Kathy Griffin Says She’s Contacted The FBI Over Violent Pro-Trump Video That Depicts Her Being Killed

Comedian Kathy Griffin says she contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after being depicted in a violent, pro-Donald Trump video that depicts her being killed, Yahoo Entertainment reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on Sunday night, a video was shown at a pro-Donald Trump conference at Trump National Doral in Miami. The video […]

Kathy Griffin Trolled President Donald Trump On His Latest Tweet Mocking Adam Schiff

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is no stranger to being dragged online, but tonight, she trolled President Donald Trump on his most recent tweet, mocking Rep. Adam Schiff. Over the past week, Trump has lashed out at Schiff several times on his Twitter account. Early Saturday morning, President Trump retweeted a Fox News video showing that Rep. […]

Andy Cohen Claps Back After Kathy Griffin’s ‘Untrue’ Claims During Feud

Andy Cohen is clapping back against his former friend Kathy Griffin after she made what he calls “untrue” statements over the years in their very public feud which came to a head in 2017. USA Today reported that Cohen, the host of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, claims the comedienne has made up stories about […]

Kathy Griffin Posts Photo-Filled Tribute To Gloria Vanderbilt Two Years After Falling-Out With Anderson Cooper

Kathy Griffin ended her friendship with Anderson Cooper two years ago, but the comedian still had a lot of love for Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. On Monday, Griffin posted a poignant tribute to Gloria Vanderbilt hours after the famed fashion designer and socialite died at age 95. In a photo-filled post to her social media […]

Kathy Griffin & Kristy Swanson Feud Over Trump’s Wall On Twitter

When Kathy Griffin kicked off her weekend, she had no idea she would later go to war against none other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But that’s exactly how it went down when the 58-year-old comedian ended up in a heated exchange with Kristy Swanson over President Donald Trump’s border wall on Twitter, which left […]

Kathy Griffin Speaks Out About Her Mother’s Struggle With Dementia

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently opened up about the emotional struggle she has been going through since her mother, Maggie Griffin, was diagnosed with dementia. Maggie won the hearts of many viewers when she became a regular on Kathy’s Bravo reality series, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, according to CNN. Known for her brash […]

Kathy Griffin Reveals Mother’s Struggle With Dementia In Twitter Post

Kathy Griffin revealed that her mother, Maggie Griffin, is suffering from dementia. In a lengthy Twitter thread, Griffin opened up about her mother’s condition, and the devastating impact it’s had on the comedian. Fans of Griffin will be quick to recognize her mother. Maggie Smith starred alongside her comedian daughter on her reality show My […]

Kathy Griffin To Donate $50K Of Potential Lawsuit Winnings To Time’s Up Organization, Only Keep $1 For Herself

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has been engaged in a tense legal battle with her neighbor for over a year and, according to The Blast, will be making a huge statement with her potential winnings from the lawsuit, vowing to donate any money awarded in her favor to a worthy cause while she only keeps one dollar. […]

Kathy Griffin Shades Megyn Kelly On Twitter For Her Infamous ‘Santa Is White’ Comments

Comedian Kathy Griffin has frequently called people out to express her opinions in the past, and that’s apparently not about to change now, People is reporting. Griffin took to Twitter to post a picture of former U.S. President Barack Obama holding a sack of toys over his shoulder while wearing a Santa hat. “@megynkelly, I […]

Kathy Griffin Announces Split From Boyfriend Randy Bick After 7 Years Together

After 7 years together, Kathy Griffin and Randy Bick have decided to part ways. The comedienne took to her Twitter account yesterday to announce the news of the split, poking fun that she made it public information first before another news outlet was able to pick up the story. Specifically, she pointed at Harvey Levin […]

Here’s How Some Celebrities Reacted Following Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation To The Supreme Court

On Saturday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was officially confirmed as a United States Supreme Court judge in a 50-48 vote. Following the U.S. Senate’s decision, many celebrities took to Twitter to express their reactions, as reported by People. Judge Kavanaugh was already deemed a controversial Supreme Court nominee prior to the sexual assault allegations, […]

Kathy Griffin Blasts Julie Chen Over Les Moonves’ Alleged Treatment Of Janet Jackson

Kathy Griffin has changed her tune on Julie Chen, the CBS host and wife of the network ‘s former CEO and President Les Moonves. In a series of tweets, the comedian — who once doled out zings to the house guests on Chen’s long-running CBS reality show Big Brother and was featured as part of […]

Kathy Griffin Puts Kat Von D On Blast For Choosing Not To Vaccinate Her Child

With the number of measles cases in the United States confirmed by the CDC continuing to rise, the heated debate over whether to vaccinate your children continues to intensify. Those who are pro-vaccination are quick to blame the rise in parents who opt out of vaccinations and those who are anti-vaccination are equally quick to […]

Kate Beckinsale & Kathy Griffin Rock Skimpy Bikinis For Their Own Take On The ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge

Kate Beckinsale and Kathy Griffin show off their amazing bodies in their tongue-in-cheek take on the #inmyfeelings challenge. “Last night, I hosted gay game night at my home,” Griffin posted to Instagram. “I love @KateBeckinsale, but she’s never had any real competition in the beauty department. I decided to challenge her to a bikini contest. […]

Kathy Griffin Laments Chris Hardwick’s ‘Talking Dead’ Return

As Chris Hardwick sets to return as host for the Talking Dead, Kathy Griffin is raging about AMC network’s decision. The network announced Hardwick would return for the after-show in the wake of a misconduct investigation that occurred due to sexual assault accusations. Griffin’s response to this news came in the form of a two-word, […]

Kathy Griffin Discusses Trump Fallout And Fight With Ellen DeGeneres

According to Variety, comedian Kathy Griffin performed a sold out show at the Dolby Theatre on Thursday, where she told jokes and discussed the fallout she faced over her headless Trump photos, and a fight she once had with Ellen DeGeneres. Griffin, who was fired by CNN and Squatty Potty last year for posting a […]

Kathy Griffin Shares Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Beloved Dog Pom Pom

Our furry family members mean everything to us, so when one gets sick or passes away, it is awful and devastating. So was the case Sunday night for comedian Kathy Griffin, who lost her pampered pooch. “Tonight we said goodbye to our beloved Pom Pom. She was 13-years-old. I know many of you got to […]

Kathy Griffin Slams ‘Complicit’ Melania Trump For Child Separation Statement

As Inquisitr has already reported, Melania Trump recently sounded off her thoughts on the current immigration policies and the separation of children and parents. According to the Communications Director Stephanie Grisham, FLOTUS Trump “hates” to see children being separated from their parents, but believes laws exist for a reason. “She believes we need to be […]

Kathy Griffin Slams Kevin Hart For Not Taking On Donald Trump: ‘That’s A Pu**y Move’

Kathy Griffin is calling out a fellow comedian for giving Trump a pass in their stand-up one year after a photo of a decapitated Donald Trump doppelganger almost derailed her career. As USA Today reports, Kathy has slammed Kevin Hart for going easy on Donald Trump, even though Hart is a black man. “I do […]

Tomi Lahren Assaulted: Fox News Contributor Hit With Drinks, Verbally Assaulted At Minneapolis Restaurant

Tomi Lahren was verbally and physically assaulted at a Minneapolis restaurant over the weekend, and none other than Kathy Griffin is coming to her defense, The Washington Times is reporting. On Sunday, the Fox News contributor and her parents went to Sunday brunch at a rooftop restaurant in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, things turned ugly, as People […]

Kathy Griffin Slams Trump On ‘The View,’ Takes Back Her Apology For Beheading Photo

While never one to be coy to express how she feels, Kathy Griffin spouted off a string of expletives during her visit to the ABC morning show The View Monday where she announced that she was withdrawing her apology she gave last year in regard to the photo shoot where the comedian was seen holding […]

Ryan Seacrest’s Accuser Suzie Hardy Gets Job Offer From Kathy Griffin

Ryan Seacrest’s former stylist has received an interesting job offer. One week after celebrity stylist Suzie Hardy’s sexual harassment allegations against Ryan Seacrest were published in a blockbuster Variety article, comedian Kathy Griffin has offered her a job. Hardy, who worked as a personal stylist for Ryan Seacrest from 2007 to 2013, has alleged that […]

Kathy Griffin Sits Out Women’s March, But Remains Supportive

Kathy Griffin is still in the outs with mainstream media and she claims that her presence is still not welcome at the Women’s March because of the controversial photo she did with photographer Tyler Shields last spring where she held up a mock version of President Trump’s head. This photo seemed to cost her many […]

Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper Chemistry Slammed After CNN New Year’s Eve Show, Kathy Griffin Gets The Last Laugh

Andy Cohen had some big shoes to fill as Anderson Cooper’s co-host on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show. Cohen was tapped to replace Cooper’s longtime co-host, Kathy Griffin, on the news network’s live New Year’s Eve countdown show after she was fired for posting a controversial photo of a fake Donald Trump mask last spring. […]

Kathy Griffin Trump Photo: Comedian Un-Apologizes — Again — For Sharing Photo Of Trump’s Severed Head

Kathy Griffin is most definitely not sorry for showing a photo of herself holding a prop that resembled the severed head of Donald Trump. In a recent interview with a British journalist, as People reports, the comedian took back her apology — again — for the photo, saying she regrets nothing. Griffin, 57, sat down […]

Kathy Griffin Gets More Support Than Andy Cohen In LGBT Community

Andy Cohen may be a longtime LGBT advocate and personality, but he isn’t being embraced by the LGBT community during his feud with Kathy Griffin. First, let’s summarize the situation. As the Huffington Post reports, Cohen was very shady when asked (by TMZ) about taking over the New Year’s Eve spot Griffin once held with […]

Andy Cohen Responds To Kathy Griffin’s Scathing Allegations About His Behavior Backstage At Bravo—Fans React

Andy Cohen has issued a response to comedian Kathy Griffin’s blistering allegations about his behavior when she worked for him for nearly 10 years on the Bravo network. Cohen, the Bravo producer, host, and mastermind behind the network’s hit Real Housewives franchise, has denied Griffin’s allegations that he treated her poorly and offered her cocaine […]

Kathy Griffin Slams TMZ Boss Harvey Levin And Bravo Head Andy Cohen In 17-Minute Video

Comedian Kathy Griffin is raising hell toward TMZ head Harvey Levin and Bravo executive producer Andy Cohen for continuing to trash her months after she posed with a bloody likeness of Donald J. Trump. In a 17-minute video released by Griffin early Saturday, the actress states that Levin recently reached out to her to seemingly […]

Kathy Griffin And Lisa Bloom Feud: Comedian And Attorney At Odds After Griffin Goes Public

Just a few months ago, Lisa Bloom stood beside Kathy Griffin during a press conference meant to save Griffin’s comedy career. Now, Kathy Griffin has shocked everyone by firing the feminist attorney over the weekend but she’s not done yet. In a new interview, Kathy explained exactly why she let Lisa go and it looks […]

‘There’s A Nazi In The Oval Office’ Says Kathy Griffin Who Called Trump A ‘Moron’ To ‘Get Rid Of Soon’

Kathy Griffin is no stranger to controversy, not least when it comes to Donald Trump, even going so far as to depict herself holding what looked like the president’s severed head. This time, however, Griffin was making a guest appearance on Network Ten’s The Project when she called Trump a “Nazi.” Griffin, who is currently […]

Barron Trump Taunted Online, Then Rosie O’Donnell Invites The Guy To Dinner?

Despite the White House and the majority of adults in this nation asking that Barron Trump be deemed off limits, as well as any kids of former presidents, it is evident today that people are still going to push the envelope. This time it was the producer of Modern Family who seemingly offered up a […]

Rosie O’Donnell Blasts Trolls Blaming Her For Ex’s Suicide

Rosie O’Donnell is blasting the trolls online after some nasty comments have pointed the finger of blame her way over the suicide death of her ex-wife, Michelle Rounds. The two have been divorced for a couple of years and Rounds had married a new partner and adopted another child in her new relationship, so Rosie […]

Kathy Griffin Loses Sister Joyce To Cancer Just Three Years After Losing Brother To Same Disease

Just three years after losing her beloved brother, Gary, to esophageal cancer, Kathy Griffin is mourning the death of her sister, Joyce, following a long battle with the same disease. Today, Kathy Griffin took to her Instagram to share with her followers that she tragically lost her sister Joyce to cancer. Joyce was only 65-years-old […]

Kathy Griffin Takes Back Apology For Trump Beheading Photo: ‘The Whole Outrage Was BS’

Kathy Griffin says she lost everything—and everybody—in the aftermath of the controversial photo shoot that had her holding the fake decapitated head of Donald Trump. Now, Griffin is taking back her apology for the stunt photo shoot, saying it doesn’t compare to the real life “atrocities” the president of the United States is committing. In […]

Kathy Griffin Ends Her Friendship With Anderson Cooper Over Trump Photo Scandal

Kathy Griffin says she is no longer friends with Anderson Cooper, but she may want to tell him about it. Griffin and Cooper were close friends for 17 years — so close that Kathy also called Anderson’s mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, a personal pal — but it all went out the window after the comedian posted […]

Kathy Griffin Is Completely Bald, But For A Good Reason

After enduring a few months of turmoil for posing with what looked like President Trump’s severed head, Kathy Griffin is back in the public eye, this time without any hair and for a great cause. Griffin’s sister, Joyce, has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatment for the invasive disease. The fervent comedienne […]

Kathy Griffin Is ‘Completely Exonerated’ For Beheaded Donald Trump Photos

Kathy Griffin has finally been “completely exonerated” for the photos that she had done where she looked like she had beheaded Donald Trump. In those pictures, Kathy was seen holding what appeared to be Donald’s bloody head and she didn’t seem to understand what she did that upset people with these photos. Yahoo! shared the […]

Rosie O’Donnell Entices The Masses To ‘Push Trump Off A Cliff’?

It looks like Rosie O’Donnell is back trolling Donald Trump after she recently shared an online game with her Twitter users. The game is titled Push Trump Off A Cliff Again and it lets the user dispose of Trump in several different ways. According to TheBlaze, this has sparked a “rabid” online response once again […]

[Watch] President Shoots Down CNN In ‘Top Gun’ Instagram Meme, Posted By Donald Trump Jr.

Literally days after his father, President Donald Trump, tweeted a video of himself beating up the CNN logo, like a pro wrestler, Trump’s namesake son, Donald Jr., usually called “Don,” just posted a new Top Gun-inspired meme, with the words, “One of the best I’ve seen.” The video, posted by Donald Trump Jr., shows an […]

Kathy Griffin’s Latest Audience Is Secret Service — Agents Grill Comedian On Trump Photo

The Secret Service grilled Kathy Griffin for more than an hour on Monday over the photo she posted online depicting the comedian holding a mock severed head of Donald Trump. The photo caused major outrage back in May with many social media users calling for Griffin to be indicted at the time. While it was […]

Eric Trump, The Latest In The Trump Clan To Go After Johnny Depp

Eric Trump made headlines on Sunday when he came out in condemnation of Johnny Depp’s recent comments about his father. Depp had joked at the 2017 Glastonbury Music Festival that somebody ought to assassinate president Trump—a remark that has landed Depp in hot water. Depp has since apologized for his remarks, stating that he had […]

Kathy Griffin And Anderson Cooper Reportedly Shot CNN Pilot Before Trump ‘Beheading’ Photo

After Kathy Griffin posted a shocking photo depicting Donald Trump being “beheaded,” longtime friend and CNN co-worker Anderson Cooper was among the many celebrities to take a stand against her behavior. In a post to his millions of fans on Twitter, Anderson Cooper wrote, “For the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy […]

Mischa Barton Sex Tape Won’t Be Released: A Judge Just Signed Off On Their Deal

Mischa Barton won’t have to worry about unintentionally winning a few adult video awards for her sex tape, because the judge has just signed off on the O.C. star’s deal with one of her exes. Mischa Barton and her ex-boyfriend Jon Zacharias agreed he would not leak her sex tape or any explicit photos showing […]

Kathy Griffin Tells Elisabeth Hasselbeck To Respect The Office Of The President [Video]

Kathy Griffin ignited a firestorm late last month by posing with a fake, decapitated head of President Donald Trump in a photo shoot. Even many Trump foes in the entertainment industry denounced the photo as disgusting, offensive, and inappropriate. After the blowback, Griffin — who is a strident Trump adversary — took down the images […]

Kathy Griffin Just Want Bail From Jail Time – Will Make More Fun Of POTUS Now

Kathy Griffin is in a lot of trouble after scandalous Donald Trump beheading photo. If the reports are to be believed, then the popular television host will have to face jail time. Griffin is already contacted by Secret Services. The photographer who took Trump’s beheading photo, Tyler Shields, revealed during a recent interview that she […]

Alec Baldwin Defends Kathy Griffin, Says Donald Trump Is A ‘Senile Idiot’

Kathy Griffin has found an ally in fellow comedian Alec Baldwin, who recently came to her defense over the Trump photo controversy that has caused a massive backlash, cost her lucrative gigs and endorsements, and might have ended her career. On Tuesday, Griffin published a photo of herself holding up a bloody, severed head resembling […]

Kathy Griffin ‘Happy’ To Go Direct For President’s 11-Year-Old Son Barron Trump

Kathy Griffin’s infamous beheaded Donald Trump photo shoot is turning into a nightmare event. After the press conference, Griffin’s past has come back to haunt her where she allegedly said that she has no problem going after President Trump’s 11-year-old son Barron Trump. In an old interview, the popular television host Kathy Griffin said that […]

CNN Already Found Kathy Griffin’s NYE Replacement? BFF Anderson Cooper Allegedly Suggests Successor

Entertainer Kathy Griffin is said to feel “betrayed” by CNN reporter and longtime best friend Anderson Cooper after the newsman allegedly did nothing to stop the network from letting the actress go from her position as co-host to Cooper’s year-end television special, according to Fox News. The former My Life On the D-List figure, 56, […]

Kathy Griffin Diagnosed With ‘Diarrhea Of The Mouth’ By Michelle Malkin

Does Kathy Griffin really believe that she’s fooled anyone by holding a press conference claiming that she is now a victim? That’s what the folks on Fox & Friends Weekend want to know, which was part of their discussion on Saturday morning. Griffin declared to the masses that Donald Trump and his family are out […]

Jenelle Evans Gets Political, Gives Ironic Opinion On Infamous Beheading Photo

Teen Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans has been in the spotlight lately quite a bit due to her long ranging custody battle with her mother, Barbara. But today, the reality TV star took the time to address the Trump beheading photo by Kathy Griffin on her Facebook, and the opinion she offered is a little more […]