‘No Good Nick’ Canceled At Netflix After One Season

No Good Nick has been canceled at Netflix after only a single two-part season, according to a report from Variety. The series starred Siena Agudong as Nick Franzelli, Lauren Lindsey Donzis as Molly Thompson, Kalama Epstein as Jeremy Thompson, Sean Astin as Ed Thompson, and Melissa Joan Hart as Liz Thompson, as previously reported by […]

Melissa Joan Hart Says She Won’t Be Watching Netflix’s ‘Sabrina’ Reboot

Melissa Joan Hart played Sabrina Spellman on Sabrina the Teenage Witch for seven seasons. The show premiered in 1996 and focused on Sabrina, a teenager who discovers she’s a witch on her 16th birthday. In 2018, Netflix decided to reboot the series and created the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which also follows a young witch […]

Lifetime Announces Original Holiday Movies For 2018

Christmas is three months away, and many television viewers are already looking forward to the holiday cheer spread through all of the made-for-TV movies that will air on various networks. On Monday, September 24, Lifetime announced its schedule of merry movies — 14 brand-new originals and nine acquired films — all of which feature some […]

Melissa Joan Hart And Sean Astin Star In New Netflix Sitcom ‘No Good Nick’

Netflix has announced a new family sitcom that will be available to watch on the streaming service in 2019, No Good Nick, starring perennial favorites Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin. The multi-camera series is about a family of four who takes in a 13-year-old “street-smart con artist with a secret agenda,” reported Deadline. Although […]

Release Date Now Set For Netflix Original Series, ‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’

Fans of the popular ’90s ABC series Sabrina The Teenage Witch may be wise to take a modicum of heed before diving right into the upcoming Netflix re-imagining of the franchise. For one, Melissa Joan Hart is not going to reprise her role, and as far as known details go, she will not be assuming […]

Melissa Joan Hart Wants Baby No. Four, But Her Husband Doesn’t

Melissa Joan Hart wants everybody to know that she loves her job just as much as she loves motherhood, according to Rare. The 40-year-old actress, whose acting career has spanned more than three decades, wants baby No. 4 but she’s not planning on stopping work either. Congrats @nbcsvu on your 400th episode airing tonight! I’m […]

‘Broadcasting Christmas’: Hallmark Channel’s Weeknight Holiday Movie Just In Time For Thanksgiving, Starring Melissa Joan Hart, Dean Cain, Jackee Harry

Broadcasting Christmas is a new movie airing on the Hallmark Channel this Wednesday night. In harmony with Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas,” a five-night Thanksgiving movie event has been added to the programming. Broadcasting Christmas is the first of the five movies airing over the next several days. Directed by Peter Sullivan and written by Topher […]

Gary Johnson: Melissa Joan Hart Explains Why She’s Voting For Him

Melissa Joan Hart is not looking to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton this upcoming election. The former child star revealed that she’s going to vote for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. In fact, Melissa has just been announced as the official chairwoman of his 2016 presidential campaign, as reported by the Daily Beast. Gary […]

How Melissa Joan Hart Lost 40 Pounds By Her 40th Birthday

Melissa Joan Hart has a lot to celebrate on her 40th birthday. The former child star just lost 40 pounds and looks incredible. Melissa Joan Hart showed off her awe-inspiring 40-pound weight loss while vacationing with her girlfriends in the Dominican Republic. The Melissa & Joey star felt confident enough to show off her amazing […]

‘God’s Not Dead 2’ Was Inspired By Real Court Cases

God’s Not Dead 2, the sequel to the 2014 film, is already getting some pushback from atheists. Earlier this month, actor and founder of Pure Flix David A. R. White spoke to the Blaze about the film’s supposed “fake Christian persecution.” “It’s an interesting thing, because, if it wasn’t real, why do they get so […]

Melissa Joan Hart Teases ‘Sabrina, The Teenage Witch’ Reboot

Melissa Joan Hart is teasing that a reboot of the classic 1990’s comedy Sabrina, the Teenage Witch may be in the works sooner rather than later. Hart made the big Sabrina admission in a new interview with Popsugar, where Melissa confessed that there have been rumblings about bringing the series back to TV in recent […]

Adrian Grenier Gets Social Media Backlash After Sharing 9/11 Twin Towers Tribute With Criticized Caption [Video]

Adrian Grenier is facing a social media firestorm. The controversy began when Adrian shared an image of the Twin Towers in memory of 9/11 – but it’s not so much the graphic as the caption beneath it that has caused problems for Grenier. Known for his role in Entourage, Adrian now is becoming infamous as […]

Melissa Joan Hart Slams 9/11 Coverage: ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ Star Loses Magic After Hyping 9/11 Free Shipping

Melissa Joan Hart is in hot PR water. After first complaining that 9/11 wasn’t given sufficient media coverage to pay tribute to the anniversary, Melissa Joan then allegedly exploited the significance by publicizing her decision to “honor” the day with free shipping for products from her King Of Harts attire business, reported MSN. The contradictions […]

Melissa Joan Hart Blasts The Media Over 9/11 Coverage

Melissa Joan Hart, the actress known for her roles in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Melissa & Joey, recently blasted the media for what she called poor September 11 coverage and the 39-year-old expressed her anger via Twitter and Instagram with posts such as the following. “Extremely disappointed in @foxnews and @CNN for not having […]

Melissa Joan Hart Unhappy With 9/11 Coverage: ‘If Kardashians Can Be Covered 24/7 Why Can’t We Have One Day For Anniversary?’

Melissa Joan Hart is extremely upset with the media’s coverage of the 14th anniversary of 9/11. In fact, she’s so furious about the lack of air time given to commemorate the tragedy that she’s taken out her anger on the Kardashians. After watching Fox News and CNN’s reporting of the September 11 memorial, the actress, […]

Melissa Joan Hart Talks New Children’s Clothing Line And Being A Multi-Tasking Mom [Interview]

Melissa Joan Hart made her mark in the television realm when she was the star of Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Melissa and Joey. Now, after undergoing a successful 40-pound weight loss, Hart is now going into the entrepreneurial sector. Melissa Joan Hart is a full-time mother and the head of […]

Melissa Joan Hart Talks Her 40 Pound Weight Loss: ‘I’m Very Proud Of Myself’

Melissa Joan Hart is looking and feeling better than ever! The Melissa and Joey star recently opened up about her 40-pound weight loss and how it has helped her gain her self-confidence back. “Being able to take off layers or put on a jean that’s a size smaller is so refreshing and it just makes […]

‘Melissa And Joey’ Cut From ABC Family’s Lineup

Melissa and Joey has officially been cut from ABC Family’s lineup. After four seasons, the network will be saying farewell to one of its fan-favorite comedies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on the sitcom will stop at the end of the fourth season. “We are proud of the milestones Melissa & Joey has achieved, […]

Melissa Joan Hart Drops 40 Pounds Of Baby Weight, Shows Off Trim Figure

Melissa Joan Hart has lost 40 pounds since giving birth to her son Tucker, and the 37-year-old actress is showing off her newly trimmed figure. The Melissa & Joey star said she feels “pretty amazing” with her fit body, and even posed in a bikini during a trip to Entertainment Tonight. “I felt prepared. I […]

Weight Loss Came Second To Bonding With New Son, Says Melissa Joan Hart

Weight loss is never an easy thing to deal with, and for many, it can take over every aspect of their lives. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Melissa Joan Hart who says that bonding with her 17-month old son was more important than jumping on the weight loss bandwagon right away. According […]

Melissa Joan Hart Details Wild Times At The Playboy Mansion

Melissa Joan Hart may have played a family friendly character on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, but offscreen the actress spent her 20s experimenting with hard drugs and partying at the Playboy Mansion. The actress has spoken about her wild past, and this week will go into more detail on the upcoming Oprah: Where Are They […]

Melissa Joan Hart Kisses And Tells All About Dating The Hot Celebrity Guys

Melissa Joan Hart’s dating history is making a comeback as she kisses and tells on all the hot celebrity guys she’s been with. Of course, nothing can beat out the love of her husband and children. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Melissa Joan Hart thinks Miley Cyrus is getting too nude and flaunting all […]

Melissa Joan Hart: Miley Cyrus Too Nude, Katy Perry Might Agree

Melissa Joan Hart is saying Miley Cyrus is getting too naked and other stars like Katy Perry would agree. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Melissa is no angel as she explains it in her memoir. She has her own history of cheating on guys and drugs. But Hart does claim the media is exaggerating […]

Melissa Joan Hart: Drug Stories Are Being Exaggerated By Media

If you’ve read any stories about Melissa Joan Hart this week you probably think that she was a reckless, wild, drug addicted teenage star. While it’s true that the former Nickelodeon actress experimented with drugs during her Sabrina The Teenage Witch years, Joan Hart says that she wasn’t out of control. The actress wrote on […]

Melissa Joan Hart Used Ecstasy, Mescaline During ‘Sabrina’ Years

Melissa Joan Hart may have had a squeaky clean image while she was starring in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but, after cameras stopped rolling, the young actress was embroiled in a world of partying and hard drugs. The actress is opening up about her wild past in a new book, Melissa Explains It All, writing […]

Melissa Joan Hart Explains It All: Cheating, Ecstasy Binges And More

For four years Melissa Joan Hart played Clarissa Darling on Clarissa Explains It All. Now, Hart is all grown up, and she’s explaining it all in her new memoir. Melissa Joan Hart reveals that there’s a lot to her other than her cookie cutter roles, and that includes cheating, same-sex hook ups, and ecstasy binges. […]

Melissa Joan Hart Hints At ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ Reunion

Melissa Joan Hart has been discussing the likelihood of bringing back her hit 1990s teenage sitcom, Sabrina The Teenage Witch. The show started in 1996 and then eventually concluded in 2003 after it had completed 163 episodes. It starred Hart as the titular character who on her 16th birthday discovers that she has magical powers. […]

Melissa Joan Hart Turns To Kickstarter For Help With ‘Sexy, Adult Film’

Actress Melissa Joan Hart is looking to shed her “good girl” image with a new film, and had turned to the crowd-funding site Kickstarter for help. With the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign, many filmmakers and celebrities have turned to the site to secure funding for TV revivals or personal projects. Melissa Joan […]

Melissa Joan Hart Loses 20 Lbs With Nutrisystem, Gains Job

Melissa Joan Hart is the new spokesperson for Nutrisystem. According to a press release, the Clarissa Explains It All actress recently lost 20 pounds with Nutrisystem after giving birth to her third child. And since the actress already uses the system she’s the perfect fit as the company’s spokesperson. Keira Krausz, Nutrisystem’s Chief Marketing Officer, […]

Melissa Joan Hart Named Nutrisystem Spokesperson

Melissa Joan Hart came to fame on Clarissa Explains It All in the 90s on Nickelodeon, and now the former child star is mom of three kids herself — and newly named spokeswoman for the diet plan Nutrisystem. After her Nick days, Melissa Joan Hart was also star of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, but an […]

Melissa Joan Hart Tweets Romney Support, Twitter’s Childhood Dies

Stacey Dash and Melissa Joan Hart should start a support group or something. The Sabrina the Teenage Witch actress tweeted her support for GOP candidate Mitt Romney yesterday afternoon and was naturally shredded in 140 characters or less by a multitude of Twitter users. She began yesterday with a warning: “I may get political today […]

Melissa Joan Hart Welcomes New Baby Boy, Tucker

Sabrina’s coven just got a little bit bigger. Melissa Joan Hart welcomed a new baby boy into her life Tuesday night. The former Sabrina the Teenage Witch and current Melissa & Joey star welcomed her third son, Tucker alongside husband Mark Wilkerson last night, reports Us Weekly. Tucker weighed in at 8 lbs., 5 oz., […]

Melissa Joan Hart Expecting Third Child

Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame is now expecting her third child. “Since I was little, I knew that I wanted to have children,” said Hart of becoming a mother, “I’m the oldest of eight kids, and I have always liked the idea of a big family. I love my siblings, and […]