Juan Pablo Galavis Reacts As Clare Crawley’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Blows Up

Juan Pablo Galavis reacted to ex-girlfriend Clare Crawley’s rocky season of The Bachelorette. After fans tagged him on social media following Clare’s shocking blowout with one of her suitors that referenced one of her most memorable moments from his own season of the show, the former Bachelor star responded. “What HAPPENED tonight? Did I MISS […]

Clare Crawley Dishes On Her ‘Different’ Season Of ‘The Bachelorette’

Clare Crawley appeared on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons—Ever! Monday night to share insider info on her season of The Bachelorette for the first time. Chris Harrison replayed Juan Pablo Galavis’ dramatic season and invited Clare for a live interview after airing her infamous speech during which she shut down Juan Pablo for making inappropriate […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Slams Clare Crawley’s ‘Bachelorette’ Promo That Features Footage From His ‘Bachelor’ Season

Juan Pablo Galavis is throwing shade at Clare Crawley’s promo for The Bachelorette. The controversial former star of The Bachelor franchise took to Twitter to comment on the new ad that features footage from his season of the show. In the teaser, which can be seen below, Clare’s theme song – a remixed version of […]

Clare Crawley Reveals Why She Kept Her Juan Pablo Breakup Gown, Teases Epic 2.0 Dress For ‘The Bachelorette’

Clare Crawley says she kept the dress she wore when she told off Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor six years ago. On social media, the future Bachelorette star shared a photo of the iconic turquoise gown she wore during her breakup with ABC’s leading man, and she explained why she still owns it. Clare, […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Happily Hands ‘Worst Bachelor’ Title Over To Arie Luyendyk Jr Jr.

Juan Pablo Galavis has passed the “bad Bachelor” torch to Arie Luyendyk Jr. The former soccer player, who spent the last several years holding the title as the most hated Bachelor in the franchise’s history, revealed he feels bad for Arie, who proposed to, then dumped, Becca Kufrin as ABC’s cameras rolled during the Bachelor […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Reveals ‘Bachelor’ Tried To Get Contestants To Go Nude, Wouldn’t Let Him Do ‘DWTS’

Juan Pablo Galavis is best known for his time on The Bachelor. In a new video with The Domenick Nati Show, Juan Pablo is revealing a lot of things, including his time on the show, that he wanted to do Dancing with the Stars, and how he met his new wife. They start out talking […]

Did Juan Pablo Galavis Get Married? It Looks That Way

Juan Pablo Galavis found love on The Bachelor, but things didn’t work out in the end. Since then, he has moved on and has been dating Osmariel Villalobos. They have seemed really happy together, and back in March, Us Weekly shared that it looked like the two were close to getting engaged. Juan Pablo picked […]

‘The Bachelor’ Star Juan Pablo Galavis Finds Love With TV Host Who Reminds Him of Himself

Juan Pablo Galavis has finally found love — but will he say the word? The former Bachelor star is in a relationship with Venezuelan model and TV host Osmariel Villalobos. Galavis, who made headlines as one of the most controversial Bachelor stars of all time, told People that his new girlfriend is a female version […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Goes To ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher’s Hometown, Asks Her Where She’s At

Is former-Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis trying to get with current Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher? On Thursday, Juan Pablo, who previously admitted that he found JoJo attractive, revealed that he was in JoJo’s hometown of Argyle, Texas. He went so far as asking JoJo where she’s at and recommendations on where to go. Juan Pablo, who was […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Returns To Television: Is He On ‘The Bachelorette’?

It turns out that Juan Pablo Galavis of The Bachelor is returning to television once again. This has fans wondering if he will be on The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher, but it turns out that is not the case. Juan Pablo has made it clear he is interested in her, but they are not bringing […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Joining JoJo Fletcher’s Season Of “The Bachelorette’? Ready For Love Or Just Fame Hungry?

There’s little doubt that Juan Pablo Galavis’ time on The Bachelor was one of the worst yet for the series. Now that ABC has named JoJo Fletcher as the next Bachelorette, Galavis is trying to get back on the show. Is he really looking for love or just playing more games for the sake of […]

Details On JoJo Fletcher’s First ‘Bachelorette’ Night Revealed, Juan Pablo Galavis Welcomed To Join

Filming for The Bachelorette Season 12, starring JoJo Fletcher, has already begun. On Wednesday night, the show’s creator and producer, Mike Fleiss, provided some details on what went down during JoJo’s first night as the Bachelorette. Mike also revealed that viewers may indeed see the return of one controversial figure to the mansion: The Bachelor […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Says He Wants To Join ‘The Bachelorette’ To Compete For JoJo Fletcher’s Heart

Juan Pablo Galavis has his eye on JoJo Fletcher. The controversial Bachelor star has revealed that he may want to sign on for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette so he can have a shot at love with the Dallas real estate developer. https://www.instagram.com/p/BC-fmxKNaAc/?taken-by=bacheloretteabc Juan Pablo took to Twitter to post that if JoJo is […]

Andi Dorfman Reveals New Book With Title Juan Pablo Galavis May Just Hate

Andi Dorfman has joined the rest of the girls from The Bachelorette and The Bachelor who want to write their own book. Now Andi’s book will be coming out soon and the title alone is something that may not make Juan Pablo Galavis very happy. Us Magazine shared all about Andi’s new book and what […]

Andi Dorfman Competes On ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’: What Did She Win?

Andi Dorfman has been keeping a low profile in New York. When she split with Josh Murray earlier this year, she wanted to start over completely. Dorfman left her Atlanta home behind and moved to New York to pursue a new lifestyle. It is uncertain what she has been working with since leaving her career […]

Former ‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman Reveals Her Pick For The Next ‘Bachelor’

The former Bachelorette star, Andi Dorfman, has a lot to share about her time in the reality dating world. In fact, in a recent interview with BuddyTV, the reality star dished on a number of topics, including the upcoming season of The Bachelor and her relationship with host Chris Harrison. Dorfman was chosen to be […]

‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman To Pen An ‘Anti Self-Help Book’ About Josh Murray Breakup

Andi Dorfman didn’t find love on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but the lawyer and new resident of the Big Apple has enough experience to pen a memoir. But fans shouldn’t expect an exposé on the inner workings of dating on reality television or a literary version of UnREAL. As Dorfman told People, it’s more […]

Does Clare Crawley Actually Cry To The Animals On ‘Bachelor In Paradise?’

Clare Crawley got her heart broken on The Bachelor, even when Crawley was ready to get engaged. During the season finale, Clare was ready to start her life with Juan Pablo Galavis, even though it had been a rocky road. She was ready to get engaged, but he was ready to send her home and […]

Nikki Ferrell Speaks Out About ‘Bachelor’ Bullying After Kaitlyn Bristowe Death Threats

Nikki Ferrell has managed to stay out of the spotlight for the most part since she announced her split from Juan Pablo Galavis last year. The two had been trying to make it work, even though the public was less than thrilled with Juan’s behavior on The Bachelor. He was quite possibly the worst contestant […]

Nikki Ferrell’s Ex A Britt Nilsson And Kaitlyn Bristowe ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant, Juan Pablo Galavis’ Ex Deletes Twitter Ahead Of Premiere

If Nikki Ferrell doesn’t watch The Bachelorette when it premieres next week, it may be because she doesn’t want to watch her ex-boyfriend. On Tuesday, the Kansas City Star reported that two of the 25 men viewers will see vying for Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe are from Kansas City, with one of them being […]

‘Bachelor’ Star Sharleen Joynt Gives Dating Advice, Pals Around With Andi Dorfman

Sharleen Joynt did not find love with Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor, but the opera singer-turned-columnist has had some relationship success. People reported back in February she is engaged to fiance Andy Levine, long after she withdrew from Juan Pablo’s season. Now, she’s parlaying her Bachelor experience, and talent with the written word, into […]

Sharleen Joynt Says Kaitlyn Bristowe’s ‘Potty Mouth’ Does Not Make The ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Unclassy

On the surface, former Bachelor contestants Kaitlyn Bristowe and Sharleen Joynt have little in common. Joynt is an opera singer who, despite her Bachelor’s affection for her, self-eliminated early on after admitting she didn’t feel a connection with Juan Pablo Galavis. Bristowe, on the other hand, is a laid-back dance instructor who used an expletive […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Mocked At ‘Bachelor’ Finale: He Has Message For Chris Soules

Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis may be the worst choice in the show’s history, but that doesn’t mean he is done with the show. Even though Juan Pablo hasn’t officially been invited back to any Bachelor-related events, he is still very much involved when it comes to sharing his thoughts about the franchise. Since the […]

Nikki Ferrell Shares Her Thoughts On Andi Dorfman’s Emotional ‘Bachelor’ Interview

Nikki Ferrell became very good friends with Andi Dorfman while filming The Bachelor, even though they were both gunning for Juan Pablo Galavis. Dorfman decided to leave the show behind after her controversial overnight date, but Nikki continued to see the experience through to the end. After the final episode, Ferrell fought to keep her […]

‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Galavis Convinced He Inspired Coca-Cola’s New Ad Campaign

Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis may be the most hated contestant of all time, but he doesn’t see himself as a negative person. Instead, Juan Pablo may see himself as a very positive person, because he knows that everything will be okay, no matter what the situation may be. Fans of The Bachelor have seen […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Pokes Fun At Andi Dorfman After Josh Murray Split

Juan Pablo Galavis has tried to stay away from all things related to The Bachelor since his season ended, but he decided to poke a little bit of fun at Andi Dorfman when she posted about being sad on Twitter. Andi sent out the tweet to her followers on Sunday night. America first saw Andi […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Preaches About Authenticity and Honesty: ‘Bachelor’ Advice To Chris?

Former Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis has been keeping a somewhat low profile since his split with Nikki Ferrell last year. Juan Pablo decided to stay away from the recent Bachelor premiere, since he may not be the biggest fan of Chris Harrison. In addition, Galavis may not be interested in putting himself out there, […]

Chris Harrison Bashed Over Recent ‘Bachelor’ Interview: ‘I Probably Wasn’t Her Favorite Person’

Chris Harrison is the host of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelors in Paradise and the summer drama Bachelor Pad. Harrison has been with the show since the very beginning and he isn’t afraid of asking the tough questions. And he has witnessed quite a bit over the years. Not only did Jason Mesnick break up […]

Nick Viall Shares Chris Soules ‘Bachelor’ Thoughts, Juan Pablo Galavis Not Watching

One person who’s really enjoying Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor is Nick Viall. For both the show’s premiere and second episodes, Nick shared his reactions and opinions live via Twitter. As the second episode aired Monday night, Nick tweeted that the season “really seems very promising!” He may be thinking that Chris, with whom […]

Nikki Ferrell As ‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Season Lead? Sources Claim She’s Under Consideration

Chris Soules’ gig as ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season lead has just started airing, but the new season of The Bachelorette will start filming within a couple of months. Could Juan Pablo Galavis’ ex-girlfriend Nikki Ferrell end up getting the gig? Most viewers would expect The Bachelorette 2015 season lead to be one of the […]

Nikki Ferrell Breaks Her Silence: ‘I Wasn’t Going To Quit’

Nikki Ferrell is known for being the woman who fought for Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor. He went on the show with the goal of finding someone, but Andi Dorfman – who went home after the fantasy suite dates – didn’t think he was there to find a wife for the rest of his […]

‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Lead Chris Soules Talks Looking For Love, Opening Himself Up For Show

The premiere of The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules is now less than a month away and fans are anxious to dig in to season 19. Just what kind of bachelor will Chris be? He’s opening up and giving fans a bit of insight into his decision to do the show and chances are […]

Chris Soules Talks ‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Season, Says He Is No Juan Pablo Galavis

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season premieres soon and fans are finally starting to hear a bit from Chris Soules himself, now that filming has finished. The last season of the fan-favorite installment was rather controversial with Juan Pablo Galavis at the helm, but Soules is opening up about how he thinks his season will be […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Gets Passionate About ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Juan Pablo Galavis may be the most hated Bachelor contestant in the history of the show, but he doesn’t seem to mind that women went from loving him to hating him. He chose Nikki Ferrell at the end of the journey, revealing that he really liked her as a person and would love to get […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Heads To Concert While Nikki Ferrell Tweets Romantic Lyrics

Juan Pablo Galavis may have been the most hated Bachelor contestant in the show’s history. Unlike Kalon McMahon and other villains from the franchise, he didn’t come on to find love with a woman when he started tainting his own image. He had fooled America into thinking that he was the sweetest and most likable […]

Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell Together Again: ‘The Bachelor’ Besties Help Celebrate Kelly Travis’ Engagement

The ladies of The Bachelor 2014 with Juan Pablo Galavis may not have found lasting love with the lead of the show, but some lasting friendships were made. Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell, and Kelly Travis have stayed close with one another, and now they’re embarking on a fun-filled weekend to celebrate one of the bachelorette’s […]

Nikki Ferrell Explains How Juan Pablo Broke Up Via Text Message

Nikki Ferrell is opening up about her split from controversial Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, saying that their split went down through text message. Ferrell and Juan Pablo broke up at the end of last month, just days before Nikki’s 28th birthday. Ferrell said that the two had been discussing just where the relationship was headed, […]

Who Is ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo’s New Girlfriend? Gorgeous Brunette Takes Nikki’s Place One Day After Breakup Is Confirmed

Is former Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis dating again? Just one day after Nikki Ferrell confirmed that she is no longer dating Juan Pablo, he posted a photo of himself alongside a gorgeous brunette television host, Anabelle Blum, complete with hearts in the caption. Now that Nikki and Juan Pablo have officially called it quits, […]

Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell Getting Back Together?

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell reportedly broke up about a week ago, but could they be getting back together? According to InTouch Weekly, the former Bachelor star posted a super sweet birthday message to his ex-girlfriend on Instagram, and what he wrote made some people wonder what is really going on between the two. […]

Andi Dorfman Praises Nikki Ferrell After Juan Pablo Split, Wants Nikki To Be Her Bridesmaid

Andi Dorfman is reaching out to her friend Nikki Ferrell in the wake of her split with The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis, saying that Ferrell is the “strongest girl I know.” Ferrell and Dorfman were actually competitors of sorts on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, though Dorfman famously took herself out of the […]

Juan Pablo Galavis Posts Happy Birthday Note To Former ‘The Bachelor’ Flame, Could They Reunite?

The Bachelor 2014 contestant Juan Pablo Galavis posted a sweet message to Nikki Ferrell for her birthday on social media on Wednesday. Normally this would make fans of the couple swoon. However, given the reports that Juan Pablo and Nikki have split, some wonder about his intentions. Were his posts sincere, is he trying to […]

Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell Split: ‘The Bachelor’ Couple ‘Definitely Over,’ Source Says

After a flurry of social media activity Sunday that got The Bachelor fans buzzing, word has it that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have indeed split. Neither Juan Pablo or Nikki are sharing more specifics, at least not yet, but it does seem that these two have finally called it quits. Many fans were […]

‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman ‘So Relieved’ Nikki Ferrell, Juan Pablo Galavis Split

As word spreads that The Bachelor stars Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell split, apparently, word has it that Nikki’s best buddy from the show might be feeling relieved. Andi Dorfman and Nikki grew close during their battle for Galavis’ heart, despite Dorfman’s dramatic exit. Now word has it that Andi is already thinking about […]

Juan Pablo Galavis And Nikki Ferrell Split: She’s Reportedly Done With ‘The Bachelor’ Beau

Have The Bachelor 2014 stars Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell split? Tongues started wagging Sunday after some social media posts from the two, and now there seems to be confirmation of a Juan Pablo and Nikki breakup. Us Weekly says that multiple sources have confirmed to them that Galavis and Ferrell have split. While […]

Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell Split? ‘The Bachelor’ Pair Seemingly Hints At Break-Up

Updated: Sources now are seemingly confirming that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have split. Have Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell split? That’s what many are wondering after a couple of very interesting social media posts by The Bachelor couple on Sunday. Though Juan Pablo and Nikki are currently appearing on the VH1 show […]

‘Bachelorette’ Wedding: Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray Inviting Nikki Ferrell, But Not Juan Pablo Galavis

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are talking a lot about their wedding planning, even though The Bachelorette couple hasn’t revealed a specific date yet. Andi and Josh are doing a lot of thinking about the guest list already, and one key friendship has caused some interesting discussions and challenges. Will Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki […]

Juan Pablo, Nikki Ferrell Split? ‘Bachelor’ Still Can’t Say Three Words

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell don’t seem to be making any progress on Couples Therapy. If you have been following along this season, you probably know that the former Bachelor star still has not been able to tell Nikki that he loves her. According to OK! Magazine, Galavis blames “cultural differences” for his hesitation […]

‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Galavis Defends Nikki Ferrell Against The Haters

Juan Pablo Galavis from The Bachelor is defending his relationship with Nikki Ferrell on social media once again. Juan Pablo never popped the question at the end of his season on ABC, and Nikki is still waiting for him to do it. The fact that Juan Pablo did not even say I love you to […]

Juan Pablo Ignores Nikki For Weeks, Takes Camila’s Mom For Spa Day

Former Bachelor Juan Pablo bought an impressive gift this week but it wasn’t for his girlfriend, Nikki Ferrell. Galavis, who has not even mentioned Nikki on social media in more than two weeks, showered his ex-wife with a birthday gift and spread the word about his kind gesture on Instagram. WetPaint reports that Juan Pablo […]

Juan Pablo Reportedly Only Dating Nikki Ferrell To Get Paid For ‘Couples Therapy’ Appearance

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell may have split in real life, but viewers can still see them playing a couple of television’s Couples Therapy. The embattled Bachelor couple has been in trouble almost since the beginning, with reports that the much-disliked Juan Pablo only went on the dating show to get famous. Juan Pablo […]