Mady Gosselin Is Trying To Stay Out Of ‘Family Drama,’ Focus On College

Mady Gosselin, one of the two oldest daughters of Jon and Kate Gosselin, is trying to stay out of “drama” surrounding her family and focus on her college education, InTouch Weekly reported. As People reported in September, Mady’s younger brother, Collin, 16, accused his father of hitting and punching him in an Instagram post that […]

Kate Gosselin Posts Rare Photo Of 16-Year-Old Son As She Declares Her House Is Finally ‘Braces Free’

Kate Gosselin has cause for celebration in her house – and it’s not just because her youngest kids recently turned 16 and are ready to drive. The Kate Plus 8 star shared a new photo to Instagram that marked the end of an era in her Pennsylvania household. In a slideshow shared on her social […]

Jon Gosselin Shares Message To His Estranged Children, Says He Wants All 8 Of His Kids To Hang Out Together

Jon Gosselin says he wants his eight children to spend time together despite the fact that he is completely estranged from his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum, who is currently only speaking to six of his kids, is on a mission to bring all of his offspring back together for […]

Jon Gosselin Reportedly Isn’t Really Speaking To Six Of His Kids

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin is not speaking to six of his eight children, according to Us Weekly. The outlet reported on Monday that Jon is currently only communicating with his two kids that live with him, Collin and Hannah. Jon and Kate Gosselin had twins Madelyn and Cara, 19, in […]

Jon Gosselin Gives Update On His Kids’ Activities And His Estranged Daughters Mady & Cara’s College Life

Jon Gosselin says his kids are doing well, despite his ongoing custody drama with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star gave an update on his kids during a guest appearance on an episode of the “First Class Fatherhood” podcast. When asked about what types of sports and activities his […]

Mady Gosselin Reflects On ‘Challenging, Crazy’ Year In New Instagram Post Amid Jon & Kate’s Ongoing Feud

Mady Gosselin, the 19-year-old twin daughter of Jon and Kate Gosselin, is ready for a new year. The TLC reality star posted a new photo to Instagram as she reflected on her bittersweet 2019. In the photo, Mady looks happy and carefree as she poses in a field of wildflowers. The Kate Plus Date star, […]

Jon Gosselin Says His Marriage To Kate Would Have Failed Even Without Reality TV: ‘Personality Disorders’

Jon Gosselin says reality TV is not to blame for the end of his 10-year marriage to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin. In a new TV interview, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star says his marriage to the mother of his eight children would have likely ended — even if they never had their […]

Jon Gosselin Reveals Hannah & Collin ‘Want To Get Jobs’ As Mom Kate Continues To Make A Living On Reality TV

Jon Gosselin says two of his kids are ready to get regular jobs after spending most of their lives on reality TV. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star revealed that 15-year-old high school freshmen Hannah and Collin, the only two of his eight kids that live with him, are hoping to fill out […]

Jon Gosselin Pays Tribute To Longtime Girlfriend Colleen Conrad

We all remember the way that Jon Gosselin started out on television. He was the exhausted and overworked dad of one set of sextuplets and one set of twins. He and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin made a name for themselves through their reality television series featured on TLC called Jon and Kate Plus 8. Many […]

Jon Gosselin Feels That Kate Was A ‘Trigger’ For Their Son Collin’s Behavioral Issues

Jon and Kate Gosselin, the parents of sextuplets and a set of twins, were divorced nearly a decade ago. Still, they are no closer to setting aside their differences for a peaceful co-parenting relationship. Their famous TLC reality television series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, won over the hearts of many Americans when it first […]

Unpaid Child Support Linked To Kate Gosselin’s 2018 Lawsuit Against Jon

Jon and Kate Gosselin were living relatively normal lives prior to the birth of their infamous sextuplets. Their family of 10 warmed the hearts of many viewers as they appeared on TLC’s popular Jon & Kate Plus 8. Although they were not without their personal flaws, fans enjoyed watching them attempt to manage their busy […]

Collin Gosselin ‘Has The Light Back In His Eyes’ After Jon Is Awarded Custody, Per ‘Us Weekly’

Collin Gosselin is reportedly doing great now that he’s in the care of his father, Jon, Us Weekly is reporting. Collin, 14, is one of the sextuplets who rose to fame with the reality television show Jon and Kate Plus 8. The show documented then-couple Jon and Kate raising their sextuplets, Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, […]

Jon Gosselin Opens Up About Marriage And His Girlfriend Of Four Years

Could wedding bells be in the future for former reality TV star Jon Gosselin and his longtime girlfriend Colleen Conrad? Jon, 41, rocketed to fame with ex-wife Kate Gosselin when they starred in the TLC hit series Jon and Kate Plus 8. The show followed the couple’s adventures with their eight kids, which included twins […]

Jon Gosselin Opens Up On Ex-Wife Kate Missing Custody Hearing: ‘I Would Always Go To Court’

Jon Gosselin expressed disappointment in his ex-wife at We Tv’s Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present & Future event on Tuesday, December 11. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the former reality star talked about winning temporary sole physical and legal custody of his son Collin recently, and how Kate Gosselin did not […]

Kate & Jon Gosselin’s Children Given Court-Appointed Guardian As Custody Battle Rages On

The minor children of Kate and Jon Gosselin have been appointed a guardian by the court that will step in and advocate for the children, reported Radar Online. The co-parenting relationship between Jon and Kate Gosselin has become so contentious that the court felt it was in the best interest of the children to appoint […]

Jon Gosselin Shares Rare Photo Of Christmas Tree Shopping With Son Collin And Daughter Hannah

Christmas season is alive and thriving with the conclusion of the Thanksgiving weekend, and many people took the extra days off of work as an opportunity to get a head start on some holiday decorating, including reality TV personality Jon Gosselin. In a rare photo posted to the former Jon & Kate Plus Eight star’s […]

Kate Gosselin’s Twins Turn 18: You Won’t Believe What They Look Like Now

Cara and Madelyn Gosselin have just celebrated their 18th birthday and you will not believe how much they have changed over their years. It’s hard to believe but the Gosselin twins were just 7-years-old when Jon and Kate Plus 8 first premiered on the Discovery Health Channel on April 10, 2007. But Cara and Mady […]

Jon & Kate Gosselin Still ‘Despise’ Each Other 10 Years After Divorce, Won’t Celebrate Kids’ Birthday Together

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden, and Collin turned 14-years-old this week, but they won’t be able to celebrate the milestone with both of their parents. According to a May 10 report by Entertainment Tonight, Jon and Kate Gosselin still “despise” each other nearly 10 years after their 2009 split. The […]

Jon And Kate Gosselin Custody Battle: Jon Fights To Prove He’s Not A Deadbeat, Money Could Stand In The Way

Last week, it was reported that Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, got into a terrible argument over the custody of their daughter, Hannah, 13. Hannah, one of the sextuplets, reportedly told her father that she did not want to go back to her mother’s house during an exchange of the children in a […]

Kate Gosselin Rumors: Kate Shares Easter Photo With Troubled Son Collin, But Was The Picture A Fake?

Kate Gosselin has, sometimes, been in the news for all the wrong reasons, but the latest Kate Gosselin rumors have the reality TV mom in the news for the right reasons. As Easter was just a few days ago, Kate and her family celebrated, just as many Christians all over the world did as well. […]

Jon Gosselin Rumors: Kate Gosselin’s Ex Says He Will Marry Again

It’s been a while since we heard from everyone’s favorite ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. But you have to hand it to the old chap: once he gets back in the news, he really knows how to make a splash. After making headlines for announcing that he’s becoming a stripper, the latest Jon Gosselin rumors suggest that […]

Jon Gosselin Announces His Big Debut At Male Strip Club: What Does Kate Think?

Jon Gosselin has a new gig—and it has nothing to do with IT, installing solar panels, or even working at TGI Friday’s. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star has announced that he will work as an entertainer at a male revue in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Rumors have been swirling about Gosselin’s “stripping” […]

Jon Gosselin Says Kate Is Keeping The Kids Away From Him

Jon Gosselin has some major regrets about leaving his joint reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 after his split from wife Kate Gosselin. While Kate has made a brand for herself, using the image of her eight children and her last name, Gosselin has found himself outside of that circle and has been in […]

Donald Trump Fires Kate Gosselin As Kenya Moore Sings – Will Jon Gosselin Help Kate? [Video]

You’re fired, Kate Gosselin. That’s what Donald Trump told the mom of eight during Monday night’s Celebrity Apprentice. The episode had a record number of dramatic highs (Ian Ziering showed off his golf greatness) and lows (Kenya Moore decided to demonstrate the art of hip thrusts), reported People magazine. Kenya staged her singing and dancing […]

Kate Gosselin Has ‘No Relationship’ With Ex Jon, Says Only ‘Some Kids’ Visit With Their Dad

Kate Gosselin recently opened up about her relationship with her ex, Jon Gosselin, and said that the two don’t have any kind of relationship anymore. According to Us Weekly, the reality star said that she tries to keep Jon involved in his kids’ lives, but it hasn’t been easy. “I don’t have [a relationship with […]

Jon Gosselin Gets A Job: Father Of Eight Is Working As A DJ

Jon Gosselin (finally) has a job. No, the father of eight isn’t waiting tables, and no, he’s not back in the IT world. According to TMZ, Gosselin is a DJ — or, at least, that’s what he’s trying to be. Evidently a fan of music and “sick beats,” Gosselin has had a few spinning gigs […]

Jon Gosselin Dating Myself: Jon’s Ready To Get To Know Himself, Focus On Kids

Jon Gosselin says “I’m dating myself,” in a new interview that is making headlines this weekend. According to Us Weekly, the father of eight admitted to not really knowing himself after all of these years. Gosselin, 37, recently fell on hard times after getting dumped by his latest girlfriend, and then getting evicted from his […]

Jon Gosselin Says He’d Do ‘Couples Therapy’ With Ex-Wife Kate

Jon Gosselin wants back in! The father of eight has hit rock bottom, recently being evicted from his apartment, and now he says that he’s willing to give reality television another go. In an exclusive interview with Life & Style Magazine, Jon said that he would be willing to do another reality show with his […]

Jon Gosselin ‘Cordial’ With Kate Gosselin, Paid $20 For Video Game At Her Yard Sale

Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin were “cordial” at the yard sale that the reality star held two weeks ago. According to InTouch Weekly, Jon showed up at the event around 10:30 a.m. (the event started at 7 a.m.) to see his kids. While he was there, he scooped up a video game that […]

Jon Gosselin Evicted: Dad Of Eight Failed To Pay Rent, ‘Broke’ Again

Jon Gosselin has been evicted from his home. The former reality star has no place to live after he failed to make his rent payments. According to Yahoo! News, Gosselin is moving out — but it’s unknown where he plans on going. And as far as his eight kids go, sources say that he can […]

Kate Gosselin Accused Of Faking Reality, Slammed By Author Who Dug Through Her Trash

Kate Gosselin is making headlines once again. The reality star has been accused of reading scripts for her reality show on TLC. Naturally, the accusations come from the one and only Robert Hoffman a.k.a. the author who has dedicated a good chunk on his life trying to bring Kate down. According to Radar Online, Hoffman […]

Kate Gosselin Tells Nannies To Listen In On Phone Convos Between Kids And Jon Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin has been in the news a lot lately, thanks in part to her show, Kate Plus 8, getting a reboot of sorts on TLC. While many Kate fans were excited to catch up with the Gosselin kids, there was bound to be some negative press, and so, here it is. According to Radar […]

Kate Gosselin Parenting Skills Slammed By Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin

Its evident television personality Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin have a few wrinkles to iron out, because they definitely aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on some things. However, it’s Jon who decided to go public and express his disdain where his ex-wife is concerned. The man definitely feels some type of way about her parenting […]

Jon Gosselin To Oprah: I Never Cheated On Kate

Jon Gosselin sat down with Oprah Winfrey last night to talk about Kate Gosselin, his divorce, and the well-being of his eight children. Gosselin denied rumors that he cheated on Kate during their marriage and said that he was worried about his kids. Jon said: “The most common misperception [is] that I cheated on my […]

Jon Gosselin Retreats To Forest Life To Escape Paparazzi

Jon Gosselin has had enough of paparazzi searching him out, so the former reality television star is pulling a move straight out of Henry David Thoreau’s playbook and taking to the forest. Gosselin said he’s abandoned his large house in Pennsylvania and tabloid attention in favor of a quiet life “in the woods,” noting that […]

Kate Gosselin Doesn’t Blame The Show For Marriage Demise

Kate Gosselin admits that her marriage would have ended with or without reality TV stardom. There definitely seems to be a trend among reality TV couples. Namely, that the marriage implodes as a direct result of increased exposure, the loss of privacy, the temptations of celebrity, and everything else that reality TV does to turn […]

Jon Gosselin Hits Rock Bottom, Could Face Time In Prison

Jon Gosselin, former reality television star and father of eight children, has recently hit rock bottom, according to a report in a recent issue of Star Magazine. Gosselin claims that his finances have been completely wiped out to the extent that he may not be able to pay his rent. Additionally, Jon could spend some […]

‘Jon And Kate Plus 8’ Editor Arrested For Child Pornography

William Blankinship, 56, a former editor for the TLC reality TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8 has been arrested on child pornography charges in North Carolina. Blankinkship was arrested on October 21 as part of a State Bureau Investigation that rounded up more than 24 men. William at the time of his arrest was […]

Kate Gosselin’s ‘Kate Plus 8’ Axed!

Last week, newly single mom of eight Kate Gosselin did a round of press discussing the new season of her show Kate Plus 8 and her kids’ desire she meet and marry a new guy following her high-profile divorce from ex Jon Gosselin. It looks like Kate will have a bit more time on her […]

25% of Gosselin brood expelled for ‘rage issues’

Although the Gosselin family has managed to stay out of trouble for the last few months, it appears that the kids may not have handled the pressures of being reality show stars and their parents’ high profile divorce all that well. Two of the Gosselins’ eight kids have been booted from their school after having […]

Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht Buyers Bought What….?

We’re not sure how legitimate this screenshot is, but having suffered one episode of the show in the past, we think it might be accurate.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 canceled

The sad saga of Jon and Kate Gosselin, their huge brood of kids and their messy divorce has finally been yanked from the TLC lineup. The ordeal that began with the Gosselin’s fertility issues and ended with the Gosselin tots stuck in the middle as Kate cried and Jon romped with his plastic surgeon’s daughter […]

TLC cuts John, now it’s just “Kate Plus 8”

Dad of 8 and d-list playboy Jon Gosselin has been dumped from the title and main storyline of TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8. Starting November 2nd, the show will officially change titles to Kate Plus 8. No specific reasons were given for the switch, and Jon will still appear in some episodes, but speculation […]

Oh, gross! Gosselin nanny Stephanie Santoro spills Jon’s seduction techniques

Jon Gosselin’s nanny Stephanie Santoro, 23, has spilled to the press about their not so steamy affair, and she didn’t pull any punches. Santoro admits to tapping that exactly nine times, and claims sex with the dad of eight was pretty underwhelming. Gosselin has been lambasted by press for his frat-boy habits, partying with twenty-somethings […]

Confirmed: Jon and Kate Gosselin Divorce Papers Filed – They’re Splitting

It has been confirmed by People magazine that Jon and Kate Gosselin of the hit reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, have already started divorce proceedings. Documents to begin divorce proceedings were filed at the Bucks County Courthouse in Doylestown, Penn., Monday afternoon. In the much hyped episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 […]

Jon and Kate divorce rumors intensify

As reality TV fans speculate that the big announcement is “the Big D,” RadarOnline is reporting that Jon and Kate are indeed going to announce a divorce on Monday’s very special episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. According to the gossip blog’s source, the couple’s tentative July 15th separation date is quickly being moved […]

Jon and Kate to make an announcement, could a divorce be on the books?

TLC has started airing promos for the next episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 that state that Jon and Kate will be making an “announcement.” The ad features Kate’s voice saying that they have made some life changing decisions lately, but naturally doesn’t go any further. The hot gossip is that the couple have […]

Was Kate Gosselin spanking little Leah?

Jon and Kate Plus Eight fans were shocked by pictures and a promo video that appear to show Kate Gosselin spanking a distraught Leah. It’s unclear if the photos, from an upcoming In Touch Weekly, actually depict a spanking. Anyone who has spent time with a toddler knows that face can result from any sort […]

Jon and Kate plus 8 Movie in the works?

Jon and Kate plus 8: The Movie? Reports are coming in from several sources that Jon and Kate plus 8 will soon hit the silver screen as a movie. Jon and Kate plus 8: The Movie The Chicago Sun-Times and the Vancouver Sun are reporting that Jon and Kate Gosselin are currently working on writing […]

Jon and Kate Plus 8 scandal could lead to divorce

Jon and Kate Gosselin from the TLC reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 may be heading for a divorce court due to a cheating scandal. The scandal was sparked by a Us Weekly story earlier this week that claimed Jon was caught leaving a club at 2 am with another woman. According to other […]