Apple Expected To Ditch MacBook’s Butterfly Keyboard

Apple is planning to ditch its infamous butterfly-switch keyboard, currently found on newer models of the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, according to a report from MacRumors. This information comes from TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for his accurate predictions as it relates to Apple products. Kuo claims Apple’s 2020 […]

Apple’s ‘1984’ Super Bowl Commercial Launched The Macintosh 35 Years Ago

The technology we use daily is so integrated into our routines that it’s hard to remember that a Macintosh computer was groundbreaking. It’s almost surreal that an advertisement that aired during Super Bowl XVIII changed life as we knew it. The commercial, named “1984,” first aired on January 22 a full 35 years ago. Directed […]

Apple’s Cyber Monday Deals Offer Discounts On iPhones & MacBooks

If fighting the crowds of Black Friday shoppers to snag this year’s must-have electronics isn’t your cup of tea, try Cyber Monday sales instead. Also, Cyber Monday deals, per Forbes, have just been confirmed by Apple to include the iPhone, MacBook, iPads, Apple watches, and more. For these deals, you’ll be able to shop Apple […]

Apple’s Laptop Line Is More Confusing Than Ever

Yesterday at the Brooklyn Apple event, Apple attempted to answer many questions and clear things up with regard to their lucrative laptop lineup. The problem is the strategy may have backfired. Instead of answering lingering questions and making things much clearer, Apple left us more confused than we were before. Engadget puts it more succinctly […]

Apple Is Reportedly Looking To Block Third-Party Repairs For MacBooks And iMacs

For the past few years, Apple’s notebooks and desktop computers have become more and more difficult to repair. Gone are the days of the early-2010-era MacBook Pros, which could be upgraded and fixed even by knowledgeable owners. Now, it seems like Apple is preparing to roll out a system that would allow even fewer people […]

MacBook Pro 2018: Apple’s Radical MacBook Redesign Seems To Be Finally Reaching Its Maturity

Apple’s current-generation MacBook Pros entered the notebook industry in a polarizing manner. While the devices were stunning and sleek, their limited RAM, even more limited ports, and their shallow keyboards practically split the Mac community in half. This year, however, it appears that Apple might have finally matured the MacBook Pro lineup in such a […]

MacBook Pro 2018: New Filings Tease 2 New Apple Laptops

Say what you want about Apple’s current generation of MacBooks, but the portable computers are here to stay. Since its release back in 2015, the 12-inch MacBook ushered in a new era in Apple’s hardware — that of sleek devices toting the Cupertino-based giant’s Butterfly keyboard design and lacking most conventional ports. If Apple’s recent […]

MacBook Pro 2018: Problems Apple Needs To Fix Before The Next MacBook Launch

Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple seems to be having a hard time finding its footing, especially when it comes to its MacBook line. The Cupertino-based company may be doing a little better with its iPhone devices, but its laptop line is not doing as well. In recent years, more and more Mac users […]

MacBook Pro 2018: Apple May Avoid Addressing Its Butterfly Keyboard Issues At WWDC 2018

Apple will be hosting its WWDC 2018 even on Monday, June 4. Many speculations are spreading about the software upgrades and some gadgets the Cupertino-based company could reveal at the World Wide Development Conference. Unfortunately, providing a permanent solution to the butterfly keyboard issues on the 2015-and-later MacBooks and the 2016-and-later MacBook Pros might not […]

Apple To Unveil Low-Cost iPad, New Software Next Week, New MacBook Still In The Works, Reports ‘Bloomberg’

Apple is predicted to launch a new iPad fit for students and educators’ budget at its first major event this year. New software is also expected to be released. Meanwhile, a new MacBook will not be unveiled at the education-focused event in Chicago. Budget iPad For The Education Market According to Bloomberg, citing a source […]

Apple Might Reveal New iPad And MacBook At March Event

Apple is holding an event specially designed for teachers and students on Mar. 27 in Chicago. The big event will be held at Lane Tech College Prep High School, and here are the products the tech giant might launch. New iPad And Apple Pencil It’s about time that Apple makes an upgrade to its entry-level […]

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen Tries To Challenge Microsoft Surface Pro And Apple MacBook

Samsung has been pretty reliable when it comes to smartphones. However, that hasn’t been the case with PC notebooks. The Korean company has decided to take things up a notch with the Notebook 9 Pen, and the reviews have been mixed. Engadget seems to like the stylus, but believes the device makes too many compromises. […]

Apple’s Keyboard Patent Might Eliminate MacBook’s Crumby Problem Permanently

Shallow keyboards are both the boon and the bane of a MacBook user’s existence, but Apple’s new patent can offer an effective fix. The Silicon Valley tech firm just filed for a patent which can finally solve a major issue in MacBook and MacBook Pro. The United States Patent and Trademark Office published the patent […]

Apple’s MacBook Air Might Be Laid To Rest, New MacBook Models Reportedly Scheduled For A Late 2018 Launch

Apple might discontinue the production of MacBook Air and roll out a new MacBook model, according to the latest reports. Back in 2016, Apple discontinued the 11-inch MacBook Air. However, new reports suggest Apple might be cooking up something for its laptop market. It can be noted that Apple updated iPhone models annually, but the […]

Apple Warns Billions Of Customers That ‘Design Flaws’ Could Expose Sensitive Data To Hackers

The iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers owned by billions of Apple consumers worldwide are in danger of being hacked due to a potentially devastating security flaw. No, Meltdown and Spectre are not titles of James Bond films. They are bugs that are reportedly 20-years-old but have only recently been discovered. The Silicone Valley giant announced […]

Dell XPS 15 2017: Is It Competitive Enough To Match Macbook Pro?

Dell has finally found a competitive edge in their Dell XPS series since the launch of XPS 13 and 15. With the updated 2017 versions, Dell aims to be better than the Macbook Pro. But the question still lies, “Is this the best Windows alternative to the Apple powerhouse?” There have been thousands of reviews […]

The New Chicago Apple Store’s Roof Looks Like A Giant MacBook

Apple is well known for making bold design decisions, including when it comes to their buildings. However, the design of Apple’s new Chicago store is perhaps their boldest yet, with a roof that appears to resemble a giant MacBook Pro. Whether or not that’s an intentional decision on Apple’s part, remains to be seen. According […]

Apple Launches New iMacs With macOS ‘High Sierra’ Update

Apple has announced an updated iMac line-up that includes faster processors and new display options. The revised hardware was accompanied by the announcement of macOS “High Sierra,” the next version of Apple’s desktop operating system set to launch later this year. Apple unveiled the new products at its WWDC developers event earlier in the week. […]

MacBook Air 2017 Release Date: WWDC Reveal Not Happening? Brand Reportedly Discontinued

The MacBook Air may be the most neglected Apple product without a significant upgrade in years. Its demise has been rumored for quite some time now, yet fans believe that it still deserves a spot in the MacBook lineup. But now, an individual who claims to be a Foxconn insider casually revealed that the Cupertino […]

Huawei MateBook X Specs, Features, And Review: Introducing The Best MacBook Clone So Far

The Huawei MateBook X may initially look like just another MacBook rip-off but experts who were able to get their hands on the device earlier than the masses can vouch for its incredible features. Huawei, a Chinese multinational company working its way through the gadgets market, has finally come up with a MacBook clone that […]

Don’t Count Out The MacBook Air Yet, A Kaby Lake Variant Might Be Coming This 2017

Since Apple released the latest generation MacBook Pros last year, speculations have been high that the MacBook Air, the Cupertino-based tech giant’s entry-level, budget-friendly laptop, would soon be discontinued. Considering that Apple has already retired the 11-inch MacBook Air, the succeeding rumors stating that the 13-inch MacBook Air would be following suit definitely appears to […]

The 12-Inch MacBook Might Finally Be A Serious Laptop This 2017, Claims Apple Analyst

The 12-inch MacBook is arguably Apple’s most polarizing device in years. An ultrathin laptop that is full of compromises, the sleek machine traded power and usability over form and design. Even with the release of the 2016 MacBook, which featured a processor bump, numerous serious laptop users shunned the device over its lack of horsepower […]

12-Inch MacBook 2017’s 16GB RAM Refresh, Minor Spec Bump Teasing That Ultraportable Will Follow Air’s Fate?

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook has become one of the Cupertino-based tech giant’s most polarizing devices. Equipped with a rather underwhelming Intel M processor and a single USB-C port, the ultraportable laptop has been widely criticized for being far too limited for any serious productivity. With rumors stating that the 2017 update for the 12-inch MacBook is […]

Apple Patent Reveals Concept That Transforms iPhones, iPads Into iOS MacBooks

A recent patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday has shown an extremely interesting concept that Apple Inc. is looking into. Dubbed simply as an “Electronic Accessory Device,” the patent depicted a concept featuring a special iPhone and iPad dock that looks unmistakably like a laptop computer, complete with a substantial […]

MacBook Air 2017: 3 Reasons Why Apple’s Aging Laptop Is Still A Great Buy

If Apple’s recent releases are any indication, it appears that the Cupertino-based tech giant is preparing to discontinue the MacBook Air series. Last year, Apple brought the hammer down on the 11-inch MacBook Air, and this year, it appears that the 13.3-inch model might be next. With the MacBook Air series seemingly set to be […]

MacBook Air 2017 Release Date: Refresh Coming This Year? April Launch Hinted

The MacBook Air 2017’s release date is still widely debated whether it is coming at all, but fans are still hopeful that a refresh to the sleek yet outdated Apple laptop will finally arrive this year. The most recent rumor is that the Cupertino-based company may be thinking of launching an update in April. MacBook […]

12-Inch MacBook 2017 Rumors: LTE, A Force Touch Keyboard, And A Price Drop

The 12-inch MacBook is one of Apple’s most polarizing devices the tech giant has ever released. Featuring an Intel M-series processor, a single USB Type-C port and a new keyboard with extremely shallow travel, the 12-inch MacBook was not a machine for everyone. Compared to the MacBook Air, which boasted an Intel Core i-Series processor, […]

Apple’s 2017 MacBook Pro Could Satisfy The Naysayers

Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pros were met with a lot of criticism despite many positive reviews. Some people thought the price tag was way too high while others thought the performance and battery life were dismal. On December 22, Consumer Reports dealt what many thought would be the fatal blow for the new Pro series. “Apple […]

Is Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date Right Around The Corner?

The release of the Surface Pro 5 could be coming up very soon. BGR has the news. “A new report from Asia now says that the Surface Pro 5 is coming in the first quarter of 2017,” claims columnist Chris Smith, who adds that the new 2-in-1 tablet will feature an Ultra HD display and […]

Apple In 2016: MacBook, iPhone 7, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, AirPods

2016 was a very mixed year for Apple. It was a year that many decried Apple’s lack of innovation, but others noted that at least Apple’s products didn’t explode in your face (see Samsung Galaxy Note 7). Many blame Apple’s alleged “lack of innovation” on Tim Cook, while others think people are expecting too much […]

Updated Microsoft Surface Book May Just Be A MacBook Pro Killer

Last year, Microsoft released the powerful Surface Book. Some people paid more than $2,000 for a device that felt like a beta experiment. The video drivers, touchpad, keyboard, screen, Surface Pen, and just about everything else caused problems. Finally, by December, the Sunday Express reported that Microsoft finally acknowledged the issues. “Unfortunately the Surface Book […]

MacBook Pro 2016 With Touch Bar Starts Shipping For Best Buy Customers

If you are a Best Buy customer who pre-ordered the 13-Inch MacBook Pro for $1,799 before Thursday, you should receive your device on Tuesday at the latest. This can be confirmed through an email and a phone call with Best Buy customer service. Other versions, such as the 13-inch Pro with 16GB RAM or all […]

MacBook Pro 2016 Shipping: November 11 Soonest ETA For Earliest Buyers?

The initial batch of MacBook Pro 2016 units is most likely already shipping, with reports that November 11 could be the earliest possible date of arrival of these new Apple laptops to customers. If you pre-order the MacBook Pro 2016 model with Apple Retina Touch Bar display and your credit card was recently charged by […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Gets Major Challenge From Lenovo Miix 720

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is still the ultimate laptop/tablet hybrid. It’s a device that Tech Radar says is iterative in the best sense. “Has Microsoft at last crafted a tablet that can reasonably, without considerable compromise, replace your laptop? Short of going back to the drawing board on the battery, this looks as close […]

Apple Drops Upgrade Prices Of Older MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mini

Couldn’t afford the new MacBook Pro? Well good news, save as much as $200 on these price drops of upgrades for older MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini. We’ve all witnessed Apple’s Hello Again press event last week and we’re already bombarded with information about the upcoming MacBook Pro. But not […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book May Be Overshadowed By New MacBook Pro

It looks like we are only a couple days away from the new 2016 MacBook Pro announcement. Mac Rumors has the news. “KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new research report outlining his expectations for next Thursday’s ‘Hello Again’ event where Apple is expected to make a number of Mac-related announcements.” The article […]

OS X Tablet: Will Apple Finally Release One In 2017?

As The Inquisitr reported a couple days back, there is a lot of excitement over the MacBook Pro, which could be announced by the end of October. However, as iTech Post indicates, there is a possibility of Apple releasing the next MacBook with Apple Pencil support. “Apple fans are now excited for the new 2017 […]

Apple’s iPhone 4, Late-2010 13-Inch MacBook Air, And Others Will Be ‘Obsolete’ Later This Month

After six years of existence, it seems Apple will finally cut the iPhone 4 from their lineup. The iPhone 4 is about to fall into obsolescence, along with some other Apple products — MacLife (@MacLife) October 15, 2016 Starting on October 31 of this year — so at the end of this month — […]

New iMac 2016 Update Rumors: Release Date And Specs For Apple’s Latest All-In-One

When it comes to Apple’s Mac lineup, a heavy emphasis is placed on their MacBook range of laptops. However, Apple also offers a number of desktop variants of their Mac platform, including most prominently, the iMac. The all-in-one Mac is due for an upgrade in 2016, alongside Apple’s revised MacBook Pro. However, we still don’t […]

MacBook Pro: Headphone Jack May Be Missing From Latest Model

Is the MacBook Pro going to be sans headphones like its iPhone 7 sibling? If surveys circulating among MacBook Pro users are any indication, it may be the latest synergy Apple is looking to bring to its product line. According to Business Insider, several MacBook Pro users have reported receiving a survey from Apple asking […]

Microsoft Wants You To Buy Surface Pro 4 Instead Of MacBook Air Or MacBook Pro

Microsoft has been releasing commercials making fun of Apple’s MacBook series, and their latest is no different. Windows Central has the news. “The new Surface Pro 4 ads debuted on Thursday night during the Carolina Panthers-Denver Broncos NFL game. They represent yet another aspect of the partnership between Microsoft and the NFL when it comes […]

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Openly Lauds Rival Samsung

This may come as a shock to Apple fans, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak openly lauded Samsung for its innovation. Wozniak is particularly impressed with Samsung’s virtual reality (VR) gear, which he believes is otherworldly. Samsung’s Gear VR “takes you to other worlds,” Wozniak told Tech Republic. “It’s so real, and it’s basically everywhere you […]

Watch Out Apple: HP EliteBook Folio G1 Challenges Apple’s MacBook

Even though many consider the 12-inch MacBook imperfect, it’s the most popular 12-inch ultraportable notebook on the market. However, thanks to HP’s EliteBook Folio G1, that may change soon. CNET gave the Folio G1 four stars. HP EliteBook Folio G1 is a slim business laptop you'll want to show off — CNET (@CNET) […]

Dell XPS 13 (2016) Vs. Apple’s 12-Inch MacBook (2016)

Two of the hottest laptops on the market now are the Dell XPS 13 and Apple’s MacBook, both which have recently been upgraded. For purposes of the comparison, this article is using Dell’s higher-end XPS 13 ($1,499), which has an Intel Iris graphics chip, an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB […]

Apple’s 12-Inch MacBook Proves To Be A Compelling Ultraportable

Apple’s updated 12-inch MacBook has received mostly good reviews. Wired gave the ultraportable notebook a 9/10 rating. “But for the most part, the world is ready for a beautiful, thin, light laptop with a great screen, a weird keyboard, and exactly one port. It’s an online world.” The review adds that the MacBook may not […]

Reports That Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 Will Arrive Before Updated MacBook Pro Are Questionable

Many people think it’s just clickbait, but there are some websites, none very influential, that are claiming the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be available before the release of the updated MacBook Pro, which is believed to be announced in June. Science World Report is one of the sites making the claim. “Microsoft Surface Pro […]

Best Laptops 2016: New Apple MacBook — Now In Rose Gold! Better Battery Life and Storage, But No USB?

Apple released new updates to its signature MacBook line on Tuesday. Apple actually already unveiled its design for the new MacBook last year showing off its slim frame, “fanless construction,” and Force Touch track pad. Other new MacBook 2016 features include many new specs not covered last year, such as: extended battery life newer processors […]

Apple’s 12-Inch MacBook Refresh May Come Sooner Than Expected

There has been a lot of speculation that the new version of the 12-inch MacBook would be released around summertime. However, according to Mac Rumors, the MacBook refresh may come sooner than people had expected. “Electronics retailer Best Buy has quietly removed all 12-inch MacBook models from its U.S. online store this week, fueling anticipation […]

MacBook Air Being Discontinued, Reports Say

The MacBook Air could be on its death bed, according to multiple reports. The laptop computer, the reports suggest, could be replaced by new models of the MacBook Pro expected for release later this year. According to Yibada, the reception of the new 12-inch MacBook Pro is playing a part in the decision that could […]

MacBook Selfie Stick: Will This Art Project Ever Make It Into Stores?

Would you use a MacBook selfie stick? A selfie stick with a MacBook Pro laptop attached recently started making waves online after several photos of people using the device in public were published online. The MacBook Selfie Stick is designed to allow consumers mount MacBook Pro laptops to the end of a telescoping pole for […]