Convict Gary Oliva Claims He Watched JonBenet Ramsey Die In Shocking Confession

JonBenet Ramsey’s murder has been one of the most shocking, confusing, and mysteriously unsolved murders in history, and a new chapter has just opened up with the shocking confession of convict, Gary Oliva. According to a January 10 report by the Daily Mail, a convict named Gary Oliva, who is currently in prison serving a […]

JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Settles $750 Million Lawsuit Against CBS For Calling Him The Killer

Reuters reports that JonBenet Ramsey’s brother, Burke Ramsey, and CBS have settled a $750 million defamation lawsuit over a documentary series that claimed Burke killed her. The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey aired in September of 2016 and attempted to get to the bottom of a question that has preoccupied tabloid newspapers since 1996: who murdered […]

JonBenet Ramsey Case Takes Strange Turn As Police Say Psychiatrist Was Murdered In String Of Arizona Deaths

It’s been 22 years since JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in Boulder, Colorado, and police have yet to identify the killer. In a strange turn of events though, Steve Pitt, the forensic psychiatrist who worked on the JonBenet case, was shot dead Thursday outside of his office in Phoenix. Three more incidents have happened since then, […]

JonBenet Ramsey Was Allegedly Killed By Two People, Reports ‘Radar Online’

JonBenet Ramsey, the famous child beauty queen who was slain in her home on Christmas in 1996 at the tender age of 6-years old, is still known for being a cold case. However, Radar Online reports that there are more clues coming forward. The beauty queen’s father, John Ramsey, reached out to Radar Online and […]

Judge Rules That JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother’s Defamation Case Against CBS Can Proceed

Burke Ramsey, the brother of murdered child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey has won a victory in court because a judge has ruled that Burke Ramsey can proceed with a $750 million lawsuit against CBS. Burke Ramsey filed the suit after CBS aired a mini-series called The Case Of JonBenet Ramsey, which suggested that it was […]

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Suspect’s Ex Speaks Out About That Fateful Night

A new bombshell in the cold case of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder has named suspect Keith Schwinaman as the possible murderer of the tiny beauty queen. According to reports, Keith was part of a pedophile ring, and JonBenet was brutally beaten and raped before she was killed. Schwinaman, whose name was originally withheld, is currently serving […]

JonBenet Ramsey Killer Found? Report Claims ‘Pedophile Sex Ring’ Responsible, Killer Protected By Plea Deal

JonBenet Ramsey was killed by members of a “twisted sex ring” with the perpetrator escaping justice through a plea deal for other crimes, a new report claims. More than 20 years after the Christmas Day abduction in Boulder, Colorado, shocked the nation, investigators appear to be no closer to solving the case. Though there have […]

Katy Perry Is JonBenet Ramsey? Conspiracy Theory Pops Up Again

Is Katy Perry actually JonBenet Ramsey? The conspiracy theory that has occupied many an internet sleuth is rearing its head once again. Sprung from the minds of conspiracy theorists sometime in the last several years, the basic gist of the wild contention is that JonBenet Ramsey is still alive and has taken on the alias […]

Watch ‘The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey’ Online, View CBS Documentary That Prompted $750 Million Burke Ramsey Lawsuit, Read Suit Documents [Video]

Burke Ramsey, JonBenet Ramsey’s brother, filed a $750 million defamation lawsuit over a CBS documentary, alleging it portrayed him as responsible for his sister’s death. The documentary The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey is a four-hour, two-part docu-series that aired on Sept. 18 and Sept. 19. to mark the 20th anniversary of the unsolved murder case. […]

Burke Ramsey: JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Sues ‘CBS’ For $750 Million Over Documentary Claims

Burke Ramsey, the brother of JonBenet Ramsey, is suing CBS for $750 million. The older brother of the 6-year-old beauty queen claims the network slandered him by accusing him of killing his sister the day after Christmas in 1996. The brother of JonBenet Ramsey was only a 9-year-old boy when the murder happened in the […]

Burke Ramsey, Brother Of JonBenet, Files $750 Million Suit Against CBS For Hinting He Murdered Her

The older brother of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey has once again followed through on his word to sue CBS for defamation. On Wednesday, 29-year-old Burke Ramsey filed a $750 million lawsuit against the TV network for airing The Case of JonBenét Ramsey, a special program comprised to note the 20th anniversary of her death, […]

JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Grand Juror In Case Speaks Out, Plus New DNA Testing Ordered [Video]

The unsolved murder case of JonBenet Ramsey has captivated the attention of the nation for almost 20 years. On December 26, 1996, the the 6-year-old child beauty queen was found bludgeoned and strangled in the basement of her own Boulder, Colorado home. Prior to the discovery of JonBenet Ramsey’s remains, her frantic mother had called […]

JonBenet Ramsey: New DNA Testing Scheduled, Will It Help Crack 20-Year-Old Murder Case?

JonBenet Ramsey died almost exactly 20 years ago, and two decades on, no one has been convicted of the child beauty queen’s murder. Now, however, new DNA testing may finally lead police to the young girl’s killer. As The Denver Post reports, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will use “new testing procedures” to try […]

JonBenet Ramsey: New Details Revealed In 20-Year-Old Child Beauty Queen Murder Case [Video]

It has been nearly 20 years since JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in her family’s home in Boulder on December 26, 1996. The 6-year-old beauty pageant queen was found bludgeoned and strangled to death hours after her family claimed to have found a ransom note demanding $118,000 for JonBenet Ramsey’s safe return. According to investigator’s, […]

Yes, The Katy Perry, Perrie Edwards Twin Rumors Are Circulating

Katy Perry is part of another crazy conspiracy theory. Some fans think she’s a doppelganger for Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. In fact, there are some who believe that Katy Perry and Perrie Edwards could pass for twins with their strikingly similar looks. Are Katy Perry and Perrie Edwards really separated at birth? That’s what […]

Watch ‘Who Killed JonBenet’ And ‘JonBenet’s Mother: Victim Or Killer?’ Lifetime Movies [Video] Lifetime has three movies and specials regarding the 1996 murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey. The first is Who Killed JonBenet, followed by JonBenet’s Mother: Victim or Killer? and JonBenet 20 Years Later. The Christmas murder of the Boulder, Colorado, child beauty queen has haunted the nation and cast speculation over her immediate family: mother, […]

New True Crime Series ‘People Magazine Investigates’ To Debut on Investigation Discovery

According to Variety, this new 10-part series will draw on investigations and reporting conducted by People’s true crime editorial team. Each episode of People Magazine Investigates will examine some of the country’s most notorious characters and well known, iconic stories of true crime. The stories will be diverse, with some ranging as far back in […]

JonBenet Ramsey Brother Burke Ramsey Sues TV Investigator, CBS Lawsuit Will Follow

After the controversial rehashing of the evidence in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, older brother Burke Ramsey has now filed suit against one of the experts affiliated with the CBS special, The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey. Burke Ramsey has filed suit against Dr. Werner Spitz for suggesting that twenty years ago, Burke Ramsey murdered his […]

Burke Ramsey To Sue CBS For Defamation After ‘The Case Of: JonBenet’s Ramsey’ Names Him As Sister’s Murderer

The recent CBS docuseries called The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey sparked controversy when it put forth a theory that the little girl’s older brother, Burke Ramsey, was the one who killed her. Just days after the show aired, though, the Ramsey family has made it very clear that they are outraged by the allegations, and […]

JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother, Burke Ramsey, Says He Knows Who Probably Killed Her

Brother of JonBenet Ramsey, Burke Ramsey, revealed on Monday who he thinks killed his younger sister nearly 20 years ago. According to Burke, the Ramsey family had nothing to do with JonBenet’s murder. Burke Ramsey, 29, went on to say in a Dr. Phil TV interview that he has his own theories about what happened […]

JonBenét Ramsey Case: 911 Operator Who Answered Patsy Ramsey’s ‘Frantic’ Call Said It Sounded ‘Rehearsed’ [Video]

The infamous JonBenét Ramsey case has captivated the attention of the nation since her mother, Pasty Ramsey, first reported he 6-year-old beauty queen daughter missing nearly 20 years ago. That fateful 911 call was made in December 1996, and for the first time, the 911 operator who spoke to a “frantic” Patsy Ramsey that morning […]

Burke Ramsey’s Dr. Phil Interview Brings Up Topic Of Incorrect Date On JonBenet’s Tombstone

As if there weren’t enough things that just didn’t pass the sniff test in the murder case of little beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, Dr. Phil wraps up interviews with Burke Ramsey and JonBenet’s father John Ramsey, and he wants to know why the family put the wrong date on JonBenet’s headstone. Patsy Ramsey, mother of […]

Pedophile Reveals He Knows Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey, Says It Was Accident

The murder of JonBenet Ramsey is coming back up again, as several shows are coming out that explain what may have happened to this young girl. Her brother is even appearing on Dr. Phil over the next few days to talk to him. Radar Online is now sharing that a pedophile is speaking out and […]

Dr. Phil Will Ask JonBenet’s Brother If He Had Anything To Do With Her Murder

Today, the world will finally see the first interview with JonBenet Ramsey’s older brother, Burke Ramsey, conducted on Dr. Phil. Viewers have been warned about Burke Ramsey’s odd demeanor, who smiles and seems amused by conversations of child abduction, murder, and his mother’s distress upon realizing that her youngest child, JonBenet, was missing. However, Dr. […]

‘Dateline’ JonBenet Ramsey Program Brings The Tragic, Unsolved Case To A New Generation

NBC’s Dateline: Who Killed JonBenet? brought the 20-year-old unsolved murder of beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey to a new generation. The case against family members was presented as was evidence that seems to support the “intruder theory.” Officials are hoping that bringing the facts to the public through last night’s show and other programs about the […]

JonBenet Ramsey And Casey Anthony DNA Expert Discredited, Barred From Testifying, Could This Change Their Cases? [Video]

A prominent DNA expert who testified in defense of Casey Anthony at her infamous trial and examined DNA evidence that cleared the parents of JonBenet Ramsey in her murder case has suffered a serious set-back to his career in Colorado. The news that the JonBenet Ramsey and Casey Anthony expert witness has been “debunked” and […]

Dr. Phil Warns People Will Be Shocked While JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Smiles While Talking Of Murder

In advance of Burke Ramsey’s, the brother of JonBenet Ramsey, first appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Phil is warning audiences that Burke Ramsey’s affect is not what one would expect considering the subject matter. As Dr. Phil asks questions about a child molestation and murder and the family struggle which followed, Burke Ramsey […]

JonBenét Ramsey: Was The Ransom Note Staged? FBI Profilers Think So

The ransom note found at JonBenét Ramsey’s family home in Boulder, Colorado, in 1996, has been the center of speculation for nearly 20 years. There’s no doubt that the note was left, but what’s concerning is who actually wrote it and why. FBI profilers in a new docu-series, premiering September 17, alludes that it was […]

JonBenet Ramsey: A&E Shows Burke Ramsey’s 1998 Police Interview Footage

Footage from Burke Ramsey’s 1998 interview with Colorado police, conducted two years after the murder of his sister, JonBenet Ramsey, was released on Monday, during the premiere of A&E’s documentary The Killing of JonBenet: The Truth Uncovered. The emotional footage depicts what Burke remembered about the day police found JonBenet lifeless in the basement of […]

Inside The JonBenet Ramsey House In Boulder

It is hard for many members of the public to picture the house that was the site of JonBenet Ramsey’s murder and how it was possible for a 6-year-old girl to be allegedly abducted and then found bound and murdered in the basement of the same house while only the family was in residence. There […]

Casey Anthony: DNA Expert Who Defended Her At Trial Has Been ‘Debunked,’ Is Banned From Testifying In Colorado [Video]

Five years after Casey Anthony was acquitted of her daughter’s murder, a prominent DNA expert who spoke in her defense at trial has been banned from a sexual assault case in Colorado. The reason? According to a report by WKBW 7, Casey Anthony’s DNA expert Richard Eikelenboom was found by a Colorado district court to […]

JonBenet Ramsey’s Dad Speaks Out In ‘The Killing Of JonBenet’ Trailer

A wave of movies and documentaries are surfacing which include interviews related to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, and this includes straight talk from father John Bennett Ramsey and Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother, who was 9 at the time. In The Killing of JonBenet: The Truth Uncovered trailer, John Ramsey speaks frankly about the family […]

JonBenet Ramsey: Boulder Police Chief Says Case Remains Active, Asks Public For Help

A Boulder, Colorado, police chief provided a statement on Thursday about the 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey. He assured the public that the case is still active, but urged people to understand that dramatized films and shows will likely taint the truth of the investigation. Denver’s ABC 7 reports that chief Greg Testa probably issued […]

JonBenet Ramsey’s Older Brother Finally Speaks Out About Her Murder

It’s been 20 years since the mysterious murder of JonBenet Ramsey, and for the first time, Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s older brother, will speak out to Dr. Phil about what he remembers from the last night he saw her alive. Only JonBenet, Burke, John, and Patsy Ramsey were home on the night that JonBenet went missing […]

JonBenet Ramsey Investigation And New Theories To Dominate Fall TV [VIDEO]

With the 20th anniversary of one of America’s most notorious unsolved crimes, there will now be four shows of the JonBenet Ramsey crime and investigation that left a child beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey dead in the basement of the Ramsey family’s Colorado home. The trailer for The Case of JonBenet Ramsey on CBS shows a […]

JonBenet Ramsey: Mini-Series Trailer Released

Twenty years ago, the body of JonBenet Ramsey was found in the basement of her Colorado home. She had suffered blunt force trauma to her face and had been strangled to death. The murder of JonBenet Ramsey was never solved. Police hope to change that with the upcoming docu-series titled The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey. […]

JonBenet Ramsey Update 2016, CBS Reopens Case With New Clues, Mini-Series

The JonBenet Ramsey case is getting an update with more than one mini-series that will examine old and new clues in order to finally find the beauty queen’s killer after over 20 years. Just as the OJ Simpson case got fresh sets of eyes in the spring, the JonBenet case will soon be getting the […]

JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother To Appear On ‘Dr. Phil’ To Speak Publicly Of Murder

The unsolved mystery from 1996 of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey has returned to the news as Burke Ramsey, the older brother of JonBenet, is speaking out for the first time to Dr. Phil McGraw on his show, Dr. Phil. At the time of JonBenet Ramsey’s death on Christmas, Burke Ramsey was 9-years-old, and one […]

JonBenét Ramsey Case Coming To ‘Dr Phil’, CBS And ID: Child Beauty Queen’s Christmas Murder Revisited

The JonBenét Ramsey case is going to get a new look with some in-depth media coverage. The 6-year-old beauty queen was murdered on Christmas day in 1996, and the botched case has left millions nationwide wanting answers. A beautiful, young girl, JonBenét Ramsey, was found brutally murdered in the basement of her home. Her immediate […]

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Solved? Private Investigator Says He Knows Who Killed JonBenet, Taped Confession Exists

One of the most notorious murders of the late 1990s involved the horrific death of tiny beauty pageant winner, JonBenet Ramsey. The murder shocked the nation as the 6-year-old little girl was allegedly killed in the basement of her family home by an outside intruder hoping to receive ransom money from her wealthy parents. Many […]

‘Casting JonBenét’ New Feature Film: Has Ramsey Child’s Killer Been Found?

JonBenét Ramsey is swirling in the media again, 20 years after the child’s bloody murder in the basement of her parents’ home on Christmas Day in Boulder, Colorado. JonBenét’s death has remained a mystery all these years, although a new film that quietly wrapped this past week may reveal the secret killer. Casting JonBenet […]

‘Law & Order’ And CBS’ ‘JonBenet Ramsey Murder’ Series To Join The True Crime Resurgence

Ryan Murphy has started a new television trend with his recreation of the O.J. Simpson trial on his American Crime Story series, and now both NBC and CBS are throwing their own spins on the true crime genre into the ring. For NBC, Law & Order producer Dick Wolf has created a new spin-off for […]

CBS To Bring JonBenét Ramsey Case To Life With New True Crime Series

With the success of American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson, it’s not a huge shock to see that another network wants in on the ratings buzz of a ripped-straight-from-the-pages court case. O.J. Simpson’s trial was called “the trial of the century” but if there was another case that rivaled in popularity, it was […]

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom All Loved Up, But Is She Over John Mayer?

Katy Perry may not be the child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, according to, but if there is one thing that can be confirmed, it’s that she and Orlando Bloom are certainly in love. ET Online has said that Katy Perry and Oralando Bloom were openly seen in public engaging in some really serious PDA. […]

Is Katy Perry Really JonBenét Ramsey? Conspiracy Theorist Claims He Has Proof

Katy Perry and JonBenét Ramsey are the same person, according to conspiracy theorist Dave Johnson. In a December 2014 YouTube video, Johnson outlined the “evidence,” which reportedly proves the 6-year-old girl never died. Instead, Johnson believes John and Patsy Ramsy faked their daughter’s death so she could become a pop star. In the 2014 video, […]

Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenet Ramsey? New Conspiracy Theory Takes Off

The Internet is never lacking in laughable conspiracy theories. The most popular ones lately have included the alleged assassination of U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia and the idea that presidential candidate Ted Cruz was actually the Zodiac killer. But, the latest hypothesis is perhaps even more far-fetched, because it’s claiming that pop star Katy […]

JonBenet Ramsey: Father Says Son Learned He Was A Suspect At Supermarket

JonBenet Ramsey has fascinated and haunted America for almost two decades now; the tiny blonde beauty queen was just 6-years-old when she was found dead in her family’s basement, sexually assaulted and covered with a blanket. For nineteen years, questions have surrounded the crime, the investigation, and her family, who were eventually cleared of any […]

Parents Of Missing Girl Erica Parsons Found With Bizarre Stash Of JonBenet Ramsey Memorabilia

What does the infamous murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in her home in 1996 have to do with the disappearance of teen girl Erica Parsons in 2011? That’s what investigators would like to know. The story of JonBenet Ramsey is as sad as it is bizarre. According to the Review Journal, the tiny beauty pageant […]

Ramsey Murder: Beckner Reddit Interview Deleted

In 1996, a 6-year-old girl was found strangled and beaten to death in the basement of her parents home. Her name was JonBenét Ramsey, and the news of her murder quickly moved beyond the local scene. Why? She was a child beauty queen, there was the bizarre ransom note, her parents were wealthy, and they […]

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case Was Botched, Killer Never Faced Grand Jury Indictment

The JonBenet Ramsey murder case was part of a reddit “ask me anything” session this past weekend, and former Boulder, Colorado, police Chief Mark Beckner revealed that he felt the case had been botched from the outset. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, JonBenet Ramsey’s killer is still at large 18 years after the crime. […]