‘Judge Judy’ Reality Courtroom Drama To End After 25 Years

One of TV‘s most popular shows, Judge Judy, is coming to an end in 2021 after 25 seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Judge Judy Sheindlin, the show’s namesake, spoke about the end of the long-running series in an upcoming interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “I’ve had a 25-year marriage with CBS and it’s been successful,” […]

Judge Judy Vows To Fight Bernie Sanders’ Revolution ‘To The Death’

Iconic television star Judge Judy, real name is Judy Sheindlin, who is supporting Michael Bloomberg for president, recently spoke out against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his revolution. Per The New York Post, Sheindlin revealed her feelings while speaking to local affiliate Fox 25 during a Bloomberg campaign stop in Oklahoma City. “I was born […]

‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Hoping The Poodle Is A Familiar Face

The Masked Singer fans have come up with some very interesting and even hilarious, guesses about who the performances behind the masks may be. However, one guess for the poodle has fans returning each week to see if it could be possible. According to a report by Country Living, viewers of The Masked Singer are […]

Judge Judy Ranks As Highest Paid TV Host In 2018

Judy Sheindlin, more commonly known as Judge Judy, has taken the number one spot for highest paid television hosts in 2018, according to Forbes. Coming in at a whopping $147 million last year, Sheindlin blew Ellen DeGeneres out of the water. She also beat out other high-profile hosts such as Dr. Phil McGraw and Steve […]

Jerry Springer To Return To Television With New Show ‘Judge Jerry’

Jerry Springer will debut a new television show in the fall of 2019, AOL is reporting. Springer is best known for his talk-show, The Jerry Springer Show, which ended in June after 27 years on air. Now, Springer is starting a new show where he will oversee a courtroom, similar to the hit show Judge […]

Judge Judy Tells Ellen DeGeneres Why She Won’t Be Retiring Anytime Soon

Judge Judy Sheindlin has been shocking television viewers for 23 years. Now 76-years-old, she has no plans to step away from her show anytime soon. According to Today, Judge Judy has a little more than two years left on her contract, after which she hopes to continue doing what she loves. While on the Ellen […]

Judge Judy Opens Up About Feminism [Video]

Judge Judy has gone on record about whether she considers herself part of the feminist movement. When asked if she is a feminist, the feisty former New York City family court judge, who first gained national prominence on 60 minutes, responded, “I don’t think so.” She “revealed she has a unique perspective that does not […]

How Amy Schumer Ended Up At A Judge Judy Taping…

Amy Schumer fans were shocked when they saw the comedian/actress’s face in the audience during a recent episode of Judge Judy. Schumer confirmed that she attended a taping because she’s a huge fan of the show. “Hell yeah! You know I was in the audience on #judgejudy,” the actress wrote in a post on Instagram […]

Judge Judy’s Income Just Went Through The Roof: Top-Rated TV Judge Gets Massive CBS Payday And A 25th Season

Judge Judy Sheindlin is already TV’s highest paid personality. The syndicated celebrity judge brings in a whopping $47 million annually thanks to her top-rated show. Judge Judy’s courtroom-themed reality show has been ranked No. 1 in all of TV syndication for the past eight years, drawing upward of 10 million viewers per day. Now, Sheindlin […]

A Dream Come True: Watch Amy Schumer Sit In Judge Judy’s Chair

The show has been running for 21 years and has produced nearly 6,000 episodes to date. In this courtroom, “The people are real, the cases are real, the rulings are final.” The cases may be real, but there’s no shortage of absurdity in the stories that are brought before Judge Judy Sheindlin. From stolen pets […]

Judge Judy Goes Ballistic On 21-Year-Old Show Guest With 10 Kids Who Says He Slept With Her Daughter

In an undated television episode of Judge Judy’s show, which bears her name, one man who fathered nearly a dozen kids with different mothers, got the third degree from the judge. His suggestion that one of the moms was her daughter — an attempt at humor — didn’t go too well. If you follow the […]

Jerry Sheindlin Affair: Judge Judy’s Husband Caught In Bed With Woman 25 Years Younger, Report Claims

Judge Judy could soon have some marital drama, with a report claiming that her husband Jerry Sheindlin was caught having an affair — with a woman more than two decades younger than him. The report of the television judge’s betrayal came from In Touch magazine, which spilled details of the alleged affair in its most […]

Judge Judy Gives Advice To Sarah Palin For Her New Courtroom Show [Video]

Judge Judy Sheindlin was out and about in Beverly Hills, California, on Easter Sunday when TMZ sought her reaction to the news of Sarah Palin’s new courtroom TV reality show similar to the no-nonsense judge’s own long-running program. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Palin apparently signed a deal back in February with Warm Springs, a […]

Sarah Palin To Get Her Own ‘Judge Judy’-Style Courtroom Show

Sarah Palin has signed a deal to get her own Judge Judy-style courtroom TV show even though she’s never been a judge and doesn’t even have a law degree, MSN is reporting. According to a source close to the negotiations, Palin signed the deal back in February with Warm Springs, a Montana-based production company. She […]

Sarah Palin: Did She Really Just Sign A Deal To Get Her Own Courtroom-Reality TV Show? Watch Out ‘Judge Judy’, Here She Comes!

Watch out Judge Judy‘! Sarah Palin is stepping up to the bench. She recently signed a deal for her own courtroom-related reality show. Yes, you heard that right. Will the defendant please approach the bench! According to People, Palin signed on the dotted line in February. She is collaborating with a production company in Warm […]

Is Judge Judy On The Supreme Court? 10% Of Recent College Grads Think So…Or Do They?

Judge Judy Sheindlin is a Supreme Court Justice according to 10 percent of recent college graduates in a poll conducted by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. Time reports that those polled may have been thrown off by the researchers’ use of Judge Judy’s actual given name of Judith Sheindlin, but still, the fact […]

Judge Tells Defendant That He’d Be Raped And Be ‘Somebody’s B—h’ In Prison

Defendants have to stand before judges every day. If they watch enough Judge Judy, they might even know what to expect. However, this defendant had his world flipped. This particular judge, Christina Argyres, wanted to try a different tactic with first-time offender Isaiah Gay, 20. Gay was being brought up on charges for residential burglaries […]

Judge Judy Purse Case Defendant Incriminates Himself, And Five Other Hilarious Clips [Video]

Judge Judy has been dishing out her brand of televised justice for almost two decades now, so it must come as a relief whenever a plaintiff or defendant basically does her job for her. In a short clip from a purse-snatching case, which resurfaced this week and quickly went viral, the defendant almost immediately incriminates […]

‘Judge Judy’: Man Claims Show Outed Him Without Consent, Ruined His Life

A man recently claimed that the reality court show, Judge Judy, ruined his life after he appeared on it last month. In an interview with Radar Online, David Kohalisky claimed that Judge Judy star Judy Sheindlin “destroyed” him on the TV show during a June 17 appearance. “She destroyed me on national TV and being […]

Judge Judy Once Handled Case For Baltimore State Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

Marilyn James Mosby is currently the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, Maryland. Five generations of her family were in law enforcement, and her grandfather was one of the first African-American police officers in Massachusetts. District Attorney Marilyn Mosby is the one responsible for charging six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray. Mosby has […]

Woman Appears On ‘Judge Judy’: On Flight Home, Steals iPad, And Puts Passenger’s Passport In Her Underwear

Usually, people end up appearing on Judge Judy to help them get over some petty squabbles and settle legal issues. It’s not often that those same people end up needing to go to real court after the show is over. A woman flying home to New York after appearing on the show in Los Angeles […]

Judge Judy Inks New Multi-Year TV Contract

Jude Judy will be wielding the gavel on television until the year 2020, at least. Judy Sheindlin has signed a new contract with CBS TV Distribution to continue her daily small claims court show for five more years. She had three years left on her existing deal, which was signed in April 2013. To appear […]

Judge Judy Comes To Primetime TV In New Special

Judy Sheindlin, the tough judge known by many as daytime television’s “Judge Judy” is now coming to primetime television. The special, simply called “Judge Judy Primetime” will air on May 20th on CBS at 8pm EST. This one hour show will feature Judy dispensing her no-nonsense justice on a whole new crop of cases, picked […]

Justin Bieber Judged ‘A Fool’ By Judge Judy Amid ‘Stumbling’ Jail Footage Release

Justin Bieber should think himself lucky none of his upcoming court cases are before Judge Judy Sheindlin. The 71-year-old weighed in on the embattled teen star, calling him “a fool.” Speaking to CBS News in Los Angeles, the courtroom show host took aim at Bieber with characteristic vigor. “Being a celebrity is a gift. You […]

Judge Judy’s Son Sues Local Sheriff For Interference

Judge Judy’s prosecutor son, has sued the local sheriff for $5 million Wednesday for allegedly interfering in a child rape case. Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy says county sheriff Donald Smith “maliciously attempted to destroy his reputation”. Sheriff Smith fired back saying that the suit is conveniently timed with his re-election campaign, calling it […]

Judge Shira Scheindlin Not Related To Judge Judy, But Often Confused

Judge Shira Scheindlin recently overturned New York City’s controversial stop-and-frisk program as unconstitutional, but her familiar-sounding name sent internet searchers into a quest to see if Shira was related to the other famous Sheindlin, television’s Judge Judy. The answer: Judge Shira Scheindlin is not related to Judge Judy Sheindlin, who as you will note has […]

America Trusts Judge Judy More Than Supreme Court Justices [Poll]

Nine justices sit on the Supreme Court, America’s highest judicial body. But all of that legal authority is trumped by a 5′ 1″ daytime television hellcat named Judge Judy Sheindlin. A recent Reader’s Digest poll shows that America trusts the authority of Judge Judy a lot more than that of the Supreme Court, a group […]

Judge Judy New Deal Extends Contract Through 2017

Judge Judy’s new deal with CBS is a done deal, according to CBS News which announced on Monday that Judy Sheindlin has signed on to extend her contract by two additional years. Since the former New York state family judge’s contract already ran through 2015, she will now be on the air through 2017 — […]

Judge Judy Responds To Lawsuit Over China Dishes

Judge Judy has responded to a recent lawsuit over a set of China dishes. The television personality found herself the subject of a lawsuit after she purchased a set of dishes from producer Randy Douthit. Since the transaction reportedly took place without the consent of his ex-wife Patric Jones, she decided to file a lawsuit […]

Judge Judy Sued Over Expensive Fine China Dishes [Report]

Judge Judy could soon find herself in court. Yep, the TV personality is reportedly being sued by the ex-wife of one of her producers over a collection of expensive fine china. TMZ reports that the lawsuit involves producer Randy Douthit, his ex-wife Patric Jones, and Judge Judith Sheindlin. Douthit allegedly sold Sheindlin a set of […]

Judge Judy Selling Manhattan Apartment For $9 Million [Photos]

Judge Judy and her husband are selling their Manhattan apartment for $9 million. That price will get you a 3,000 square foot, two bedroom, and two and a half bathroom apartment on Fifth Avenue. The judge — whose real name is Judith Sheindlin — and husband Jerry have also converted a wood paneled dining room […]

Judge Judy Reveals Her Bikini Body To Celebrate Her 70th Birthday

Despite celebrating her 70th birthday just a few short weeks ago it’s clear to see that the TV court show host Judge Judith Sheimdlin, aka Judge Judy, has a body that would make most women more than half her age jealous. Appearing on Katie Couric’s new show, Katie, Judy showcased photos from a recent family […]

Judge Judy Earns $123,000 Per Day

Judges make good money, but Judge Judy makes an incredibly insane amount of cash. The famed TV judge is believed to be pulling down $123,000 per day. If you do the math, Judge Judy is making approximately $45 million a year for dishing out her own version of justice to rednecks, crazy people, and all […]

Kim Kardashian, Judge Judy, And Carrie Fisher Celebrate Birthdays Today

Kim Kardashian and Judge Judy may not appear to have very much in common, but both women are celebrating birthdays today. According to the Pioneer Press, the pair, along with Carrie Fisher and Twin Peaks co-star Everett McGill, were all born on October 21. Whether they like it or not, these celebrities officially have common […]

Judge Judy on hospitalization: “I just needed a day to chill!”

Yesterday morning in Los Angeles, TV’s Judge Judy Sheindlin was rushed to the hospital. However, Judge Judy’s no-nonsense approach extends to herself and she brushed off the incident when describing it to TMZ’s Harvey Levin. Judy said: “I’m just exhausted, and my body was telling me it needed a day to chill.” She added: “I […]