‘Big Brother’ Alum Angela Rummans Poses In Swimsuit To Help Tyler Crispen Get America’s Favorite Player Votes

Big Brother alum Angela Rummans is helping her boyfriend Tyler Crispen score votes for the America’s Favorite Player title. Days before Big Brother: All-Stars is set to end its run, the Season 29 contestant posed in a swimsuit to pitch her man as the first-ever two-time AFP winner in the history of the CBS reality […]

‘Big Brother 22’ Star Tyler Crispen’s Girlfriend Angela Rummans Says She Refuses To Watch Him On Live Feeds

Big Brother alum Angela Rummans said she won’t be watching her boyfriend Tyler Crispen strategize and socialize on the Big Brother: All-Stars live feeds. The Big Brother 20 contestant opened up about how much she misses her man two years after meeting him in the CBS summertime house, but explained why she won’t be checking […]

‘Big Brother’s’ Angela Rummans Misses Tyler Crispen’s Face As He Returns To CBS’ Summertime House Without Her

Big Brother’s Angela Rummans is missing her man. The BB20 alum is at home in South Carolina while Tyler Crispen, her longtime love whom she met on the reality show two years ago, has returned to the CBS summertime house for this year’s all-star season. In a new post to her Instagram page, the female […]

‘Big Brother’ Lovebirds Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans Leave L.A. For New Home In Hilton Head

Big Brother stars Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans have made a major move. The former BB20 houseguests, who met and fell in love on the CBS reality show back in 2018, have ditched the spotlight in Los Angeles to go back to their mutual hometown of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Tyler and Angela shared […]

‘Big Brother’ Stars Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans Share A Pair Of Christmas Jammies In Cozy Holiday Photos

Big Brother stars Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans made Christmas memories together, and they saved some money in the process. The Big Brother 20 stars shared photos to Instagram which show them snuggling up on in front of a window on Christmas morning with each wearing half of a set of red plaid pajamas. Big […]

‘Big Brother’ Lovebirds Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans Confirm An Engagement Is In Their Future

Big Brother stars Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans could be the next CBS reality television couple to walk down the aisle. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Big Brother 20 lovebirds revealed that they plan to get married—eventually. The BB20 couple confirmed that an engagement is definitely in their future, but Crispen also […]

‘Big Brother’ Fan Favorite Tyler Crispen Brings Girlfriend Angela Rummans Home For The Holidays

Tyler Crispen went home for the holidays, and he brought his Big Brother girlfriend with him. The runner-up and America’s Favorite Player winner on the 20th season of the CBS reality show headed home to Toledo, Ohio with his new love, fellow Big Brother contestant Angela Rummans, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Tyler and Angela famously […]

‘Big Brother’s’ Angela Rummans Poses For Sexy Beach Shots With Tyler Crispen, ‘Patiently’ Waits For A Proposal

Big Brother stars Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen are making the most of their reality TV showmance now that they’re back in the real world. The BB20 lovebirds, who have posted a steady stream of steamy shots to social media in the weeks since the CBS reality show wrapped, recently gave E! News an update […]

‘Big Brother’ Stars Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans Enjoy Some PDA During Their Beach Day

It was the showmance of Big Brother Season 20 and now it seems to be all over Instagram. Runner-up Tyler Crispen and fourth-place finisher Angela Rummans have been inseparable since filming wrapped for the most recent season of Big Brother. While the two certainly enjoyed each other’s company on the show, they have certainly amped […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Fan Favorite Tyler Crispen Annoys Loyal Following After Online Snub

It seemed like Big Brother contestant Tyler Crispen could do no wrong in the eyes of fans. The runner-up played a hard game, got involved in a popular showmance, and even was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest at the end of the season. However, it seems that the tides may be changing for Tyler following his […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Star Angela ‘Rockstar’ Lantry Claps Back At Body Shaming Trolls With Fierce Bikini Shots

Big Brother is a controversial show by nature. With live cameras on the cast 24/7 for a whole summer, something is bound to grab the attention of haters. Unfortunately, for Angela “Rockstar” Lantry, some online trolls decided to poke fun at her body even though she had given birth to her third child just months […]

‘Big Brother’ Lovebirds Tyler Cripsen & Angela Rummans Heat Up Instagram With New Beach And Bedroom Shots

Big Brother stars Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are no longer living with cameras 24/7, but they aren’t shying away from photo ops, either. The Big Brother 20 stars, who met and fell in love in the CBS summertime house, have been regularly posting to Instagram since moving in together after filming wrapped on the […]

‘Big Brother’s’ Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans Speak Out About Bayleigh Dayton’s Miscarriage, Per ‘People’

Tyler Crispen may be America’s favorite player, but in the Big Brother house, he made a few enemies. In one explosive episode, Tyler Crispen and fellow housemate Bayleigh Dayton got into an epic battle. Bayleigh, who by the end of the confrontation was in tears and bleeding from her mouth, was deeply unhappy with Tyer’s […]

‘Big Brother’s’ Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans Hint At Potential ‘The Amazing Race’ Casting

America’s favorite summer showmance may be back on television screens sooner than we had all thought. Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans (who are now officially dating, according to her Instagram story in which she posted a photo of the lifeguard for National Boyfriend Day) have been dropping some serious hints about The Amazing Race. The […]

‘Big Brother 20’s Tyler Crispen Already Met Angela Rummans’ Family: ‘He Is Truly A Great Guy’

Well, Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans just got even cuter. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tyler and Angela moved in together to Angela’s home in Los Angeles just days after the Big Brother 20th season finale. However, they’re already used to taking their relationship to the next level. In a reply to a fan, […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Star Tyler Crispen Tweets Message Of Love To His Fans (& Angela Rummans)

Big Brother wrapped its twentieth season on Wednesday, and runner-up Tyler Crispen sure felt the love as he won America’s Favorite Houseguest by popular vote. Following the days after the finale, the BB 20 cast was seen partying, hanging out, and just overall enjoying each other’s company in the outside world following their release from […]

‘Big Brother 20’s’ Tyler Crispen Thinks He’s ‘The Biggest Idiot In The World’ For This One Game Move

Tyler Crispen admittedly played one of the best games in recent “Big Brother” history. With a final-two deal with almost every player and a powerhouse alliance, it seemed that nothing could go wrong for the lifeguard from Hilton Head. However, he ended up losing the half-million dollar grand prize to Kaycee Clark by a single […]

Tyler Crispen Plans To Move To L.A. With ‘Big Brother’ Girlfriend Angela Rummans

Big Brother stars Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are taking their love out into the real world. The Big Brother lovebirds, who began getting serious late in the summer, survived the road bump of Crispen’s top secret “Final 2” deal with another woman—Kaycee Clark, who ultimately won the 20th season of the CBS reality show—and […]

‘Big Brother 20’: Tyler Crispen Thought He Completely Blew Any Chance He Had With Angela Rummans Post-Game

This season of Big Brother was definitely one for the books. With surprising twists, insane eviction nights, and fierce gameplay it was really anybody’s game to win up until the very last jury vote was placed. But what about one of the season’s most lowkey showmances? Tyler Cripsen and Angela Rummans were officially confirmed as […]

Tyler Crispen Says He Is Surprised America Likes Him After ‘Big Brother’ Gameplay

Big Brother star Tyler Crispen just missed winning the Season 20 $500,000 grand prize, but he walked away from the show a much richer man. The Hilton Head lifeguard lost the CBS reality competition to Kaycee Clark in a vote of 5-4, landing in second place with a much smaller $50,000 prize. But in a […]

‘Big Brother 20’: A Look At The Summer’s Crazy Showmances

This summer, Big Brother 20 did what it needed to do. After the trainwreck of BB 19, fans and producers were itching to see how this season would turn out. Another catastrophic failure like last summer would have been debilitating for the show. Thankfully, for both Big Brother and for CBS, this season turned out […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Tyler Admits He’s In Love With Angela To JC And Kaycee

The secret showmance has finally been revealed! Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans had been hiding a major secret for almost half of the season — and the lifeguard decided that it was finally time to let his two remaining roommates in on his love affair. Despite the fact that most houseguests suspected that something was […]

‘Big Brother 20’: Kaycee Clark Admits How Hard It Was To Evict Angela

Last Thursday saw the eviction of Angela Rummans on Big Brother Season 20. The model was evicted by her best girlfriend in the house, Kaycee Clark, who she ran with in the “Level 6” alliance from the first week spent together in the house. Kaycee was forced to choose between Tyler Crispen and Angela — […]

‘Big Brother 20:’ Angela Rummans Discusses Her Harsh Goodbye Messages

Angela Rummans of Big Brother Season 20 was dubbed the “mean girl” of the season, mostly for her harsh goodbye messages to houseguests. While keeping a stoic persona in the game, Angela let it all out when it was time to record messages to the evicted houseguest. Former alliance member Rachel Swindler was the first […]

‘Big Brother’ Showmance Couple Tyler And Angela Declare Their Love For One Another

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 20. Things can get pretty intimate in the Big Brother house when you’re stuck without any access to the outside world. That’s why it comes as no surprise as almost every single season of the hit reality series sees a showmance blossom. That’s just what […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Week 11 Spoilers: Houseguest’s Next Target Confuses Fans And Julie Chen

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20. With a double eviction looming, the houseguests of Big Brother Season 20 are planning who to send home on Thursday night. Despite the fact that the houseguests are not privy to the double eviction, they have been preparing for the last several weeks since this […]

‘Big Brother 20’s’ Angela Rummans Fires Back At Scottie Salton’s Smutty Eviction Speech, Calls It ‘Slander’

Big Brother evictee Scottie Salton left the CBS summertime house with a bang, but the other houseguests are still feeling the aftershocks of his exit. After the Chicago shipping manager delivered a crude eviction speech that had to be censored on the live CBS broadcast, his former housemates spoke out about his behavior and his […]

‘Big Brother 20’s’ Angela Rummans’ Hilarious Modeling Photo For Halloween Website Revealed

Big Brother star Angela Rummans works as a fitness model, but her portfolio isn’t limited to shots of her posing in active wear. Just in time for fall, the pretty, 26-year-old CBS reality show contestant is popping up on a popular Halloween costume website wearing a green loofah costume. Angela Rummans can be seen on […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Week 9 Spoilers: Nominees For Eviction Revealed

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20. Week 9 of Big Brother Season 20 is in full swing, and after a new Head of Household was crowned Thursday night, two nominees were placed on the block in less than 24 hours. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Angela Rummans walked away as the […]

‘Big Brother 20’s’ Kaitlyn Herman Weighs In On Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans’ Blossoming Showmance

Big Brother evictee Kaitlyn Herman says she “didn’t expect” to see her former housemates Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans develop a romance after she left the CBS summertime house. In an interview on Rob Cesternino’s Rob Has a Podcast, Herman says she never saw it coming when she was living with them in the Big […]

‘Big Brother 20:’ New Showmance Brewing As Two Houseguests Caught Canoodling

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 20. There have been no shortages of showmances this season on Big Brother, and it appears a new coupling is brewing among two houseguests. Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and Bayleigh Dayton have been the seasons most popular showmance, with the bromance of Brett Robinson and […]

‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Says ‘Mean Girl’ Season 20 Houseguest Needs To Grow Up

Big Brother host Julie Chen has seen it all after hosting 20 seasons of the CBS reality show, but even she is surprised by some of the blatantly mean behavior displayed by some of the houseguests this summer. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chen revealed why she thinks Season 20 houseguest Angela Rummans left […]

‘Big Brother’ Season 20: ‘Angela’s Mustache’ Takes Twitter By Storm

Big Brother fans are zeroing in on this week’s Head of Household, and it’s not pretty. Angela Rummans, this week’s Head of Household who took back her HOH reign after the Big Brother hacker competition threatened to thwart it, is being unfairly slammed online for her appearance. The 26-year-old fitness model has been called out […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Week 6 Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Takes Place, Nominations Shaken Up

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20. The Veto Ceremony for Week 6 of Big Brother Season 20 has taken place, and nominations were shaken up, to say the least. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Head of Household Angela Rummans walked away with the Power of Veto this week, putting all the […]

Julie Chen Addresses Rachel Swindler’s Awkward ‘Big Brother’ Exit

Julie Chen has seemingly seen it all in her 18 years as the host of Big Brother, but she has never done a post-eviction interview like the one she did with the show’s most recently ousted houseguest, Rachel Swindler. The 29-year-old Las Vegas entertainer was blindsided when she was sent home by her own Level […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Week 6 Spoilers: Nominees For Eviction Revealed

Week 6 spoilers for Season 20 of Big Brother are rolling in as the new Head of Household has named their two nominees for eviction. Thursday night’s episode of BB saw the crowning of Angela Rummans as the new HOH after winning a memory challenge. Viewers of the show were also let in on the […]

‘Big Brother’ Evictee Rachel Swindler Says Former Friend Angela Is ‘Nasty,’ Teases Finale Night Fireworks

Big Brother had the “bros,” but the sisters… not so much. After 29-year-old houseguest Rachel Swindler was evicted from the CBS summertime house by a vote of 5-4, she was shocked to find that her friend and alliance member Angela Rummans cast a vote against her. Swindler wasted no time in saying goodbye to her […]

‘Big Brother 20’ Week 5 Spoilers: Two Best Friends Have Falling Out Over A Misunderstanding

Friendships come and go in the Big Brother house, and most of the time the destruction of a bond is caused by paranoia or just a flat out lie. This time around, it’s both. Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler have been inseparable since day one in the house, both being founding members of the “Level […]