Yale Psychiatrist Says Donald Trump Is ‘Mentally Incapacitated,’ Will Never Admit He Lost Election

President Donald Trump has shown no intention of conceding the 2020 presidential election, despite the fact that Democrat Joe Biden’s victory has already been certified by the Electoral College. According to Bandy Lee, a forensic psychiatrist at Yale, the commander-in-chief is simply incapable of admitting defeat. In an interview with Politico published on Sunday, Lee […]

Donald Trump Is ‘An Existential Threat To Humanity,’ Mental Health Experts Say

In a Friday op-ed penned for Raw Story, mental health experts Alan D. Blotcky, David M. Reiss and Seth D. Norrholm described President Donald Trump as “an existential threat to humanity.” Blotcky is a clinical psychologist in Birmingham, Alabama, Reiss is a psychiatrist based in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and Norrholm is an associate professor […]

Lady Gaga Talks About Mental Health While Recording Latest Album

In an interview with CBS News, Lady Gaga revealed that her latest album, Chromatica, almost never happened because she was struggling with depression and other issues regarding her mental health. She explained that if it had not been for her producer, Michael Tucker, she would not have had any motivation to record and make music […]

Big Sean Discusses Mental Health Struggles While Working On His New Album

Rapper Big Sean opened up about his mental health struggles in a series of tweets describing his feelings leading up to the September 4 release of his new album, Detroit 2. The musician explained that the length of time he spent creating the project caused him unexpected stress and feelings of anxiety. “While I was […]

Kanye West Needs ‘Medication Overhaul’ & Potential Hospitalization, Says Mental Health Expert

In what began with a campaign rally on Sunday, Kanye West made a series of statements that have ranged from outlandish to deeply personal, confusing his fans and upsetting his loved ones. After claiming that Harriett Tubman never actually freed any slaves and that he and wife Kim Kardashian originally planned to abort their oldest […]

Prince William Reveals His Myopia Helped Him With Anxiety Over Public Speaking

Prince William is opening up about his own personal anxieties as a way to get others to do so as well, reported CNN. As part of his campaign to address mental health in men, William participated in a new BBC documentary which is set to air Thursday night in the United Kingdom. The show, entitled […]

Camila Cabello Says She Has OCD, Experienced ‘Constant, Unwavering, Relentless Anxiety’

Camila Cabello is ready to get candid about her mental health struggles. In a new essay written for WSJ Magazine in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, the singer discussed her private difficulties with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. Cabello started the essay by exploring the contrast between the life she presents on Instagram and the […]

Michael Phelps On His Current Mental State, ‘This Is The Most Overwhelmed I’ve Ever Felt’

Olympian Michael Phelps opened up to ESPN on Monday about the mental health struggles he has been facing during the pandemic. The successful swimmer discussed his current mental state, why he is coming forward now, and what he is doing to cope. “The pandemic has been a challenge I never expected,” he said. Phelps has […]

Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Her Anxiety And Recalls A Scary Panic Attack

Kendall Jenner shed some light on her mental health during a recent Good Morning America appearance. According to E! News, Jenner joined designer Kenneth Cole for a virtual interview on the morning show. The two teamed up to support the Mental Health Coalition, an organization Cole launched in October 2019 to bring in influencers, nonprofits, […]

Errol Graham Starved To Death After Benefits Were Cut, Family Believes He May Have Pulled Out His Own Teeth

An English man who starved to death after his public benefits were cut off pulled out his own teeth with pliers, his family believes. The story of Errol Graham’s death began in June 2018. The 57-year-old grandfather was likely mentally ill, according to his family, and had basically withdrawn from society and holed up in […]

Donald Trump May Use Coronavirus Outbreak To Cancel Elections, Impose Martial Law, Yale Psychiatrist Predicts

Donald Trump on Monday gave a brief statement to the press at the White House, announcing his latest proposal to respond to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has now claimed 26 lives in the United States — a payroll tax cut. But a Yale University psychiatrist who has co-authored a book on Trump’s mental health […]

Mick Mulvaney Suggested Donald Trump’s Alleged Mental Illness Is A Good Thing, Report Says

In a blockbuster report from The New York Times, author Maureen Dowd claims that former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, who was ousted on Friday, suggested that Donald Trump‘s alleged mental illness may be a benefit. According to Dowd, the revelation is recounted by ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl in […]

Katy Perry Talks Her Upcoming Wedding With Orlando Bloom & How Her Next Album Will Focus On Mental Health

Katy Perry has graced the cover of Australia’s Stellar Magazine and has done an interview with the publication, per Daily Telegraph. The “Waking Up in Vegas” songstress spoke about her fiance Orlando Bloom and explained that their wedding this year is not about the party. “It’s not about the party, it’s about the coming together […]

New Impeachment Inquiry Could ‘Contain’ Donald Trump’s ‘Pathology,’ Yale Psychiatrist Bandy Lee Suggests

One week after the United States Senate acquitted him in his impeachment trial, Donald Trump is already “emboldened” and seeking “revenge,” according to a CNN report on Wednesday. One of Trump’s first moves was to intervene in the sentencing of his longtime friend and political mentor Roger Stone, which drew criticism from some of the […]

Man Attempting To Assassinate Donald Trump Arrested Outside White House

A 25-year-old man was arrested earlier Sunday afternoon after he nearly made it into the White House with the mission to assassinate President Donald Trump. According to Business Insider, Roger Hedgpeth was taken into custody by Secret Service agents on a charge of making threats to do bodily harm, per the Metropolitan Police Department. Questions […]

Ex-‘Apprentice’ Staffer Says Donald Trump Was ‘Extra High’ During Sniff-Filled Post-Impeachment Speech

Donald Trump delivered a televised White House speech on Thursday that lasted more than one hour, and was intended to celebrate his acquittal the previous day in the impeachment trial against him. Instead, the speech became what Vox.com reporter Aaron Rupar described as “one of the most bonkers official events in presidential history.” The speech, […]

WWE News: Former Superstar Says He’s Leaving Twitter To Focus On His Mental Health

Multi-titled veteran wrestler Austin Aries, who briefly competed for WWE as part of its cruiserweight division, announced this week that he will be deactivating his Twitter account due to what he described as mental health concerns. As quoted by Sportskeeda, Aries took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, where, in a series of posts, he explained […]

‘Docile’ Donald Trump Can Be Easily Talked Into Resigning Using Psychological Profile, Yale Psychiatrist Says

Yale University psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee has repeatedly issued public warnings about what she describes as Donald Trump’s “mental pathology,” calling the state of his mental health a “public health emergency.” But on Saturday, the fifth day of the Senate impeachment trial against Trump, Lee issued a new call — saying that Trump could […]

Sterling K. Brown Talks ‘Struggles & Fears’ After Powerful ‘This Is Us’ Episode

Sterling K. Brown talked “struggles and fears” on Instagram after a powerful episode of This Is Us. Manifesting itself into an episode that left viewers of the NBC drama reeling, Randall deals with serious anxiety after years of suppressing his feelings. In the episode titled “A Hell of a Week: Part One,” Randall’s emotions came […]

Donald Trump’s Slurring Might Be ‘Early Dementia’ Or ‘ADD’ Symptom, Says ‘Art Of The Deal’ Ghostwriter

Donald Trump‘s repeated slurring and mispronunciations of commonly used English words in his public speeches have become the subject of frequent viral videos. But on Sunday morning, a major media outlet also took notice of the quirk, when MSNBC host Joy Reid aired a compilation of clips that showed Trump stumbling over words that would […]

Selena Gomez On Finding The Right Medication That Changed Her Life

Selena Gomez has been open about her mental health struggles over the years and was relieved to have her issues diagnosed. The “Look at Her Now” hitmaker felt that her life completely changed when she was given the right medication. In a raw and candid interview with WSJ. Magazine, Gomez opened up about her emotional […]

Elizabeth Wurtzel, ‘Prozac Nation’ Author, Passes Away At 52

Elizabeth Wurtzel, whose candid 1994 novel Prozac Nation helped start a national conversation about depression and mental health, has died at the age of 52, NBC News reports. Her husband confirms that she died of breast cancer. Prior to the publication of her groundbreaking novel, Wurtzel had built up a rather checkered career in journalism, […]

Lizzo Reflects Upon How She Went From Living In Her Car To Stardom

With the coming of the new year, an entire decade comes to a close. As such, many people have been reflecting on the past 10 years and the dramatic ways their lives have changed. Hit singer Lizzo knows especially well how much positive change a decade can bring. In a post on Twitter on New […]

Ricki Lake Shows Off Shaved Head & Reveals Hair Loss Struggle On Instagram

Former talk show host and X-Factor Celebrity U.K. contestant Ricki Lake began 2020 by debuting a striking new look on Instagram, showing off her shaved head to her 150,000 followers and telling the story of her ongoing struggle with hair loss and the toll it took on her emotional health. Ricki is seen in the […]

Nancy Pelosi Must Order ‘Involuntary’ Psychiatric Evaluation Of Donald Trump, Mental Health Professional Says

Last week, Donald Trump fired off a seven-page letter to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in which he aired his grievances and vented his anger toward the impeachment process against him in the House. The letter, in which Trump accused Pelosi of “declaring open war on American Democracy” was widely described by political experts and […]

‘Loneliest Man In America’ Donald Trump Is ‘Malignant Narcissist’ With No Friends, Mental Health Group Says

Donald Trump has been repeatedly portrayed by aides and White House insiders, speaking to the media, as “alone,” “isolated,” and even “unraveling” or “flipping out.” Even Trump himself complained that he is “all alone,” in one Twitter message posted on Christmas Eve of last year, during the government shutdown over funding for his desired border […]

‘Psychotic Mind’ Of Donald Trump Revealed In ‘Paranoid And Manic’ Letter To Nancy Pelosi, Psychiatrists Say

On the day before the House of Representatives voted to impeach him, Donald Trump fired off a seven-page letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that was described by some political pundits as “deranged,” “unhinged,” and “insane.” Once a group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals had a chance to read the letter two days […]

Impeachment Must Consider Donald Trump’s ‘Narcissistic Rage’ And ‘Mental Pathology,’ Urges Dr. Bandy X. Lee

The House Judiciary Committee on Friday voted along party lines to approve two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power, according to a report from The New York Times. In an essay published the previous day by the nonprofit, investigative news site DC Report, a Yale University-affiliated psychiatrist […]

‘Without Gaslighting Trump Cannot Win,’ Mental Health Group Says, But ‘Severe Level Of Gaslighting’ Now Exists

A group of mental health professionals, who advocate for the removal of Donald Trump from office as mentally unfit under the 25th Amendment to U.S. Constitution, posted a new warning on Wednesday, following a televised Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in which senators questioned Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Horowitz this week released a […]

Donald Trump Was Really Talking About Himself When He Called Adam Schiff ‘Deranged,’ ‘Sick,’ Psychiatrist Says

When Donald Trump on Tuesday took time during the NATO summit in London to launch into a rant against Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, he was actually projecting, or subconsciously describing himself rather than the target of his comments, according to a leading psychiatrist in an MSNBC interview on Tuesday night. Trump’s remarks […]

‘Narcissist’ Donald Trump Uses Conspiracy Theories To Feed ‘Grandiose Sense Of Self,’ Says ‘Atlantic’ Writer

Donald Trump has publicly supported more unproven conspiracy theories than any president in recent memory. By one count, published by Business Insider, Trump is on record advocating 24 separate conspiracy theories. Now, one journalist says he has figured out why Trump is attracted to “groundless suspicions” about the alleged dark forces behind political events. The […]

Donald Trump’s Afghanistan Troop Speech ‘Typical Of Dementia, Lack Of Awareness,’ Psychiatry Professor Says

Donald Trump made a surprise visit to United States troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving Day. There, he delivered a speech to the troops that reportedly focused largely on his own claimed accomplishments. According to University of Texas Southwestern psychiatry professor John M. Talmadge, the speech was filled with “‘I am great’ stock phrases,” and in […]

Kristen Bell Opens Up About Her Mental Health Struggles And Why She Decided To Discuss Them Publicly

Actress Kristen Bell exudes happiness and excitement, and she is not really the kind of person one might expect to deal with mental health struggles. However, Bell has personally dealt with issues such as anxiety and depression for a long time, and she is now opening up about these problems to show others they don’t […]

Donald Trump’s Manic ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview Shows ‘Declining Cognitive Functions,’ Yale Psychiatrist Warns

Donald Trump phoned in to the Fox & Friends morning show on Friday, and in a manic, 53-minute interview made a series of false claims, including that impeachment witness Marie Yovanovitch, the ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, refused to hang a portrait of Trump in the embassy. But more importantly, according to an analysis by […]

‘Modern Family’ Star Ariel Winter Shares Her Tips For Improving Mental & Physical Health

Modern Family star Ariel Winter has revealed in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight that she is finding ways to improve her overall mental and physical health by putting herself first. This comes after many years of reportedly not doing so. She also shared her tips for prioritizing self-care. The actress revealed to the celebrity […]

Donald Trump More ‘Paranoid’ And ‘Out Of Touch With Reality’ As Pressure Mounts, Says Harvard Psychiatrist

A Harvard psychiatrist who believes Donald Trump is in a “psychotic-like state” says that the president is becoming increasingly paranoid and “out of touch with reality” as the pressure against him mounts. According to an interview with Raw Story, a former assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard says that Trump is in a downward […]

Miley Cyrus’ Little Sis Noah Cyrus Talks About Mental Health, Whistling, Tattoos, & Denim Wardrobes

Noah Cyrus appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden very early on Wednesday morning to cover a lot of topics, including mental health, her inability to whistle, her recent tattoo, and the many pieces of denim clothing she has in her closet. At the beginning of the segment, James asked Noah about her […]

Khloe Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq Opens Up About Her Battles With Anxiety

Malika Haqq recently revealed that she is currently taking the important steps to work on her mental health. The best friend of Khloe Kardashian sat down with Page Six to discuss her battles with anxiety. The actress said that her anxiety has stemmed from being in the public eye paired with a hectic schedule. Haqq […]

Kate Middleton Attended A Mental Health Conference At Princess Charlotte’s New School

Kate Middleton is just like us, in that she also attends conferences at the school of her two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, better known at St. Thomas’ Battersea School. The royal children go by George and Charlotte Cambridge, after their father’s title. People Magazine reported that the first conference before the start […]

Report Says White House Aides Increasingly Worried About Donald Trump’s Mental State: ‘He’s Losing His S**t’

Donald Trump’s increasing outbursts and bizarre fixations are starting to worry top White House aides, a new report claims. After Trump has spent much of the past week insisting that he was correct in a false claim that Hurricane Dorian may strike Alabama, top aides said they are worried about his mental state. A report […]

Donald Trump ‘Conclusively’ Failed Evaluation Of ‘Basic Mental Capacity,’ Says Yale Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee

Per The Inquisitr, Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee has been open about her thoughts on Donald Trump’s mental state. She previously suggested that the president is unfit for office and even claims that the media, politicians, and American public don’t understand that danger that his “mental pathology” poses to North America. It is for […]

White House Aides Reportedly ‘Alarmed’ By Donald Trump’s Recent String Of Erratic Behavior

Donald Trump’s recent string of erratic behavior is reportedly raising alarms within the White House. After a week in which the president referred to himself as “the chosen one,” endorsed a conspiracy theorist who called Trump the “second coming of God,” and referred to his own Fed chief as an enemy, a report on Friday […]

Donald Trump’s Week, The Best Pundit Reactions: ‘Madman,’ ‘Outright Lunacy,’ ‘All Crazy,’ ‘Sick And Dangerous’

In just the first three days of this week, Donald Trump has engaged in a series of actions and made numerous statements that were “bizarre,” even by his standards, as Vox chronicled. Trump’s week included an off-the-wall plan to purchase the autonomous island of Greenland from Denmark, and calling Danish Prime Minster Mette Frederiksen “nasty” […]

Alarming Video Shows Donald Trump Slurring And Stumbling Over Words In Two Public Appearances On Wednesday

Donald Trump took questions from reporters on the White House lawn on Wednesday, and then delivered a speech to the 75th annual AMVETS (American Veterans) convention in Louisville, Kentucky, later in the day, as The Louisville Courier-Journal reported. But a video compilation taken from the two public events reveals a disturbing tendency by Trump to […]

Britney Spears Strikes A Pose In Yellow Dress For Instagram Video, Fans Think She Looks Better Than Ever

Britney Spears is showing off her new yellow dress, and fans think she’s looking better than ever. The “Toxic” singer took to social media on Saturday to show off her latest find, a form-fitting yellow dress that Britney said she picked up at Bloomingdales. She shared an Instagram picture of the dress and another video […]

Prince Harry Is Reportedly ‘Ready To Blow’ After Stressful Year, With Meghan Close Behind Him

Prince Harry is reportedly on the verge of becoming unglued, as he deals with stresses he has experienced over the past year, and Meghan is right behind him. “Between the new parent exhaustion, the feud with Will and Kate, the royal expectations, her crazy family and everything else Harry is ready to blow — and […]

Prince Harry Under Fire After Claiming Video Game ‘Fortnite’ Is Addictive

Creators of the video game Fortnite have criticized Prince Harry, saying he was wrong to call the game addictive and suggesting he might not understand it. Matthew Weissinger, marketing executive for Epic Games, and Canon Pence, chief counsel for the company, appeared before Parliament on Wednesday and defended the game against claims that it is […]

Donald Trump’s Mental Health To Be Analyzed During Event Hosted By House Democrats

It what will likely be a controversial move, House Democrats announced an event that will focus on the work of Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist Dr. Brandy Lee, who wrote a book detailing the dangers of President Donald Trump’s mental health. According to the Washington Examiner, the event will likely be held sometime in July, […]

Britney Spears Allegedly Claims She Was Lied To & Set Up In Handwritten Letter

Britney Spears is allegedly claiming that she was lied to — and set up by her team — as she had that famous 2008 meltdown, one which lead to her children being taken from her. In a letter obtained exclusively by The Daily Mail, reportedly handwritten by Spears, the entertainer explains how she was set […]

Kanye West Says He Was Handcuffed And Drugged During A Bipolar ‘Episode’

Kanye West was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago, and since then, people have speculated about the state of the rapper’s mental health. Now, West is opening up about his experience, which he says has resulted in times when he had to be restrained and drugged. According to People, West told David Letterman […]