‘Ladies Of London’ Star Marissa Hermer To Open Restaurant Across From SUR & PUMP

Ladies of London might be over and done on Bravo, but soon, you might be able to see one of the former stars, Marissa Hermer, at her new restaurant across the street from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump’s hot spots, PUMP and SUR. Radar Online says that RHOA star NeNe Leakes was […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury & Sarah Ferguson Rub Elbows On Dubai Red Carpet

Sarah Ferguson is back in the spotlight after the wedding of her daughter, Princess Eugenie as she’s making an appearance in Dubai and the UAE with some London and Hollywood friends at a charity event. Ferguson caught up with Bravo star, Ladies of London‘s Caroline Stanbury, for the Peace and Justice & Bovet 1822 Gala […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Annabelle Neilson’s Funeral Attended By Celebrity Friends

A funeral service was held Friday for Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson, who died on July 12 of a heart attack. The ceremony was attended by family and friends, including many celebrities. People reports that the service was held at St. Paul’s church in Knightsbridge, and attended by models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Stars Share Memories Of Friend Annabelle Neilson

With the passing of Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson, many of her friends and fans have been left shocked. Now some of the other ladies are speaking out and sharing memories and thoughts of Neilson, whom many of them had known since way before the Bravo show came to town. Reality Tea reports that […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Star Annabelle Neilson Cause Of Death Revealed

Following the news that Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson had died, fans and friends were shocked, wondering how the former model had died suddenly at 49. But now a coroner’s spokesperson has released a statement to say that Neilson had a heart attack. RadarOnline quoted Susan Lord of the Westminster Coroner Court who shared […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Star Annabelle Neilson Dead At Age 49

London Metropolitan police have confirmed that Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson has died at age 49. The brunette beauty, who appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 of the show, was found dead in her home on Thursday, July 12. Us Weekly reported that police were at Neilson’s house and said they “found [her] deceased […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury Divulges Nutrition Secrets

The Bravo show Ladies of London has been disbanded for now, but Caroline Stanbury still has a following, even while living in Dubai. Recently, Stanbury took some time to open up the forum to her fans on Instagram and allow them to “Ask Me Anything.” Caroline posted the questions and answered them on her page. […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Caroline Stanbury’s Instagram Features Her Dubai Desert Dinner Party

Fans of Ladies of London might miss the show, but they can get periodic glimpses into the life of one of the former Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury, and her new fabulous life in Dubai via her Instagram page and her Instagram stories. Caroline Stanbury always threw a fabulous party when she was living in […]

‘Ladies Of London’: Where Are They Now? Will There Be A New Season?

Fans of Ladies of London have been crossing their fingers that there will be another season of the Bravo show, but considering that several members of the cast are no longer living in London, or the United Kingdom for that matter, it seems unlikely. With Marissa Hermer in her native California and Caroline Stanbury in […]

Tiffany Hendra Reveals ‘RHOD’ Was Originally Meant To Be U.S. Version Of ‘Ladies Of London’

When The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 premiere episode airs tonight on Bravo, one woman from the Season 1 cast won’t be in the opening credits: Tiffany Hendra. The Season 2 preview shows that the current starring cast consists of returning housewives Brandi Redmond, Cary Deuber, LeeAnn Locken, and Stephanie Hollman. Joining them for […]

Will There Be A ‘Ladies Of London’ Season 4? What Are The Ladies Up To Now?

Fans continue to be hopeful that Ladies of London Season 4 is still under consideration by Bravo. And several of the ladies, some of who have left London, at least for now, are still eager to be a part of Ladies of London Season 4. Marissa Hermer and her Welsh-born husband Matt are currently living […]

Marissa Hermer Didn’t See Her Daughter After Birth: ‘Ladies Of London’ Star Had A Hard Time Connecting

Marissa Hermer has been on Ladies of London for a few years, but one could argue that the previous season of the show was one of the more emotional ones for her. Hermer was pregnant with her daughter Sadie when the season began and on bedrest. Hermer told the viewers that she was expecting a […]

Juliet Angus Fashion Blog: Has ‘Ladies Of London’ Star Reached New Heights?

Juliet Angus was a stay-at-home mother when she first joined Ladies of London. Her husband, Gregor Angus, was working a lot and he was traveling between Berlin and Stockholm with a company that had brought them to London in the first place. Juliet worked on getting herself into the social circle in London, and she […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Star Juliet Angus Talks Moving Around With Her Family

Juliet Angus is proud to be an American in a group of English ladies on Ladies Of London, and she has often tried to convince the other women of American traditions. Juliet broke down in tears when she couldn’t get Thanksgiving dinner the way she wanted it, and she wanted to celebrate the Fourth of […]

Sophie Stanbury A Huge Fan Of ‘RHONY’: Says ‘Huge Characters’ Are Entertaining

Sophie Stanbury has just wrapped her first season of Ladies of London and she is learning what it takes to be on a reality show. While she was filming the show, she got into an argument with her sister-in-law Caroline Stanbury and she almost lost her friendship with her. But Sophie recently spent some time […]

Caroline Stanbury Rekindling Friendship With Sophie Stanbury: Family Fixed?

Caroline Stanbury has been on the Ladies of London show since the very beginning and she has won over fans by being the queen of London. Caroline had her own business, a successful husband, a large house and nannies to help her out with her children. And she did have a life that many people […]

Marissa Hermer On Los Angeles Move: Did They Close Restaurants In London?

Marissa Hermer had an interesting storyline on this past season of Ladies of London. The show came to an end this week as the ladies were slowly starting to leave London. Marissa started the show being nine months pregnant with her daughter Sadie, and she was having pregnancy complications. She had to have surgery after […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Update: Caroline Fleming’s Father Has Died

Throughout much of Season 3 of Ladies of London, Caroline Fleming’s father, Niels Krabbe Iuel-Brockdorff, fought cancer, but Fleming announced that her father has now passed on. Fleming shared with fans that she was by her father’s side when he died, and even though the last days of his life were painful, he is now […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Stars Confirm No Season 3 Reunion Show

Unfortunately for fans of Bravo’s Ladies of London, they yet again won’t be watching a reunion show. As the Season 3 finale episode aired on Tuesday night, some of the show’s stars confirmed that the cast didn’t film a reunion show. Prior to the airing of the season finale episode, Sophie Stanbury, who had a […]

Caroline Stanbury, Sophie Stanbury And Adela King Repairing Friendship

The Stanbury sisters of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury and Sophie Stanbury, are now getting closer to having the relationship that they used to have. Caroline’s friendship with Adela King is also on the mend. The three women are now on such better terms that they can at least can hang out and party together. […]

Caroline Stanbury Finances: ‘Ladies Of London’ Loving Dubai, Not Returning To London?

Caroline Stanbury decided to support her husband and move to Dubai after he got a job offer before she started filming this current season of Ladies of London. After accepting the job offer, Caroline and her husband started the process of moving to Dubai, including finding a home, finding schools for her children, and shutting […]

Sophie Stanbury Divorce: Why She Hasn’t Finalized Her Divorce Yet On ‘Ladies Of London’

Sophie Stanbury had been filming Ladies of London as a friend of the ladies last year, so she isn’t a complete stranger to viewers. But this season, Sophie is a full-time cast member and is opening up about her own personal life. On Ladies of London, Stanbury was a huge support system for her sister-in-law, […]

Sophie Stanbury On Caroline Stanbury: Reconciliation Will Happen But ‘Not Quite Yet’

Sophie Stanbury joined Ladies of London this past season, and she was excited to see what the show could do for her. When Sophie joined the cast, she was divorcing her husband, Alex, she was close with her sister-in-law Caroline Stanbury, and she was ready to explore life as a single mother. However, something went […]

Brandi Glanville Cries From Viewers Skewering Her Looks And Unfavorably Comparing Her To Sophie Stanbury

Brandi Glanville probably wishes that she stayed away from social media around the time that her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live aired on Tuesday night. That’s because she received a torrent of criticism, not only in regards to her personality and behavior and also her looks. On Twitter and Instagram, […]

Caroline Stanbury Husband: Caroline Taking Time Off From ‘Ladies Of London’ To Support Cem

Caroline Stanbury was surprised at how the ladies could get along on last night’s episode of Ladies Of London, as she herself had problems with some of her co-stars. She had felt betrayed by her sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, and she had questioned her friends’ loyalty to her. On this season of the show, Caroline announced […]

Julie Montagu On ‘Ladies Of London’: Is She Trying To Knock Down Caroline Stanbury?

Julie Montagu decided to come back to Ladies of London even though she had been hurt by Caroline Stanbury in the past. Julie wanted to bond with the other ladies and tried to get the ladies together using her passion for yoga. But she quickly learned that some of the ladies were not into her […]

Caroline Stanbury Financial Issues: ‘Ladies Of London’ Star Launching New Business

Caroline Stanbury is planning her move to Dubai on this season of Ladies of London, as her husband got a job offer that they could simply not refuse. While her husband decided to move to Dubai to start his job, Caroline has been staying behind in London to wrap up her life in the big […]

Caroline Stanbury Legal Problems: Did She Move To Dubai To Escape Financial Issues?

Caroline Stanbury announced that she’s leaving London and moving to Dubai on this season of Ladies of London. Caroline explained that her husband had gotten a job offer that made a lot of sense for the family. She revealed that they had accepted the offer and that they were looking for a home when she […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Caroline Stanbury Knows About Adela King’s Custody Battle?

Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury seems to be the victim of various arguments on this season of the show, as she was very offended and hurt by her sister-in-law’s comments and lack of support. Sophie Stanbury is new to the cast on this season of Ladies of London, and she didn’t plan on fighting […]

Caroline Stanbury Blames Marissa Hermer For Legal Trouble Rumors, New ‘Ladies Of London’ Feud Brewing

Ladies of London has been full of confrontations. Caroline Stanbury has been the breakout star since the beginning, and now, she is the one who is really letting loose on the other ladies. Marissa Hermer (also an original cast member) seems to be the target of her wrath this season. Stanbury believes that Hermer has […]

‘Ladies Of London’ In Jeopardy With Caroline Stanbury’s Dubai Move And Marissa Hermer’s Los Angeles Move?

The third season of Ladies of London just started a few weeks ago, but there is already the big question of whether there will be a fourth season. That’s because two of its stars, Caroline Stanbury and Marissa Hermer, are now no longer living in London full time. While viewers are already well aware of […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Marissa Hermer Denies Spreading Rumors About Caroline Stanbury

Did Marissa Hermer actually spread rumors that Caroline Stanbury was moving to Dubai to hide from legal troubles stemming from the closing of her business, Gift Library? On the latest Ladies of London episode that aired on Tuesday night, Caroline made that claim after her friend, Luke Henderson, told her that there were people gossiping […]

Marissa Hermer Slammed For Leaving Newborn Behind: ‘Moms Are Mean To Other Moms’

Marissa Hermer shared the birth of her daughter Sadie on Ladies Of London this season because she wanted to share her troublesome pregnancy complication. Hermer wanted to share her story because many other mothers may find her story inspirational and relatable. But after a few weeks of being at home with her newborn daughter, Sadie […]

Julie Montagu On Jealousy Between Her And Caroline Stanbury, Sophie Stanbury And Adela King Defend Themselves

Is the drama that’s happening between Julie Montagu and Caroline Stanbury on the current Ladies of London episodes due to jealousy? Is Julie jealous of Caroline’s wealth? Is Caroline jealous of Julie’s title and estate? On Tuesday night, as the latest episode aired, Julie posted a tweet that addressed the matter of whether all of […]

Caroline Stanbury And Juliet Angus: ‘Ladies Of London’ Friendships Are Fake?

Caroline Stanbury has been on Ladies Of London since the very beginning and despite moving to Dubai, it sounds like Caroline is still filming the show in England with her co-stars. Of course, Stanbury moved to Dubai with her husband and children, because her husband got a great job offer there. Rather than split up […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury Shares Youthful Beauty Secrets

Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury always maintains a youthful appearance on camera, how does she do it? The reality star and her makeup artist are breaking down her age-defying beauty secrets. Caroline Stanbury, easily one of the most notorious cast members on the Bravo reality series Ladies of London, may not be the youngest […]

Sophie Stanbury Reveals More About Rift With Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Accuses Adela King Of Betraying Her For Storyline

The latest Ladies of London episode showed Caroline Stanbury being the odd woman out at the beginning of the group’s stay at Julie Montagu’s Mapperton estate. Over the ladies’ first dinner, Caroline got into an argument with Julie over her refusal to join in on the upcoming fishing expedition that Julie had planned. Surprisingly, while […]

Caroline Stanbury And Sophie: ‘Ladies Of London’ Newbie Admits To Mistake

Caroline Stanbury has been on Ladies of London for a couple of years, and she’s often talking about how she values honesty and friendships. So when she’s crossed or when she feels betrayed, it takes a long time for her to forgive and move on. But Caroline had never expected that things would go so […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Star Caroline Stanbury Admits She And Sophie Stanbury Are ‘Broken’

Ladies of London Season 3 Episode 2 featured a showdown between Caroline Stanbury and her sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury. During a tense exchange, Caroline lashed out at Sophie for betraying her in favor of Julie Montagu. As the previous episode showed, Sophie told Julie that Caroline described her as “dangerous.” Sophie told Caroline that she was […]

Caroline Stanbury On ‘Ladies Of London’ Co-Star: Juliet Angus Not A Bad Person?

Caroline Stanbury decided to come back for another season of Ladies of London even though her husband took another job in Dubai. As the season began, Stanbury was getting ready to pack up her home, as new tenants would be renting out her English estate. While she was dealing with the emotions of leaving her […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Caroline Stanbury Explains Treatment Of Julie Montagu, Julie Vows To Fight Back

Season 3 of Ladies of London has just begun, and the drama between Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu has already heated up. On the season 3 premiere episode, Caroline and Julie were shown engaged in a tense argument as everyone else watched. Some viewers might believe that the exchange was really more of Caroline attacking […]

Marissa Hermer Pregnancy: How Her Baby Girl Is Doing These Days After Scary Delivery

Marissa Hermer has returned for another season of Ladies of London, which premiered last night on Bravo. While most of the ladies got together to talk about issues from last year, Marissa was dealing with some serious issues. She remembered back to last year, where she launched her own restaurant in London. But then she […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Returns For Season 3

Ladies of London is returning to Bravo for another season. Caroline Stanbury is the breakout star of the show, and she is joined by three of the original girls for Season 3. Juliet Angus, Julie Montagu, and Marissa Hermer have been through it all and have decided to go for a third round. Last season, […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Update: What’s New For Season 3 As Caroline Stanbury Moves To Dubai

The Ladies of London are back, and they are bringing the drama and more. Caroline Stanbury, Julie Montagu, Juliet Angus, Marissa Hermer, and Caroline Fleming are back, and as a new preview from Bravo shows, they still have the ability to get under each other’s skin. Fans were concerned that the show wouldn’t be back […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Caroline Stanbury Says Goodbye To Series For A Move To Dubai

Just as Ladies Of London Season 4 shooting is wrapped up, star Caroline Stanbury confirmed the rumor that she is renting out her London home and making a trial move to Dubai to spend more time as a family, complete with three children and husband Cem Habib. Caroline Stanbury has been sharing photos of her […]

Cast Of ‘Real Housewives Of Sydney’ Revealed

The cast of Real Housewives of Sydney has been revealed, and they are seven diverse women who know how to bring the drama. Though they might be strangers to American audiences, most are well known in their home country of Australia. Even the cast realizes that they are over the top and eccentric. Though most […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Buzz: Is The Show Canceled As Caroline Stanbury Moves To Dubai?

After two seasons of Ladies of London, loyal fans are devastated to hear that the show might be falling apart. The Queen Bee of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury, has sold her house and is in the process of moving her family to Dubai, so what are fans to think? Earlier in the summer, the […]

‘Ladies Of London’ Season 3 Is A Go, Confirms Caroline Stanbury And Caroline Fleming

Once again, fans of Bravo’s Ladies of London are hearing Fergie singing “London Bridge” in their heads, and that can only mean one thing, that the new season of Ladies of London is in the works, and the ladies are already shooting together. The ladies, including Julie Montagu and Sophie Stanbury (who might just be […]

Julie Montagu And Sophie Stanbury Photo Suggests ‘Ladies Of London’ Season 3 Filming Has Begun

Season 3 of Bravo’s reality show Ladies of London seems to be underway. On Monday, one of the show’s stars, Julie Montagu, posted a photo that suggests that the cast has just begun filming the third season. The photo shows Julie sitting with Sophie Stanbury, who was shown in Season 2 as a recurring cast […]

Lisa Rinna Responds To Brandi Glanville’s Wig Accusation With Help From Caroline Stanbury

Does Lisa Rinna really wear a wig? On Thursday, Lisa finally responded to Brandi Glanville’s claim, made during a conversation with Yolanda Foster on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that Lisa wears a wig and that it must be all the glue from the wig that’s causing her to act […]