Jon Gosselin Sparks Engagement Buzz With Date Night Pic With Girlfriend Colleen Conrad: ‘I Love This Woman!’

Jon Gosselin is in love and happy 10 years after his messy divorce from Kate Gosselin. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star posted a new photo to Instagram in which he declared his love for his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, and some fans think it’s time the two get engaged — if they’re not […]

Kate Gosselin Blasts Those Who Have Tried To ‘Destroy’ Her Kids: ‘I Don’t Apologize For My Tears’

Kate Gosselin is in fierce mama bear mode after the latest Kate Plus 8 special. The TLC reality star took to Instagram to pay tribute to her kids with a series of photos from their most recent filming excursion, and to slam those who have tried to hurt them. Kate’s eight kids — Mady and […]

Jon & Kate Gosselin Both Receive Backlash Amid Shocking Allegations That Son Collin Was ‘Mentally Tortured’

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s divorce was finalized a decade ago, but the custody battle and mudslinging live on for the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars. Now that a 10-year gag order has been lifted, Jon is speaking out about his ex-wife’s alleged treatment of their eight children, as reported by The Inquisitr. In […]

Kate Gosselin Welcomes An Unexpected Guest To Her Dinner Table In Surprising Instagram Photo

Kate Gosselin may need to set another plate at her dinner table from now on. The Kate Plus Date star posted a new photo to Instagram which showed four of her kids finishing up a meal alongside the family bird, Zorro, presumably in honor of National Pet Bird Day. In the snap, which can be […]

Jon Gosselin Pays Tribute To His Kids In Massive End-Of-Summer Instagram Post As Kate Remains Silent

Kate Gosselin will have to do a lot of social media posting to catch up to her ex-husband, Jon. The dad of eight posted a massive Instagram tribute to his kids and girlfriend Colleen Conrad as he reflected on their amazing summer together. The 42-year-old former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star shared a huge […]

Jon Gosselin Posts New Photos Of Hannah & Collin On Their First Day Of High School

Jon Gosselin is sending two of his eight kids off to high school. The longtime Jon and Kate Plus 8 star posted a series of photos of his 15-year-old son and daughter, Collin and Hannah, as they embarked on their first day as freshmen at a public high school. In a gallery posted to Instagram, […]

Kate Gosselin Reveals Her ‘Kate Plus Date’ Suitor Jeff Was Dating Another Woman During Filming

Kate Gosselin’s journey to find love has hit a roadblock. The Kate Plus Date star, who ended her season of the TLC reality show by teasing that she was “keeping in touch” with her one of her suitors, has revealed that she found out her final guy was dating someone else during the filming of […]

Kate Gosselin’s Twins Mady & Cara Get Ready To Head To Separate Colleges In New York City

Kate Gosselin will soon have a lot less than eight kids in her Pennsylvania home. The Kate Plus Date star, who currently has custody of six of her eight kids while two sextuplet siblings live with her ex-husband, Jon, is getting ready to send her 18-year-old twin daughters, Mady and Cara, off to college. Now, […]

Kate Gosselin’s Daughter Mady Shows Off Surprising New Look In Photo: ‘Fake…For Now’

Mady Gosselin is showing off a new look in her latest Instagram photo. The 18-year-old Kate Plus Date star, who recently graduated from high school alongside her twin sister, Cara, posted a photo that showed her enjoying what appeared to be an iced coffee drink while sitting in a cafe. Mady wore a casual T-shirt […]

Kate Gosselin Reveals If She’ll Ever Get Married Again: ‘I Don’t Like The ‘M’ Word’

Kate Gosselin probably won’t be walking down the aisle again anytime soon. In a new interview with Fox News, the Kate Plus Date star was asked about her thoughts on remarriage 10 years after her headline-making divorce from Jon Gosselin. And while Kate admitted you can “never say never,” she did dish on her true […]

Kate Gosselin Posts Rare Pic Of Two Of Her Sextuplets As Ex-Husband Jon Has Beach Weekend With Collin & Hannah

Kate Gosselin is enjoying some pool time with her kids — and it looks a lot more fun than the dating pool she’s been dipping into on her spinoff TLC reality show, Kate Plus Date. The busy mom of eight posted a rare Instagram pic of two of her sextuplet teens, Alexis and Aaden, drying […]

Kate Gosselin Admits She Has ‘Trust Issues’ After Jon Gosselin Divorce, Reveals Her No. 1 Date Deal Breaker

Kate Gosselin does not want to revisit her painful past with ex-husband Jon Gosselin. The Kate Plus Date star refused to talk about her split from the father of her eight children when she met up with a new matchmaker on her new TLC reality show. While Kate won’t talk about her 10-year marriage to […]

Kate Gosselin Shares Funny Behind-The-Scenes Moment From ‘Kate Plus Date’

At this point, Kate Gosselin is a reality television veteran. Her life and the lives of her children have been documented for years. First, the entire family starred on Jon and Kate Plus 8, then after Gosselin’s split from her husband, the show rebranded as simply Kate Plus 8. Now that her children are becoming […]

Kate Gosselin Fires Matchmaker Rachel DeAlto After Worst First Date Ever On ‘Kate Plus Date’

Kate Gosselin went through a nasty breakup on the most recent episode of Kate Plus Date—with her matchmaker! The TLC star parted ways with relationship expert Rachel DeAlto after she was set up with the totally wrong guy on the date-themed realty show. On the heels of a whirlwind date with the worldly Jeff, poor […]

Jon Gosselin’s Sweet Birthday Tribute To Girlfriend Colleen Conrad Has Fans Bashing His Ex-Wife Kate

Jon Gosselin posted some sweet words in honor of his girlfriend Colleen Conrad’s birthday, but some of his followers turned it into trash talk aimed at his ex-wife, Kate. Earlier this week, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star posted a sweet birthday tribute to Conrad on Instagram and thanked her for all she […]

Kate Gosselin Shuts Down ‘Monster Mom’ Title, Explains Why Only Some Of Her Kids See Their Father, Jon

Kate Gosselin says she’s not a “monster mom.” The TLC reality star, who currently headlines the new reality dating show Kate Plus Date, told The Jenny McCarthy Show that while she has “high expectations” for her eight kids, she is far from the horrible, controlling mom that has been portrayed in the media. In the […]

Kate Gosselin Reveals What She’s Looking For In A Man

Most people got to know Kate Gosselin back when she was a new mom with a lot of babies. She starred in the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 alongside then-husband, now ex, Jon Gosselin. While that show is now off the air, Kate recently got back into the reality television game with a […]

Kate Gosselin Admits She Had ‘A Lot Of Anger’ During Rocky Marriage To Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin has had a long and lonely road since her divorce from Jon Gosselin 10 years ago. Now, the TLC reality star is documenting her long overdue dating life in the new series Kate Plus Date. On the premiere episode of the spinoff reality show, Kate Gosselin reflected on her tumultuous marriage to the […]

Kate Gosselin Reportedly Only Did Dating Show To Get Back On TV, Not To Actually Find Love

Kate Gosselin is looking for love on her new TLC show but according to an insider, she may have an ulterior motive. As fans of the mother of eight know, Gosselin will appear on a new show titled Kate Plus Date where she will go on dates with a number of different men in order […]

Kate Gosselin Says Tabloids Lied About Her Dating Life, Friend Defends Her After She’s Called An ‘Awful Human’

Kate Gosselin has a lot on her plate, but she’s still ready to date. The TLC star, who is set to headline the dating series Kate Plus Date, posted a trailer for her new show to Instagram. In the clip, the mom of eight stated that she has been single for 10 years, ever since […]

Kate Gosselin Shares Sweet Photos From Her Twin Daughters Mady & Cara’s High School Graduation

Kate Gosselin is celebrating the high school graduation of her two oldest kids, daughters Mady and Cara. The Kate Plus Date star posted to Instagram to share two photos of her twins on their big day. In one photo, Kate poses with Mady and Cara following the graduation ceremony at their private Pennsylvania school. The […]

Kate Gosselin’s Twin Daughters, Mady & Cara, Graduate High School

Kate Gosselin’s oldest daughters just marked a major milestone. Mady and Cara Gosselin, the 18-year-old twin daughters of Kate and her ex-husband Jon, have graduated high school. Mady Gosselin announced the big news by posting an Instagram photo of herself dressed in all white as she smiled alongside two of her biggest supporters: her 15-year-old […]

Jon Gosselin Reveals What He Thinks About Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin’s New Reality Dating Show

Kate Gosselin is preparing for her new reality show Kate Plus Date, but what does her ex-husband Jon Gosselin think about her new endeavor? According to a report from Us Weekly, Jon doesn’t seem too impressed by the latest reality show. On Wednesday, Jon was interviewed by HLN TV, and he revealed what he thinks […]

Kate Gosselin Posts Cryptic Celebration Photo With Roses And Wine

Kate Gosselin has been on an Instagram kick—and she’s showing no signs of stopping. After a long break from the social media site, the mom of eight has posted four times in the past week. But it’s Kate’s most recent post that is raising eyebrows as fans try to figure out what she’s working on. […]

Kate Gosselin Posts Rare Photo Of Her Sextuplet Son As He Gets His Braces Off

Kate Gosselin is having another braces party, and this time the guest of honor is her sextuplet son Joel. The 15-year-old son of the Kate Plus 8 star and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin had his braces removed this week, just days after his birthday. Proud mom of eight Kate took to Instagram to celebrate the […]

Kate Gosselin Goes On Awkward First Dates In ‘Kate Plus Date’ Teaser, Confirms One Guy Is A ‘Good Kisser’

Kate Gosselin’s dating life will soon be on display. A decade after her divorce from Jon Gosselin, the mom of eight’s first dip back into the dating pool is set to play out on the upcoming TLC reality show Kate Plus Date. TLC posted a sneak peek at Gosselin’s new reality show, one which also […]