Cyclone Idai Causes Mass Devastation In Southern Africa’s ‘Worst Ever Disaster’

The United Nations said the destructive cyclone that ravaged some areas of southeastern Africa may be the worst ever disaster to hit the southern hemisphere. Cyclone Idai caused mass devastation throughout Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe in the past few days, leaving an unprecedented trail of destruction that caused devastating floods, ruined crops, and killed and […]

Madonna Shares Rare Family Photo With All Six Of Her Beautiful Kids

Material Girl Madonna has been spending time in Malawi this week being extra charitable — and she brought along all six of her children to show them the benefits of helping others. The family was in the African country for the first anniversary of the opening of the Mercy James Pediatric Hospital, which the singer […]

UN Pulls Out Staff From Malawi After ‘Vampire Infestation’ Sparks Mob Violence

The United Nations has relocated its staff in Malawi after a vampire scare led to a series of mob violence which left at least five people dead. The presence of aid agencies and organization workers in Malawi has little impact to the people’s belief in witchcraft. As per the Guardian, a report released by the […]

Madonna: Is Alleged Controversy Over Her Adoption ‘Fake News’?

Madonna recently adopted two twin girls from Malawi. USA Today was one of the first sources that broke the news. “Madonna got approval to adopt two more children from Malawi but only after she was asked ‘uncomfortable questions’ by a judge in the southern African country, according to a court document obtained Wednesday by The […]

Madonna Announces Adoption Of Twin Girls From Malawi Weeks After Denying Rumors

At the end of January, pop icon Madonna roundly denied adoption rumors surrounding twin girls from Malawi. Despite the Malawian government announcing that Madonna had been in the African nation for adoption proceedings, Madge and her people released a statement unequivocally refuting talk that Madonna was setting up another adoption in the impoverished country. “I […]

Madonna Denies Widespread Rumors Of Impending New Malawian Adoption

Last week, it was widely reported that Madonna was considering adding more children to her family via adoption from Malawi. In fact, as USA Today reported, the story of the new Madonna adoption was so widely substantiated that a Malawian government spokesperson reportedly confirmed that Madonna was in the process of bringing home two more […]

Madonna Bashes Donald Trump, Says She’s ‘Ashamed To Be An American’ At Miami Benefit Show [Video]

Madonna was more than her over-the-top self during a Miami benefit concert event on Friday night. The concert was all about raising money for Malawi, the African nation from where Madonna adopted her son, David, over a decade ago. In all, Madonna managed to raise $7.5 million for Malawi in Miami, but not without some […]

One Man Paid To Have Sex With Young Girls For A Living Tells His Shocking Tale

In America, forcing a young girl to have sex with a man, whether the child’s consent is obtained or not, is a crime. Both the man and anyone who was involved in forcing the girl will definitely be sent to prison for a long time, no matter what the context of the incident, which we […]

Madonna Visits Malawi Hospital, As Son Receives Tribal Name

While Madonna usually makes headlines for her wild antics, her latest efforts are of a philanthropic nature, with the Queen of Pop visiting Malawi to tour a hospital wing for which she has donated funds. The wing will be host to medical services that will help to save the lives of many area children. While […]

Albino People In Malawi Face ‘Systematic Extinction’ As They Are Killed For Witchcraft

Albino people in Malawi are at risk of “‘systematic extinction’ if they continue to be murdered so their limbs can be used in witchcraft,” writes the Daily Mail. The body parts of albinos are used in rituals and concoctions by some witch doctors and often limbs are hacked off while the person is still alive. […]

Malawi Flood Victims Request Condoms As Emergency Aid

Flood victims in the northern area of Malawi have made an unusual request in the way of refugee aid, asking for condoms to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the refugee camps. Most people affected by a natural disaster request things like food, water, or blankets as aid while they shelter in a refuge. However, […]

Malawi To Burn An Ivory Stockpile Worth $7.5 million

In what is probably Africa’s poorest country, officials in Malawi plan to burn an ivory stockpile worth an estimated $7.5 million on Thursday in an effort to combat elephant poaching. Around four tons of ivory will be piled up and set alight on Thursday in probably the most expensive bonfire ever as the landlocked African […]

Malawi Bans Child Marriage, Raises Minimum Age To 18

In what is hailed to be a “great day for Malawian girls,” the country has passed a law to ban child marriage and simultaneously raise the minimum age to 18. In a country where virtually half the girls end up as child brides, this is welcome news indeed and women’s right campaigners are saying the […]

Madonna Back Into Malawi’s Good Graces, Meets With President Mutharika

This material girl has proven to be not only an icon of pop but also a pillar of philanthropy, due to her continued altruistic generosity displayed to her adopted children’s native country of Malawi. Madonna journeyed to Malawi over the past week with her two adopted Malawi-born children, Mercy and David. The purpose of the […]

Malawi Suspends Anti-Gay Laws Due To Country’s Financial Struggles

Malawi will be suspending its harsh anti-gay laws in response to the African country’s current struggles with its state budget, according to Malawian paper Nyasa Times. Secretary for Justice and Solicitor General Janet Chikaya-Banda addressed the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva last Wednesday to inform the international body of the current reforms in […]

Man Lets Hyena Bite Off His Penis In Get-Rich-Quick Scheme [Report]

A man allegedly allowed a hyena to bite off his penis because he thought the experience would make him rich. According to media accounts, business associates and a witch doctor told the man that sacrificing some of his body parts would increase his wealth. The Times of Zambia reports that the victim, a man from […]

Hillary Clinton Assaulted By A Swarm Of Bees While Visiting Malawi

I’ve heard of organized protests to derail political visits, but this is something else entirely. While visiting the African country of Malawi (formerly Nyasaland), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was suddenly attacked by an angry swarm of bees. According to the Christian Post, Clinton was there to meet with President Joyce Banda in order to […]

Madonna: Malawi says No! and then blames her for divorce!

Madonna’s nasty and expensive divorce form Guy Ritchie is going to cost her more than millions. The Malawi Child Services Director has said that Madonna’s divorce will mean she will not be able to adopt Mercy James, the orphan she has had her eye on since 2006. Madoona has already one infamously adopted child from […]

Madonna’s Adoption Ruling Postponed

Madonna’s adoption ruling has been postponed. . . again. It was expected to wrap up today, but as things go that should have been finalized yesterday (and by yesterday I mean last year), it wasn’t. It looks like the Human Rights Commission has a bit of investigating left to do, since Malawian laws don’t grant […]