Transgender Activist Sarah McBride Wins Democratic Nomination For Delaware State Senate

Transgender activist Sarah McBride won the Democratic nomination for Delaware’s state Senate seat, according to The Hill. By winning the nomination on Tuesday, it brought McBride one step closer to becoming the nation’s highest-ranking transgender elected official. McBride won over 91 percent of the vote for her party’s primary, according to CNN. In a series […]

Grimes Tells Elon Musk To Get Off His Phone After Tweet About Pronouns: ‘Please Stop This’

Grimes and her partner Elon Musk appeared to get into an argument on social media after the Tesla CEO tweeted a statement saying that “pronouns suck.” As Business Insider reported, within minutes, Grimes replied to his tweet. “I love you but please turn off ur phone or give me a dall [sic.],” she wrote. “I […]

Mindy Kaling Stuns In A Patriotic Outfit In New Instagram Post

Bestselling author and actress Mindy Kaling took to Instagram on Saturday, July 4, to show off a patriotic outfit in honor of the holiday. In the quick video that played on a loop, Kaling placed her hands on her hips and danced from side to side. In the photo, Kaling stood outside in the sun […]

Starbucks Reverses Stance, Will Allow Employees To Wear Black Lives Matter Gear

On Friday, Starbucks stated that they would allow employees to wear gear that advocates for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, CNBC reported. This is a reversal from their previous stance, which prohibited employees from wearing clothing, pins, or other accessories that supported BLM. The reversal comes after the company faced backlash on social media […]

Donald Trump Says He Would Vote For A Gay Presidential Candidate

Controversial talk radio host Rush Limbaugh recently suggested that President Donald Trump would “have fun” running against South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the openly gay White House hopeful. Limbaugh made the remarks only days after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, from Trump. The commander in chief does not agree […]

Kevin Feige Confirms First Marvel Transgender Superhero In New Movie

In a recent event at the New York Film Academy, Marvel president Kevin Feige confirmed that a transgender superhero will be hitting the big screen “very soon,” reports The Guardian. Appearing as a guest speaker, Feige spoke about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in new films as well as on Disney Plus. […]

Man Thrown Onto New York City Subway Tracks After Being Hit With Hammer In Reported Homophobic Attack

A man in the Bronx area in New York City was reportedly assaulted with a hammer and pushed onto the New York subway tracks in what’s being described as an anti-gay attack, The New York Daily News reported today. Police sources cited by The New York Daily News, said that a 21-year-old man was waiting […]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn Lowry Changes Her Hair Color & Clarifies Her Sexual Orientation

Kailyn Lowry is no longer a blonde. The 27-year-old reality star showed up on Instagram as a brunette on October 22. This go-getter who is in charge of her own parenting blog and is also an established, New York Times best-selling book author, looks very different now that her hair is darker than it has […]

Middle School Girl Causes Controversy By Wearing A Shirt Reading ‘We’re All Lesbians’

A middle school girl by the name of Justice Cillo-Smith from New Jersey caused quite a controversy regarding LGBTQ issues recently because of a t-shirt. This particular shirt was inspired by the Broadway musical The Prom, which Cillo-Smith had recently seen. The musical follows several high school students who work to help out a fellow […]

Bebe Rexha Talks Getting Bullied Everyday While Wearing Corset & Skintight PVC Pants

In honor of Spirit Day, Bebe Rexha has shared a photo of herself to Instagram while telling a story about her being bullied every day. In her latest upload, Rexha knocked her fans dead in a long-sleeved purple garment, black corset, paired with skintight PVC pants. She sported a pair of black heels and posed […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thinks Straight Pride Parade Should Be Renamed ‘I-Struggle-With-Masculinity’ Parade

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks the Straight Pride Parade needs a new name. The Bronx congresswoman took aim at the controversial parade that took place this weekend in Boston, whose organizers said that they believe straight people have become an oppressed majority in America, Haaretz noted. The parade came under widespread criticism and allegations that it was […]

Donald Trump Has Attacked The LGBT Community At Least 124 Times, GLAAD Says

Following reports that the administration of President Donald Trump has directed the Supreme Court to rule that already-existing protections against gender discrimination in hiring do not protect individuals based on their sexual orientation, GLAAD has charged that the Trump administration’s latest action is at least the 124th action it has committed against the LGBTQ+ community. […]

Lupita Nyong’o And Janelle Monaé Dance Together At London Concert

The internet nearly went into meltdown mode after rumors swirled that Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and actress and singer Janelle Monaé were possibly dating. Now, another clue has been dropped by the two actresses suggesting they might be more than friends after they danced together at one of Monaé’s London concerts, per Page Six. […]

Pete Buttigieg Says He Believes America Has Already Had A Gay President And Didn’t Know It

Pete Buttigieg has a chance to make history as America’s first openly gay president, but the Democratic Party hopeful thinks he wouldn’t actually be the first gay president. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor said in an interview this weekend that it’s likely America has already had its first gay president without realizing it. While there […]

KD Lang Admits That Her ‘Lesbian Relationship’ With Madonna Was Just A Publicity Stunt

One of the biggest and most attention-grabbing relationships of the 1990s was all a hoax, one of those involved now admits. In the early ’90s, there were rumors that openly gay country singer KD Lang was in a relationship with pop superstar Madonna, causing quite a stir in a music industry that had not yet […]

Prosecutors Reviewing Cases Of Tennessee Detective Who Preached That Gays Should Be Executed

Prosecutors in Tennessee are reviewing the cases of a detective who preached to his congregation that gays should be arrested and executed. Grayson Fritts, a detective with the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, delivered an anti-gay sermon to his congregation last weekend that has garnered national attention. As Knox News reported, the detective (who is also […]

Tennessee Cop Grayson Fritts Allegedly Gave Sermon At His Church Calling For Arrest, Execution Of LGBT People

Tennessee sheriff’s deputy Grayson Fritts is in hot water for allegedly giving a sermon at his church calling for the government to arrest and execute members of the LGBT community. The Knox County Attorney General’s Office announced that it is investigating the sermon from the detective, delivered to All Scripture Baptist Church in Knoxville, where […]

Heidi Klum Dances In A Bikini, Sports Rainbow Body Paint To Celebrate Pride Month

Heidi Klum is dancing for joy in a bikini — or dancing for pride, to be more specific. The supermodel and Project Runway star took to Instagram to share a short video of herself rocking a bikini and some rainbow body paint to celebrate the start of Pride Month. In the caption, Klum wrote some […]

Donald Trump Blasted For ‘Fake’ Tweets Celebrating And Recognizing LGBT Pride Month

President Donald Trump has come under fire for his transgender military ban and plans to end Obama-era transgender health care protections, as The Inquisitr previously reported. But that didn’t stop him from sending a message to the LGBT community on Twitter Friday to mark the start of the LGBT Pride Month, per Pop Culture. “As […]

After Abortion Ban, Alabama Now Votes To Eliminate Marriage Licenses

Just weeks after voting to ban abortion, Alabama has now voted to eliminate all marriage licenses in an effort to appease opponents of same-sex marriages, according to Law and Crime. Alabama has moved to make all marriages useless by deciding that Sections 22-9A-17, 30-1-5, 30-1-12, and 30-1-16 of the Code of Alabama should be amended. […]

Feminist Author Naomi Wolf Realizes During On-Air Interview That A Portion Of New Her Book Is Factually Wrong

An author realized during an on-air interview that a portion of her book is inaccurate because of her mistaken interpretation of a historic legal term, The Hill reports. Naomi Wolf, a progressive writer who first came to prominence in the early 1990s as a major proponent of the third wave of the feminist movement and […]

Same-Sex Parents Of Young Girl Fighting Cancer Receive Hateful Message Blaming Their Lifestyle

Social media is a very powerful tool that can be utilized to spread information, as well as for people to seek support from others, regardless of where in the world they may be. The parents of 1-year-old Callie Shaffer created a Facebook page shortly after their daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma back in January of […]

Donald Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Is Now In Effect

The Trump administration’s controversial ban on transgender individuals in the military went into effect on Friday. CBS News reports that the regulation prevents transgender troops from serving in the United States military and prevents any use of Department of Defense (DoD) or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) resources for sex reassignment surgeries. The DoD estimates […]

Pete Buttigieg On Mike Pence Opposing Same-Sex Marriage: ‘Your Quarrel, Sir, Is With My Creator’

Hours after an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press where he questioned the hypocrisy of evangelical Christians’ support for Donald Trump, Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg raised his issue with Mike Pence, according to USA Today. Taking the stage Sunday at a fundraising brunch for a group that supports LGBTQ candidates, the openly gay mayor […]

Seven In 10 Americans Are Totally Fine With A Gay Presidential Candidate

The Americans’ perception on sexual orientation — especially as it relates to people holding public office — is changing dramatically. According to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, nearly 70 percent of Americans are completely fine with a gay presidential candidate. This would be very good news for South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who […]

Pete Buttigieg Proposes Chick-fil-A Compromise

One of the Democratic presidential candidates in 2020 has waded into a controversial issue that sets off strong reactions on both sides: whether or not Chick-fil-A should be boycotted. The popular fast-food chicken chain has donated millions of dollars in the past to causes opposed to the legalization of same-sex marriage. In 2012, per Fox […]

Salt Lake City Police Investigating Attack On Gay Man, Alleged Assault Caught On Video

A Salt Lake City man was allegedly assaulted this past weekend after being confronted and questioned about his sexuality, reports the Washington Post. Last Saturday, Sal Trejo and a few of his friends were waiting for their Uber ride to pick them up after enjoying a night out on the town. It seems a few […]

WV Lawmaker Eric Porterfield Doubles Down On Calling LGBQT Community A ‘Modern Ku Klux Klan’

A West Virginia lawmaker has no intent to back down after multiple incendiary remarks about the LGBTQ community that politicians on both sides of the aisle have decried as bigoted and intolerant, CNN reports. Republican Delegate Eric Porterfield of West Virginia’s 27th district, in response to a proposed state bill that would provide anti-discrimination protection […]

Disney Park Will Host First-Ever Pride Parade Celebrating LGBT Community

Disney Parks have long been known to host magical pride events that celebrate the LGBT community, attracting guests from all over the country for unofficial “Gay Days,” and other various pride celebrations. Now, one of the parks is inviting folks from all around the world to celebrate the first, official, sprawling event that will celebrate […]

Jussie Smollett’s Trump-Supporting Attackers Allegedly Shouted ‘This Is MAGA Country’ During Beating

Two Trump-supporting attackers allegedly shouted “This is MAGA country” during an attack on actor Jussie Smollett, leading to a backlash online among those who blame the president’s incendiary rhetoric as a factor in the racist and homophobic attack. The Empire actor was allegedly beaten by two people who yelled racist and homophobic slurs while pouring […]

‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Gorga Slams Jim Marchese For Saying ‘A Gay Son Is A Curse’

A former RHONJ house husband is stirring up drama and embarrassing current members of the cast. Jim Marchese went on an anti-gay rant saying that “nobody is born gay” and that “having a gay son is a curse” on social media. And stepping up to call Marchese out is current star Joe Gorga who is […]

Virginia Teacher Fired After Refusing To Use Transgender Student’s Preferred Pronouns

A teacher in West Point, Virginia, just 40 miles to the east of the state’s capital city, was fired by the school district he teaches in this week because he refused to acknowledge the preferred pronouns of a transgender student in his class. Peter Vlaming, who taught French at West Point High School up until […]

NCAA Decides Lesbian Athlete, Disowned By Her Family, Can Keep Donations Raised To Help Her

A Division I NCAA Cross Country runner from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, was disowned by her family earlier this year after she came out to them as a lesbian, telling her parents before the start of the school year that she had a girlfriend. Emily Scheck, a 19-year-old sophomore at the Catholic school, […]

Ex-Dallas Cowboy Linebacker Comes Out As Gay, Announces Impending Nuptials

A retired football player is set to become the first player from the National Football League, former or current, to enter into a same-sex marriage. Jeff Rohrer, 59, played for the Dallas Cowboys from the years 1982 to 1989. Previous to his NFL career, he also played high school football and also played for Yale […]

Kyrsten Sinema’s Expected Senate Win Seen As Major Step Forward For LGBT Movement

The race between Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally in Arizona still has not officially been called yet, but Sinema’s lead has been growing and many believe that it would now be impossible for McSally to catch her. As Sinema shifts from candidate to likely winner, there is a lot of buzz regarding how her win […]

Kim Davis, KY Clerk Who Refused Same-Sex Marriage Licenses, Loses Election In Rowan County

It’s a small shake-up, hardly a big blue wave, but it is a significant win for LGBT supporters: Kim Davis lost her re-election campaign Tuesday night when she was defeated at the polls by Elwood Caudill, Jr. Davis made national headlines for her decision not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, which stood in […]

Caitlyn Jenner Flaunts Busty Chest In White Bathing Suit To Celebrate Her 69th Birthday

Caitlyn Jenner celebrated her 69th birthday on Sunday with 22-year-old Sophia Hutchins. To commemorate the special day, the two spent a day in the sun at the Mexican resort Los Cabos, reports the Daily Mail. Jenner and Hutchins were photographed walking to the pool in loose, colorful dusters. Jenner paired hers with a white, low-cut […]

Record Number Of LGBTQ+ Characters On TV, According To GLAAD Report

Over the years, the LGBTQ+ community has faced its share of setbacks in the fight for inclusion and proper representation in media, but it seems things might finally be looking up. According to an annual report published by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), the representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer characters […]

How The New Show, ‘The Bi Life,’ Is Creating Visibility And Breaking Barriers

According to BBC, a new show started on E! this week called The Bi Life. The reality show follows bisexual participants who live in Barcelona as they “go on dates with other people from outside the group.” This fact alone makes the show unique, as reality shows typically follow the romantic affairs between housemates rather […]

Tim Cook Considers Being Gay ‘God’s Greatest Gift’ To Him

It has been four years since Tim Cook made history by becoming the first head of a Fortune 500 company to announce that he is gay, and when addressing his sexuality today, the Apple CEO rehashed the same metaphor that he used to express his liberation then. “I’m very proud of it. To me, it […]

Trump Administration To Deny Visa For Unmarried Partners Of LGBT Diplomats

The new visa policy of the Trump administration has a stricter stance for partners of LGBT diplomats, one that can get them in trouble when they go back to their home country. Starting Oct. 1, the U.S. State Department will no longer provide visas for the same-sex domestic partners of foreign diplomats and staffers of […]

L.A. Lakers Will Host Its First-Ever Pride Night Next Month

The Los Angeles Lakers announced that the organization will host its first-ever Pride Night on Oct. 4, the team announced on Friday in a statement. The celebration will take place during a preseason game against the Sacramento Kings at the Staples Center. The night will “celebrate diversity, inclusion, and unity by hosting members and supporters […]

Kenyan Ban On Lesbian Romance Film ‘Rafiki’ Temporary Lifted

Until just recently, the Kenyan romantic drama Rafiki was banned in its home country. This was due to the ruling that the film “promoted” homosexuality, which is still technically illegal in the east African country. While Rafiki flourished as the first selected Kenyan film at the Cannes Film Festival, Kenyan citizens were not allowed to […]

‘Sesame Street’ Writer Confirms Long-Debated Suspicion That Bert & Ernie Are Indeed Gay Lovers

A writer from the beloved children’s television show Sesame Street has revealed that puppets Bert and Ernie, who shared an apartment on the show, are a same-sex couple, reports The Sun. The true nature of Bert and Ernie’s friendship has been long-debated since the show first aired in 1969 and the speculation can now finally […]

Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Her Sexuality

Actress Kristen Stewart spoke about her sexuality to Paris-based Mastermind Magazine, where she was featured on the cover, writes People. The Twilight actress likes to keep things vague when it comes to sexuality. “Yeah, ambiguity is my favorite thing ever. In terms of sexuality? For sure. And also in making films, if you perfectly answer […]

Two Malaysian Women Publicly Caned For Attempting To Have Lesbian Sex

Two Malaysian women, aged 22 and 32, were convicted under Islamic law of attempting to have sex and were publicly caned as punishment, reports The Guardian. The incident took place at the Sharia High Court in Malaysia’s conservative northeastern state of Terengganu on Monday. Two female prison officers gave each woman six strokes of a […]

Facebook Slammed After ‘Gay Cure’ Ads Are Targeted To Young LGBT Users

In a shocking discovery by the Telegraph, Facebook was caught running ads that were discriminatory and predatory towards LGBT youth. The company took the ads down after the publication exposed the advertisements, but it wasn’t before many people were targeted for the “gay cure” messaging that has been slammed for being “aggressive and manipulative.” One […]

Rita Ora Shares Sexy Photo Ahead Of Manchester Pride Festival, She’s ‘So Excited To Be Headlining’

Rita Ora recently posted a sexy photo of herself on Instagram wearing an oversize white dress shirt, slightly pulled apart at the chest to reveal that she’s wearing nothing underneath. Her caption reads, “Looking at this weekend like bring it on! G.A.Y – Manchester Pride (so excited to be headlining!!).” The Manchester Pride Festival is […]

Boston Restaurant Zia Gianna Receives 1-Star Yelp Review Over Pride Flag, Local LGBT Community Rallies

When Nino Barbalace opened an Italian bakery in Dorchester, he named it to honor his greatest culinary influence, his aunt Gianna. The woman behind the name Zia Gianna, as described by the cafe’s website, was the “glue in the family.” “As those who know her will attest, Zia had an innate ability to create community, […]

Paris Jackson Apologizes For ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Singapore Cover

Paris Jackson, who recently confirmed her bisexuality last month, apologized to her LGBTQ+ fans for her Harper’s Bazaar Singapore cover via Twitter on Sunday. Jackson’s apology comes after a writer criticized her for appearing on the cover of a magazine in a country where homosexuality is criminalized, according to Allure. In a scathing editorial titled […]