Former Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reportedly Announcing Gubernatorial Run

A once-prominent member of former President Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly set to announce their campaign to move into the governor’s mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas. Per a Twitter report from The Washington Post‘s Josh Dawsey, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will officially enter The Natural State’s 2022 gubernatorial race on Monday. Per Dawsey, the 38-year-old — […]

Republican Introduces Bill That Would Cut Off Funding For Schools That Teach ‘NYT’ Project On Slavery

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton, introduced a bill this week that would cut federal funding for any K-12 school district that teaches the 1619 project, a major interactive initiative from The New York Times that examines the history of slavery in the United States, Forbes reported on Thursday. As the report noted, a number of […]

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Statistically Tied In Arkansas, Poll Finds

According to a poll from Talk Business & Politics and Hendrix College released on Sunday, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are statistically tied in the state of Arkansas. The survey, which has a 3.3 percent margin of error, found that Trump enjoys the support of 47 percent of likely Arkansas […]

Arkansas Boy, 9, Dies In A Suspected Dog Attack, Sheriff’s Office Investigating

A 9-year-old boy from Faulkner County, Arkansas has died from a suspected dog attack on Thursday morning, according to a press release issued by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s office. The boy’s mother allegedly asked him to get the mail in the morning. When she realized he had not returned after a few minutes, she went […]

Arkansas Church Claims Jesus Was First To Die From Coronavirus ‘2000 Years Ago’

On Wednesday, Awaken Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas, posted a Facebook message that outlined its intention to continue holding church service amid the coronavirus pandemic, Raw Story reported. In the post, the church claimed that Jesus Christ was the first person to die from COVID-19. “The first death of Covid 19 actually happened 2000 years ago,” […]

Deer Survives Getting Shot, Then Fatally Attacks Hunter Who Shot Him

An Arkansas hunter was fatally gored after shooting a deer that he’d thought he killed, NBC News reports. Thomas Alexander, 66, was hunting from a blind during Arkansas’ muzzle-loader season, when officials say he took aim at a buck and shot the animal. Authorities are still in the process of piecing together what happened next, […]

Arkansas Cheerleaders Under Fire For Holding ‘Make America Great Again’ Banner Before Game

An Arkansas high school cheerleading squad is under fire after holding a pre-game banner that, per some observers, was a partisan political message inappropriate for a public high school, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. The banner said, “Make America Great Again” and “Trump The Leopards!” Last Friday, the cheerleaders from Lake Hamilton High School in Pearcy were […]

Little Rock, Arkansas Neighbors Furious After Homeowner Puts Up Confederate Flag, Hanged Mannequin

Neighbors in a Little Rock, Arkansas, neighborhood are furious with an area homeowner who put up a Confederate flag and hung a mannequin painted black — an apparent reference to lynching — from a tree, Little Rock’s KLRT-TV reports. The offending decorations are in the Greenwood Acres neighborhood, in southwestern Little Rock. The neighborhood consists […]

Arkansas Police Officer Who Fired 15 Shots At Man In Car Will Face No Charges

Prosecutors will not pursue charges against a white police officer in Little Rock, Arkansas, who killed a black man after firing upwards of 15 shots or more through the windshield of a stolen car he was driving, The Guardian reports. On Friday, Larry Jegley, the Pulaski County prosecutor, said that the police officer, Charles Starks, […]

Arkansas Senator Stephanie Flowers Gives Emotional Speech Opposing ‘Stand Your Ground’ Bill

Arkansas Senator Stephanie Flowers gave a tearful speech opposing a “stand your ground” bill, USA Today is reporting. “Stand Your Ground” laws were initially enacted to allow people to defend themselves when they are feeling physically threatened, but the laws quickly became controversial when many unarmed black men were killed and the culprits were let […]

Arkansas Bill Proposed To Change Meaning Of State Flag To Honor Native Americans Instead Of Confederacy

Lately, there has been a push across the United States to remove symbols that seek to honor the Confederacy and the soldiers who fought for it. Those symbols have ranged from statues and monuments to street names in a number of municipalities across the country. The recent moves have been part of a larger effort […]

Arkansas Bridge Closed For Maintenance After Viral Video Shows It Sagging

A bridge that is something of a local landmark in northwest Arkansas has officially been closed for maintenance. While the local community had been crying out for years to repair the bridge that is affectionately called the “Golden Gate of Arkansas,” it took a viral video of a 35-ton bus driving over the 10-ton limit […]

Arkansas Sheriff’s Office Allegedly Makes Perps Wear Nike Shirts In Mug Shots In Dig At Colin Kaepernick

An Arkansas county sheriff has reportedly been making inmates wear Nike shirts in their mugshots, and a local activist claims that the sheriff is using inmates as a prop to make a point about Nike and Colin Kaepernick. Union County, Arkansas, is a small, rural county deep in the woods along the Louisiana border. Local […]

Satan Ruled Out By Arkansas Officials After Mysterious Flames Shoot Toward The Sky

Arkansas officials have been scrambling for answers ever since flames erupted from the earth on September 17 in Midway. So far, every possibility has been ruled out — including the Prince of Darkness. Per the Baxter Bulletin, an investigation by local officials, including Baxter County Judge Mickey Pendergrass, has cleared the Devil of any wrongdoing. […]

‘Ozone Therapy’ Firm Leads Former Arkansas State Officials, College President to Confinement

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette wrote last year that mainstream researchers called “ozone therapy” quackery, but yet a small nonprofit start-up Arkansas Health and Economic Research Inc. won thousands of dollars in state grant funds in 2013 — soon after seeking taxpayer dollars for the first time. Five years later, federal prosecutors handed down sentences to […]

An Arkansas McDonald’s Employee Allegedly Threw Hot Grease On A Customer Following An Argument

A McDonald’s employee allegedly threw hot grease at a customer following a dispute at the drive-up window, KTHV-TV (Little Rock) is reporting. On Sunday, North Little Rock police were called to the restaurant at about 10:48 p.m. following a dust-up in the drive-through lane. It’s not clear what had happened, but apparently, the customer, later […]

Satanic Temple Statue Makes Its Debut At Arkansas State Capitol

Satanic Temple followers congregated in large numbers outside the Arkansas State Capitol on Thursday to attend the unveiling of an eight-feet-tall statue of a creature called Baphomet, according to KATV. Although the striking bronze statue of the goat-faced, winged creature was only allowed on display on the Capitol premises temporarily, it also drew a number […]

Arkansas Man Buys Adult Videos, Wife Allegedly Shoots And Kills Him

A woman in Arkansas was allegedly so irate after finding out that her husband bought adult videos that she felt compelled to shoot and kill him. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has charged Patricia Hill, of 3801 Donaldson Lane in White Hall, with capital murder after finding the man she had been married to, Frank […]

Elderly Arkansas Woman Allegedly Murders Her Husband Over Adult Videos

An Arkansas woman is in jail, charged with murdering her husband because he kept purchasing pornography. As The Pine Bluff Commercial reports, Patricia Hill, 69, allegedly admitted to shooting and killing her husband, Frank E. Hill, 65, because he wouldn’t stop downloading adult videos. At about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Patricia Hill called 911 and […]

Teens Arrested For Taunting Baby With Taser, Posting Video To Snapchat

For many teenage girls around the world, babysitting is a good way to make some money during their free time, and good training for the challenges of motherhood. But for three teenage girls from Conway, Arkansas, babysitting allegedly served as an opportunity to pull a cruel prank on the one-year-old girl they were taking care […]

Sex Offender With No Nose Arrested For Possession Of Child Pornography

A convicted sex offender with no nose has been arrested on charges of possession of child pornography, KFSM-TV is reporting. It’s not clear how, when, or why Joshua Glen Box, 35, lost his nose. But nevertheless, around Fayetteville, Arkansas, he’d undoubtedly be hard to miss. Unfortunately for Box, he only managed to enjoy a life […]

IHOP Manager Apologizes After Kicking Out Family Because Their Boy, Born Without Arms Eats With His Feet

An IHOP (International House of Pancakes) manager has apologized, and her staff will be retrained after she kicked out a family because their son, who was born without arms, ate with his feet, The Miami Herald is reporting. Alexis Bancroft says that she and her family went to the Hot Springs, Arkansas location for some […]

Arkansas Abortion Law Case Turned Down By Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to hear a challenge to an Arkansas abortion law that is among the most restrictive in the country, National Review is reporting. By refusing to hear Planned Parenthood’s challenge to the Diamond State’s 2015 law, the court is essentially allowing it to take effect, likely in mid-July. However, by […]

Arkansas Students Paddled For Participating In National School Walkout, Claims Parent Via ‘The Daily Beast’

As many as three Arkansas high school students were paddled for participating in Wednesday’s National School Walkout against gun violence, The Daily Beast is reporting. On Wednesday, as reported by the Inquisitr, thousands of high school students walked out of class, one month after the Parkland, Florida school shooting, for 17 minutes beginning at 10:00 […]

Trenton Lewis: Single Dad Walked 11 Miles To And From Work Each Day – Until His Co-Workers Stepped Up

Trenton Lewis found himself in the position that far too many Americans find themselves in: broke, with a child to support, and no way to get to work. However, he didn’t let that stop him from doing what he had to do to provide for his 14-month-old daughter, Karmen, according to WTVR-TV (Richmond). For months, […]

Husband Allegedly Stabs Wife To Death After She Changed The TV Channel

Authorities have charged an Arkansas man who went outside for a cigarette break during a football game telecast with capital murder. The suspect allegedly stabbed his wife to death after she changed the television channel away from the game he was watching, and they got into a quarrel after he finished his smoke and went […]

Arkansas Mosque Pays Fine Of Man Who Vandalized, Spray-Painted Swatikas Onto Their Building

An Arkansas mosque has forgiven the man who vandalized the building, even going so far as to pay the miscreant’s four-figure fine so he wouldn’t be destitute, KARK-TV (Little Rock) is reporting. Back in October 2016, Abraham Davis was caught on surveillance cameras vandalizing the Masjid Al Salam mosque in Fort Smith, a northwest Arkansas […]

Arkansas Parents Allegedly Shook Baby To Death, Hid Maggot-Covered Corpse In Closet

An Arkansas couple allegedly shook an infant to death and then tried to hide his or her body in a closet for several weeks if not longer, KNWA (Rogers) is reporting. Police say that Tyler Hobbs, 21, called to report that his 1-year-old child, who has not been identified as being a boy or a […]

Josh Duggar Will Always Be Known As A ‘Molester’ In Arkansas Hometown

Josh Duggar is a sensitive subject among fans of the family. There are two different groups of people who watch Counting On who believe very different things. One group believes that Duggar has redeemed himself through forgiveness and rehab for sex addiction, while the other believes that he was fully aware of his misdeeds and […]

Arkansas Man Accused Of Cruelty To Animals In Donkey Incident, Blames Marijuana For Making Him Do It

An Arkansas man is facing several years behind bars for allegedly having sex with his neighbors’ donkeys and other animals after he was caught on the neighbors’ security camera in flagrante delicto, as the old saying goes. What’s more, he’s blaming The Devil’s Lettuce (that is, marijuana) for making him do “sick things.” KFOR-TV (Oklahoma […]

Arkansas Toddlers Drown After Parents Allegedly Left Them Alone In Truck To Play Pool, Truck Rolled Into Pond

Two Arkansas toddlers drowned after their parents allegedly left them alone in a truck, which then rolled into a pond, CBS News is reporting. Authorities say that Jonathan Daniel Welborn, 30, left the 2-year-old and the 6-month-old strapped in their car seats in his pickup truck, then left them alone in the vehicle while he […]

Little Rock Shooting: 28 Shot, 3 Injured; Terrorism Ruled Out

A shooting incident recently took place at a downtown nightclub in Little Rock, Arkansas early Saturday morning. Local police said 25 were shot during the incident, while three others sustained related injuries. Little Rock Chief of Police Kenton Buckner said that victims who did not sustain gunshot injuries were trampled on as concert goers raced […]

Michael Tate Reed Rammed His Car Into Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument, Streamed The Crash On Facebook

Michael Tate Reed describes himself as a devout Christian man. His Facebook cover photo shows him standing by a large cross, and elsewhere on his page, he proclaims “Jesus is Lord.” Reed is also apparently a firm believer in the constitutional separation of church and state. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 28, […]

5-Year-Old Boy Found Dead Strapped Inside Day Care Center Van In Arkansas

A 5-year-old child is dead and four Arkansas day care workers have been fired over an Ascent Children’s Health Services policy breach. The 5-year-old boy as left inside a hot van all day after the West Memphis area day care center child transport vehicle picked him up around 6:30 in the morning. Local police officials […]

5-Year-Old Dies After Being Left In Daycare Van All Day, Christopher Gardner Jr.’s Family Wants Justice

Christopher Gardner Jr. died after being left in a daycare van all day. The child was only 5-years-old, and so far, Arkansas police have not charged anyone. Now, the boy’s family is speaking out about their devastating loss. They are seeking answers as to how this could happen, and they want justice. On June 12, […]

Former Arkansas Deputy Given Probation After Pleading Guilty To Rape, Urinating On Domestic Abuse Victim

A former Johnson County, Arkansas, Deputy has received six years of probation after pleading guilty to a felony charge of third degree sexual assault while in uniform. According to 40/29 News, Robert G. Retford, 55, could have faced up to 10 years in prison for the crime. The significantly-reduced sentence was allegedly part of a […]

‘Go Live With The N*****s:’ Racist Dad Texts His Hate To White Daughter Over Her Black Prom Date

An Arkansas father reportedly sent his daughter a barrage of hateful texts over her choice to attend her high school prom with an African-American student, according to the Daily Mail. Lake Village native Anna Hayes, a soon-to-be alumna of a high school based in the southern Arkansas city, says that her dad became enraged once […]

More Arkansas Execution News: 3 More Commutation Requests Headed To Governor’s Desk

The unprecedented number of executions in Arkansas has put it squarely in the public’s eye. Arkansas conducted a rare double execution just a day ago, and now three more prisoner’s requests for commutation of their execution sentences have been denied by the Arkansas Parole Board. Bobby Fretwell, Michael Henderson, and Heath Kennedy are all slated […]

Four-Year-Old Girl Falls Out Back Of Church Van On Arkansas Highway, Saved By Firefighter [Video]

The terrifying moment a four-year-old little girl fell out of the back of a church van was captured on the dashcam of a volunteer firefighter. Ryan Ciampoli, an emergency medical technician and volunteer firefighter, was driving behind the van when the back door opened and the little girl fell into the highway. He immediately stopped […]

Arkansas Executes Convicted Murderer Ledell Lee As Battle Continues Over Three Executions Planned This Week

Convicted murderer Ledell Lee was executed Thursday in Arkansas, the first in the state in more than a decade. According to The Washington Post, Ledell, 51, was put to death by lethal injection for the 1995 murder of Debra Reese. Ledell was convicted for fatally beating the woman in her home. His execution was carried […]

Austin Forsyth Job: How Will Joy-Anna Duggar’s Betrothed Support Their Family?

What is Austin Forsyth’s job? That’s the question fans of the older Duggar girls are asking after news broke this week that the fourth-oldest Duggar daughter (and ninth-oldest Duggar kid) and her longtime beau are officially engaged. As of this writing, it’s not 100 percent clear what the 22-year-old’s job is, as it doesn’t appear […]

Loophole Allows Rapists To Sue For Custody Of Child If Mother Chooses Abortion

A new law that is expected to go into effect this spring includes a loophole that would allow a rapist to legally sue his victim if the mother chooses to have an abortion. Arkansas Act 45 includes the ability of family members to block a termination of pregnancy by suing the abortion provider, thus halting […]

Arkansas Road Rage Attack: 911 Tapes Reveal Horror, Despair Of Acen King’s Grandmother, Other Witnesses [Video]

Arkansas authorities have released tapes of several 911 calls following the road rage killing of 3-year-old Acen King, and those tapes reveal the absolute horror and despair felt by Acen’s grandmother and other witnesses who observed the chilling murder. The most shocking and disturbing 911 call came from a witness who watched as Kim King-Macon, […]

Reward Increases To $40,000 In Hunt Of Road Rage Gunman Who Allegedly Shot And Killed 3-Year-Old Acen King

Police officials in Little Rock, Arkansas, say a manhunt is underway for the person responsible for the road rage shooting that killed 3-year-old Acen King, and a reward, which has increased to $40,000, is being offered for more information. According to Arkansas Online, 47-year-old Kim King-Macon was traveling in her 2006 Dodge Charger with her […]

Arkansas 3-Year-Old Acen King Fatally Shot In Road Rage Incident, Is Second Local Toddler Victim Since November [Video]

Tragedy unfolded in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Saturday when 3-year-old Acen King was fatally shot in a road rage incident. The Arkansas toddler and a 1-year-old sibling had been out Christmas shopping with their Grandmother when the horrific incident took place. As Fox 13 Now, reports, the grandmother of Arkansas 3-year-old Acen King had reportedly […]

Acen King: Arkansas Road Rage Shooting In Little Rock, Arkansas, Kills 3-Year-Old Grandson Of Kim King-Macon, $20k Reward Offered For Shooter’s Identity Today

Acen King, the 3-year-old Little Rock, Arkansas, road rage shooting victim, has been identified by the King families’ pastor. Scottie Long of The Mercy Church on Scott Hamilton Drive in Little Rock, Arkansas, came forward with Acen King’s name Sunday afternoon. Below, you can watch a video of Little Rock police chief Kenton Buckner discussing […]

Road Rage Ends In Death Of 3-Year-Old, Arkansas Boy Died Because Grandma Was Driving Too Slow

A 3-year-old Arkansas boy is dead after a man shot him during a road rage incident. The incident occurred after the man became upset that the boy’s grandma was driving too slow. According to police, the grandmother was assaulted on Saturday after a man approached her at a stop sign. According to the grandmother, Kim […]

Arkansas Supreme Court Blocks Birth Certificates For Same-Sex Couples, Cites ‘Basic Biological Truths’ [Video]

The Arkansas Supreme Court has reversed a lower court’s decision regarding the birth certificates of children with same-sex parents. Last December, Little Rock Circuit Judge Tim Fox ruled Arkansas’ ruling that called the state’s demand that both a biological mother and father be identified on birth certificates “infringements on the constitutional due process rights of […]

Maggots In KFC Chicken Dinner Send 5-Year-Old Arkansas Boy To The Hospital [Video]

A 5-year-old Arkansas boy was rushed to the hospital after eating a piece of chicken from a KFC meal that was crawling with live maggots, the Evening Standard is reporting. This article is about to get extremely gross, so the squeamish should look away now. An Arkansas mother visited the KFC location in West Helena, […]

Arkansas Man Posts Facebook Video Of Himself Allegedly Smoking Pot With Three-Year-Old, Promptly Gets Arrested

An Arkansas man is in hot water after posting a video on Facebook showing him allegedly smoking marijuana with a three-year-old, WWMT (Grand Rapids) is reporting. Here’s some free advice: if you’re going to commit a crime, such as child endangerment, it’s best not to brag about it on social media. 17-year-old Lamel Lamont Yancy, […]