Marshawn Lynch Says He’s In Talks To Return To The Seattle Seahawks Next Year

Marshawn Lynch might be getting ready to come back from retirement yet again. The 13-year NFL veteran told ESPN‘s Scott Van Pelt that he may be returning to play a full season with the Seattle Seahawks next year. “Well, it’s almost on that ‘expect the unexpected.’ But just as far as right now, what I […]

Marshawn Lynch Talks To Aqib Talib As He’s Ejected From Game, But What Was Said?

Marshawn Lynch may come across as an intimidating NFL player, as he’s a beast. His nickname in the league is “beast mode,” and his big posture can seem intimidating for people who stand next to him on the field. However, it sounds like there’s a caring person underneath the Oakland Raiders uniform. Lynch takes his […]

Marshawn Lynch’s Mother Proves She Has Her Priorities Straight After Drama With Donald Trump

Marshawn Lynch has his eyes set on football these days, as he’s enjoying his time back on the field. After leaving the Seattle Seahawks a few years ago, Lynch decided to return to the NFL, and he wanted to play for his home team of Oakland. Lynch has enjoyed his time with the team, and […]

Marshawn Lynch’s Mother Fires Back At Donald Trump Right Where It Hurts The Most

Marshawn Lynch decided to sit during the United States anthem over the weekend in protest but stood during the Mexican anthem. Lynch may have known that he would receive a backlash from the President of the United States over his actions as Donald Trump had been very vocal about punishing NFL players for their disrespectful […]

Snoop Dogg Blasts Donald Trump With Profanity Laced Video After POTUS Calls For Marshawn Lynch Suspension

Snoop Dogg has had it with Donald Trump. The popular rapper, actor, and TV show host went on a profanity-laced tirade against Trump after the U.S. president went on Twitter to criticize NFL player Marshawn Lynch and called for his suspension from the professional football league. Snoop lambasted Trump in a short video as he […]

Marshawn Lynch Stands For Mexican National Anthem In Mexico City Game, But Sits For American National Anthem

Marshawn Lynch drew some controversy before his team’s game in Mexico City on Sunday, sitting for the American national anthem but standing for the Mexican national anthem. Lynch has been one of a handful of NFL players to consistently sit during the national anthem, joining the protest that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick […]

Missouri’s SNAFU Bar Gets Slammed By Social Media Users For ‘Lynch Kaepernick’ Doormat

Lake Ozark, Missouri’s SNAFU Bar has gotten a lot of criticism in recent days, after a Facebook user called the establishment out for creating a “Lynch Kaepernick” doormat with the jerseys of NFL players Marshawn Lynch and Colin Kaepernick next to each other. According to a report from HuffPost, the furor started on Sunday when […]

Marshawn Lynch Refuses To Stand For National Anthem– Will He Be Blackballed Like Colin Kaepernick?

Marshawn Lynch took a page out of Colin Kaepernick’s book when he sat down during the national anthem at a pre-season game between The Arizona Cardinals and The Oakland Raiders. Kapernick’s choice to sit or kneel during the anthem was influenced by a spate of murders of black men by the police. But according to […]

Marshawn Lynch Contract In Place With Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks Agree To Marshawn Lynch Trade

Marshawn Lynch, contract in place, will soon be with the Oakland Raiders. As Lynch unretires, the Seattle Seahawks trade will net the team an asset, with early reports stating it is a late-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. The Lynch-to-Raiders talk has been taking place for nearly the entire NFL offseason, but now it […]

NFL Trade Rumors: Raiders Still Want Marshawn Lynch From Seattle Seahawks, Won’t Affect NFL Draft Pick

The latest NFL rumors for the Oakland Raiders indicate that the team still has an interest in acquiring retired Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. In addition to that, it’s been reported that the Raiders won’t let the situation with Lynch or with their suspended linebacker affect how they go about making a selection in […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Jared Odrick Contract Offer Coming? Richard Sherman Trade Talk Continues

Seattle Seahawks rumors have the team looking to improve its defense. Jared Odrick has been linked to the Seahawks, possibly giving the team another weapon on the defensive line if they can come to terms on a contract. Odrick had been with the Jacksonville Jaguars but got released from a five-year contract when the team […]

NFL Rumors: Seattle Seahawks Could Stall Marshawn Lynch’s Signing With Oakland Raiders

Marshawn Lynch’s return to the NFL could hit an unexpected snag. The Seattle Seahawks could stand in the way of Lynch signing with the Oakland Raiders. If that were to happen, Marshawn Lynch going to the Raiders might take longer than anticipated. Although Marshawn Lynch going to the Raiders seems like a sure thing, what […]

NFL Trade Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Trade To Oakland Makes Raiders AFC West Favorites? Latest Super Bowl 52 Odds

Marshawn Lynch is back, and he will be wearing the Silver and Black! Could 2017 be the the season that Beast Mode officially returns to the gridiron? CBS Sports is reporting that Lynch, pending the official go-ahead from the Seattle Seahawks, could be back on the field this fall as a member of the Oakland […]

Marshawn Lynch And Raiders Reportedly Agree To Contract — Or Have They?

Marshawn Lynch and the Oakland Raiders have reached a deal, according to early reports from SB Nation. The rumors of Lynch coming out of retirement to play for his hometown team of Oakland have been circulating for weeks as NFL teams prepare their rosters for the upcoming draft. Marshawn Lynch’s return to the gridiron is […]

Marshawn Lynch Patriots Rumors: Would Beast Mode Prefer New England Patriots Over Seattle Seahawks, Raiders?

Marshawn Lynch-Patriots rumors seem to have completely come out of left field. If Lynch unretires, as the story goes, he may have an interest in signing with the New England Patriots. This result would be contingent on the Seattle Seahawks cutting Lynch and the most recent Oakland Raiders rumors falling through. With the LeGarrette Blount […]

Seattle Seahawks Preseason Schedule Released, NFL Trade Rumors Still Circle Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman

The 2017 Seattle Seahawks preseason schedule has been released by the NFL. This will now give fans something to look forward to this August when the Seahawks will play four preseason games against mostly AFC West opponents. While the exact dates of the regular season schedule haven’t been revealed yet, the NFL typically does this […]

Marshawn Lynch Raiders Rumors: Why No Oakland Trade Yet And How Old Is Marshawn Lynch?

Marshawn Lynch-Raiders rumors persist but leave fans with a lot of questions. Why has no Seattle Seahawks trade taken place with the Oakland Raiders yet? Why hasn’t the situation progressed between Oakland and Seattle? How old is Marshawn Lynch? That last question is one that many fans have been asking on social media, as Lynch’s […]

Marshawn Lynch Oakland Raiders Rumors: Is Marshawn Lynch Coming Back From Retirement?

Marshawn Lynch-Oakland Raiders rumors have been the talk of all the sports shows. When Lynch visited the Raiders earlier in the week, it spurred thoughts that he is ready to return to the NFL. As is customary with the way that Lynch deals with the media, he has yet to publicly state any plans of […]

NFL Rumors: Marshawn Lynch To Come Out Of Retirement And Sign With The Oakland Raiders

For one NFL season, the world was without “Beast Mode” as Marshawn Lynch officially retired from the Seattle Seahawks and the league last year. Well, that one season may be all that the fans have to be without him. Rumor has it that he will come out of retirement and sign with the Oakland, soon […]

Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Pete Carroll Speaks About Raiders Rumors

Marshawn Lynch-Seattle Seahawks rumors have been confirmed by head coach Pete Carroll. Lynch, who played parts of six NFL seasons for the Seahawks, is thinking about coming back to the game. If Lynch unretires, he would become a member of the Seahawks again, as he is still under contract with the franchise. Marshawn Lynch’s contract […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Oday Aboushi Signed, Offensive Line Improved Again

Seattle Seahawks rumors have the team signing Oday Aboushi to a one-year contract. This won’t come as a surprise to many fans of the team, as Aboushi had been linked to the Seahawks for about a week. Now the signing is official, giving the team another guard on the offensive line. This follows an earlier […]

Is Marshawn Lynch Unretiring? How Oakland Raiders Rumors Affect Seattle Seahawks

Is Marshawn Lynch really interested in an NFL return? Oakland Raiders rumors continue to mention the Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch, and even Adrian Peterson as the offseason progresses. The biggest piece of NFL news from Monday (March 20) is that Beast Mode is ready to return to the league. This is where a million Seahawks […]

Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Rumors: RB Wants Released, Join Oakland Raiders?

Marshawn Lynch-Seattle Seahawks rumors suggest the Pro Bowl running back wants to join the Oakland Raiders and has asked for his release. While there have been quite a few Lynch rumors over the past two NFL seasons, this one is getting pressed hard by Bleacher Report. It’s important to point out that none of it […]

NFL Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Return? Seahawks Ready To Trade Star Defensive Back?

The weather may still feel like winter across most of the U.S, but the NFL rumors are once again heating up. Could Marshawn Lynch be heading back to the gridiron for the Silver and Black? Are the Seattle Seahawks on the verge of possibly trading the face of the franchise on defense? According to, […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Could Be Back By October, But Team Will Likely Trade Or Cut Him

The Seattle Seahawks are rumored to have a big decision looming, with Marshawn Lynch potentially coming out of retirement, but the team has already moved on and is possibly planning on cutting or trading the Pro Bowl running back. Lynch made the shocking decision last offseason to hang up his cleats, retiring after a 10-year […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Could End His Retirement And Return To The Team, Richard Sherman Hints

The Seattle Seahawks lost a big piece of their offense when Marshawn Lynch decided to hang up his cleats for good, but new rumors indicate that the Beast Mode could be moving back out of retirement mode very soon. Lynch surprised many in the organization when he announced in February that he would end his […]

Arian Foster Could End Up Signing With The Seattle Seahawks

Arian Foster has yet to see much interest in NFL free agency so far, but he is still very confident that he can help the team who gives him a chance. After being released by the Houston Texans this offseason, the Seattle Seahawks seem like a potential fit for him. John Clayton of ESPN stated […]

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Matt Forte To Big-D As Chicago Bears Won’t Re-Sign Him

For years now, it seemed as if running back Matt Forte’s time with the Chicago Bears was limited, but nothing ever happened except for him staying put. Well, as the time is approaching for him to be a free agent, it does seem as if their relationship will finally end. Forte has said the Bears […]

Marshawn Lynch Hangs ‘Em Up: Beast Mode May Have Retired Via Tweet Of Hanging Cleats

Marshawn Lynch has never been one to conform or abide by formalities, and his apparent retirement announcement is no exception. As reported by ESPN, Lynch appeared to retire from professional football by way of Twitter. It’s not uncommon for athletes to transmit their message through social media rather than a swarm of media. For instance, […]

Marshawn Lynch’s Net Worth Makes A Great 2016 Retirement — Seattle Seahawks Player Hasn’t Spent His NFL Money

After leaving the Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch’s net worth is certain to make for a great retirement. It is claimed that the NFL player has not spent a penny out of his money made by playing football. While the NFL rumors have not stated when Lynch will retire, reports suggest the Seahawks may not renew […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch’s Retirement Could Push Thomas Rawls To No. 1 Back

The Seattle Seahawks are rumored to be losing Marshawn Lynch to retirement, and could be ready to giving undrafted rookie Thomas Rawls a big promotion to fill his shoes. Lynch has reportedly told close friends that he intends to retire this offseason, ESPN reported, seemingly confirming a rumor that had been circulating for several weeks. […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Has Kam Chancellor Played His Last Game For Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks rumors about Kam Chancellor were inevitable. The return of thoe Seahawks rumors about Chancellor come as the NFL offseason draws closer. It is expected that Chancellor could holdout again for a better long-term contract from the Seahawks. A report from the Seattle Times shows just how dedicated Chancellor has been to playing football, […]

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Marshawn Lynch To Big D Whispers Heat Up — Darren McFadden Done?

It isn’t until March 7 that NFL teams are allowed to contact players in free agency to negotiate things, and it will be another week until they can officially sign. The thing is, a player needs to be a free agent in order to get involved in all of this. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch […]

Marshawn Lynch Retirement: End of Beast Mode Will Transform Seattle’s Offense For The Better

Is this the end of an era? Marshawn Lynch, better known by his nickname “Beast Mode,” could be retiring. And, it just might be the best thing that could happen to the Seattle Seahawks. As reported by Herald Net, Seattle’s GM John Schneider went on 710ESPN-Seattle to discuss Marshawn’s future in the NFL. His prognosis […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch To Retire? Seahawks GM Says Lynch Close [Breaking]

Seattle Seahawks rumors suggest Marshawn Lynch could retire from the NFL soon. These Seahawks rumors come directly from Seattle general manager John Schneider, who spoke on a radio program about the situation on Friday, January 22. A report from FOX Sports, states that Lynch is actually leaning toward retirement, possibly bringing an end to his […]

Marshawn Lynch Trade Rumors: Pete Carroll Addresses Future Of Seattle Seahawks Running Back

Marshawn Lynch trade rumors? Have the Seattle Seahawks cut Lynch? Will Lynch simply retire from the NFL? Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll addressed the Lynch rumors, but he may not have the answers that fans are looking for this offseason. A report from relayed some information from Carroll, beginning with answers to the question […]

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Marshawn Lynch’s ‘Beast Mode’ Could Be Headed To Big D

The Seattle Seahawks were eliminated from the 2016 NFL Playoffs by the Carolina Panthers this past weekend, and it was almost an embarrassing exit. They just couldn’t do enough to keep their season going, and it has led to their time coming to an end this season. Not only did they see the end of […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: With Marshawn Lynch Cut, How Much Money Do Seahawks Save?

Seattle Seahawks rumors about Marshawn Lynch getting cut have returned. Despite getting Lynch back, the Seahawks just lost to the Carolina Panthers in the 2016 NFL Playoffs. As the primary running back for the Seahawks again, Lynch rushed for just 20 yards on six carries. He caught two passes for an additional 20 yards, but […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch May Have Played His Final Game With The Team

The Seattle Seahawks are headed for a long offseason, and rumors indicate that when the team does come back to play again in 2016 it could likely be without Marshawn Lynch. The team’s season ended Sunday when the clock ran out on their frantic comeback. After falling behind 31-0 against the Carolina Panthers, the Seahawks […]

NFL Playoff Predictions: Carolina Panthers Versus Seattle Seahawks

Of the NFL playoff games this weekend, the Carolina Panthers versus the Seattle Seahawks offers a lot of intrigue. Their game is one of four contests that should keep fans glued to the television sets. Which team will be victorious once the NFL Divisional playoff game between the Panthers and Seahawks game come to a […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch ‘Ready’ To Play Against Carolina Panthers

Seattle Seahawks rumors about Marshawn Lynch have fans buzzing again. Fresh Seahawks rumors indicate Lynch is very confident that he will play against the Carolina Panthers in the 2016 NFL Playoffs. A report from KOMO News out of Seattle has Lynch stating that he is “ready” to take on the Panthers Sunday, January 17. As […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Could Play Against Panthers, According To Latest Injury Update

Rumors regarding the status of Seattle Seahawks All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch for Sunday’s divisional round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers have been running rampant in recent days, but it appears as though there may finally be some clarity. As reported by The Inquisitr last week, Lynch was ruled out late in the week […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Will Marhsawn Lynch Play For Seahawks Against Carolina Panthers?

Seattle Seahawks rumors are already buzzing about Marshawn Lynch playing against the Carolina Panthers. As the Seattle Seahawks advance in the 2016 NFL Playoffs, the question of Lynch’s availability is now a hot topic again. A report from states that it was Lynch who ruled himself out against the Minnesota Vikings during the wild […]

Marshawn Lynch Out: Can Seattle Seahawks Beat Minnesota Vikings Without Lynch?

Marshawn Lynch is out for the Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings game. Now, NFL analysts wonder if Lynch being out will keep the Seahawks from beating the Vikings in this wild card playoff. A report from states that despite participating in practice all week with the team, that Lynch decided that he couldn’t play […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Ruled Out Against Vikings, Russell Wilson To Carry The Offense

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has officially been ruled out of Sunday’s playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings. While rumors throughout the week speculated that Lynch would be good to go for the game, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports the Seahawks will be without their star running back. The #Seahawks officially ruled Marshawn […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Ready To Return To Seahawks Practice [Breaking]

Seattle Seahawks rumors indicate Marshawn Lynch is ready to return to practice. These new Seattle Seahawks rumors come from head coach Pete Carroll, who says that Lynch could be ready to practice on Wednesday, December 30. A report on the Carroll interview states that Lynch will go through a workout on Tuesday, December 29 to […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Really Done In Seattle?

Seattle Seahawks rumors about Marshawn Lynch predict a split is coming. Lynch may be done with the Seahawks after undergoing surgery for a sports hernia earlier in the week. A report from CBS Sports now states that the team may decide to part ways with Lynch during the NFL offseason. With Thomas Rawls stepping up […]

Marshawn Lynch To Have Hernia Surgery — Could Miss A Month

Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch could miss up to a month with an abdominal injury, according to a report from Fox Sports. A source also told ESPN that he’ll need a couple of weeks to see if he can recover after visiting core-muscle specialist Dr. William Meyers in Philadelphia on Tuesday. Myers is […]

Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Marshawn Lynch Injury Could End Season With Seahawks?

Seattle Seahawks rumors about the Marshawn Lynch injury aren’t good. The Seahawks could lose Lynch for the rest of the season if a report from USA Today is to be believed. After missing the game on November 22 between the Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, Lynch is traveling to Philadelphia to get an abdominal injury […]

Thomas Rawls’ Big Game For Seahawks Might Make Marshawn Lynch Expendable

With the help of Thomas Rawls, the Seattle Seahawks are back to their winning ways. His breakout performance (courtesy of Seattle Times) in the Seahawks commanding 29-13 win over the San Francisco 49ers may have put incumbent running back Marshawn Lynch on notice. Thomas Rawls, an undrafted rookie, is here to take the ball-carrying duties […]