AEW Rumors: Joey Ryan Turns Down Offer From AEW, Could Still Sign With WWE

Joey Ryan has often been seen as one of the most risqué wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. He would have easily fit in very well during the WWF Attitude Era, and fans can only imagine how things would have gone if he had formed a tag team with Val Venis. Either way, he’s […]

WWE News: Sami Callihan Says He Is The Undertaker Of Impact Wrestling

Professional wrestling has been around for a very long time and one of the most well-known names ever is that of the Undertaker. Almost anyone who is a wrestling fan has heard of the legend and knows that he is one of the all-time greats. It should come as no surprise when a current or […]

‘Lucha Underground’ Season 4, Episode 4 Results And Review, ‘Pain, Love And Sacrifices To The Gods’

With a talented roster and over-the-top dramatic storylines, Lucha Underground continues to be one of the most entertaining wrestling shows around. Thus far, Season 4 of Lucha Underground has featured some great talent, and Episode 4, “Pain, Love and Sacrifices to the Gods,” continues that trend with Jake Strong, Chavo Guerrero, and Johnny Mundo all […]

‘Lucha Underground’ Season 4 Episode 3 Results, Epic Three-Way To The Grave Main Event

Lucha Underground thrilled fans with their first three seasons, and Season 4 looks to be doing the same thus far. Lucha Underground Season 4 Episode 3 is titled “Rest in Pieces,” and it featured only two matches, but per their usual, the episode had plenty of drama. As the Inquisitr reported, last week’s Lucha Underground […]

‘Lucha Underground’ Season 4, Episode 2 Results, Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Makes His Debut

Lucha Underground returned last week with Season 4 with more exciting storylines and matches, and this week’s episode brought even more surprises when a former WWE heavyweight champion made his debut. Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 2 (“Darkness and the Monster”) also featured two title matches, and of course, plenty of dramatic storylines. Lucha Underground […]

WWE News: Former WWE World Champion Makes Surprise Appearance For Lucha Underground

After leaving WWE by choice or not, many superstars end up wrestling for other promotions around the world, and that’s rather expected since they still need to work. In the case of Jack Swagger, he appeared to be well on his way to greatness in the company as an ECW Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, […]

WWE News: Big Update On Rey Mysterio’s Status With WWE And If He Will Be On TV This Week

It was one of the biggest surprises of last night’s Royal Rumble, and fans went nuts when they heard his music, but is Rey Mysterio back for good in WWE? As the countdown ended, Rey Mysterio’s music hit and he headed out to a huge ovation, as fans never had an idea he was going […]

Former Lucha Underground Champion And Puerto Rican Native Gives Current Update Post-Hurricane Maria

In a trifecta of brutal storms that have recently hit United States soil, Hurricane Maria was one which left many residents of Puerto Rico without food or electricity. While there is still political jargon being said by executive officials over a lack of “leadership” from Puerto Rican representatives, those who live in the country are […]

WWE Looks At And Honors The Career Of Rey Mysterio, Which Has People Talking As He Approaches Free Agency

WWE always has an interest in signing new talent and bringing back superstars from the past who may have one more run in them, and that means teasing the fans about who may get back in their ring. There have been rumors of Rey Mysterio returning to WWE ever since he parted ways with the […]

Real Reason Why Rey Mysterio Won’t Be Making His WWE Return Revealed

Over the past few years, Rey Mysterio has been extremely successful wrestling for Lucha Underground and several other promotions since leaving WWE back in 2015. However, there have been a lot of rumors about Mysterio looking to make a change and his contract with Lucha Underground is set to expire soon. Rey has received a […]

GFW Spoilers: Former WWE Intercontinental Champion To Debut On ‘Impact Wrestling’ Very Soon

It’s always a big deal when a former titleholder from WWE signs with Global Force Wrestling, and it certainly seems as if that is what has happened with a former Intercontinental Champion. Even though he has been with Lucha Underground for a few years now, it appears as if Johnny Mundo, formerly known as John […]

Former WWE Intercontinental And ECW World Champion’s Impact Wrestling Debut Date Revealed

A former WWE Intercontinental and ECW Heavyweight Champion will be making his Impact Wrestling debut in the beginning of August, and it is kind of out of nowhere. Johnny Mundo, formerly known as John Morrison in WWE, is still with Lucha Underground, but he will be appearing at the live events for Global Force Wrestling […]

Bad News For Fans Hoping To See Rey Mysterio Make His WWE Return

Over recent years, Rey Mysterio has done wonderful work outside of WWE. He’s been a part of some great matches on the independent scene as well as with AAA and Lucha Underground. Mysterio has found a lot of success and would have no trouble continuing to do good work, but wrestling fans became very excited […]

WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio In Talks With WWE Regarding A Return

Rey Mysterio is arguably one of the best wrestlers of his generation and the greatest high flyer in wrestling history. Mysterio is also one of the biggest names in the wrestling free agent market at the moment. According to the latest rumors, Mysterio is in talks to return to the WWE as early as next […]

Rey Mysterio Talks Impact Wrestling, Comments On Chances Of Debuting For Company In Future

At WrestleMania 33, WWE fans weren’t able to get to see Rey Mysterio as they had once hoped, so is an Impact Wrestling run possible for the former three-time WWE Champion? Speaking to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, Rey Mysterio looked back on the more than two decades he’s spent in the professional wrestling business, including […]

WWE News: Former Champion Talks Possibly Returning To WWE With Dream Of Headlining ‘WrestleMania’

It is no surprise that virtually every single wrestler wants to end up in WWE and their ultimate goal would be to main event WrestleMania, but what about those who have left the company? John Morrison, also known as Johnny Mundo, is currently one of the biggest stars in Lucha Underground, but he received his […]

WWE News: Chavo Guerrero Sr. Passes Away – Long Live ‘Chavo Classic’

The world of professional wrestling lost a classic superstar from one of the most legendary wrestling families of all time. Chavo Guerrero Sr. passed away on Saturday afternoon at the age of 68, and the news was brought forth by his son Chavo Guerrero Jr. For those that are wondering and aren’t truly aware of […]

WWE News: MVP Speaks On Possible Return To WWE And Why TNA Fired Him

Montel Vontavious Porter, better known to wrestling fans as MVP, made a big splash in WWE and ended up going on to do well in TNA Impact Wrestling as well. Now, he’s wrestling on the independent circuit and talking about his history with other promotions. Interestingly enough, he recently spoke on the possibility of a […]

Lucha Underground Netflix Deal To Start February 15

Lucha Underground has become one of the most entertaining professional wrestling shows on TV since it debuted three years ago. However, they aired on a niche television network in El Rey, which has a small audience. Court Bauer was on MLW Radio today and confirmed that will all change thanks to Netflix. A Lucha Underground […]

WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio Making WWE Return Soon, Could Wrestle at ‘Wrestlemania 33’

Rey Mysterio didn’t make his WWE return during the WWE Royal Rumble PPV as the rumors claimed, but that doesn’t mean his return to WWE programming isn’t happening very soon. He hasn’t been featured on WWE television since the post-Wrestlemania 30 edition of Monday Night Raw back in 2014 and has not been under a […]

WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio To Return To WWE As Surprise Entrant In ‘Royal Rumble’ – Hyping Event On Twitter

Ever since leaving WWE in 2015, there have been rumors that Rey Mysterio was going to return to the company at one point or another. Last year, there was a lot of talk of Mysterio returning to the company by WrestleMania 32, but it never happened. Now, the former world champion is a free agent […]

WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio To Return To WWE In Royal Rumble Match?

Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio left the WWE a few years ago, but he never stopped wrestling and very well could make a huge return this Sunday night to the WWE. Yes, Rey Mysterio has been out of the WWE after missing a great deal of time while under his previous contract. He wanted to […]

WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio Returning To WWE During ‘Royal Rumble’

The WWE Royal Rumble is expected to have many surprises, but the WWE Universe could be blown away by Rey Mysterio’s unexpected return to WWE during the Royal Rumble match on Sunday. There is a lot of speculation about what WWE officials have in store for the match because a few NXT superstars are likely […]

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Talks WWE Return Chances, Names His Choice For Best Wrestler In Company

Is there a chance we’ll be seeing Rey Mysterio make his WWE return? For the meantime, he’s happy competing in Lucha Underground, but if you ask the former World Champion about whether he wants to come back to the company where he experienced the most success and mainstream acceptance, he’s not shutting the door on […]

Turner Broadcasting (TBS) Getting Back Into Wrestling Business With New Deal

Turner Broadcasting System, or TBS, has officially announced that it will be entering back into the wrestling business after a new deal with a major wrestling promoter. Of course that is something that WWE CEO Vince McMahon never saw coming when he bought the struggling wrestling organization WCW back in 2001. It seems as though […]

WWE News: TNA In Hot Pursuit Of Former WWE Superstar?

There has been somewhat of an unspoken talent exchange between WWE and TNA over the last few years as mid-carders from the WWE looking for more of an opportunity migrate to TNA, while the big-fish-in-a-little-pond stars of TNA pursue the main stage and bright lights of WWE. Excluding the likes of Kurt Angle and The […]

‘Lucha Underground’ Roster Revealed In Season 3 Trailer

The brand new Lucha Underground Season 3 trailer hit on Wednesday, and it showed just short clips from the upcoming season of the popular El Ray Lucha wrestling show. Lucha Underground is extremely secretive about their storylines, so much so that they fired MVP from their roster for just making an innocent comment in an […]

Vince McMahon Reportedly Interested In Bringing Back John Morrison

Over the last couple of months, we’ve heard that several former WWE stars could be making a return to the company to help add depth to both the Raw and SmackDown rosters. So far, we’ve seen the return of Rhyno to SmackDown and Jinder Mahal to Raw. It was also announced that former Intercontinental Champion […]

WWE News: Update On Vince McMahon’s Continued Pursuit Of Former WWE Superstar

Vince McMahon knew something most of the WWE Universe was not aware of when he announced back in May that 2016 would eventually feature the biggest roster in WWE history. This declaration preceded the announcement of the brand extension, but also coincided with the return of many top WWE superstars coming back from injuries. Late […]

WWE News: WWE ‘Aggressively’ Going After Independent Talent, Ricochet And Kushida To Join WWE?

It should go without saying by now that WWE is desperate to bring talent in due to the WWE brand split coming up later this month. While the WWE Draft will help WWE decide where to put some of the top stars in the company, the issue comes down to actually filling both rosters. The […]

WWE News: Update On WWE’s Pursuit Of Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio & Where And What They’re Looking For In Other Talent

It’s no secret at this point that the WWE is in hot pursuit of talent to help bolster a pool of superstars that will soon be split into two separate brands. The company has been searching for fresh faces, as well as those who have past WWE experience. The latter of which would be signed […]

Justin Gabriel Talks Lucha Underground And John Cena Making A Big Mistake

Since leaving the WWE in early 2015, Justin Gabriel — now known as PJ Black on the independent circuit — has been able to wrestle all around the world without being limited by the company he works for. During his run with WWE, which began in 2010, Gabriel was mostly relegated to WWE Main Event […]

WWE News: Report Claims WWE Contacted Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Jeff Hardy, And Others For WWE Comeback

WWE will be going through a brand split soon, with a WWE Draft upcoming in the next month. This is huge for the WWE as the brand system was a good success for the company after they took down their competition in ECW and WCW around fifteen years ago. In 2011, WWE began slowly getting […]

WWE News: Vince McMahon Showing Interest In Bringing Former WWE Superstar Back To The Company

“Never say never.” WWE fans have become accustomed to that phrase over the years as it pertains to former WWE superstars coming back to the company, or stars from around the world arriving in WWE when general consensus was that it’d never happen. Just this week alone, fans were treated to a glimpse of Goldberg’s […]

WWE News: Backstage Heat Between Alberto Del Rio And Triple H, The Game Is Not A Fan

WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio has been used well in WWE over the years. He is a multi-time WWE World Champion and he won the largest Royal Rumble in WWE history. Sadly, he was fired years back over slapping a social media employee. The reason behind it made total sense. The employee made a racial […]

WWE News: Triple H Reportedly Not A Big Fan Of Alberto Del Rio

Former multiple-time WWE champion Alberto Del Rio is floundering on the main roster and the reason is an alleged problem between him and Triple H, according to Daily Wrestling News. The report mentions that Del Rio is unhappy with his current position in the company. “The Mexican Aristocrat” made his triumphant return to WWE last […]

WWE News: Latest Update On ‘Lucha Underground’ Star Prince Puma Coming To WWE, ‘LU’ Preparing To Up Offer

Lucha Underground has stood out above all other forms of wrestling due to its amazing cinematography. It’s an actual television show, and it’s not trying to lie to the people and make them think pro-wrestling is more than scripted entertainment with men and women risking their lives to give you reactions. It truly isn’t, but […]

WWE News: The Very Latest On Prince Puma Leaving Lucha Underground For WWE

If you’ve ever seen the cinematic adventure that is Lucha Underground, you know that it could be the next big revolutionary place to be for many pro-wrestlers. It is filmed like a normal television show with good storylines and great cinematic production. However, the matches are filmed in front of a live audience, without any […]

WWE News: Update On Lucha Underground Star Prince Puma Possibly Signing With WWE This Summer

Lucha Underground has been known as a great world of cinematic greatness that happens to be a wrestling show. They basically give us a movie each show, with amazing stories that might break the art of kayfabe, but truly give us a show if nothing else. It is fun to see, and most all who […]

WWE News: Lucha Underground’s Prince Puma Coming To WWE Later This Year?

WWE has been high on signing some of the top workers in the world for quite some time now. In fact, it has become a growing trend these days that, if you develop a name on the independent circuit, WWE probably has you in their sights. If a contract has any hole in it, or […]

The ‘Divas Revolution’ Is Alive And Well, Just Not On WWE

The Divas Revolution kicked off for WWE when current champion Charlotte made the jump from NXT to the main roster in July 2015. She was soon followed by Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, who were joining NXT alum Paige — four talented wrestlers, who single-handedly took the NXT Women’s Division to the next level. To […]

WWE Hall Of Famer Goes Off On John Morrison After His Harsh Comments About Roman Reigns

In the world of professional wrestling, many superstars stick together and that is even more true when it comes to real family. Recently, John Morrison (Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground) made some rather harsh comments about Roman Reigns and his abilities in the ring. Well, WWE Hall of Famer, and Reigns’ cousin, Rikishi came to […]

WWE News: WWE Targeting New Japan Pro Wrestling Star Kazuchika Okada Among Other NJPW Talent

When WWE signed four top NJPW workers, it made sense for fans to think that they were done poaching talent from the promotion for a while. However, that is not the case, as WWE loves a great deal of talent coming out of NJPW. Some assumed Triple H would attempt to make a deal with […]

WWE Rumors: Former Champion Rips Roman Reigns — Return To WWE In The Works?

There are many fans around the world who feel Roman Reigns should not get the type of monster pushes the WWE is giving him. Fans have spoken out and loudly let their opinions be known, and a lot of them simply don’t want him headlining WrestleMania 32. While a number of wrestlers have spoken out […]

Lucha Underground Losing Massive Money, Season 4 In Major Doubt

Lucha Underground has been a very good program since its debut. It was a unique take on the world of pro-wrestling, and it has caught the attention of not just fans but people in WWE and TNA as well. They have managed to get into the minds of people there so much that the companies […]

WWE News: WWE Set To Do Global Cruiserweight Tournament This Summer

WWE has been wanting to do a lot of cool original content for the WWE Network, and they were planning to add a ton of content this year due to the fact that the fans seem to be buying into the product. Over one million subscribers are on the network and WWE feels that original […]

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Likely Not Returning At ‘Wrestlemania 32’, ‘SummerSlam’ Is Possible

Amid reports of a strained relationship between Rey Mysterio and Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) the legendary luchador is reportedly expected to return to the WWE by SummerSlam, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Daily Wrestling News). Mysterio, 41, is reportedly done with AAA as the company is reportedly struggling to pay its performers. […]

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Set To Return To WWE Once Lucha Underground Commitments Are Up

Former WWE World Champion Rey Mysterio happens to be one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. In America, people love him, and Europe explodes when they see him work there. However, he happens to be somewhat of a God down in Mexico. It should come as no surprise, then, that he wanted to […]

WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio Returning To WWE Before Third Season Of ‘Lucha Underground’

WWE is bringing in big names left and right with the signing of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and a host of others. It really does seem as if they are working on getting as many big names as possible, and that wouldn’t hurt with WrestleMania 32 approaching and many top stars injured. Now, rumors are […]

WWE Rumors: Who Will Lucha Underground Work With After Meetings – WWE Or TNA?

TNA has had some high-flyers on its roster for a long time and showcased them with the X-Division Title. WWE is rumored to be focusing a lot more attention on cruiserweights with a possible rebirth of the title and division along with a new WWE Network show. The popularity of smaller wrestlers and Lucha Underground […]