Jim Bob Duggar Reportedly Sold A Mobile Home To Son Justin,18, For $1 As He Readies To Marry Claire Spivey

Jim Bob Duggar has reportedly sold a mobile home to his 18-year-old son Justin for $1 as the teen gets ready to marry his fiancée, Claire Spivey, 19. The couple, who have not yet announced a wedding date, got engaged in November 2020 after courting for 14 months. A source revealed to In Touch Weekly […]

Anna Duggar Praised By Fans For Being An Amazing Wife On Her & Josh’s Wedding Anniversary

Anna Duggar celebrated her wedding anniversary with her husband, Josh Duggar on September 26. They have been married for 12 years and are seemingly still going strong. She acknowledged their special day by giving her husband a little love message. Her 961,000 followers also were treated with a family photo. The mom of six looked […]

Anna Duggar Jokes About Family Photo Fail In Her Sunday Instagram Share

Anna Duggar and a few of her children were on a recent episode of TLC’s Counting On, but it was only a brief glimpse of them during a Duggar Christmas get-together. Fans can see more of the former reality star on her Instagram. Her most recent share was a family portrait that didn’t exactly turn […]

Anna Duggar Shares Adorable New Instagram Snap Of 7-Month-Old Daughter Maryella

Anna Duggar seems to be a little more active on social media these days. The former TLC star has shared four posts in the past three days, and all were photos of her kids. She and husband, Josh Duggar, now have six children, and her 938,000 Instagram followers love it when she shares updates of […]

Anna Duggar Claps Back After Being Compared To Mother-In-Law Michelle

Anna Duggar and her famous husband, Josh Duggar, have grown their little family to a total of six kids now. There may be more children in their future, but one Instagram follower thinks that the former reality star will be following in her mother-in-law’s footsteps by having 20 kids. That comment gave Anna the perfect […]

Anna Duggar Shares Sweet Photo Of Infant Daughter In The Summer Sun

Anna Duggar shared a sweet photo of her infant daughter Maryella enjoying the summer sun to her Instagram page. The wife of Josh Duggar posted the image to the delight of her 936,000 followers. In the caption, she asked fans about their summer plans and included a pic of her little girl, who appeared to […]

Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Share Sweet Sentiment For Grandson Marcus’ 7th Birthday

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar shared some sweet sentiments for their grandson Marcus as the little boy celebrated his seventh birthday. For their latest Instagram share, the reality stars posted several photos of the little boy, who is one of six children born to their eldest son Josh Duggar and his wife Anna. Marcus was […]

Duggar Family Member Explains Why Few Of Josh’s Adult Siblings Appeared In His Bowling Alley Birthday Photo

When Josh Duggar celebrated his 32nd birthday at a bowling alley, he was joined by numerous family members. However, few of the former 19 Kids and Counting star’s adult siblings were pictured in photos from the celebration. The Sun pointed out that none of the Duggar sisters that Josh molested as a teenager appeared to […]

Anna Duggar Celebrates Her Husband Josh’s Birthday On Super Tuesday With A Party At His Parents’ House

Anna Duggar helped her “best friend” Josh celebrate his birthday by throwing a party at his parents’ house in Tontitown, Arkansas. On Tuesday, 31-year-old Anna took to Instagram to share a few photos and videos from the family event. In the caption of her post, she also noted that her husband was turning 32 years […]

Anna Duggar Shares Family Outing At The Pond With Her Kids, But Said They Got ‘Outsmarted By The Fish’

Anna Duggar took full advantage of the nice weather in Arkansas a few days ago. She shared on her Instagram that one day last week, she took her six kids and went fishing at a local pond. The former reality star posted their outdoor adventure in a series of pictures of her adorable children having […]

Anna Duggar Questioned Over Photos Of Sons Playing With Nerf Guns And Daughter Holding Baby

Anna Duggar shared a set of cute family snapshots on social media, but they left some fans wondering if her daughters are allowed to play the same way her sons are. On Saturday, Anna took to Instagram to share the slideshow of four photos with her 927,000 followers. In the first image, her three daughters […]

Anna Duggar Spills Sweet Nicknames For Michelle And Jim Bob

Anna Duggar spilled sweet nicknames for her in-laws Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar in an Instagram post. In addition, the Counting On star also shared secrets of a double date she, husband Josh, and the couple enjoyed. Anna shared an image of herself, her husband, and his parents to the social media site. In the […]

Anna Duggar And Her Daughters Rock Matching Dresses In Family Photo

Anna Duggar‘s two oldest daughters dressed up like mini versions of their mom for a family photo shoot. On Sunday, the former 19 Kids and Counting star shared a snapshot of the girls rocking the same conservative dress like their mother. In the family photo, Anna, 31, was pictured wearing a dark blue, long-sleeved maxi […]

Anna Duggar Shares New Photo Of Her Kids Reading In Front Of Christmas Tree

Anna Duggar is now mom to six little ones. She and Josh Duggar just welcomed baby Maryella to their growing brood on November 27 and has since shared a handful of photos of the new baby girl. Now, a recent picture has emerged with all of her kids in one snapshot and fans can’t get […]

Anna Duggar Shares A New ‘Family Of Eight’ Photo On Instagram

Anna Duggar gave birth to her and Josh’s sixth child on November 27, the day before Thanksgiving. She was at home resting for the holiday, but she now seems to be back on her feet and getting used to having another little one to take care of. The former reality star has been posting some […]

Anna Duggar Gives Birth To Baby No. 6 On Thanksgiving Eve, First Photos & Name Revealed

Congratulations are in order for Josh and Anna Duggar as they just welcomed their sixth child into their family. Their new baby girl arrived on November 27 at 9:12 a.m. The former reality stars named their daughter Maryella Hope. The little bundle of joy weighed in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces and was 20-and-one-half inches […]

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Show Off Some PDA At Theme Park With Family

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently took their family to a theme park in Missouri. Not only did the kids and grandkids have loads of fun, but the elders appeared to make it a date night as well. The pair packed on the PDA as they strolled along looking at all the sights. Radar Online […]

Anna Duggar Reveals That She’s Still Pregnant, Shares Family Trip Photos

Anna Duggar didn’t let being pregnant stop her from joining her family on a trip to one of their favorite theme parks. The former 19 Kids and Counting star took to Instagram today to share a series of photos that were snapped during a fun day out at the Silver Dollar City attraction in Branson, […]

Josh Duggar’s Place Of Employment Raided As Part Of Federal Investigation, Despite Family’s Denial

Josh Duggar’s place of employment was reportedly raided by federal officers as part of an unspecified investigation, with reports of the alleged raid emerging after the Duggar family denied they were facing investigation. As TMZ reported this week, agents with the Department of Homeland Security visited the Arkansas car dealership where Josh is employed, though […]

Anna Duggar Debuts New Hair Color And Confuses Fans With Baby In Her Arms In Latest Instagram Snap

Anna Duggar will be delivering her baby sometime this month, but some fans thought that she already gave birth when they saw her latest Instagram snap. She is seen holding a small baby in her arms and her followers were a little confused, wondering if this was her birth announcement. The former reality star also […]

Josh & Anna Duggar Share Exciting News, Baby No. 6 Is On The Way

There is yet another Duggar baby on the way. Josh and Anna Duggar have just announced that they are expecting their sixth child in a few months. The baby news came along on Friday afternoon on social media. In a couple of cute videos that Anna posted on her Instagram account, their five kids think […]

Josh & Anna Duggar’s Marriage On The Rocks Alleges ‘Radar Online’

A new report by Radar Online alleges that Josh and Anna Duggar’s marriage is on the rocks and the couple is selling their Arkansas home because of their marital issues. The new report comes days after Anna Duggar praised her husband on Instagram for his birthday with a list of reasons she loves him. Josh, […]

Anna Duggar Says More Kids Would Be A ‘Blessing’, But For Now Her Focus Is On Fitness Goals

Anna Duggar is a busy mom of five kids. She has also endured a lot in the last few years with husband Josh Duggar ever since he was caught cheating on her. However, that is apparently behind her now. She appears to have forgiven him and says that she is a happily married woman. With […]

John David And Abbie Duggar Celebrate First Christmas Together With Ugly Sweater Party

John David Duggar and wife Abbie will be celebrating their first Christmas together as a married couple. They wed just a month ago and she is fitting into the Counting On family just fine. They are starting out the holiday season with a fun party dedicated to those ugly sweaters that are so popular these […]

Josh Duggar Suffers Yet Another Major Loss In Court As State Of Arkansas Fires Back Against His Lawsuit

Josh Duggar isn’t having the best of luck when it comes to legal entanglements. According to Radar Online, the former 19 Kids and Counting star has reportedly lost yet another lawsuit. It has been reported that a judge has ruled in favor of Springdale, Arkansas, in the reality star’s lawsuit against the city. Back in […]

Josh Duggar Running ‘Shady’ Car Business, Reports ‘Radar Online’

The former star of 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar, was accused of running a “shady” business in his home state of Arkansas, according to Radar Online. Duggar allegedly has been managing a used car lot called Wholesale Motorcars in Washington County, Arkansas, ever since leaving his a job in Washington D.C. as part of […]

Anna Duggar Pregnancy Rumors Run Rampant After Current Video Has Fans Buzzing

The relationship between Anna Duggar and her controversial husband Josh is supposedly still going strong. She has stuck by his side, despite his involvement with the Ashley Madison mess and his infidelity. The mom of five has even been posting a handful of videos and photos with her family, including Josh. One particular video has […]

Anna Duggar ‘In Pain’ As She Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary With Josh, ‘No Love’ In The Marriage, Per ‘Radar’

Anna Duggar is not happy in her loveless marriage, a new report claims after the reality television star celebrated her 10-year anniversary with Josh. Anna has remained largely out of the spotlight since her husband’s scandal engulfed the family and led to the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. Allegations emerged that Josh sexually molested […]

Anna Duggar Could Be Expecting Baby No. 6, Photo Shows Same Dress She Wore In Her Last Pregnancy

Anna Duggar is back on social media posting photos of her family, and fans are eating it up. One recent post by the former reality star has raised some ruckus. It seems like an innocent snapshot of her kids, but you have to look close to figure out what people are talking about. It appears […]

Anna Duggar Shares Rare Photos Of Kids, Reveals Health Issue For Baby Mason

Despite not living her life in front of a camera any longer, Anna Duggar has moved on from reality TV. She is now raising her five kids with husband Josh Duggar and doing the very best she can after the scandal that rocked her world. She had been very quiet on social media for months, […]

Anna Duggar Shares Her Kid’s Accomplishments, Comments Are Surprisingly Positive

Anna Duggar had been pretty quiet on social media for a while, but it looks like she is back posting about her family, specifically her kids. She took to her Instagram account just recently to share a short video clip and a photo of two of her five kids. She is obviously a proud mom. […]

Anna Duggar Gushes About Her 10 Years With Husband Josh, Calls It A ‘Wonderful Adventure’

Anna Duggar is celebrating her family with a rare Instagram post that features her husband Josh. The mom of five took to the social media site to post a series of happy family photos, where she gave thanks for the “wonderful adventure” her life with Josh has been. On July 5, Anna Duggar shared multiple […]

’19 Kids And Counting’s’ Josh Duggar Appears In Rare Social Media Message For Son’s Birthday

Former 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar has resurfaced on social media to honor the birthday of his son Marcus in a photo published on the family’s official social media page. Duggar was seen in a family photo as part of a collage made as a tribute to Marcus, who turned 5-years-old on June […]

Rebel ‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar May Have Been Breaking One Major Duggar Rule Before She Was Married

There are plenty of gems to be found in the Duggar family’s Instagram feed, but once in awhile, we find something that offers a little more insight than the random pic. For example, Jinger Duggar posted an unusual amount of selfies to her family’s Instagram prior to marrying Jeremy Vuolo. As Counting On fans know, […]

‘Counting On’ Fans Are Disgusted By Josh Duggar’s Presence At Jinger Duggar’S Baby Shower, Reports ‘In Touch’

The Duggar family recently visited Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, in Texas in order to see her reveal that she is expecting a baby girl. Tagging along with the group was Josh Duggar, the disgraced oldest Duggar child, who admitted to molesting four of his younger siblings as a teen, including Jinger. Although […]

Anna Duggar’s Parents Are Stricter Than The Duggars And More Facts About Josh Duggar’s ‘Disgraced’ Wife

Anna Duggar spent most of her time in Josh Duggar’s shadow on 19 Kids and Counting, but that all changed after his molestation/cheating scandal in 2015. Since then, Anna has become an important part of the Duggar family’s spinoff, Counting On, and fans are starting to see a completely different side of her. While we’ve […]

The Duggar Family Has Some Dark Secrets They Do Not Want ‘Counting On’ Fans To Know

The Duggars are known for their religious values, but they don’t always practice what they preach. From Josh Duggar’s disgraceful sex scandals to Jill Duggar plagiarizing cooking recipes, here are all the Duggar family’s darkest secrets they don’t want you knowing about. The Cheat Sheet reports that it’s no secret that the Duggars hold some […]

‘Counting On’ Fans Truly Want To Know Why Anna Duggar Won’t Just Leave Josh Duggar

Three years ago, the world learned that 19 Kids & Counting star Josh Duggar molested five underage girls – four of whom were his sisters – when he was a teenager and used the website Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife. And, even though the family’s media empire remains mostly intact, fans have not […]

Duggar Family Net Worth Revealed: How The ‘Counting On’ Stars Remain Debt Free

Over the years, former 19 Kids & Counting stars the Duggar family has had 21 mouths to feed and over 20 acres of property to maintain, so you might think the family would be in a lot of debt. But, the Duggars have the well-known mantra of “Buy used, save the difference,” and it has […]

Former ‘Counting On’ Star Jill Duggar Reveals Heartbreaking Details About Her Past Abuse By Josh Duggar

Former Counting On star Jill Duggar is apparently opening up about her past with heartbreaking details about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her older brother Josh. This past week, Jill and her disgraced husband Derick Dillard relaunched their family website and shared details of their personal lives with fans. Did the fact […]

‘Counting On’ Proves The Duggar Family Puts Boys To Work Early In The Family Business

Based on what we’ve seen on 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, it’s evident that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are fairly wealthy. With 19 kids and 10 grandchildren, they have to be well-off to support their massive family. While the couple saves money wherever they can – usually by shopping at discount stores […]

‘Counting On’ Josiah Duggar Breaks The Rules On Instagram, But Is Lauren Swanson On Social Media?

Ever since their engagement announcement, fans have been dying to find out about Counting On star Josiah Duggar’s new fiancée, Lauren Swanson, but they are having a hard time finding out details about the 18-year-old. Is the bride-to-be on Instagram like her future husband, or any social media platform at all? As Romper reports, the […]

‘Miserable’ Anna Duggar Made A Surprising TV Appearance Before Josh Duggar’s Scandal

It’s a well-known fact that Anna Duggar’s TV credits are limited to 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On, plus any interviews she has done throughout the years. But, is it possible the former reality star appeared in a scripted TV show when she was younger? A fan with possibly a little too much time […]

The Duggar Family Is Almost Out Of Adults To Marry Off — What’s Next?

The Duggar family first received a reality show because of their unusual family size, and for years, the show’s format centered around life in a large family. Since 2015, when their previous show, 19 Kids and Counting, was canceled, to be replaced with the spin-off, Counting On, weddings have been the key element of the […]

Josh Duggar Files Another Lawsuit Against His City And County For Making His Sex Crimes Public

Josh Duggar, the oldest in the famous Duggar family consisting of 19 children, is once again suing the city of Springdale and Washington County for releasing records relating to sex crimes that occurred when he and his sisters were juveniles. In 2015, it was discovered that Josh Duggar had molested five young women when he […]

Are The Adult Duggar Kids Even Getting Paid? ‘As Far As We Could Tell, We Were Volunteers’

The Duggar kids have been on television for almost 14 years, since their 2004 debut in 14 Children and Pregnant Again. Some of the Duggar kids have had their stories broadcast since before birth. In some states, strong laws protect children like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 offspring, resident nephew, and 10 grandkids (with […]

Josh Duggar Got Birthday Party Photo Hijacked By Kissing Couple, Duggar Family Says God Can ‘Heal And Restore’

Josh Duggar turned 30 years old this week. Last few years, the Duggar family kept the celebrations on their Facebook small, in fear of drawing negative attention from the 2015 scandal that got 19 Kids and Counting canceled. But this year, after the arrival of Josh and Anna’s fifth baby, the family decided to make […]

Anna Duggar Proclaims Love For Husband Josh Duggar On Instagram

Responding to recent rumors that she plans to divorce Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar took to Instagram to proclaim her love for her husband, who has remained out of the spotlight following alleged sexual misdemeanors. On Saturday, Josh turned 30. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar shared with fans Josh’s special day on Facebook. His wife Anna […]

Joy-Anna Duggar And Josh Duggar’s Baby Boys Compete For Attention As New ‘Counting On’ Season Gets Under Way

The Duggar family is growing at an exponential rate, and fans are having trouble keeping track of all the babies in the family. At the same time, each Duggar couple is doing their best to make sure that their stories and kids are featured on the family Facebook page. Right now, the two baby boys […]

Anna Duggar Divorce Rumors: Fans Speculate A Split Could Be Coming After ‘InTouch’ Report Says She’s Miserable

Anna Duggar may put on a happy face to the public, but fans are speculating that she could be headed for a divorce after a new report claims that she is miserable and that her husband Josh is refusing to change his ways. A new report claimed that the reality television star is unhappy with […]