Jupiter Was Slammed By Something So Big, Astronomers Saw It From Earth

The planet Jupiter was hit by something on Wednesday night, and the flash was so bright that an amateur astronomer caught it with his backyard telescope, CNET reports. On Wednesday night, August 7, Ethan Chappel was watching the skies when he had his telescope pointed in the right place at the right time. Specifically, it […]

The ‘Strawberry Moon’ Rises Tonight – Here’s The Best Time To View The June Full Moon

The June “Full Strawberry Moon” is nearly upon us and will grace the sky with its glowing presence long after dark on Sunday night. After the stunning “Full Blue Flower Moon” of May – which, incidentally, was the last “Blue Moon” of the decade, as covered by The Inquisitr at the time – tonight’s celestial […]

Jupiter And Some Of Its Brightest Moons Will Be Visible This Month With Just Binoculars

Jupiter and four of its brightest moons will be visible to backyard astronomers with only a pair of binoculars throughout the month of June, CNN reports. This is a rare treat as, most times, only people willing to spend the money on high-quality telescopes are able to view the celestial bodies. Jupiter is almost always […]

The Hubble Space Telescope Has Captured Stunning Images Of A Massive Storm Swirling On Neptune

For the first time, the Hubble Space Telescope has been able to capture stunning images of the massive storm swirling on Neptune which is part of the planet’s Great Dark Spot. As Phys.org reports, while most people are aware that Jupiter has a storm called the Great Red Spot, which is believed to have been […]

A New Study Has Revealed Jupiter’s Incredible Origins, Detailing Its Journey Which Began 4.5 Billion Years Ago

Because the vast majority of gas giant planets are generally found quite close to their respective suns, it has been assumed that Jupiter, too, also formed near the sun. However, new research has revealed that Jupiter is now thought to have originated at a much greater distance from the sun than originally thought. As Phys.org […]

NASA Unveils Stunning New ‘Marble-Like’ Image Of Jupiter, Showcasing Its Spinning Storm

While the Blue Marble image that NASA gifted us in 1972 still remains a breathtakingly beautiful photograph of Jupiter, NASA has just released a stunning new image called Jupiter Marble, which brilliantly captures the planet’s enormous spiraling storm, otherwise known as the Great Red Spot. As CNET reports, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which is so […]

The Intense Magnetic Field Of Jupiter May Be Creating Movement In Europa’s Underground Ocean

A new study has suggested that the intensely powerful magnetic field of Jupiter may be creating movement within the underground ocean of its moon Europa, which was discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610. As Phys.org reports, Ludovic Petitdemange at the Laboratory for Studies of Radiation and Matter in Astrophysics and Atmosphere and Christophe Gissinger from […]

Robert Kraft & Other Suspects Receive No Human Trafficking Charges In Prostitution Sting

When prosecutors in Florida announced last month they had busted several massage parlors on Florida’s Treasure Coast, one that ensnared New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, they described the probe as a “human trafficking investigation.” Much of the subsequent commentary went on to state that penalties against Kraft by his fellow NFL owners should be […]

NASA Unveils A Breathtaking Photo Of The Clouds Over Jupiter

Of all the planets in the solar system, Jupiter is probably the most fascinating and interesting to look at. The gas giant is traversed by a series of swirling cloud layers that run horizontally across the planet’s face — many of them harboring massive storms that stretch for hundreds of miles into Jupiter’s atmosphere. One […]

NASA Scientists Are Busily Designing The Europa Clipper, Which Departs For Jupiter’s Moon In 2023

NASA scientists are currently in the process of designing the Europa Clipper, which will be departing for Jupiter’s mysterious and icy moon Europa in 2023. Once the spacecraft reaches the large system of Jupiter, it will be making 40 daringly close flights directly over Europa so that scientists can learn about the moon’s geology, what […]

Venus And Jupiter Cozy Up In The Sky Tomorrow Morning

As sky watchers are still reliving some of the best moments from last night’s stunning Super Blood “Wolf” Moon, the January total lunar eclipse makes way for another gorgeous celestial display. Bright and early tomorrow morning, two of the brightest planets in the solar system — Venus and Jupiter — will meet one another in […]

Scientists Believe A Special ‘Tunnelbot’ Could Help Scout For Hidden Life On Jupiter’s Moon, Europa

Many scientists believe that a liquid ocean may be lurking deep beneath the ice on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, and with it microbial life, and researchers have recently come up with the clever idea of creating a special nuclear-powered “tunnelbot” to address the situation and scout for life that may be hidden on this moon. As […]

NASA’s Juno Mission Is Nearing Its Mid-Season Finale

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter’s system for nearly 2.5 years. Originally slated to come to an end in mid-July after the space probe’s 13th flyby of the gas giant, the mission received a much-welcomed extension earlier this year. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the spacecraft will keep on buzzing Jupiter until July 2021 […]

NASA’s Juno Probe Has Given Us A Stunning New Image Of ‘Oil Painting’ Storms And ‘Swirling Clouds’ On Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has captured a stunning new image of storms in Jupiter’s North Temperate Belt that features white ‘pop-up’ clouds and an impressionistic scene of ‘oil painting’ tempests on the planet. As the Daily Mail reported, NASA recently comment on the image, saying “Appearing in the scene are several bright-white ‘pop-up’ clouds as well […]

NASA Has Approved Mission For 2021 Launch Of Lucy Spacecraft To Study Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids

A NASA mission known as Lucy, that had been proposed so the space agency could thoroughly study six asteroids that form Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, has not only been officially approved, it has also been handed both a budget and a schedule after a review of the plan turned out to be successful. As Space reported, […]

Jupiter Moon Europa’s Ice Spikes May Endanger Robot Landers

Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa is one of the worlds in the solar system that scientists think may possibly host life. Exploring the 1,900-mile-wide satellite, however, would pose extraordinary challenges. Findings of a new study have suggested that the equatorial regions of Europa, which harbors an ocean of salty liquid water beneath its icy crust, may […]

Jupiter’s Magnetic Field Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen, Finds New Juno Study

Jupiter’s magnetic field is truly unique, reveals a new study just published in the journal Nature. The gas giant, the biggest planet in our solar system, not only has the strongest magnetic field of all the other planets, but also the most unusual one. “We find that Jupiter’s magnetic field is different from all other […]

Jupiter’s Galilean Moons Shine In The Sky Tomorrow Night

September promises to be another busy month for passionate sky watchers and will be putting on a great show in the upcoming weeks, centered around some spectacular views of the Milky Way which you wouldn’t want to miss. Many exciting planetary sightings are also in the mix, as the Inquisitr recently reported, with Neptune reaching […]

Scientists Have Discovered Water Clouds Lurking In Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Which Raises Possibility Of Life

In what marks a first in the history of the exploration of Jupiter, scientists have discovered water clouds lurking deep in the planet’s Great Red Spot. This storm, which has lasted for centuries, and is more massive than Earth, may hold clues as to how Jupiter developed and if indeed life has ever been present […]

Astronomers Crack The Secret Of Jupiter’s Colorful Cloud Bands

Jupiter has mesmerizing clouds. First spotted by Galileo 400 years ago, the Jovian clouds traverse the gas giant in vividly colorful bands, one of the most famous of them being the North Temperate Belt — a cyclonic red-orange band that spins around the planet in the northern hemisphere, the Inquisitr previously reported. But how Jupiter […]

Stunning Juno Image Captures The Clouds Over Jupiter On Latest Flyby

Jovian clouds are completely astounding, as much of the footage from NASA’s Juno spacecraft has revealed in the last two years since the space probe has been orbiting Jupiter. For instance, during the spacecraft’s 13th flyby of Jupiter on May 23, the JunoCam took spectacular photos of the gas giant’s blue clouds and its Giant […]

Astronomers Spot 12 New Moons Around Jupiter — And One Is Particularly Weird

The hunt for Planet Nine is turning up all sorts of strange discoveries, just like the mysterious rocky object in the Kuiper Belt the Inquisitr reported on earlier this year. In this particular case, astronomers looking for the elusive Planet X beyond Pluto ended up finding an extra set of moons around Jupiter, Science Daily […]

A New Study Has Shown That The Moons Of Jupiter Are Leaving A Footprint In The Planet’s Aurorae

An international group of scientists from Belgium, the U.S., and Italy have published a new study showing that Jupiter’s Io and Ganymede moons are leaving a noticeable set of footprints in the planet’s bright aurorae. While Earth has its own aurora, the aurorae of Jupiter is remarkably different when it comes to how it is […]

Astronomers To Study Jupiter’s Stunning Great Red Spot In Depth With NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

While scientists have been closely monitoring Jupiter’s Great Red Spot since 1830, with the storm raging for over 350 years, they will now be employing NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to learn more about this unusual location on the planet. As Science Daily report, the University of Leicester’s Leigh Fletcher is in charge of the […]

It’s Official: Juno Spacecraft To Keep On Buzzing Jupiter For 3 More Years

NASA’s $1 billion Juno mission just got a much-needed extension. The space agency announced today that the Juno spacecraft will continue its scientific operations in Jupiter’s system until July 2021. This gives the Juno probe an additional 41 months to carry out its primary science objectives, NASA pointed out. “An independent panel of experts confirmed […]

‘Same But Different’: Lightning On Jupiter Is Surprisingly Similar To That On Earth, Reveals Juno Study

We’ve known that Jupiter has lightning ever since the Voyager 1 spacecraft made its first flyby of the gas giant in 1979. But the origin of Jovian lightning has remained a mystery up until another famous flyby of Jupiter, this time by the Juno spacecraft. Buzzing the largest planet in our solar system for the […]

NASA Reportedly Tacks On 3 More Years To Juno’s Journey Around Jupiter

NASA’s Juno probe was originally supposed to meet a similar fate this year, following in the footsteps of the Cassini spacecraft, which crash-landed into Saturn last year, almost two decades after its launch. But reports are suggesting that the probe might remain on Jupiter for at least another three years, allowing NASA to keep learning […]

A New Study Shows Saturn Has Very Special Auroras That Even Show Up In The Daytime At Noon

A group of researchers has just made the astonishing discovery that Saturn has auroras that can be seen during the day, with some even appearing at noon, and this is all made possible by the super fast rotation of this planet. For their new study, scientists analyzed the large amount of data that was recorded […]

The Sky In June: ‘Strawberry Moon,’ Naked-Eye Asteroid And Amazing Views Of Saturn, Jupiter, And Mars

June promises to be a real treat for stargazers, as many celestial displays are set to unfold by the end of the month. Planet sightings are aplenty, as June’s sky will feature spectacular views of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The video below, released yesterday by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, provides […]

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Looks Puzzling In This New Juno Photo Processed By Citizen Scientists

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a true wonder of nature. This massive vortex — a powerful hurricane that has been raging over the planet’s surface for more than 350 years — is an anticyclone, just like the giant dark storm spotted on Neptune earlier this year by NASA’s Hubble Telescope. Fostered by the gas giant’s […]

NASA To Unveil New Findings On Jupiter’s Moon Europa Later Today

NASA has new important things to tell us about Jupiter’s moon Europa and its potential to harbor life. The smallest of the four Galilean moons — named after their discoverer, Galileo Galilei — Europa is perhaps one of the most captivating among Jupiter’s satellites. This icy moon has long been regarded as one of our […]

Earth’s Climate May Have Been Affected By Past Gravitational Pull From Jupiter And Venus, New Study Says

Scientists had previously speculated that the gravitational pull from Jupiter and Venus could be affecting the Earth, and now a new study reveals that may be true. As USA Today reported, a new study, published on Tuesday by the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences (PNAS), says that Venus and Jupiter’s gravitational pull is […]

Jupiter Is Pretty But ‘Neptune Is Better,’ Ariana Grande Tweeted — And NASA Graciously Replied

Jupiter and Neptune are truly remarkable. The iconic images from NASA’s Juno and Voyager 2 missions have certainly proven it by capturing the great gas giants in all their respective splendor. Ariana Grande has noticed it too, Space.com reports, revealing that the pop star took to Twitter on May 5 to profess her admiration for […]

Ganymede: Jupiter’s Biggest Moon Reveals Its Secrets For The First Time In 20 Years

More than two decades ago, NASA’s Galileo spacecraft did its first flyby of Ganymede. The Galileo mission lasted for almost eight years, from 1996 to 2003, during which time the spacecraft made six targeted flybys of Jupiter’s biggest moon. But the most exciting discoveries were made during the spacecraft’s maiden voyage, dated June 27, 1996. […]

NASA’s Juno Probe Documents Solar Storms On Jupiter’s North Pole In New Video

Earlier this week, NASA revealed a new three-dimensional video shot by the agency’s Juno spacecraft, documenting the intense storms that take place near Jupiter’s north pole. According to a news release from NASA, the 80-second video included infrared imagery taken by Juno’s Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper (JIRAM), an instrument described as being able to accurately […]

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Growing Taller, Changing Color As It Shrinks, Reports NASA

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is changing as the years pass, and based on NASA’s latest observations, it continues growing smaller in size, while becoming taller and becoming more of an “orange spot” rather than a red one. As noted by NASA, the past 150 years or so have seen the Great Red Spot contract, and […]

Juno Unveils The Mysteries Of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot [Video]

A video has been released on Monday showing Juno spacecraft diving into Jupiter’s swirling clouds through Great Red Spot storm. With this simulated journey, it unveils the mysteries of the Great Red Spot storm that might have existed for over 350 years. Scientists have gathered information during the flyby of Juno spacecraft over the Great […]

View The Strange Churning Swirls Of Jupiter’s Blue Clouds Like A Painting

NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured an image of Jupiter’s clouds, which are strangely swirling and have striking shades of blue. The image was taken in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere on Oct. 24 at 10:24 a.m. PDT. NASA stated that the Juno spacecraft was about 11,747 miles from the tops of Jupiter’s clouds when it took the photo. […]

Giant Exoplanet 13 Times Larger Than Jupiter Found Hidden In The Middle Of Our Galaxy

Astronomers spotted a monster-planet of massive proportions tucked away in the center of The Milky Way, and the surprise keeps getting bigger as the mystery unfolds and more puzzling details come to light. The giant exoplanet was first sighted last June by the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE), through a technique called microlensing. Normally, astronomers […]

NASA’s Juno Probe Reconnects One Week After Eighth Jupiter Flyby Following Solar Conjunction

Earlier this week, NASA’s Juno probe officially completed its eighth science flyby of Jupiter, establishing contact with the space agency seven days after the flyby took place due to a solar conjunction. According to a report from Space.com, Juno made its way by Jupiter on October 24, but was not able to transmit any data […]

NASA’s Juno Probe Releases Closest Images Yet Of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot And They Are Breathtaking

NASA has released the “best pictures ever” of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot yet, which were captured when the Juno spacecraft flew over the gas giant’s 10-000-mile-wide-storm on Monday night, BBC reports. The U.S. space agency’s Juno probe has been in orbit around Jupiter for a year, with each complete elliptical rotation lasting 53 days. On […]

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft To Celebrate First Year In Orbit By Flying Over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

On the evening of July 4, 2016, NASA’s Juno spacecraft entered Jupiter’s orbit, slightly less than five years after the craft was launched. And it would seem that the space agency wants to celebrate this first anniversary in orbit in style, as Juno will be flying directly over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. According to a […]

Tiger Woods Blames Prescription Medication For DUI Arrest, Issues Apology To ‘Family, Friends And Fans’

Golf legend Tiger Woods has claimed in a statement to media outlets after he was arrested in Florida early on Monday on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) that alcohol was “not involved” in his arrest. Woods blamed his arrest on an “unexpected reaction to prescribed medication.” He also issued an apology to “family, […]

Hey Jupiter: Results And Images From NASA’s Juno Mission Prompt Scientists To See Planet In A Whole New Light

NASA’s Juno mission just released the initial results of its Jupiter probe, prompting scientists to rethink their entire assessment of the gas giant, NASA reports. Led by Southwest Research Institute’s Dr. Scott Brown, NASA’s Juno spacecraft was launched into space on August 5, 2011 and reached Jupiter’s orbit on July 4, 2016, staying within 2,600 […]

Europa: Hubble Telescope Spots Possible Water Plumes On One Of Jupiter’s Moons Again

Europa, the fourth largest moon of Jupiter, is a place of interest for many. Europa is believed to have a massive subsurface ocean, and back in the fall of 2016, it was announced that the Hubble Telescope had spotted what may have been water plumes erupting from its surface, as NASA described at the time. […]

Trump Budget Hurts NASA’s Chance Of Shooting Down Asteroids, Finding Alien Life

Trump’s new budget proposal would axe NASA’s Europa lander mission, end the space agency’s Asteroid Redirect Mission, and complicate efforts to develop technology to shoot down dangerous space rocks. The president’s proposal for NASA earmarks $19.1 billion for the space agency but eliminates some programs that have been under development for years, NASA’s acting administrator […]

Jupiter: NASA’s Juno Probe Will Remain In Long Orbit Around Gas Giant

Jupiter, the fifth and largest planet in the solar system, is currently being studied by NASA’s Juno space probe. Juno, a reported $1.1 billion mission, was first launched in the summer of 2011. After nearly five years of traveling through space, it successfully began orbiting the gas giant in July of last year, according to […]

Europa: New NASA Report Details Potential Lander Mission To A Moon Of Jupiter

Europa, one of the Galilean Moons, which are the four largest moons of Jupiter, has long been a place of interest for many scientists. While Jupiter has over 60 known satellites, Europa is perhaps one of the most famous and interesting. Europa is believed to harbor a subsurface ocean beneath its icy crust, and according […]

Triple Homicide: Jupiter Police Arrest One Person On Federal Firearms Charge

Four days after the mysterious Jupiter triple homicide case shocked local residents, investigating officers have yet to make a significant breakthrough. According to the Palm Beach Post, the FBI has arrested the renter of the house where the triple murders took place on February 5. According to Jupiter Police Chief Frank Kitzerow, the arrested man […]

Alien Life Found On Enceladus Or Europa: Scientist Predicts Extraterrestrials Discovered In 2017

The search for living organisms on other worlds — alien life — is ever ongoing, and it came up empty again in the calendar year of 2016, but a physicist in the United Kingdom believes that everything will change in 2017 and extraterrestrial life will finally be discovered. He suggests that it won’t come from […]