‘Jeopardy!’ Announces New Guest Host Schedule

Jeopardy! has announced a new guest host schedule following the debut of Ken Jennings who was the first to stand behind the game show’s infamous lectern since the death of Alex Trebek in October of 2020. Ken made his debut on January 11 and will guest-host for several weeks as a moderator during play for […]

Mayim Bialik Reveals Which Of Her ‘TBBT’ Co-Stars She Still Talks To

Mayim Bialik has revealed which of her Big Bang Theory co-stars she still talks to, a year after the blockbuster series that made stars out of her and the rest of the cast wrapped after 279 episodes. In an interview with Fox News, Bialik, 44, noted that it’s kind of weird to maintain friendships with […]

Kelly Clarkson Speaks Out About Her Mental Health Amid Divorce And Ongoing Pandemic

Kelly Clarkson got candid about her mental health amid her divorce and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic during the latest episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, July 9. The original American Idol winner spoke out about how she’s been doing while at home much more over the past few months while she chatted with […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Talks Possibility Of Reunion

Actress Mayim Bialik doesn’t think The Big Bang Theory will be making a comeback anytime soon, according to a report from Metro. The hit CBS sitcom aired for 12 years, making it one of the most successful shows in television history. But despite its past success, Bialik, who played the role of Amy Farrah Fowler, […]

Mayim Bialik’s Surprising Education Connection To Grammy-Winner Billie Eilish

Former The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik revealed that she has a surprising connection to the five-time Grammy-winning artist Billie Eilish in a new Instagram post. The actress posted a congratulatory message for Eilish on the social media site, remarking that the singer is a fantastic musician. In a reflective statement, Bialik applauded Eilish, […]

Mayim Bialik Shares Photo Of Kaley Cuoco: ‘2020 Starting Out Strong For Celebrity Sightings’

Kaley Cuoco and one of her co-stars on The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik, had a chance encounter at a cafe. On Friday, Mayim, 44, took to Instagram to share a photo of her run-in with Kaley, 34. Her snapshot was a black-and-white selfie that was taken inside of what appeared to be a small […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Stars Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik To Reunite For New Fox Sitcom ‘Carla’ In 2020

The Big Bang Theory stars Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik are reuniting for a new sitcom, Carla, which will air on Fox for the Fall 2o20 TV schedule if everything goes to plan. Carla would be an American remake of the British sitcom, Miranda. Parsons and Bialik were fan favorites on Big Bang, via their […]

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Spoilers: The Flower May Be A Beloved TV Star

The Masked Singer is getting ready to make its triumphant return to TV, and everyone is dying to know who the new crop of celebrities hiding behind the wild and wacky costumes are. One contestant in particular has sparked some major interest among viewers. Warning: possible spoilers ahead! According to Distractify, fans are speculating about […]

‘Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik Under Fire For Critiquing A Fan’s Painting Of Her

According to a report from The Wrap, Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is facing some controversy after comments she made about a piece of fan art on Instagram. On Tuesday, Bialik shared a Facebook post on Instagram, showing a post from one of her fans who had drawn a likeness of her. According to […]

Newly Single Mayim Bialik Is Having A Rough Christmas

Christmas of 2018 hasn’t been great to Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik. The newly single actress revealed to her 3 million Instagram followers that she wasn’t doing so well in a very candid post yesterday. “The government is in a shutdown, it’s Christmas Eve day, I’m newly single and not doing so well to […]

Mayim Bialik Shares Photo Of Wardrobe Malfunction

Mayim Bialik, star of the hit television show The Big Bang Theory, posted a photo of her wardrobe malfunction on her Instagram Tuesday. According to News.com.au, the photo features the actress sitting down and wearing a pink and blue dress. The back of her dress is open, zipper down, exposing her bra. She captioned the […]

Mayim Bialik Opens Up About The Cancellation Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Mayim Bialik on Thursday opened up about her feelings about the cancellation of The Big Bang Theory, and while she’s undoubtedly sad about what it means for her and her character Amy, she’s looking forward to the next phase of her life. As you are by now no doubt aware, CBS announced this week that […]

Johnny Galecki Shares Behind-The-Scenes Photo From ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 12

Johnny Galecki is back with his TV wife—at least one of them. The Big Bang Theory star posted a behind-the-scenes look at his first day back to work on the CBS comedy series which shows him and co-star Kaley Cuoco counting down to the debut of the show’s 12th season. Galecki, who plays physicist Leonard […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Mayim Bialik Gushes Over Working With Mark Hamill

The Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik felt all of the emotions when filming the Season 11 finale. And now that the long-awaited “Shamy” wedding is over, the actress is sharing her feelings on her blog – spoilers and all. Nerding Out With A Star Wars Legend One thing you may not realize about the cast […]

Cut ‘Big Bang Theory’ Stephen Hawking Tribute Released By CBS

The Big Bang Theory’s 11th season went out with a bang—Sheldon and Amy’s wedding finally happened—but something was missing. A previously announced tribute to Stephen Hawking was cut from the episode. A scene dedicated to the late British physicist, who died on March 14 after a lengthy battle with ALS, was supposed to air at […]

Mayim Bialik Geeks Out Over Mark Hamill On The Set Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season Finale

Geek culture is celebrated big time on The Big Bang Theory. Geek culture icons who have appeared on the highly popular CBS sitcom include the likes of Adam West, Leonard Nimoy, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking. Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, however, is probably the only guest star who made actress Mayim Bialik […]

‘Big Bang’s’ Kaley Cuoco Sparks Shotgun Wedding Rumors With Baby Talk And Possible Bump

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco and professional equestrian Karl Cook got engaged last November, and the couple is already sparking baby rumors before they tie the knot. According to friends, she is taking a “big break” from work in March, and they believe it’s because she is already pregnant. Now, fans want to know […]

Mayim Bialik Talks The Ending Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

The Big Bang Theory was renewed for two more seasons last year in March — Season 11 and Season 12; and the cast members, too, signed new two-year contracts to continue. With The Big Bang Theory Season 11 barrelling toward the season finale, the show’s future has once again become a subject of much speculation […]

Mayim Bialik To Clear Air After Harvey Weinstein Op-Ed Draws Flak For Victim-Blaming

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik received a lot of criticism from social media users over the weekend, as her op-ed on Harvey Weinstein and the sexual abuse allegations made against him was perceived as a victim-blaming piece. With the flak still coming in as Saturday drew to a close, Bialik issued a statement on […]

‘Blossom’ Reboot Possible, Joey Lawrence And Mayim Bialik Are In

Blossom may be joining the list of rebooted television shows from the ’80s and ’90s. There has been a growing interest in shows of the past, with many of them in the works to be brought back by various networks. Blossom skyrocketed Mayim Bialik (Blossom Russo) and Joey Lawrence (Joey Russo) into stardom. The show […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 11: Amy Might Say ‘No’ To Sheldon’s Proposal Says Mayim Bialik

The Season 10 finale of The Big Bang Theory ended with perhaps one of the biggest cliffhangers in the show’s history, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) going down on one knee to propose to Amy (Mayim Bialik). In a panel last Friday at Comic-Con San Diego, the TBBT cast talked about what was it like shooting Episode […]

Why Mayim Bialik Is Turning Her Placenta Into Art For Her Home

Mayim Bialik posted on her Facebook page today that she’s tapped an independent jewelry designer, Ruth Avra, to make a special piece for her. The piece, gathering from Bialik’s description, is meant to celebrate the unique bond mothers have with children during the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Avra makes custom pieces out of biological […]

Mayim Bialik Talks About Getting Naked And Women Empowerment, Just In Time For Amber Rose’s Bottomless Display

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik may have encouraged girls not to fear sexuality and be ashamed of their bodies but she called out women, especially, models who like to take their clothes off in front of the camera. In a new video post she shared on YouTube, Bialik made it known that she […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star, Mayim Bialik, Talks About ‘Girling Up’

Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy on the hit television show, The Big Bang Theory, released her book this month, Girling Up: How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular. It’s a forthright book that addresses issues that girls face as they grow up with a focus on the physical and emotional challenges that girls encounter today. […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’: Mayim Bialik And Melissa Rauch To Get Significant Pay Raise In Seasons 11 and 12

For fans who were wondering about the outcome of the big five in CBS’s The Big Bang Theory taking pay cuts in order to give other cast members a pay raise, the contracts have finally been signed. And, according to insiders, this means that Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch will get a pay raise in […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10: Will Sheldon Propose To Amy In Final Episode?

CBS has set the season finale date for The Big Bang Theory Season 10. The final episode of the current season airs on Thursday, May 11. The broadcasting network has also renewed the series for two more seasons, bringing the series total to 12 seasons. With Big Bang Theory Season 11 and Season 12 confirmed, […]

‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Underpaid Actresses Can Afford A Lamborghini Each Episode

Big Bang Theory millionaire cast members are taking a pay cut to close the gender pay gap, at least for their two female co-stars, according to Marie Claire. #BigBangTheory #JimParsons #JohnnyGalecki #KaleyCuoco #KunalNayyar ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Takes Pay Cut to Give… https://t.co/biUXQJKoQ7 — TheBieberNews (@TheBieberNewz) March 1, 2017 With contract negotiations underway for future […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 Cancellation Or Renewal Not Yet Confirmed By CBS

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 has yet to be confirmed by CBS. Last month, there was a deluge of reports that claimed that a two-season renewal was on the cards for the award-winning hit comedy series. The broadcasting network, however, has not officially confirmed or denied those reports. There is a possibility that The […]

Mayim Bialik Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Reveals How She’s Celebrating The New Year

Mayim Bialik is one of the brains behind the website Grok Nation, a place where the Big Bang Theory star explores everything from science to geek culture to feminism. One ongoing feature is “Feminism 101,” where contributors offer various insights and diverse opinions on the often-controversial topic. This week, Feminism 101 asked different women how […]

Mayim Bialik Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Says Writing Is ‘Freeing’

Mayim Bialik is many things: actor on The Big Bang Theory, former child star, mother, blogger, and holder of a Ph.D. It’s a lot of identities to juggle, and in a new interview with Glamour, Bialik reveals the one task she finds particularly enjoyable is writing. Bialik’s book Girling Up is due out next May, […]

How Is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Doing On Gender Stereotypes? Depends On Who You Ask

The Big Bang Theory has always been about men in science and their attractive neighbor across the hall. Over the past 10 seasons, the show has added a few female scientists to the main cast, connecting them to the core group of men through marriage or family relationship. Amy and Bernadette are romantically linked to […]

How Long Sheldon And Amy Will Keep Living Together On ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ According To The Show’s Executive Producer

It has taken Sheldon and Amy many years to engage in any kind of intimacy on The Big Bang Theory. They copulated for the first time last season, and last week, chose to move in together after Amy’s apartment became uninhabitable. While it’s already Season 10 for The Big Bang Theory, this is the first […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10 Episode 11 Spoilers: Sheldon and Amy Move Back Together In ‘The Hot Tub Contamination’ [PROMO]

The Big Bang Theory fans were pleasantly surprised when Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) finally moved in in tonight’s Season 10 episode, “The Cohabitation Experimentation.” After Amy’s apartment got flooded, leaving her homeless for five weeks, Sheldon agreed to live with her girlfriend, treating it as a form of social experiment. In tonight’s […]

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Takes On Burkini Controversy In Tongue-In-Cheek New Video

Mayim Bialik spoke with Fox News last year about her choice to wear conservative swimwear. Now, the star of The Big Bang Theory has taken to her YouTube channel to weigh in on the burkini controversy by providing a “fashion show” of swimsuits designed to make “those around you” comfortable. In the clip, Bialik and […]

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Counsels Malia Obama To ‘Speak Your Truth’

Malia Obama will go to college at Harvard — after a gap year — only a short time after growing up in the White House. With one of the country’s most recognizable faces, she’s unlikely to attend classes without almost everyone knowing who she is. It’s inevitable that some will make assumptions about her life […]

Kaley Cuoco Having A Ball With Equestrian Boyfriend Karl Cook [Photos]

Kaley Cuoco has shared a number of Instagram pics of herself and her new boyfriend Karl Cook, according to Us Magazine. The Big Bang Theory actress looks as happy as ever, as seen from the new snapshots. In one of the photos, Kaley Cuoco is seen nuzzling the side of her boyfriend’s face while having […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Feuding Over Money?

The Big Bang Theory cast always seems like such a close group of friends, but two of the show’s stars, Kaley Cuoco and Mayim Bialik, are allegedly feuding over money matters. According to Radar Online, Mayim Bialik, who plays Sheldon Cooper’s nerdy girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, spoke out about how […]

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Calls Donald Trump Comments ‘Misogynistic’

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is a frequent blogger on controversial social issues, but declined to weigh in on the U.S. presidential race, until this week. Writing on her website Grok Nation, Bialik said Donald Trump’s comments about abortion led her to speak up. As The Guardian reported, Donald Trump told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Are Overpaid, Says Mayim Bialik

The Big Bang Theory cast are “all overpaid,” thinks a cast member of the CBS show, as reported by Digital Spy. Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, Sheldon Cooper’s (Jim Parsons) girlfriend, on the show, claims the main actors of the show are all overpaid. However, the actress thinks that not only are her fellow The […]

Which ‘Big Bang Theory’ Actor Unwinds With Epsom Salts After The Show? You Might Be Surprised

The cast of The Big Bang Theory tapes on Tuesdays, wrapping up a week’s worth of work and adding to the show’s repertoire of episodes. After more than nine years bringing the show to life, fans might wonder if the cast has any post-taping rituals. Glamour blogger Jessica Radloff sought to find out and discovered […]

Cast Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Celebrates 200 Episodes With Memories Of How The Should Could Have Been Very Different

The Big Bang Theory marks a significant milestone this week as the long-running series airs its 200th episode. As Variety reported, the cast and crew gathered for a celebration at Vibiana in Los Angeles over the weekend. The stars looked back on how they got the parts that, for the most part, made them famous. […]

Mayim Bialik Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Defends Gloria Steinem And Explains Why She Votes Democrat

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik has continued her feminist discourse a few days after flashing Piers Morgan on Late Late Show with James Corden. She’s chimed in on the recent controversy surrounding feminist icon Gloria Steinem, who ruffled some feathers by offering a potentially unflattering explanation as to why young women may prefer to […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Kunal Nayyar Missed Out On Meeting The Cast Of ‘Friends’

The Big Bang Theory is back and better than ever. And it will only keep getting better because, as the Hollywood Reporter reveals, Adam West will finally make an appearance on the well-loved show. For those who don’t know, West is the actor who played Bruce Wayne/Batman in the original Batman television series from 1966. […]

Jim Parsons And Mayim Bialik Have An Eerie Shared Fashion Sense

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik recently made news on The Big Bang Theory when their characters Sheldon and Amy finally consummated their relationship — demonstrating in a series of scenes that the actors have genuine on-screen chemistry. But recently on-set, Jim and Mayim proved they share something more in real life: a personal aesthetic, or […]

Mayim Bialik Honors Her Late Father With Critics’ Choice Award, Dedicates It To Him

The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik made sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room on Sunday at the Critics’ Choice Awards, when she dedicated her Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series award to her late father, Barry Bialik. As MSN reports, Mayim was not expecting to win, and so she hadn’t […]

‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Mayim Bialik’s Sweet Dedication And Confession During The Critics’ Choice Awards

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik has been gaining popularity and following ever since her stint as Amy Farrah Fowler on hit comedy sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Her character’s blossoming relationship with Jim Parsons’ character in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, has become a subject of endearment to most fans and their […]

Mayim Bialik Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Calls Out ‘Modesty-Shaming’

Fans of The Big Bang Theory may have noticed that Amy Farrah-Fowler prefers a toned-down style of dress. Even the show writers make reference to that fact; in one episode, Penny joked that Amy’s outfit came from “Forever 63.” The conservative attire is keeping with Amy’s character, but is also partly reflected in the sensibilities […]

‘The Big Bang Theory:’ Mayim Bialik’s Thoughts On Amy And Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory has been a favorite of fans for nine years and shows no signs of losing fans. In fact, TV Fanatic reports that the show is still at the top of the ratings after all these years. When it aired on Monday nights, The Big Bang Theory was pulling out ahead of […]

Mayim Bialik Has Feminist Opinions On Questions Surrounding Amy And Sheldon’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ Storyline

Last Thursday on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy finally consummated their relationship after more than five years of dating and a brief breakup. In the episode, Sheldon is portrayed as giving his willingness to proceed with intimacy, in which something Amy has long expressed interest, as his birthday gift to her. While the […]

Mayim Bialik Told Jim Parsons About Shamy’s Big Moment On ‘The Big Bang Theory’ In A Hilarious Way

Big Bang Theory fans will finally see Sheldon and Amy take a big step forward as — spoiler alert! — they consummate their relationship on tonight’s episode. The pair just reunited last week after Sheldon’s recollection of a Beach Boys song made him realize Amy’s importance to him. Tonight, Sheldon must choose between watching the […]