The Sexiest Women Competing In The 2018 U.S. Open Wearing Bikinis On Instagram

The U.S. Open is the final grand slam event of the year, and it always seems to produce some phenomenal matches for fans to watch. In 2018, Sloane Stephens is trying to defend her title in the 138th year of the competition. This year is a bit historic in that it is the last year […]

Roger Federer And Serena Williams Both Look Strong For Week Two Of Wimbledon

At the halfway mark of the Wimbledon 2018 tennis tournament, both Roger Federer and Serena Williams are poised to place very well, according to the BBC. So far, Swiss superman Roger Federer has knocked down all three of his opponents in predictably stylish fashion and is the odds-on favorite to clinch the title despite still […]

Serena Williams Pulls Out Of Matchup Against Maria Sharapova

Serena Williams won’t battle Maria Sharapova due to an injury to her pectoral muscle. The highly anticipated matchup would have had the unranked Williams face off against Sharapova, who is 30th in the world. Williams spoke from the podium in a news conference at Roland Garros on Monday. “It’s extremely disappointing,” Williams said, “but also, […]

Novak Djokovic Greets Old Friends And Meets New Ones Ahead Of French Open

The French Open begins on Sunday, May 27, and Novak Djokovic is gearing up to face his biggest rivals on the tennis court. He has been busy practicing on the clay courts at Roland Garros the past few days. He is also all about having fun before he gets down to business. He met up […]

Maria Sharapova Tells Fan Off On Twitter As Ranking Takes A Dip, Continues Dating Alexander Gilkes

It has been a year since Maria Sharapova got back on the tennis court after her doping ban, but she is still struggling to keep her ranking up. After flunking out of Indian Wells early, she decided to withdraw from Miami Open, citing her left forearm injury as the reason. Despite the fact that she […]

Serena Williams & Maria Sharapova Feud Boils Over As Baby Mama Plots Comeback With Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova’s feud has reared its ugly head again as 2017 season comes to a close. This summer meant a lot for both tennis players as Maria came back from her 15-month doping ban, and Serena gave birth to her first baby daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian. With the 35-year-old American player now […]

US Open Shocker: Maria Sharapova Stuns No. 2 Simona Halep In First Round

Yesterday saw the first round of tennis’s final Grand Slam of the season kick off in New York, as the U.S. Open was finally underway. One of the most intriguing matchups of the day started at 7 p.m. ET when No. 2-seeded Simona Halep faced off against five-time major champion Maria Sharapova. A lot of […]

US Open Draws Announced, Maria Sharapova Faces Tough Competition In Major Return

Today, the U.S. Tennis Association revealed the draws for the US Open for both women’s and men’s singles. The US Open is the last Grand Slam Tournament of the year in tennis, which will run from August 28 until September 10. For Maria Sharapova, who was awarded a wild-card invitation by the U.S. Tennis Association, […]

Maria Sharapova Ignores Serena Williams For US Open 2017, Pregnant Player Obsessed With Comeback After Baby

Maria Sharapova is back on the court and she cannot wait to prove herself at the US Open 2017. Knowing that Serena Williams will not be playing, as she is almost nine months pregnant, the Russian will be able to have her road to the championship cleared of her major rival. But Maria Sharapova is […]

Maria Sharapova Return To Tennis Mired In Controversy

Maria Sharapova is coming off of her 15-month suspension for using a banned substance, making her return with a wild-card entry at the Porsche Grand Prix Tournament in Stuttgart. The manner of her return, along with her wild-card entries into two other tournaments in Madrid and Rome, have not settled well with many prominent tennis […]

Is It Just A Coincidence That Serena Williams Announces Pregnancy on Maria Sharapova’s 30th Birthday?

Serena Williams sure knows how to get people talking. The tennis star is pregnant with her first child with fiance, Alexis Ohanian, and the world is beyond thrilled about it. She sent out a photo on Snapchat on Wednesday indicating that she is 20 weeks along, and it was later confirmed by a spokeswoman. Maria […]

Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian Are At War With Each Other Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were at war with each other on their social media accounts. The two sisters declared their war towards each other when one of the sisters shared a funny filter of the other sister. The two were getting their makeup done together for a photo shoot in which Kim claimed […]

Nicole Scherzinger Shocks In Her Sheer Head Turning Dress

Nicole Scherzinger turns heads as shared a little more of her body on the red carpet during Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy’s gala on Saturday night. The singer wore a sexy black partly see-through dress that showed off her nipples when the cameras flashed. Nicole’s figure was out on display as she wasn’t exactly shy when […]

Did Grigor Dimitrov Know About Maria Sharapova Doping Before Leaving For Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger Before U.S. Open 2015?

Grigor Dimitrov ended his relationship with Maria Sharapova just months before she failed to pass the doping test. In fact, it was in July 2015, right before the U.S. Open and it would be at Australian Open 2016 that Maria was shown positive for using melodium. So it’s no wonder tennis fans are wondering if […]

Maria Sharapova 2-Year Doping Ban Reduced To 15 Months — Court Ruling Means Tennis Player Can Return By April 2017

In what must surely be a huge relief to the Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, a partial victory was handed to her today when the International Court of Arbitration for Sport reduced her two-year doping suspension from the sport down to 15 months. Sharapova had been appealing the two-year doping ban and with Tuesday’s victory […]

Maria Sharapova Expects Net Worth To Soar After Tennis Ban Appeal Ruling In October 2016

Maria Sharapova is on the edge of the seat as she waits for the news that will hopefully put her back in professional tennis. The Russian player was banned from playing when she tested positive for a banned substance, and since then, she has seen her net worth plummet. However, when she hears the ruling […]

Maria Sharapova Plans Return To Height Of Tennis Career And Net Worth, Fills Instagram And Twitter With Training, Not Harvard, Pics

Maria Sharapova is plotting to enjoy the height of her tennis career like before she was banned from the game. She was suspended from competing in tennis games after she was tested positive for using meldonium, a newly banned substance, missing the French Open, Wimbledon, and this year’s Olympic Games. But that doesn’t mean that […]

Serena Williams Posts ‘Pretty’ Boyfriend Alexis Ohanian On Instagram To Distract From Angelique Kerber Reigning Tennis News

Serena Williams had to miss the Western & Southern Open this month due to her shoulder injury, but it looks like her “pretty” boyfriend Alexis Ohanian is keeping her company! The current world No. 1 is taking her mind off the fact that Angelique Kerber might surpass her in WTA rankings by focusing on the […]

Maria Sharapova Plots Serena Williams Takedown After 2016 Tennis Suspension Lift With New Heartthrob Andres Velencoso

Maria Sharapova has been keeping things optimistic ever since she received her suspension from professional tennis. Her doping tests came back positive this January, showing that she took melodium, a new drug that has been added to the list of banned substances in 2016. Initially, her suspension was doled out for two years, but the […]

Maria Sharapova Uses Olympics 2016 Suspension To Get Better Instagram, Trades In Tennis For Harvard

Maria Sharapova is having major FOMO for this year’s Olympics, which she can’t compete in due to her suspension. But the Russian tennis player is trying put a good face on for her fans and using the time to pursue things that she couldn’t because of her busy schedule. One of them is definitely stepping […]

Maria Sharapova Drowns Rio 2016 Woes In Barcelona Holiday And Harvard Classes

Maria Sharapova tried really hard to get her two-year suspension appealed for Rio 2016, but it looks like that is not going to happen. However, that doesn’t mean the 29-year-old tennis star is going to drown herself in Rio 2016 woes. Since the next time she will be able to compete in the Olympics is […]

Maria Sharapova Missed At Wimbledon But Welcomed By Harvard During Suspension

Maria Sharapova is now starting her two-year ban from the only thing that she has ever known – playing professional tennis. But that doesn’t mean that the 29-year-old athlete is crying herself into depression in her room. Though she will be missed at this year’s Wimbledon, she is preparing herself to start her program at […]

Serena Williams Flaunts Net Worth On ‘Lemonade’ With Beyoncé

Serena Williams is loving life and she wants the world to know it. Not only is she having a bomb social life, dancing with Beyoncé in Lemonade, hanging out with Neymar and going steady with her boyfriend Alexis Ohanian, but also she is enjoying the fact that she now has the highest net worth amongst […]

Maria Sharapova Suspension Appeal Looks Bleak With Russian Track And Field Ban

Maria Sharapova is fighting her two-year suspension, but with Russian track and field team’s ban from Rio Olympics, her prospects aren’t looking great. Both the track and field team and Maria Sharapova are banned from competing because of melodium intake, due to the latest crackdown on doping. “Maria Sharapova appealed her two-year doping ban to […]

Maria Sharapova Takes To Facebook To Clarify Stand On Two-Year Ban

It’s been a trying time for Maria Sharapova. The 29-year-old has been in tight corners after being banned from playing tennis for two years for failing a drug test. Sharapova, however, released an official statement on her Facebook page, stating that the International Tennis Federation (ITF) had spent tremendous amounts of time and resources trying […]

Maria Sharapova Suspended Two Years For Doping [Breaking News]

Maria Sharapova, professional tennis’ highest paid female player, was dealt a blow today with a two-year suspension from the International Tennis Federation for doping. Sharapova admits to taking Meldonium, a banned substance, sometimes used as a heart medication, but still plans to appeal her suspension as overly severe. Sharapova also intends to challenge the decision […]

Maria Sharapova Waits For Suspension Verdict With Positive Posts On Twitter

Maria Sharapova will find out whether she will suffer suspension because of her doping scandal this week, but that doesn’t mean that she is cowering in her room. She is using her Twitter to give herself as much positive vibes as she possibly can. It has been three months since Maria Sharapova held a press […]

Maria Sharapova Goes On Date To Kill Time Until Doping Suspension Hearing

Maria Sharapova is still waiting to go on a hearing that will decide whether she will receive suspension for doping. It’s a good thing that she is spending her free time to the best of her abilities! The Russian athlete has been going on dates, attending music festivals like Coachella, and hanging out on Mexican […]

Maria Sharapova Confident Suspension Won’t Affect Wimbledon 2016 Return?

Maria Sharapova now has a hearing to decide whether the anti-doping panel will pull down a suspension on her or not, but she may be feeling confident that she may return to play professionally in Wimbledon 2016. “Maria Sharapova faces an anti-doping panel in London on Wednesday knowing she will not benefit from recent confusion […]

Maria Sharapova Preps For Doping Scandal Suspension Hearing Before Wimbledon

Maria Sharapova is prepping for the hearing in hopes of clearing up the suspension that rose out of her doping scandal. This hearing has been set before Wimbledon 2016, which means that if Maria Sharapova makes a convincing case, she will be back on the grass courts in no time. “A disciplinary hearing has been […]

Maria Sharapova Excited About Birthday At Coachella 2016 Despite Doping Scandal

Maria Sharapova is not about to let her doping scandal get in the way of celebrating her birthday at Coachella 2016! The Russian athlete went out of town this weekend to make sure that she welcomes her 29th birthday in style at Coachella. No doping scandal is going to get her down! “Since Maria Sharapova […]

WADA Meldonium: Maria Sharapova Case Creates Meldonium Probe By World Anti-Doping Agency

WADA is re-evaluating its stance on meldonium, and the athletes that have tested positive for it. The Associated Press reports, via MSN, that the World Anti-Doping Agency says some athletes who tested positive for meldonium may be able to avoid sanctions by virtue of the fact that it’s unknown how long it takes the drug […]

Maria Sharapova ‘Arrogant’ After Doping Scandal, Parties With Models In Hollywood

Maria Sharapova is doing her best not to let the doping scandal get to her mindset. She has been going on beach trips to Mexico and partying with models in Hollywood, but some have been interpreting her way of coping with all the doping drama as “arrogant” behavior. “She’s been putting on a defiant front […]

Maria Sharapova Blows Off Suspension With Chelsea Handler In Bikini

Maria Sharapova has been provisionally suspended from tennis after she tested positive for doping. To keep herself distracted, the Russian player took off to Mexico with her friend Chelsea Handler and a pair of bikinis. “The 28-year-old tennis pro was spied living it up in Mexico with good friend Chelsea Handler on Monday, as they […]

Meldonium Sell More in Russia After Maria Sharapova Tests Positive

Alleged meldonium abuse could damage Russian tennis star, Maria Sharapova’s career, but the banned drug is reportedly disappearing from medicine shops in Russia and Latvia after Sharapova’s failed drug test. What was bad publicity for Sharapova is turning out to be a good business for Grindeks, the Latvian company that manufactures meldonium. Before media broadcast […]

Maria Sharapova Should Face Suspension For Doping, According To Andy Murray

Maria Sharapova, once one of the biggest names in female tennis, has recently been surrounded by controversy following a recent doping scandal. She’s received pressure from across the sport to face the music for her decision to cheat. World number two Andy Murray has now weighed in on the debate, saying that Sharapova should face […]

Maria Sharapova Drug Scandal: More To The Story, Declining Ability And Age A Factor In Response?

It has been a dark week in the world of pro-sports due to the recent fall of tennis’ highest paid female from being held in a position of admiration to that of being shamed and held under fire for testing positive for the use of a banned performance-enhancing substance. Maria Sharapova has maintained the spotlight […]

Maria Sharapova Drug Scandal Prompts Tennis Star To Pen Thank You Letter To Fans

In the midst of her drug scandal, Maria Sharapova has peened a thank you letter to her fans for their loyalty and support. Thank you note to my dear fans: — Maria Sharapova (@MariaSharapova) March 9, 2016 Maria took to Facebook to not only tell her fans thanks for all of their support but […]

Maria Sharapova Rivalry With Serena Williams Ends With Doping Scandal

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams had a strong rivalry on and off court — but not anymore. With the Russian tennis player’s recent doping scandal, not only has she been banned from competing, but has also lost all of her important sponsors, which made her the richest female athlete. So now, brand sponsorship and competitive […]

Serena Williams And Other Tennis Stars React To Maria Sharapova’s Drug Confession

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have been long-time rivals on the tennis court. While Serena has shown time and time again that she’s the best player in the current era – maybe in any era, for that matter – Maria has always stepped up to the challenge of trying to beat her. Maria Sharapova always […]

Serena Williams May Become Highest-Paid Female Athlete Following Sharapova’s Drug Announcement

Tennis champ Serena Williams, who holds 21 major titles, may soon become the world’s highest-paid female athlete, as Maria Sharapova continues to sour relations with endorsers following her announcement on Monday that she failed a drug test at the Australian Open in January. In their last meeting, Serena defeated Maria in the Australian Open quarterfinals, […]

Three Sponsors Cut Ties With Maria Sharapova During Drug Scandal

Three of tennis star Maria Sharapova’s top sponsors have cut ties with her after she admitted to failing a drug test for the 2016 Melbourne-based Australian Open. According to Sky News, TAG Heuer, Porsche, and now sportswear giant Nike are distancing themselves from the highest-paid sportswoman in the world. Nike was the latest in a […]

Two Major Sponsors Suspend Ties With Maria Sharapova Following Failed Drug Test

Two major sponsors cut ties with Maria Sharapova after the five-time Grand Slam champion admitted in a press conference that she failed a drug test conducted at the Australian Open in January, the Guardian reports. Nike suspended its sponsorship with Sharapova, saying in a statement that it was “saddened and surprised” by the news. Shortly […]

Women’s Tennis: Maria Sharapova Fails Drug Test At Australian Open

Maria Sharapova, who has won five Grand Slam Championships, announced today that she tested positive for a banned drug at the Australian Open. The drug in Sharapova’s system is called Meldonium. The positive test happened in January 26, which was the day she lost to Serena Williams. Sharapova will be suspended pending a ruling. According […]

Belinda Bencic Faces Grand Slam Test In Maria Sharapova At Australian Open – Preview

Belinda Bencic has a great deal in common with her fourth round opponent at the Australian Open, Maria Sharapova. It was, after all, only 10 seasons ago that Sharapova defeated Justine Henin-Hardenne in straight sets in the 2006 US Open final in order to claim the second Grand Slam title of her adolescence, 27 months […]

Maria Sharapova Will Suit Up As A Virtual Reality Player At The U.S. Open

Maria Sharapova will not suit up to play in this year’s U.S. Open due to a leg injury but that doesn’t mean she won’t be involved in the tournament. Instead, Maria Sharapova will take the opportunity to market the brands she’s affiliated with, the foremost of which being American Express. Tennis fans will also get […]

Maria Sharapova Withdraws From U.S. Open Due To Knee Injury

Maria Sharapova has excited the U.S. Open tennis tournament before it even started, citing a lingering knee injury, MSN is reporting. This will be the second time Sharapova has missed the Flushing Meadows tournament in three years, having skipped out in 2013 because of a shoulder injury. Maria also missed the 2008 U.S. Open. She […]

Maria Sharapova Pulls Out Of US Open Due To Injury

Maria Sharapova has withdrawn from the U.S. Open due to a right leg injury. The 28-year-old Russian tennis star made the announcement on her Facebook page on Sunday evening. Sharapova was scheduled to play Monday, Aug. 31. This is the second time in three years that Sharapova has dropped out of the annual hardcourt event […]

U.S. Open Tennis: Maria Sharapova Withdraws Due To Leg Injury

Five-time major champion Maria Sharapova withdrew from the U.S. Open on Sunday due to a right leg injury that has kept her off the court since her last tournament at Wimbledon. According to reports by the New York Times, the 2006 U.S. Open champion is suffering from a muscle strain, an injury that she first […]

U.S. Open Update: Serena Chases Calendar Grand Slam, Djokovic, Federer, And Murray To Face Difficult Battles

U.S. Open 2015 officially gets underway on Monday, but here’s a few things you need to know before the year’s final grand slam event kicks off. Serena Williams Could Make History If Serena Williams wins the title at the U.S. Open she would have won every grand slam during the 2015 calendar year. She’s already […]