a party attended by a thousand people including anti-cyber bullying advocate Monica Lewinsky. Body-shamed British “Dancing Man” parties with […]

Monica Lewinsky Calls Herself ‘Patient Zero’ For The Epidemic Of Online Bullying, Shaming [Video]

Monica Lewinsky recently gave a TED Talk in which she called herself “Patient Zero” for online bullying and shaming. Lewinsky says before her affair with former President Bill Clinton, the media landscape was quite different. She claims that she was the first person to truly experience online global public shaming, which has now become the […]

Barbara Walters Reportedly Wants Monica Lewinsky To Host ‘The View’

Could former White House intern Monica Lewinsky save The View from cancellation? Barbara Walters, the long-running ABC daytime talk show’s creator, allegedly thinks so. Lewinsky is scheduled to guest on the show soon to discuss her anti-bullying campaign. As widely reported, The View, in its current incarnation, has been tumbling in the ratings. New cast […]

Bill Clinton Becomes One Of Few Former Presidents To Have A Broadway Musical

The Clintons have reached their goal of making it back into the White House. Of course, this White House is a backdrop on an off-Broadway stage. The show, scheduled to open in April, reportedly highlights Bill Clinton’s many flaws in a humorous way. Clinton The Musical was created by Australian brothers who, while eager to […]

Monica Lewinsky Gives Moving TED Talk On Cyberbullying, Public Shame

Monica Lewinsky received a standing ovation all the way from the lobby for what venture capitalist Chris Sacca called “one of the best, most courageous TED talks ever.” Called “The Price Of Shame,” Lewinsky’s talk delved into the increasingly common phenomenon of cyberbullying and her personal experience with public shame. She ended by saying there […]

Monica Lewinsky Breaks Silence, Talks At TED Against Cyber-Bullying

Forty-one-year-old former White House intern Monica Lewinsky spoke up against cyber bullying on a speech she gave at a TED conference last Thursday. Her speech at the premier TED stage marked the second time that Lewinsky had spoken in public since her move to London in 2005. The first time was in Philadelphia late last […]

Lewinsky Clinton Portrait: Artist Admits Nod To Monica Lewinsky In Clinton Portrait, Angry At Museum For Removing It

Monica Lewinsky is in a Bill Clinton portrait… sort of. According to USA Today, an artist by the name of Nelson Shanks painted a portrait of the former President for the National Portrait Gallery. Shanks included a nod to Clinton’s mistress in the portrait, and now he’s angry that it’s not on display. He wonders […]

Artist Nelson Shanks: Bill Clinton Portrait Contains Secret Reference To Monica Lewinsky [Photo]

Artist Nelson Shanks, the man responsible for the portrait of President Bill Clinton that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, has revealed the painting’s biggest secret. According to Shanks, the portrait contains a reference to Monica Lewinsky, the infamous intern whose sexual relationship with Clinton often overshadowed what many see as an incredibly successful presidency. […]

Bill Clinton’s Rides On ‘Lolita Express’ Owned By Convicted Pedophile May Ground Hillary Clinton’s Campaign [Video]

Is Bill Clinton’s charisma dimmed by his past when it comes to his ability to boost his wife Hillary Clinton’s campaign momentum? That’s the question political pundits are posing as new reports emerge about the former president’s rides on the so-called “Lolita Express,” reported the New York Daily Post. That expression refers to a private […]

Monica Lewinsky’s Unlikely Best Friend Is Star Of ‘The Good Wife’

The Good Wife’s Alan Cumming may play a quick thinking campaign manager on the CBS drama, who would cross the street to avoid the likes of Monica Lewinsky, but in real life the two are actually really good friends. Cumming revealed the unlikely friendship when he attended Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live! Like any […]

Monica Lewinsky On Cyberbullying: ‘I Want To Put My Suffering To Good Use’

Monica Lewinsky wants to stop cyberbullying, according to the speech she delivered on Monday in Philadelphia. While speaking to the audience of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit, Monica Lewinsky emphasized the need to end cyberbullying as well as the reason why she has come forward to help achieve that goal. “Having survived myself, what I […]

Monica Lewinsky Gives Emotional Speech About Bill Clinton Affair: ‘I Fell In Love With My Boss’

Monica Lewinsky became a star overnight when, 13 years ago, the news broke that she had an affair with none other than the then-President of the United States, Bill Clinton. She addressed a large crowd at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia on Monday morning, starting her speech with the words, “My name is […]

Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter, Gets Thousands Of Followers Within Minutes

Monica Lewinsky joined Twitter on Monday morning, and within minutes of her account going live, Lewinsky had thousands of followers. Monica didn’t join the site with a bunch of fanfair, but with a rather understated approach. So what was the famous former White House intern’s first words on the social media site? Monica led off […]

Monica Lewinsky On Fappening: ‘I Feel Outrage As A Fellow Victim’

No, hackers did not release nude photos of Monica Lewinsky. Nevertheless, Ms. Lewinsky is no stranger to privacy violations. The investigation of Bill Clinton’s affairs led to 20 hours of private conversations between Linda Tripp and the former White House intern being released into the public on C-Span. Although that court release isn’t quite comparable, […]